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Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus

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Forever Boy


How could something so big move so fast? And being hit by a tree! Pan had been hit by his share of things in his time, but he was pretty sure that this was the first time that he had actually been hit by a tree! He shook his head, managing a quick grin up at Leroy. Why, this was nothing! A bump, a scrape! He'd get back up and into the fight right away! Well, just as soon as the world around him stopped spinning. The lack of spinning would great.


"I agreee completely with that plan, my friend!"


Yes, the lack of being touched by another tree would be nice. Maybe just keep his distance, once he could manage to take to the sky again.

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White Lioness

Àjàṣorò had been already been preparing to attempt to reach the giant man, she’d gone to the other side of the roof and was ready for a running leap. She saw no reason to stop so she began her run, hoping that either the suit’s properties or more likely Zenith would help her. As she soared through the air she put out her claws, ready to strike the Krampus when she landed.


The claws struck a solid blow and as they did she planted her feet on the shoulder of the monstrous human, the suits molecular cohesion plus her own natural balance helped her get a firm footing on the beast.

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Masque kept her footing against the power of the roar, but that was more instinct than planning - she'd gathered her robe about herself to slim her profile and endured only the gross indignity of monster spittle.


The gross, gross indignity.


She put her hands together, drawing together a large ball of wavering, pearlescent fire; this she lobbed overhand at the creature, streaking under its own power like a firework. It was an attack more in retribution than calculated combat, and it showed, running wide...but hopefully it would at least be a distraction. "This thing's tough," she shouted, as if that wasn't entirely obvious with the creature throwing trees and - worryingly - already looking like it could focus its eyes again. "I think Lioness and Zenith had it right, though! Anybody want to team up?"

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Micah considered the foe in front of them. An enormous maybe-demon tied to one of the most winter-y days of the year. A creature of ice and cold and snow and-


"I'm a moron."


He zoomed closer, the air currents all around the campus shifting as he did. Suddenly, he stopped and hovered in place. Then he reached out one of his hands toward the Krampus, palm up, and furrowed his brow in concentration.


"Let's see how much you like the heat..."


And then the air around the Krampus experienced a skyrocketing temperature. Moments after the crash course in Summer vs Winter, the air stirred. Less than an eye-blink later, roaring near-tornado-force winds began pushing against the Giant Krampus, seeking to hinder its movements. Micah was pouring everything he could into roasting this monster where it stood and keeping it from running away. 

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Astrid had been cursing up a storm in her native Norwegian the last couple of seconds now. How the heck could she miss a giant like this! It almost literally a giant target! But miss she did, the creature somehow managing to swift itself at just the right time to throw off Astrid's aim and avoid Porrklubba's swing. So much for doing something epic and worthy of entrance in the esteemed halls of Valhalla. 


Once Astrid had finally settled down from that failure, she readied herself for another chance at glory when the bedeviled Santa suddenly opened up a giant basket and unleashed a blast of ice that immediately hit Astrid as she getting ready. 


"What the..." 


Just like that she was overwhelmed by ice. The cold temperature itself wasn't a problem. That she could handle. It was the fact that she found herself partially encased in ice was the issue. She could still move but just especially well.


"Great. Just great." 


It would take her while to finally break of the ice but it wasn't as if she was completely immobile. She could still try to land a blow on the monster's head if she just... That's when he she finally saw the creatures on the creature's back. There were at least four them from where she could see. And they all make their way to Àjàṣorò, had apparently all decided to take a stroll on the giant.


"Welp. Guess I got to change my plans."  


She held Porrklubba up high to the sky as best as she could and did her best to concentrate. A second later Porrklubba was beginning to spark and glow with lightning. When it was brighter than a giant blue neon sign, Astrid pointed the weapon towards one of the small creatures and said the magic word.



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