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Found 6 results

  1. September 4th, 2017, 10.45AM Atlantis, The First Circle, 4 1/2 miles beneath the surface The Tethys slid into the dock, great arms reaching out of the glittering darkness to hold it fast. Hundreds of meters from bow to stern, the craft was Atlantis' principal ambassadorial ship, made to resemble a stylized whale. For the last two hours it had made the lengthy, swift passage to the Wizard's Rest, carrying diplomats and representatives from dozens of nations, organizations and interests. Among them were the supremely British extradimensional envoy Lord Steam and Dol-Druth the Speaker, face of an alien hivemind. The lounge door opened, admitting Ventures Lina and Atherus. Lina spoke first, saying gravely "We have arrived, thank you for you patience." Uniformed in deep blue, metallic green and silver, the Atlantean envoys looked nigh-identical in their space-age fibers and short-cropped black hair and closed green eyes. Lina tapped a crystal on her left bracer, at which the disembarkment hatch opened up across the lounge's outer wall, letting down a ramp 80 feet down to the dock below, up which a squad of Atlantean soldiers and a blonde woman in flowing red metal began to walk. There were murmurs and the discreet snapping of photos as the shining expanse of Atlantis, city of science and sorcery, lay revealed. At first blush, it strongly resembled great rings of luminescent sea coral. Envoy Lina gestured politely to the approaching party "Princess Thetis will escort you to the Palace of Poseidon, where you will have a chance to rest and refresh yourselves after your long journey. Atherus and I will accompany you and ensure you see all you wish and go where you will. Please collect your personal items before you leave, the Tethys may be called into action and we do not wish for you to lose anything, should the vessel be damaged." The surfacers wasted no time, many hurrying to their cabins while others collected the luggage that had never left their side. Dol-Druth snorted, heaving his enormous, corpse-white bulk to his feet, his eyes flashing faintly blue as he called on some of the shared brainpower of his people to complete the process. He had carried nothing with him but a small all-metal suitcase. "A hospitable people, Lord Steam," he remarked, turning his cold black eyes and twitching his antennae in the direction of the oncoming Atlanteans "we suspect they will want a great deal in return. Your thoughts?"
  2. OOC for this thread. Suspense and suspicion at the first open court of Atlantis!
  3. Sstetsson Temporary Camp, Tethron V Tethron System, Sharahazad Sector Tethron V was the biggest colonized planet in its system, and while not their homeworld, the local Geq’s most important planet. A bustling hub of activity, many cities were spread out around the entire planet. And even if some of them were true metropolises, there still was a lot of nature. Thethron V was a nice planet by most standards. Lush, plants and animals wherever one looked. Waterfalls and lagoons, mountain ranges either covered in all sorts of trees, or piercing above the clouds. The further the distance from the centers of population, the more one saw. And yet, when approaching Sstetsson Camp, it was a dark contrast to the beauty of the planet itself. Spaceships of all sizes, from fighters to large cargo ships, all inside the valley. The smaller ones on the outside, to form a perimeter, the larger ones inside, where they served as shelter. Some had set up tents, each of them full of people. Sstetsson Camp had been created shortly after the first news of refugees arriving in Sharahazad Sector had arrived in Tethron. A large group of Asshui settled down on the planet, as a temporary measure. It had only been a few ships at the beginning. But more arrived, and it seemed like it wouldn’t stop. That had been only a few days ago. And already, the conditions inside the camp were dire. The surrounding cities were not equipped to handle the amount of people, and even if the Asshui did their best to help, it was clear that something had to be done. To that end, various diplomatic representatives from all across the galaxy had been invited by Sstetsson, the leader of the original group, and current head of the camp. Amongst the invited were Councillor Ditra Fifty-Five, sent as the first Nameless to ever make contact with the new species, and as one of the Council’s many representatives. Dol-Druth had also been sent. Sharahazad Sector had never been an object of interest before, and with it suddenly becoming the focal point of large parts of the galaxy, it was more important than ever to have somebody right at the scene. And somebody to gather as much information as possible. The Praetorians had also received the news, and had followed it with much attention. While some were currently busy at other ends of the galaxy, the impeding Sharahazad Crisis, as it had been dubbed, became a big priority. As the person with the most proficiency, Sitara had been sent to attend the diplomatic meeting, mainly to observe.
  4. GM "Excuse me, Mister... I apologize, I am not sure what pronoun or honorific to use with you...?" The woman let the words dangle in air. Strong. Tall. Confident. And suddenly just there, where no one had been in the waiting area. She was what someone who imagine as a member of AEGIS. "I am Ms. Nameth, I'll be serving as liaison, I apologize for the suddenness that this happening. There were some natural concerns, though I believe we found an... individual who fits your needs." There was not a hint being betrayed by the brown haired woman in the navy pantsuit. "Please follow me, we decided it was best that this be conducted in a secure room." Not that they had to go far, just a few feet to a nondescript door, which she opened, and gestured inward, to brightly lit room that looked like an interrogation room, with the flat broad table and two seats across each other. "Can we get you anything to eat or drink?"
  5. GM Wednesday The 20th of April, 2016 3:34 PM Southern Parkside It’s an average day, the sky is nice but a few clouds are starting to show themselves, life in Freedom City is progressing as usual. Then, a message far too familiar to those living here flares up on the TV Screens all across the city: “We interrupt this broadcast for urgent information” Just a few seconds later, a middle aged woman, holding a microphone shows up on the screen. She is clearly standing on a roof, a few others can be seen behind her. “This is Joanna Olubunmi, reporting live for Channel 5 and all others tuning in. Please avoid the area around Love Street, Parkside at any cost. If anyhow possible, this extends to all of Southern Parkside as well as bordering areas. It appears there are Dinosaurs rampaging through the street. Skeletal ones. The police have secured the perimeter, and it appears the street has been for the most part evacuated. Various heroes have also been stopped at the scene, and have already engaged the hordes of dinosaurs. “ In the meantime, a pillar of dark smoke rises behind the reporter, then quickly dissipates. Throughout the announcement some unnatural screeching, like the grinding of hard materials, can also be heard. Once Ms. Olubunmi has finished talking, the camera cuts to the view of the street. Cars are overturned, newspaper boxes and fire hydrants broken. Most windows of the street-level stores located here have been smashed in, and there even are cracks in the concrete in some places. Obviously striking out most are the skeletons running around the area, attacking objects seemingly at random. There are about two dozen skeletons resembling Velociraptors, slightly smaller than average humans. They are all grouped up in packs of 5, each pack featuring one bigger, bulkier raptor, quite clearly a leader of some sort. There are also lots of bones, quite clearly belonging to other Raptors, scattered around the area, having been taken out by the heroes on scene beforehand. Standing taller than the raptors are three bulky skeletons, standing slightly higher than a human, and about 10 ft. in length. Standing on all four, they have a thick layer of bone on their back, and a tail that a looks more like a boulder than a bone – Ankylosaurs, as anybody that liked dinosaurs in their childhood could easily tell. They were ramming into cars and striking the concrete with their bulky tails, one of them had even started smashing into a wall, leaving some cracks in there.
  6. August 6th, Saturday Evening Freedom City, the Boardwalk Opening Night! Sir August Card has great pleasure in announcing The High Steaks Reopening Night August 6th Entrance $500 All inclusive food and drink Complementary $50 Chips for Gambling All night Event Places Limited This is a Card Productions Ltd Event Please refer to rules and regulations etc with regards to High Steaks gambling and conduct Strictly Black Tie Only No Riff-Raff So said the "open" invitation flyer. Of course, not many could afford such a swish event. And besides, the flyers had a habit of being onlcy circulated amongst the rich and powerful of Freedom City. Or, ideally, the rich and powerful. The last words of the flyer were often alluded to with an unspoken emphasis. After all, places were limited, and choices would have to be made. The High Steaks had been closed for a few months, done up, and looked even more resplendent than ever. It had always had an excellent reputation, but now, it seemed, it was gunning for a world class one. Stretch Limos dropped off well dressed couples, or singles (and even a well known playboy with a dame on each arm). The building looked neither completely modern or completely antiquated. Built in the 70s, it kept the best of that era and had styles both before and after bolted on. Perhaps it shouldn't have worked, but the refurbishment had clearly involved some excellent architects, artists, and builders, and it most certainly looked the part, in and out...
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