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Found 2 results

  1. Justice 8PM, March 14th, 2020 Betlehem Heights, the noodle place on the corner of 14th and Ramos Robin was nervous. Not quite to the oh-god-I'm-a-wreck level of nervous just yet, but she was nervous. She wasn't the only hero in Emerald City, which was great, but everything was just so random. One day, she'd run into Emerald Spider, then it would be months before she saw someone else. Emerald City was big, sure, but it was almost like everyone was staying away from everyone else on purpose, and well, she'd been nervous about trying to rock the boat there. Emerald City didn't have many heroes, she didn't want to get on the bad side of anyone by pretending she could be the one to call everyone together and boss them around or anything like that. She really didn't want to do anything like that, but, well... things were changing, right? They'd probably seen the news of the Mars Ultio Suits, if they hadn't already run into them on the streets. And well, she knew some things about them that the others might not. At least she had a little bit of local fame with the whole thing with fighting the Wall getting on TV and when she helped put Devlin back in place, so she wasn't a total unknown. Still, she was still nervous about this thing. She was wearing her costume. Red with light grey boots and gloves, a pink lion on her chest and wearing her red domino mask. She wasn't quite ready to let everyone know who she was here, but wearing the full armor would be weird, if she wasn't about to fight someone at least. God, she hoped nobody would start fighting. So, Robin put out the call on HeroHouse and CapesList. A simple message: Hey, everyone in Emerald City, this is Justice! I know we're not really a close-knit community or anything, but things seem to be changing, and I'd like everyone to meet up. I'll be at the noodle place at the corner of 14th and Ramos in Betlehem. I hope I'll see you all there. Right, so, she had met Emerald Spider, Meta-Naut and Kanunu. Hopefully at least one of them would show up, maybe some of the other heroes that had started running around. At least the owners of this place were good people, they didn't mind people in masks and costumes. Maybe she'd even get the chance to thank Emerald Spider for introducing her to the place. So, she waited. Eyes on the door. Hoping that at least someone would show up.
  2. With the Holidays coming around people thoughts turn to those less lucky than themselves, and superheroes are no exceptions. Not everything can be sorted by punching sometimes you need to just try and help you fellows. This year our Christmas, and other similar holidays, thread is a little different. Rather than be set at one place you may choose to have you hero helping the less fortunate than themselves wherever you wish, just remember to do so in such a way that others can interact with your hero. Being that we might be jumping around be sure to be clear who and where your character is located, if one location gets a lot of posts we'll split it into its own thread. And as is traditional for the Holiday themed thread you may use as many of your heroes as you wish, just please don't cluster them all in one place. The thread is here and have, responsible, fun!
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