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Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus


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South River

December 24, 2018

7:24 PM


Henry 'Tug' Stacy whistled a carol to himself as he guided his tugboat back toward the Riverside docks for the night. His daughter was old enough this year to really understand what was going on and had gone ga-ga for Christmas so he'd rented a Santa suit and was eager to get back home by the time she'd be sneaking out of bed. It had been a quiet afternoon and evening, just cold enough for a light snowfall to fill the air but not enough to begin icing over the water.


Tug lost the tune as his boat lurched abruptly. The experienced sailor quickly reoriented but frowned; he was far enough from the bay that there shouldn't have been much turbulence. Leaning out through the window of his cab he peered out into the gathering dark, with only his own runners and the distant lights of the docks illuminating shapes. He watched as a piece of driftwood bobbed by, a pile of birch branches clumped together and rising five or six feet above the surface.


As Tug scratched idly at his bushy red beard there was another, more violent lurch and he rushed back to the wheel, wrenching to one side against the inexplicable wave. His jaw hung slack as the birch branches rose higher and higher out of the water until he could see whole trees lashed together. They were joined by curving shapes the size of city buses Tug gradually recognized as something like goat horns. His boat went into a spin as a massive form followed, skyscraper tall and covered in dark, matted fur that shed water in great sheets. Great iron chains hung from its wrists, clanging with the timbre of cannonballs and it gripped the birch trees in one clawed hand. The other held the thick strap of some massive thing slung over its back, some sort of great cylinder with an uneven, woven texture.


The tugboat gradually slowed its spin as the behemoth strode up and out of the river, heading in the opposite direction: away from Riverside and toward Bayview. 

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Three Miles Northwest of Claremont Academy

8:56 PM


"What do you mean 'no adults'? What kind of  Macaulay Culkin nonsense is that?" the ear-splitting hero known as Wail demanded, jabbing a meaty finger toward the shimmering red and green dome that had covered a sizeable portion of Bayview. Neither the destructive power of his superhuman voice nor the impressive array of powers represented among the other assembled heroes had been able to so much as dent the barrier.


The hirsute, stocky Canadian he was speaking with shrugged. "Dark holiday magic'll be like that." Daniel Storm had been in town to visit a few of his wards living in Freedom City for the holiday but had somehow known to be one of the first on the scene of the mystical disturbance. "Pretty obvious what the old bastard is after. Once it got close enough to the school it opened the Basket of Ancient Winters and poof. No adults, like I said." Without removing his hand from the pocket of his leather jacket he indicated a group of the Claremont Academy faculty who'd been on site even during the holiday break who'd been unceremoniously teleported to the opposite side of the dome and were currently making hurried phone calls.


"I'm not having any luck with my scythe," the translucent blue woman in the cowl-neck sweater sighed, mouth set into an irritated line. "I almost had it, jumping over to Jötunheim and back but it's all..." Kimber storm wiggled her fingers in the air, searching for words and floating above a massive hoof print. "...molasses cookies. Maybe I can get a Ghost of Christmas Past thing going?"


Daniel shook his head. "Not gonna work, kid. Only way this barrier is going down is when Giant Krampus goes down. They gotta do that part themselves."


"You're seriously suggesting we just hope a bunch of teenagers can deal with that thing?!" Becky Shuster-Martel growled, hair flared out into a mane and teeth razor sharp as the spirit of avarice wrapped around her soul reacted strongly to Giant Krampus' presence. She huffed noticeably, out of breath from trying to claw her way through the dome, the seams on one arm of her puffer coat torn open.


The older Canadian patter her elbow reassuringly, unfazed by her appearance. "Abby's a tough nut to crack and she's been talking the rest of the crop up, too. They'll handle it." His grim expression as he turned back in the direction of the school seemed far less confident.

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it was the first time Alex had ever been away from his family on Christmas Eve, it had been agreed that he would be picked up to spend the day with them; he'd be lying if he said it didn't upset him that his family thought poorly of him for failing to graduate he almost wished he could tell them about what he'd really been doing in his spare time but it wouldn't be just his secrets he'd be revealing and on the other hand he was beginning to enjoy the calm and quiet of his dorm as opposed to the frantic energy that would doubtlessly consume his home in the run up to Christmas day.


He'd been laying on his bed watching the snow fall for what felt like hours slowly being lulled to sleep when he was shocked awake by a thunderous noise.


leaping to his feet and quickly dressing in his warm winter wear he ran out into the campus ready to respond to whatever might be making a fuss.


He was only half suprised to find a gigantic demonic Santa looking creature looming over the campus.


There was no Christmas truce with the weirdness of freedom city it seemed.

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White Lioness

Dakana didn’t have a tradition of celebrating this holiday, though there were still a few that enjoyed the season. Àjàṣorò wasn’t one of them normally, but with all the Christmas cheer going on in Freedom City she couldn’t help but getting swept along. She’d even got to enjoy the snow along with her shopping, having decided to take presents back to her family members. Indeed she’d been wrapping them last minute before taking a shuttle back to her homeland, with such quick transport she’d choose to leave at the last minutes something that right now didn’t look like the best idea.


“I guess my departure will be delayed for the time being!” she mused to herself, she wasn’t sure what this giant creature represented but she was about to find out.

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Ms. Thursday


Astrid was outside alone sitting on a bench on the Claremont grounds. She was strumming her guitar and cycling through a dozen songs she had come with over the months since she had arrived at Claremont. The activity was supposed to cheer up and reminded of all the weird and amazing things she'd seen and done while in Freedom City. It wasn't working though. If anything the whole exercise was just making her more depressed. Even her music was affected, sounding more like a dirge than a rock jam. 


The demigoddess eventually just stopped playing entirely and put her guitar away to the side. Astrid got on top of the bench and went into a resting position, putting her hands behind her back and staring at the winter sky. It was cloudy and snow was falling, but Astrid had never been bothered by the snow even before she learned she was part god and she just let the snowflakes lightly fall on her. 


She shouldn't be here she thought. She should be with her brother Anders in Asgard celebrating Christmas together. That thought had become a mantra in her head and every time she thought about it she became madder and madder. This was would be the first Christmas since their mother died and every bone in her body screamed that she had to be with her brother now more than ever because of that fact. But she couldn't be. Her "father" demanded it be so. The God of Thunder couldn't have even bothered to tell her in person, instead sending a talking raven (which was beyond weird) to break the news to her. The Coward. Apparently the All-Father himself had a vision about something big going down in Freedom City during the Christmas season and Astrid, as Midgard's protector, was duty-bound to watch out for it. 


Astrid had nearly strangled the raven when she got the news and made sure that it relayed several choice words to both her father and grandfather for dumping this on her when she had already made plans. But as furious as she was another part of her knew she had to accept it. The All-Father was rarely if ever wrong when it came to prophecies and if Freedom City was in danger while she drank mead and eggnog in Asgard she knew she wouldn't be able to forgiver herself. So she stayed. It hurt more than getting incinerated by a fire giant but she stayed all the same and did her duty. 


It was as she was contemplating all of this when the sky suddenly changed color from white and grey to red and green. Astrid blinked but the sky still kept its new colors. As she started to get back up she felt the ground shake suddenly. That's when she saw it. A giant monstrosity in red and white that looked like a jotunn that decided to dress up like Santa Claus. It was immense. It was absurd. It was perfect. 


"Oh. Oh yes!" Astrid grinned madly even as the creature's lumbering steps rocked the earth around her. Nothing could replace having Christmas with her brother but a fight with a giant demon troll was certainly an awesome distraction nevertheless. She got Porrklubba out and readied herself for battle. 

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Micah had been packing for his trip in the morning. It was late, but he'd had a busy semester, and despite his speed, his nerves and the general stress of "will I forget something" combined to make him pack and re-pack several times. The fact that he was taking two bags that could be strapped to his person and kept streamlined likely played a part as well; he couldn't just stuff them until they were full. He might be able to travel back and forth in the space of an hour or so, but that didn't mean he wanted to spend half a day flitting back and forth with forgotten luggage. 


He'd just finished packing the second bag (which he wore slung over his chest) when the first impact step was felt. Then another. It took him a moment to figure out the pattern was steps, and not some bizarre earthquake. As he turned to the window, a wave of a strange blue light swept over the campus, passing through his room. It didn't do anything to him...beyond leave an odd chill in his bones that he quickly shook. His body glowed with light, and Micah did a quick sweep of the campus to discover what the other students there were also realizing: all of the adults were suddenly, simply gone. 


It was only moments more before he was back in his room. Less than a minute later, he was adjusting his goggles on his face as he stood on the roof and stared at the towering thing steadily heading toward the Claremont campus. 


"What in Heaven's name..."

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It had been a tenuous thing, the deal Elizabeth had struck: Christmas at home, but Christmas Eve at school. Her precious away-from-home hours were still guarded jealously, after so much of her life spent stuck there - though it had taken a lot of arguing and at least two guilt trips to get her mom and dad to see things her way. She'd had to promise, up and down, that she would show up early in the morning for actual Christmas celebrations, cause no trouble at school, and most importantly stay out of any trouble at school.


That had been easy, so far. Simple conversations, a little bit of Christmas cheer, a moment that she was pretty sure had been flirting (right? it must have been...), and a lot of comfortable clothes and terrible, wonderful foods. She'd watched two movies. She'd made eleven snowballs. She'd thrown four of them.


She stood at a dorm window, pajama-clad and hot cocoa in hand, staring out at the dome and the...thing...bearing down on the school. Very slowly, she set the mug down and reached out to pluck her mask from thin air. "I," she said to it, looking into its eyes, "am going to be in so much trouble. Let's make it worthwhile."

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Forever Boy


Pan had never experienced Christmas before. They had various holidays and ceremonies for giving gifts back on Neverworld, but nothing quite like this. A magic man in a red suit that rode in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer! Going across the entire world in one night, giving gifts to all good boys and girls! It was magical! Pan loved the idea, even if he had been told that it was mostly a story for children. Oh well, it was still a wonderful story!


He had gone all in on the gift giving. Finding small gifts for everyone. Nothing big, it was not like he had a lot of money to go around, but still, he tried to go for some personal gifts! Flying around the Claremont, he was delivering gifts around with a smile. Some guitar strings for Micah! Polish for Belial for Nicole! A book on minerals for Alex! Santa might not be real, but Pan was doing his best to pick up the slack, flying around all over in a completely random pattern as he got to the next gift on his list. If they were home or elsewhere, he would simply leave them at their door or in their room, if let in.


It was all very exciting, he was so happy and hoped to make his friends happy! 


And then the sky turned red and green, while Pan was in the sky above the buildings, going from one to the next. He stopped, staring. What was this, then? Festivities? Celebration? 


No! A giant beast, dressed like Santa Claus, appeared above them! This was no celebration! And yet, he smiled! A challenge, then! An adventure!



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Nicole found herself driving her wheelchair down the hallway of her dorm on the eve of Christmas. She had told Pan to deposit his gift into the Christmas stocking that hung from her armrest and it snugly fit there. It was sweet and very much like him to give something as practical as wax polish. She smirked and tossed the flipped the polish around, playing with it as she whistled a tune.


She on the otherhand, brought gifts wrapped in Christmas reds and greens inside a Santa Claus bag. They were items she created, small knick-knacks that a craftsman with a workshop could create, but quality ones nevertheless. Though she had to admit using some of her more... esoteric tools to create the trickier parts.


A hand-sized Neverworld ship like Pan had shown her, pat down to the engravings, which swung on a steel fiber thread. For Gauss, a fully metallic Terminator inside a ballerina's box, joints articulated and something the magnetokinetic would be able to control. To her roommate, a baseball cap, a stylized arcane rune representing 'a person's soul made physical' or 'art' sewed in the front. To the dragon, an eternally dancing lick of flame and rock inside a snow globe.


She went through the list down her mind as she gave them away, going through their technicalities and how to make her work not sound really dry when she explained how she went about creating them. So preoccupied was she that she did not react to the sky turning red and green hues and tinting her surroundings the same color.


Only when she turned the corner to bump into Bellios was she shaken out of her zone.


"Hey," she greeted him. It almost never appeared this way unless something dangerous was imminent and the hairs at the back of her neck stood on end.  "What's this all about?"


Then the building rattled and she looked out the window and saw a giant... thing, the rattling coinciding with its footfalls. It definitely wasn't here a second ago or she would have noticed it.


"Oh damn. This doesn't look good." She had a sinking feeling about it and a growing suspicion, but now wasn't the time for thoughts and so she heaved herself forward for Bellios at the same time as it automatically readied itself. Gifts forgotten, wheelchair abandoned.


"Seriously, right before Christmas? Can you believe this guy?" She asked her armour and its systems began to growl.

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Dio & Sun Dragon


The boy and his dragon stood in the shadow of the leafless oak in the center of campus, staring up at the giant. Papers, books, maps and blueprints covered the dragon and most of the surrounding tarp.


"You're mad." Dio didn't say it with much besides a weary resignation, turning one golden eye to his charge. Leroy Ransom-Conte was already sheathed in his black armor of frozen light, lion-like eyes sparkling as he grinned giddily, trembling as he tilted his head back to catch the full size of his first true enemy. "Besides," he added, with the air of one saying something because it ought to be said, and not with any expectation of an effect, "you'll only make it worse."


"It will be beautiful," the scarred prince hugged himself tightly to the green flank of the reptilian hierophant.


Dio snorted, "Is horrible failure beautiful?


A mirror image of the prince appeared beside Leroy, singing out "No Dio, it is not!" before vanishing.


As it disappeared, Dio snarled "Thanks other Leroy who is not totally deranged, now let's not do that."


"Hear me out, dealing with him we can do..."


"Yet to be proven. Might not be what you think, might not work how you imagine."


"...but doing this in style? That is the true measure of a hero!"


"If you want to look good, wear your court clothes, I'm not smashing that wall the hard way."


"From the inside is categorically easier than from without."


"Whatever!" Dio's jaw clenched, smoke curling from his nostrils as he lurched up and towards the horned horror, "Suit yourself, prince, while I bring the storm on this traitor!" With that and a spring from his haunches, the grass-green dragon launched into the air, spreading his wings and charging with a shattering roar for the Krampus' hideous face!


Leroy rolled his eyes before the featureless helmet closed over and hid his face "Earth magic prohibits storming out, Dio. Heh, 'storming out', I must tell Pan that one!"


Following suit with his companion, Leroy rocketed into the air, ready to face this ragamuffin rogue head-on!


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It was a day after the performance, and she was... coping with it.  The rest of it.  The family was in from California, and they visited, though they head back, with plans for her to go travel out to them after changing and gathering some things, and go downtown to their hotel.

This wasn't the first time.  Given her goals and all of that, they were supportive.  Mostly.  Less so her little brother, but she expected that from him, and despite the grudging bits between them, that kinda came, what with him being a little snot, it was still good.  Even if the last two Christmases were... Strained

Putting it mildly.

In any case she was getting ready after a shower, toweling off her hair, in between packing, and stopping to look outside in the the courtyard that the window to her dorm room faced.  She liked to watch, especially people, they were kinda of interesting.  But she really needed to not be here for a couple days.  And not think about her dancing either.

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When one can conjure up or transmute one article of clothing into another, it didn't make much sense to own a great many clothes, or to pack a bag for trips.  But Abigail did, and she was.  It was, probably, the smallest act of rebellion against her own mother, who demanded the young mage did everything with magic, that she could do.


She was looking forward to seeing her adoptive family.  Kimber lived in the city, and Becky was in town fairly often to visit her wife but it wasn't too often that Daniel made his way south and Abby was beside herself in excitement.  She had visibly perked up in attitude as the days marched toward Christmas, doing some damage to her stoic reputation.


Abigail glanced out her rooms window at the precise moment the barrier crashed down around the Claremont campus. "Jams."

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Giant Krampus' massive cloven hoof crashed down atop the wall surrounding the Academy grounds, leaving a pile of rubble and a crescent shaped ditch. The magically sensitive students felt the subtle wards placed around the school ripple, strain and burst like eggshells under the mystic weight of the towering monster. The central statue in the middle of the large fountain by the gates rotated away to reveal a pair of automated defensive turrets but they had barely begun to fill the evening with the whir of rotating chambers before the bundle of birch trees swept them aside with a magnified baseball bat crack. The statue's head tumbled away to land face down in a snowbank.


More than sixty feet tall, Giant Krampus reared back and let loose a roar like an avalanche, throwing back weirdly jointed arms to bare a chest covered in dark, matted fur. It lolled its serpentine tongue and turned its attention to the first specks foolish enough to rush into its grasp.

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White Lioness

Watching the giant creature move through the ground Àjàṣorò quickly deployed the White Lioness suit that enhanced her abilities. One thing that it didn’t alas do was allow her to fly or attack at a distance, ironic considering just how big this creature was but right now he (or maybe she?) was from her reach.


Not that a little detail like what would put her off, swinging out of her room she quickly made her way to the roof of the building. Looking for an opportunity to either leap onto the creature or more likely get a lift from a fellow student over to the beast.

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Forever Boy


My, this was a big one! Flying as fast as he could towards the giant troll, Pan shimmered for a brief moment, a sheen of Pixie Dust covering for the briefest of time, before manifesting into his costume around him. He couldn't see any of the teachers around as he flew like an arrow, a trail of Pixie Dust behind him. Only other students. He didn't mind, really. With everyone here, the giant thing wouldn't stand a chance, would it now? They were heroes, after all!


He was quickly by the beast. He could create an illusion, he could try to catch it. Or maybe, he could simply try to get its attention, leaving it open to attack from his fellow students? "Hey there, big and gruesome! Look at me! Follow the shiny guy that's flying around you! Come along now!" He weaved and bopped around a bit, making sure to give the big ugly troll a good look at the Pixie Dust. Who knew? If he was some bad christmas spirit, then perhaps Pan's red and green costume would annoy him even more?

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Corinne made a undignified squawk when the Giant Krampus showed up.  This never happened in LA! She hurriedly finished her preparation, and then moved to the window of her room, and leaped out, having pants, a t-shirt, and shoes at least.  As she cleared the sill she threw out her power in a lob.  A glittering multi-colored orb that sailed, and easily hit the Giant Krampus.  Seriously, her father fought this thing!?  This was not a family tradition she wanted to be involved in.  

When the orb struck the beast, it exploded in blinking and flickering power.  She was hurrying, and in times like this her imagination was a little limited.  So she just drew ice around him, in the hopes of locking it in place, though the gargantuan representative of some messed up medieval Teutonic beliefs shrugged off her efforts to hold it down into like it was nothing.  "$#!%, $#!%, $#!%, $#!%, Giant Krampus!"  she breathlessly exclaimed and swore.  Knowing she'd have to dig down into her power which meant... rolling harder than she wanted.  But, this wasn't exactly something anyone could blame her for, right?  Though, somehow Nicole would.  Or, Micah, or the whole host of people who gave her looks.

!%&# 'em! Came her insouciant inner voice.

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Facsimile's hand shot to the nearest piece of steel he was aware of, normally not a good idea for him to suddenly weigh a ton inside a building but these were extenuating circumstances the floor had only just started to creak before his powerful steel legs propelled him forwards straight through the window he'd been looking out of and into the chaos brewing in the campus grounds


He caught sight of a familiar prismatic effect racing towards the towering figure and headed off towards the source in a comical bounding hurry towards it.


"Corinne!" He called our as he tried to slow himself into an ungraceful landing "you ok?" He asked foremost before turning back to the towering figure of the demonic santa-thing.


"The heck is going on?" 

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She was expecting a reply from her father as she got in but... nothing.


It wa eerie, honestly, and she realized that she was used to seeing him there and it was kind of comforting, for some level of weird that feeling was. She had streamlined its warm-up sequences, allowing it to brought to the action faster, but this was the first test in field conditions and she needed to make sure nothing would break apart.


Here and there, screens showed the Claremont wards flicker and break, only to be replaced by whatever dark holiday magic accompanied the Krampus. Another set of screens showed many students rally under its physical and magical shadow, already beginning to fight it.


More screens opened in her mind's eye. Bellios began to move, joints creaking, engines roaring.


Her thrusters flared and Nicole smirked, zooming into the thing on the Krampus' back.


"The Basket of Ancient Winters is the sole artifact it'd brought," muttering to herself out of habit now that her father wasn't here to listen. "Let's make sure it doesn't get to use it on the kids."

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Masque had managed to blink her way up onto the roof of her building, protected against the cold by not much more than flannel and a fluffy robe - she now found herself standing as close to the edge as she dared, light gathered itself into her outstretched hand. She hadn't known what this thing was, but the mask knew, and the mask was not too excited about the prospect of dealing with it on its own terms, on its own night.


The mask didn't get a lot of say in the matter. It rarely did.


She flung her arm forward, a point like a tiny star driving up in a straight line to the creature's face...where it went off like a magical flash grenade, momentarily blinding to look upon. "Don't let it put you in the basket!" she shouted, loud as she could, for all the good it might do her on a snowy night. "Don't let it put anyone in the basket!"

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Micah had already donned everything when the action started. As some of the others got mixed in early on, he closed his eyes for several long moments. He breathed in, then out, concentrating his mind. Then, his eyes snapped open, green glowing from within, and more green beginning to crackle around his body as he rose into the air, the winds whipping beneath him. He gained altitude, wanting to be well clear of a building for this.


"Here's hoping this works..."


He raised his hands into the air, forming something of a "Y" shape with his body. His eyes narrowed in concentration. Then, sparks began to flicker around his body, and the clouds overhead whirled and churned. The air stilled, just for a moment, and almost everyone nearby felt their hair stand up, just a bit.




And then a lightning bolt as thick as a man's torso flashed down from the clouds to stop for just a moment between Micah's hands, before being hurled right at the Krampus's face. The emerald bolt of energy seared the air in its wake and produced a tremendous thunderclap. 

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Giant Krampus jerked its head back as Masque's brilliant light exploded in front of its rectangular pupils, pawing at its eyes with its free hand. Thunderbird's column of lightning struck the titanic creature while it was distracted, verdant energy briefly illuminating the night like festive fairy lights. The smell of burnt hair wafted into the air along with the sound of heavy, irritated breaths and for a moment it looked as if Giant Krampus had been given pause.


Then let forth a bellow in the direction of the rooftop where Masque and White Lioness were standing, a terrible booming noise somewhere between a goat's too-human screaming and a jungle cat's roar, pitched low as it reverberated through the beast's great torso. Spittle smacked across the teenagers, the sheer force of the sound pushing them stumbling back away from the edge of the roof. Simultaneously it swung its great bundle of birch trees in a great arc toward Forever Boy's shouts, clumps of soil still stuck to the roots sticking out from the other side of its clawed fist. Despite its disorientation the bizarre weapon crashed into the airborne youth, branches jabbing and entangling him even as the force of the blow swept him aside.

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As pumped as she was to hit something, Astrid still had the presence of mind to at least go through her mental catalog of monsters to see if Goat-Godzilla over there was something she might be passingly familiar with. In those brief seconds she was able to at least discern that it probably wasn't some kind of furry jötunn in a Santa costume but beyond that she was pretty much clueless about what was getting into. That was just fine in her mind though. She had Porrklubba and a raging fire to smash things, and usually that was enough. Usually.


Once she was a bit closer to the monster to see everyone's else attempts to take the monster down, or just slow it down, Astrid decided that she needed some attitude before she made her attack. A lot of it. She took in a big breath of cold air and prepared her lungs for what was about to come. She also made sure that the heels of feet were off the ground and that Porrklubba was held high above her head. When she was finally ready she screamed out a single word: 




With that Astrid was blasting off the ground and soaring into the night sky. She felt a comforting cool breeze all around as she flew that she knew was wasn't the natural cold air. She kept flying further up and parallel to the giant until she was actually above it in the sky. That's when she made her landing on top of its furry head. Astrid had to be at least sixty feet in the air but she didn't think about that overlong. She had work to do after all.


Raising Porrklubba high above her head once again Astrid decided to say something before she made her attack, even though she wasn't certain this creature could even understand her words. "You picked the wrong school to terrorize, beast." And with that she made her swing. 

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Abigail flickered out of existence, vanishing from the room she shared with Elizabeth, only to reappear well above the dormitory and her roommate.  With a simple gesture her clothing ripped, shredded and ultimately transmuted itself into the regalia of Arcana while her fall to the roof below was brought below bone shattered speeds.


Motes of light, like embers or fireflies gathered around the mage, and with an outstretched hand a narrow lance of white hot magical fire erupted forth, weaved past her schoolmates that were engaged in melee with the beast, and slammed into the Giant Krampus.


She settled on the rooftop, and though her face was a black silhouette, she glanced at Liz and one glowing green eye winked.

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Being just that much more distant from the invader than the rest, the green dragon and the black-armored boy were in prime vantage points to see the attack on the lumbering giant begin. And to see Pan struck to Earth, to Leroy's wincing dismay. By some unspoken sign, the two separated, the dragon straining his great wings to sweep before the antlered invader, Leroy darting through the air to alight soft as a feather next to Pan. Kneeling beside his squadmate for a moment, the prince's helmet parted to let him look over Forever Boy, his face tensing at sight of the cuts and bruises, but relaxing into a faint smile after a quick inspection. He thumped Pan gently on the shoulder as got up, "Fret not, brother-at-arms, that traitor shall not touch you again." He said it with a careless grin, as he turned to face the giant.


Meanwhile, Dio had begun chanting, twisting and hissing in the air as he traced some fiery sigil with all four thrashing limbs and his lashing tail. His voice raised to a crescendo, even as he raised his two foreclaws towards the giant, clenching them with bone-crumbling force! 


The sigil he'd been tracing suddenly flamed to life beneath the giant's feet. From the earth around the Krampus, identical claws of black and grey stone burst out to clutch and tear, igneous talons freezing even as they gripped onto the Yuletide horror.


As they closed around black-haired arms and legs, groping for the Krampus' head to shut the eyes and face forever, Sun Dragon's voice boomed over the battlefield. 


<"I know you understand me, renegade! All powers reject you! Fire, air, earth, and now my...water!">

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$#!%. $#!%.  $#!%. $#!%.

Her power did... nothing.  What use was this awful thing if it didn't do what she needed to to!  There were people getting hurt!  There was...  Chaos descended around them, swirling mightily as the teens on campus pushed back, tried to draw it's attention in dozens of different directions.

Then it swung a tree and knocked Pan out of the air.  He was nice to her, he was... "$#!%!" came the internal monologue surging out in an obscene leitmotif.  She scarped along the snow, even as thing slowed down and the only real friend she had in the school now, was scooped up by roots and carried about by that tree.  By the Krampus.  Her face setting, growing hard.  Zenith didn't swallow her up this time.  Corinne reached down and pulled the #!^&( up hard enough to dislocate a shoulder, and Corinne anger, her rage fed that other part of her.  Her power erupted around her, savagely, the burst of coruscating and scattering light ripped the ground around her, scorching it like the corona of a star might. 

"Àjà!  Get ready!" Zenith roared.  All things were matter.  Right?  She could control matter.  No, screw that.  She could do whatever she wanted!  Throwing an arm up for dramatic effect, her power lashed out and wrapped around her Squadmate, and then Zenith made a throwing motion, and Àjà would follow suit even at the distance between, and the other teen would find herself thrown towards the Krampus with great velocity, moving in an arc that would be considered a withering slider from a pro baseball pitcher, right at the nape of the Krampus' neck.  She knew Àjà was a vicious fighter, so she hoped she was dropping a buzzsaw on the beast.

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