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  1. So nice! I already have a portrait of Mechanized, but I'd love one of her in battle armor...
  2. If there's a spot left, Emily will happily join in.
  3. Nooooh! Why did you have to get my hopes up again, it's cruel! I got into MMORPGs too late to ever play CoH, but I heard about the legends...
  4. I'm considering starting playing again and... well, this is just Emily's cup of tea.
  5. Hi! I'm feeling kind nostalgic of this site, so I thought to pop back in and maybe join an adventure with Emily again... How are you guys?
  6. I don't think we have to scrap the Flying Fortress idea altogether, maybe it can be recycled as a HQ for a team of superheroes? As for AEGIS: being infiltrated by an AIM like organization is nice. When I created Nano, I came up with a story about how she was used as a living supercomputer by a hacker-type villain, Cyberskull (think of Mass Effect 2 - Overlord and you'll have a good idea of what I'm talking about). It all was going to be revealed during Nano's origin adventure To Tame an Angel, which unfortunately never started, in which the PCs, on behalf of AEGIS, would bust the secret lab where Nano was held prisoner and would have to walk through all the automated defenses controlled by Nano herself, who had been hacked into thinking the PCs were her enemies. As you can guess, this all left her with a burning hathred against Cyberskull and his organization - possibly the same ECHO we're talking about here. Now imagine that some high level guy in AEGIS was contacted by ECHO after the raid. They were very close to unravel the mystery of why Diane was turned into a superhuman being when she got the nanites, while every other test subject devolved into bestial monsters. They're tempting AEGIS with the idea of getting their own super-agents, in exchange for the main test subject. Or, if we want to keep things on a more manageable level, AEGIS is doing a terrible job in contrasting ECHO. They find out that a few key people inside AEGIS are corrupt, and are acting as double agents, and they have to sniff out the moles before they do something wery dangerous (like planting bombs somewhere, or compromising a very delicate operation, such as protecting a political figure).
  7. Yes, sorry. I've been a little caught up with things in RL lately. I'll post today.
  8. I want Nano in this soooo bad. She's basically an AEGIS agent, but how far can her superiors be trusted? Will she become a double agent, when she finds out these people want to infiltrate AEGIS? And with her tech-based and telepathy powes, will she gather information from inside? Even better: I never determined exactly what supervillainous organization Diane was unkowingly working for before her transformation... And ECHO fits the bill perfectly! Someone inside AEGIS might even want to sell her back to them as part of the bargain, and get rid of a nuisance at the same time... I'm in love with this plot.
  9. GM ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Fuel and Smokin' Engines Mechanized >A World Lost ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Fuel and Smokin' Engines
  10. Mechanized Emily was positively furious. No sooner had she returned from a tiring mission in space that she was flooded with more work, and now this jerk showed up again with his oversized ego just to prove the world how good he supposedly was. With her now trademark roar of engines, she landed on the concrete floor before the bank's main entrance, the ground shaking under the strain of tons of steel while the police cordoning the area cautiously stepped back. "Hello, Jeff! You know, I'm really fed up with your meddling. If it's a duel you want, you'll have one. On live TV. And I swear I'll kick you so hard, you'll run licking your wounds all the way to Earth Victoriana!"
  11. Blue Jay is just perfect for this adventure! And with this, the recruitment is officially over. IC thread >here OOC thread >here
  12. OOC thread for >this thread - robotic mayhem ahead! If you haven't guessed it already, Steampunk is inspired to one of my favorite tabletop games, Warmachine. @EternalPhoenix: if you're OK with it, Mechanized could have called Terrifica in for backup, since they already worked together. @The Osprey: Feel free to involve Endeavor in whatever way you want. I'll see if Raveled adds a character to this too. EDIT: And Blue Jay is in this too! We're ready to go!
  13. GM Post Freedom City Bank, Wading Way, February 27th 2015 A man in his forties, his short hair starting to turn gray, stood grinning in front of the camera; he was dressed in an odd looking uniform that would suit a late 19th century military officer better than a modern day man, modified however with what looked like a steam boiler carried as a backpack, connected by tubes and pipes to the strange rifle the man was currently waving around. Behind him, the bank's surveillance cameras showed a number of robots in a similar Jules Verne fashion, some human-sized and carrying pikes or rifles, others larger, busy rounding up the terrified people that were until moments before going on with their day to day business. "For those who don't know me, my name is Steampunk, and I'm here to make a statement. Emily Stenford, better known as Mechanized, you fancy yourself a heroine and a savior of Freedom City, thanks to the high-tech suit you're wearing. A suit that by all means should have been developed by me! But I guess it was easy for Daddy's girl to get me fired and keep all your company's high tech gear for yourself. No matter! Look at what I have accomplished, with steam technology and magic alone! Come face me, if you dare, and I will show you once and for all, on live TV, who's the best engineer! Or perhaps, you're too coward to show up, and you'll leave all these innocent hostages in my hands?"
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