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Ace Danger 
Interdimensional man of mystery and immortal adventurer across the ages.  Ace Danger began his career with his two fisted adventuring Father Johnny Danger of the Jungle Patrol, Served with the Allies of Freedom in the second world war, Battled Shadow and Communism alike as a gentleman spy through the cold war and has earned a reputation as rake and libertine across more than one dimension in his wide travels.  His unique life has left him with a wide net of allies, associates, enemies, treasures and a wealth of experience in the most outlandish of adventures.  


Birth to 1933:  Ace was born in freedom at the estate his father had purchased shortly after his return from the first of many African ventures that earned the family it's wealth.  In the early years his father was a distant figure who was heard to say of the boy, "I'd just assume wait until he turns into a person to spend time with him."  Ace was close to his mother in his youth and grew more so when at age three the family moved to a small home in Ghana not far from the diamond mines that were the primary family venture of the time.  He was not at this age the frontier child his father expected him to be doing little to improve their relationship.  His mother he of course adored and she perhaps coddled the youth so out of his element in those early years though she did ground him in the good the family was able to do living closer to his fathers pursuits and taught him a deep respect for the native born of the community.  Not long after his eighth birthday his father decided to become more engaged in Ace's upbringing and Ace began to travel with Johnny Danger and the Jungle Patrol on their ventures.

1933-1942 The Jungle Patrol:  Ace traveled with his father on minor ventures considered by the times to be safe as early as age five, however it was at eight years of age that Ace's career with the Jungle Patrol truly began with what would later be cataloged as the famed, 'Jungle Patrol and the Tomb of the Boy Pharaoh!'  serial.  It was intended to be a mundane excursion to visit an archaeology dig at the behest of team antiquarian Huang 'Hong Kong Harry' Chun.  The Tomb it turned out bore a curse and many traps and deadfalls, a harrowing experience for a boy of eight certainly but his quick wits and limber (and smaller) form allowed the young man to escape a trapped room and eventually to find his way to the heart of the tomb where he put the curse to rest by returning the boy Pharaoh's amulet.  Reversing the rising tide of sands just in time to save the adults Ace was from then forward a constant companion and mascot of sorts to the Jungle Patrol.  He was at his father's side for some of the most famed expeditions the Patrol undertook to the heights of the himalayas seeking the mysterious Yeti, or the depths of the sea exploring Atlantean ruins, and many more beside.  Ace was a darling of the press upon the Patrols return from these ventures regaling them with tales from his diary which would later, very loosely, form the basis for the 'Ace Danger and the Jungle Patrol!' animated series in the years after the war.  During his travels with the Jungle Patrol he was joined by Rahim, a boy of his own age and ward of the Danger family.  The boys were fast friends, inseparable in their many adventures getting each other into and out of trouble at every turn.  Toward the later years as Ace and Rahim blossomed into teens the Patrol was more and more often joined by Ace's younger brother Rex as well, Rex had lived the frontier life with the family in Africa longer than he was able to walk and in Aces mind at least was his fathers favorite.  As Rex took on more and more of the mascot and youthful scamp role that Ace had once held Ace and rhim more and more took on adult responsibilities in the Patrol though still under the guidance of older members.  Through these years Ace learned much of hte wide world and hidden lands and the peoples throughout them.  He also became skilled to at least a small degree in the many arts and skills needed to keep an expedition going despite setbacks and conflict.  As the war in Europe raged and the flames of the conflict spread to Africa and Southeast Asia the Jungle Patrol had greater and greater difficulty avoiding involvement.  Nazi and Thule expeditions often raced the Patrol for potent artifacts that might turn the tide of war and the dangers grew.  Patricia and the younger children returned to the states and the Jungle Patrol more and more often confronted the agents of the Axis powers though they remained nominally independent from the allied military.  Ace however felt he had more to prove to his father who had often spoke of his time serving in the Great War with Ace Adams as a young man and lied about his age on his service papers joining the US Army.  

1942-1945 The War Years:  Ace was never destined to serve in the infantry and was forwarded immediately out of Basic Training to the OSS.  Initially in the OSS and soon as a member of the Allies of Freedom Ace operated behind enemy lines often in North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia as a special liaison to local tribes as well as an agent provocateur.  He saw some service in Europe particularly as the war closed in on the eastern theatre serving with other Allies of Freedom on occasion but primarily working in the realms of espionage and sabotage.  He and his families many allies in the wild frontiers of the world were of great use in bringing local forces to bear on Nazi supply lines and later Aces own training in a wide variety of realms was put to good use undermining Nazi operations in europe in advance of the normandy invasions.  Here he met and worked with other covert agents such as Bombshell and Comrade Frost as well as the more famed faces of the Allies of Freedom.  Through much of this time his good friend Rahim was at his side though in later years of the war Rahim operated independently in the Middle east helping with local knowledge to stabilize the region as Allied troops were redeployed to Europe and later the Pacific.  After the war there was less use for a famous and sometimes spoiled scion of a wealthy family in the armed services and Aces maverick stylings and less than circumspect romantic behaviors were no longer as easily overlooked.  Though his service and familial connections ensured he was not publicly disavowed he was no longer welcome in the service.  This never sat well with his father and led to a lengthy estrangement between the two men.

1945-1968 Ace Danger Gentleman Spy:  Removal from the Army did not long put an end to Aces service.  First as a hired hand of sorts for the short lived Strategic Services Unit and later the Central Intelligence Group.  Ace traveled primarily in the Middle East and North Africa shoring up alliances with tribal leaders and nascent governments against the new threat of spreading communism between assorted personal ventures.  When the CIA was formally created by the National Security Act in 1947 Ace was one of the first recruits his expertise outweighing the prevalent homophobia of early espionage organizations.  Ace was brought into the Special Activities division then later AEGIS where he operated against both remnants of Shadow still manipulating events behind the scenes as well as Soviet agents, some of which had been close allies in the war years.   Ace was at best reckless as an agent, while he got results his activities were rarely pursued with the subtlety of more traditional agents in the company.  Most attributed this recklessness to his immortality though whispers abounded that his estrangement from his family or perhaps a romantic engagement gone wrong was at the root of his almost suicidal approach to espionage.  Among the intelligence community his libertine tendencies were as legendary as his miraculous escapes and daring rescues.  He was always it seemed one step ahead in a business where that was the bare minimum for success.  In later years his actions, particularly against Shadow, would grow in fame when novelizations and films were made about his more high profile capers.  He defined the carefree gentleman spy that while largely inaccurate served as a romantic notion for the public.  By the late sixties his outrageous behavior grew to be more liability than benefit and more and more often he was deployed as distraction rather than actual agent, a tendency he resented despite on some level knowing it to be wise.  He formally left the service on good terms after spending a few years bouncing between AEGIS and CIA command as the organizations tried to find a place for him in a world more and more driven by stable and staid intelligence practice and less and less the cowboy agent provocateur methods Ace personified.

1968-1979 Wandering Dilettante:  After leaving the intelligence game behind Ace tried to reconnect with his family to middling success, it was in these years that he became most active in the assorted properties in production based on his life and that Danger Manor was built initially as a set for films and a short lived TV series about his many adventures.  He acted in some as himself though usually could not be bothered to keep so grueling a schedule.  He spoke at assorted engagements celebrating veterans and early heroes, wrote rather premature memoirs, and attended and managed an extensive social calendar in the days and sunk into the excesses of the era by night.  Perhaps in some call out to his youth or his father he pursued expeditions to inhospitable regions and strange lands seeking something just out of reach, acceptance perhaps or maybe some sort of lost innocence of his youth.  A long wake of broken hearts and angry parents led to Ace slowly being weaned from the spotlight by his family lest he cause too much embarrassment.  In late 1979 Ace gave up any pretense of concealing his sexuality or for that matter more outlandish behaviors and the Danger family lost the ability to do much damage control beyond distancing themselves from his excesses.  He became a black sheep of the family in a very public way though his brother Rex refused to treat him as such.  Ace partied hard all night slept all day and started it up again week in week out.  He lived as a cautionary tale of wealth, power and jaded immortal ennui run rampant.

1979-1993 The Lost Years:  Ace partook of the worst excesses of the eighties with wild abandon.  He was a jaded playboy throwing his sexuality and lifestyle in the faces of the pubic with outrageous stunt after outrageous stunt.  He was of course even more beloved for it, a darling of the tabloids and those rebelling against the new straight and narrow popular culture.  While decried by many for his outlandish behavior later observers would say his carefree and open attitude and devil may care demeanor did much to beat back the repression of the era or at least keep alive hope for those less protected by wealth and privilege that they were at the least not alone.  Of course his frank and open abuse of assorted controlled substances and libertine sexual behavior landed him both in trouble with the law and the morality cops of the time.  He was the poster child of all that was wrong with the decadence of modern society or a waving flag of freedom depending who one asked, polarizing in all things he did.  But all parties must come to an end and for Ace the end was the resounding roar of an Omega Beam amidst the 1993 Terminus invasion.

1993-Present Ace Danger Interdimensional Man of Mystery:  Ace was in his brothers sports car as Rex drove them both toward the city center in a desperate bid to maybe make a difference.  He never got the chance, the entropic beam wasn't even aimed at them, Rex turned the car into the way of a stray disintegration beam to buy a bus time to empty.  Ace woke up minutes later on the street alone, the bus was saved long enough for other heroes to get the civilians to safety, There wasn't even a scrap of Rex to bury.  Rex's selfless sacrifice snapped Ace out of his decades old funk, his brother had remained certain that Ace was not a lost cause long after the rest of the Dangers had given up.  Ace decided in that moment he owed it to his brother's memory to prove him right.  Ace returned to the active heroics scene using almost a century of experience with the weird and wild to do good in the world, and look good doing it.  Ace has done battle with many villains in the time since always using his unique skillset to buy him the edge he needed to bring them in.  Equally at home on the streets or dancing between dimensions setting wrongs right Ace Danger is once again a force for good and for awesome.


Costume and Appearance
Standing at a solid six feet Ace is tall but not towering, with a sculpted athletic figure.  His delicate features are set of with bright and alert Blue eyes and a full head of blond hair most often in that unique state of purposefully mussed that is so popular today.  Day to day wear varies as the occasion requires though casual day to day wear is relaxed slacks, casual shirt under a rough and ready bomber jacket topped by his hallmark rumpled brown fedora.  This also serves as his standard wear while active in superheroics or other adventure.  


The core of Ace's super-human power is his immortality, his youthful adventures in tombs and mystic lands has rewarded him with life eternal.  He does not age, is untouched by toxins and disease, and will recover from even the most grievous of wounds.  Beyond his immortal form Ace has nearly a century of training and experience in the wide world of superheroics, gifts and treasures from many places and esoteric training in a wide variety of arts martial and esoteric.  If he hasn't dealt with a similar situation chances are his wealth of experience will buy him time to tap into a more than a lifetime's worth of comrades and cohorts who have.


Ace has friends around hte world, and a few in others, that he can call upon for favors here and there.  However there are some that he is closer to than others.  He shares a bond of common service with Bombshell and Comrade Frost after they served together in the war and have remained friendly if not allied through differing sides of the cold war and the law over the times since.  He remains close to the former members of hte Jungle Patrol who yet live as well and through Huang 'Hong Kong Harry' Chun is allied with the enigmatic Phantom.  Through their forebears he knows both Mark 'Edge' Lucas as well as the mysterious Midnight (II).  And of course he can call upon the wealth and influence of his family should the situation require, the Danger Family and Danger International have resources that eclipse even his own impressive holdings.


Danger Manor
The Danger family owns many properties and homes from penthouses in the city to rustic cabins and high end homes in the best neighborhoods of their chosen cities.  Ace bases himself out of Danger Manor, Originally built as a set piece for the Ace Danger serials in his younger days it has been updated with the best that Ace's long career could acquire.  The opulent mansion is not only a fully functional home with all the amenities, it also is possessed of the features popularized from ti's days as a set and the former production areas reworked into training rooms and security centers from which the entire house can be monitored.  Hidden docks and landing pads, underground garage, advanced communications and computer technology and a Dakanan power generator keeps it independent from the power grid.  The many rooms are filled with artifacts and treasures from his years of travels and adventures.


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