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The Jungle Patrol




The Jungle Patrol formally traces back to 1927 when the Patrol that would grow to international fame first came together and formally used the Jungle Patrol Moniker as immortalized in Season 1 Episode 1 of 'The Adventures of the Jungle Patrol!' serial.  The basis for hte organization of course was not so watershed an event.  Central to the Jungle Patrol was of course Johnny Danger, explorer, adventurer, and renaissance man extraordinaire.  Johnny was born on the cusp of the twentieth century in 1899 on a ranch in montana.  The family ranch was lost in conflict with a local cattle baron and Johnny was taken in by a local band of the Crow his family had good relations with before he reached his teens.  Hard life in the frontier state and then among the tribe taught the young man much about wilderness survival and spurred in him a strong independent streak.  As he grew older he wandered the states doing odd jobs before finally joining the army when old enough and serving in the Great War when America entered the conflict.  It was while serving that he first made the acquaintance of Ace Adams a fellow westerner and a hotshot pilot, the two remained close after the close of hte war as Ace entered a career as a barnstorming pilot and Johnny began to travel the world.  In his travels he made many friends and contacts in every port and frontier fort he found himself in, Aiding Huang "Hong Kong Harry" Chun in recovery of a lost family heirloom, sailing the caribbean with the fast talking Billy Browning in search of sunken treasures, and working on the small farm in surrey of Professor Arlan Jones.


In 1927 he and Ace found themselves stranded in sub-saharan africa after a particularly rocky 'landing' in a thunder storm while seeking the fabled mines of Dakana.  It was here that they met Dendaji, a Dakanan Native exiled after his negligence allowed a band of Thule society sorcerers to steal several precious Daka Crystals.  In return for his aid getting them out of the jungles surrounding Dakana Johnny and Ace took up his cause to chase down the sorcerous cult in a chase that spanned five continents and saw them Joined by Hong Kong Harry, Baby Face Browning, and Arlan Jones as well as his daughter Jezebel.   Through wit, grit, and no small measure of luck the soon to be jungle patrol managed to corner the Thule Sorcerers on a mediterranean Island and steal back the Crystals thwarting the Thule ritual.  Returning to Dakana they declared themselves the Jungle Patrol and earned 'Doctor Daka' an end to his exile and themselves a favored position as rare outsiders welcome in Dakanas borders.


The Jungle Patrol continued to operate primarily in Africa seeking lost treasures and protecting allied tribesmen from the machinations of post colonial interests.  The aging Arlan Jones left the patrol in 1929 though his daughter stayed continuing to maintain and improve on the marvelous feats of engineering the Professor had built for the Patrol.  In 1930 shortly after the discovery of the diamond mine that would make him one of the wealthiest men in the world Johnny began to bring his young son Ace on his globetrotting adventures and had earned himself and the Jungle patrol a reputation as a team that could get things done wherever in the world they needed doing.  From ancient tombs to forbidden vales, Hidden monasteries to otherworldly wildlands the jungle patrol explored seeking and preserving artifacts, treasure, and lost peoples and civilizations.  Their adventures came to be chronicled in the 'Adventures of The Jungle Patrol!'  serials later renamed 'Johnny Danger and the Jungle Patrol' where the irascible Ace Danger first grew to fame.


When the tides of war started to sweep across the world the Jungle Patrol came often to the aid of the Allies in campaigns in Africa and Southeast Asia in particular with daring rescues and sabotage behind enemy lines.  With a war on the Patrol spent more and more time fighting Thule, or Green Dragon agents than their traditional exploratory adventures.  Ace Adams fell to an assassin's blade meant for Jezebel Jones near the close of the war and Johnny Danger grew more absorbed with the day to day running of Danger International and it's many works in the aftermath of the second world war.  Other than occasional press conferences when promoting a new product or similar endeavors the Jungle Patrol was in effect no more.  The remaining members continued to work together though in pursuit of their own interests now.




Johnny Danger:  The leader of the Jungle Patrol was a two fisted adventurer and world traveler before he even began the famed group.  A master of survival, linguist, bare knuckle brawler, crack shot, and all around expert in adventure Johnny Danger was the glue at the core of the Jungle Patrol.  He was a decisive and caring leader and knew his friends better than they knew themselves.  This knowledge payed dividends not only in loyalty but also in utility as his keen tactical mind could weave their skills into exactly the plan needed to overcome nearly any objective.  After the death of Ace Adams and the close of the war he disbanded the Patrol officially and shifted his Focus to Danger International, his sprawling corporation and world wide commercial empire tuned to his priorities of protecting indigenous peoples from exploitation, the environment from destruction, and the world from, he hoped, war.  His family peddled his fame and influence into a lasting dynasty and legacy of good works around the world.


Ace Adams:  Johnny Dangers best friend and closest confidant the expert pilot and self proclaimed fastest draw in the skies (thanks to a particularly famed shootout with a nazi operative aboard a zeppelin) was Johnnys constant companion even before the patrol was formed.  He was the de facto second in command as well as a master of vehicular feats of daring.  From automobile to airplane, submarine to jet pack if it had a wheel, stick, or rudder he'd get it where it needed to be.  He was most famous for his rocketry pack, an invention of the jones, as well as his twin .45 revolvers, Truth and Justice.  According to the serials he was one leg of the love triangle between himself, Jezebel, and Billy, though he had promised Arlan to look after her and refused anything untoward, at least as far as the serials, comics and later cartoon reprisals indicated.  Ace died at the end of the second world war, his death one catalyst for the dissolution of the Patrol.  He was unwed and to public knowledge had no children though he served as a mentor and role model for many adventurous youngsters.


Huang 'Hong Kong Harry' Chun:   Huang, or Harry as he is still occasionally called, is an archaeologist and expert in antiquities as well as master martial artist.  He served both as muscle for the team and as an expert in many mysterious artifacts, legends, and lost languages on the Patrols adventures.  He holds a doctorate in archeology specializing in the far east and continues to lecture at prestigious universities the world over between visits to digs.  His skilled fists and feet got them out of almost as many scrapes as his keen mind puzzling out the secrets of ancient tombs or hidden temples.  Thanks to a combination of clean living and likely some mystical intervention the elderly Proffessor Chun continues to travel and teach to this day.  He has many students of antiquities as well as a small selection he has agreed to teach his martial arts.  Additionally he has a large family spread between Hong Kong where he resides and the U.S.  though no children of his own, claiming he and his wife just never had the time.


Dendaji “Doctor Daka”:  Dendaji is a Dakanan by birth and trained in the mystic ways of that secretive country as well as the intricacies of Daka technology.  His expertise and innovation in technical and biomedical advances for the Patrol led to the development of their famed sleeper rounds as well as many other devices and artifacts that have saved the day on more than one occasion.  While a more cerebral member of the group his high tech devices and ancient Dakanan fighting techniques proved to be an great asset tot he team it the field as well as the lab.  After the Patrol dissolved he returned to Dakana to continue his research and development of daka based medical devices and non-lethal defensive technologies.  He remains a friend of the Danger Family but rarely leaves his homeland now.  the secretive nation has revealed little about his personal life after the Jungle Patrol.


Billy “Baby Face” Browning:  A con man and artiste of the slightly shady deal Baby face was the friendly face and fast mouth of the Patrol.  Though Ace would often say the mans mouth got hem into more trouble than out of Billy was a valuable member of hte team.  He was a master of disguise as well as skilled orator and diplomat.  When the Patrol ran afoul of official problems wherever they operated it usually fell to Billy to smooth the way.  A consummate ladies man he was however denied that which he most ardently sought, Jezebel who had eyes only for Ace Adams.  He managed to peddle his fame and contacts from the Jungle Patrol into a position with the US diplomatic corps and has served as a sometimes Ambassador to Dakana though his less than diplomatic approach to US politics has had that position stripped and reinstated enough times to make one dizzy.  None the less even at his advanced age (thanks to living primarily in Dakana with full access to their medical advances) he is invaluable to any diplomatic efforts with the hidden nation.  Rumors swirl that he may have wed a Dakanan lady of means as well though as with all news of the hidden nation it is never certain how much truth there is to such.  


Arlan and Jezebel "Jalopy" Jones:  the Jones are the creators and innovators behind most of the large scale devices used byt he Jungle patrol from vehicles like the Jungle Jeep, to Ace Adams rocket pack, to more strange devices still.  Arlan was primarily an absent minded professor and not long for work on the field however his daughter Jezebel fell in love with the excitement, and Ace Adams, of life with the Jungle Patrol.  "Jalopy" often stated she could build a zeppelin from coconuts and banana leaves given time, and according to at least one famed episode of the 'Ace Danger Boy Adventurer Hour!' did so on at least one occasion.  Though she had deep feelings for Ace Adams he never seemed to return them and she had eyes for no others.  After the Patrols disolution she returned to her family farm to continue her fathers work on various devices supporting herself off occasional patents though most of her devices never saw the light of day.  She passed still unwed the last of her family and left the farm and her inventions to be overseen by Danger International.  By her wishes they have not been made public and are kept secure at the Farm where employees of Danger International act as caretakers of both property and prototypes.


Chim-Chim:  The ubiquitous ape companion of Jezebel since she saved him from poachers in his infancy.  Chim-Chim was trained to fetch tools and acted as a sort of mascot for the team until an accident breaching the power core on one of Doctor daks wondrous devices somehow granted him human like intelligence.  He continued to serve Jezebel after she retired to her family farm and predeceased her after a long and productive life.  No formal attempt to recreate the circumstances of Chim Chims sentience were made though other accidents or even secret experiments might have managed the same or similar results.


Ace Danger:  Johnny Dangers first born was raised in the family business and was an ever popular child star of the serials as well as a darling of the media.  He traveled into his teen years with his father and always managed to find himself in more unusual circumstance than even his famed elders.  Ace has gone on to have a successful career as a spy, sometimes soldier, and more recently international hero.  Along his many adventures he was blessed, cursed, or granted eternal life and dependant on who you ask is intent on making hte most of it or frittering it away on frivolities.


Rex Danger:  Before Ace even left the Jungle Patrol second born Rex had started to accompany the patrol on more and more adventures.  The spitting image of Johnny Danger Rex was the all american red blooded adventurer hero rex served as a sort of replacement for Ace in the last years of the Jungle Patrol but between the danger and secrecy of the Patrols wartime operations never really gained the fame of his elder brother while traveling with the Patrol.  Rex like many of the heroic minded residents of Freedom perished in the Terminus invasion of 1993, he is survived by three children including Rachel Danger, the youngest, and the current CEO of Danger Industries.


Rahim Gilani:  The ward of Johnny danger and close friend of Ace Danger in their childhood left the Dangers to return to Iran as an adult.  though he had many adventures with the Jungle Patrol he managed to marry well in the liberal climate of the Shah's Iran.  He passed away not long after the revolution.




Most of the Jungle Patrol had descendants or at least those they might have trained or equipped as described in the individual member descriptions.  As well there is alway the opportunity for someone, most likely connected to Danger International, to try and make a new Jungle patrol for the new world fighting injustice and exploitation of land or people around the fringes of civilization. 

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