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  1. March 2020 Alpine, Texas There's not much in the Big Bend region of Texas except space. The city of Alpine is relatively large; almost five thousand people, with a state university in Sul Ross, and the remotest AEGIS base in the Lower 48 States - tucked away inside an old gas station on the edge of town, the one most of the locals think might be haunted. There are a lot of old hippies in this area, people who liked the isolation better than the California or Nevada deserts, or just wanted to be able to disappear into the mountains, so when news came of robot rept
  2. Let's have checks! Eira is going to take 20 on her Computers - even with her Quickness, gonna be a while. Life Sciences for you, @Electra, and detective stuff for you, @HGM
  3. Week 1 (June 1-June 7) . The Iceberg, Freedom City In AEGIS circles Wednesday gave everyone a case of the Mondays. Those assigned to AEGIS posts had to attend 15 minute stand up meetings with their teams. But Wednesdays the meetings were an hour and a half conferences. Sometimes you could be assigned to a separate department's conference. Which is where Yves Zermeño found herself this very Wednesday. Having the unfortunate draw of being assigned to a private conference with Stewart “Rock Star” Bonham. It wasn't that Yves hated Bonham. Quite the opposite. B
  4. Club Ice The Fens, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday, November 9th, 201812:05 AM The street the club was on was much better lit than most of the Fens, although not quite as brightly as the streets toward the heart of the Theater District. Open three nights out of the week Club Night shone with an effulgent blue glow tonight as it hosted its latest musical act, Monster Blast. The nightclub was in an old three-story building, refurbished to look newer and trendier. It was hard to tell how much of the upper floors were for the club, or for offices and storage not only from the outsid
  5. June 2017 White Sands Missile Range New Mexico "Mayday, mayday!" came the alert as the plane descended towards the base runway, the beings surrounding it jetting back and forth like mites attacking a bird. But these mites had teeth - and super-strength. "This is Air Force One with a Code Uniform Mayday, repeat, a Code Uniform Mayday! We are in distress and about to make an emergency landing at White Sands Missile Range!" General George Bradley, the overall commander at White Sands, was a scientist more than a warrior - but he knew a Code U Mayday well enough. H
  6. Wednesday April 27, 2016 Washington, DC AEGIS Headquarters The AEGIS headquarters in Washington, DC is not where most of the field agents are posted - the single largest AEGIS facility is located in Freedom City. This building, one of dozens of other square glass boxtowers built along the Anacostia River, is a place of bureaucrats; payroll clerks and human resources types, archivists and pension planners, the thousands of other workers whose unglamorous jobs keep the glamorous agents of AEGIS fed, happy, and well-paid. The MAX Armor agents kept on staff here are t
  7. Monday, July 11th 2016 AEGIS Headquarters, City Center, Freedom City 8:21 AM A Monday morning. Nobody likes Monday mornings. Not even the men and women at AEGIS. No matter how much they liked their job, they also liked sleeping, and Monday mornings generally didn’t allow for the latter, even more so when employed by the American Elite Government Intervention Service. At least, that was usually the case. It did not always apply, especially for the people working in the less public Headquarters, down below Federal Building. Here, many people were working tirel
  8. En Route to Star Island Lonely Point, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday March 4th, 2015 The Star Island Space Control Center was known for its cooperation with the Freedom League and the Lonely Island Naval Base. What was less spoken of was the close relationship between AEGIS and the facility. The frequent number of alien attacks prompted Director Powers into commissioning a black project with the assistance of the SCC some weeks ago. Since then three AEGIS/SCC scientist have gone missing during the course of the project. Stewart Bonham has personally seen fit to exp
  9. September 5, 2015 Fort Meade, Maryland Supervillains were attacking Fort Meade. Well, not supervillains exactly. It had started out as a typical enough Saturday for the large military base close to Washington, DC; crowds of tourists at the National Cryptologic Museum and the Fort George Meade Museum, the Washington crowd taking advantage of Labor Day Weekend for one last hurrah. What followed next made its way onto the Internet quickly in one of those videos that goes viral the moment it hits Youtube. First, the golden gate had opened just across the street from the museum and a small group of
  10. Gina's Gather Info (repped through Computers) is sufficient to tell whatever the players are comfortable with you knowing about their characters. (maxing out the relevant rep tables) So she knows Vigilant is a patriotic hero whose daughter is a Claremont student named Miracle Girl, she knows Argonaut's story pretty well already, and everything that's public about Cannonade. So far the group at the museum in Fort Meade hasn't made any demands of the base commander or the US government, despite being within just a few blocks of CIA Headquarters. They have made some very public demonstrations o
  11. September 2015 Gruen Tanzer Contacting the two other Terminus survivors living on Earth-Prime had been no easy task - particularly Blue Jay, who unlike Argonaut had never actually exchanged contact information with Harrier except in those days after their abduction by the Curator. But he'd gotten the job done, with a little help from Miss Americana's connections. He hadn't directly discussed with Gina what the meeting was about, but he was supremely confident his genius lover had figured it out. She was very smart, after all - and she'd heard the same things from Sharl Tulink that he had. So
  12. Argonaut Power Level: 10/14 (206/211) Trade-Offs: +3 Attack/-3 Damage (Power Pike), -2 Defense /+2 Toughness Unspent PP: 5 In Brief: Omegadrone Agent of A.E.G.I.S! Alternate Identity: Yves Zermeño, Yvejskrujanharbh'aar Identity: Secret Birthplace: Lor-Zul Occupation: AEGIS Field Agent Affiliations: AEGIS Family: Carlos Zermeño (Husband), Luz Zermeño (Eldest Daughter), Anna Zermeño (Middle Daughter), Sophia Zermeño (Youngest Daughter) Description: Age: 50 (DoB: Born March, 16 1968) Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Lor Height: 5'2 Weight: 210 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Br
  13. August 1, 2015 Shreveport, LA Argonaut and Pulsar got the message a couple of days ago - inviting them to meet Detective Samuel Winters at a murder scene in Shreveport, Louisiana. The murder took place in Apartment #404 in the Venture Arms, an impoverished part of a city that's not very wealthy at all. The Venture is located close enough to Barksdale Air Force Base that the airmen come here to buy cheap liquor and maybe gamble away from the watchful eyes of MPS - but it's not really important enough for the city to devote a lot of attention to. The Venture, a squat, four-story building is ju
  14. OOC for this thread. Feel Free to work up whatever opening you want to/reasons for being at the Cultural Arts festival. Note: The AEGIS video footage is indeed tampered with. SHADOW's attempting to make Blue Stinger look dangerous so that if gets captured they can kidnap him with ease. Not that Seahawk or Blue Stinger are aware of the AEGIS footage, unless you wish to write them having their own copies of similar footage. Which I'm game for.
  15. Footage played on a projector showing the destructive wreckage of a buglike battlesuit destroying some sort of facility There was fire, bloodshed, and above all corpses. The bugman left swathes of bodies in his wake. Blood dripping down his armor. He looked up at the camera before the feed cut off. Yves Zermeño, Alyssa Wild, Sven Johnson, and Carlos Zermeño were all sitting inside of a meeting room. Called together as part of an impromptu task force under Agent Lazeny. "Who is this?" Wild asked. "A new player is in town. We don't have any real data on him. The higher ups have been ref
  16. Outer edge of the Sol System The Communion's attack on Earth had been repulsed by many of the planet’s heroes, working alongside several military and extra-governmental forces. For the moment, the planet was safe. But the Communion's world killer weapon was still positioned at the outer edge of the solar system, barely held in check by the Freedom League and their allies. With reports reaching back to the Freedom League and Earth's heroes from the Star Knights about a fleet of Communion ships headed towards the Sol System, possibly to try to assist in getting the world killer free, it wa
  17. GM AEGIS Stealth Fighter En Route to Hong Kong Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 6:05 PM On October 10th 2014 Agent Henry Hand, an ex-special forces officer turned AEGIS agent, betrayed the organization. Exposure to Daka crystals had turned hand into a madman. That was only the start of AEGIS' troubles. Hand's capture did nothing to prevent various exotic stolen artifacts that the man had acquired from entering the black market. It was the heroine Terrifica who made the first great strides in following chatter of some sort of secret underground auction occurring in Hong Kong.
  18. Player Name: HG Morrison Character Name: Argonaut Power Level: 10 (162/163) Trade-Offs: +1 Attack/-1 Damage (Blast), -2 Attack/+2 Damage (Strike), -2 Defense /+2 Toughness Unspent PP: 1 Progress to Gold Status: 26/90 (24PP pre-bump [PL8/144PP > PL10/158PP], 4PP post-bump; Silver Status earned with Foreshadow II) Bronze Reward: 10PP of Equipment for Foreshadow, 5PP gone into shared Vanguard HQSilver Reward: 3rd PC [Argonaut] at PL10/150PP In Brief: Omegadrone Agent of A.E.G.I.S! Alternate Identity: Yves Zermeño, Yvejskrujanharbh'aar Identity: Secret Birthplace: Lor-Zul Occupatio
  19. Argonaut Yves Zermeño is Freed Omegadrone and a current Agent of AEGIS. Operating under the heroic code name of Argonaut, Yves seeks to prevent tragedy from hitting her current home as occurred in her past. History In another world in which the mythical First Age never came to a close, the Lor Republic stretched to every corner of explored space. The military existed primarily for the purpose of exploration and further colonization of Lor Space. Quality of Life for citizens of the advanced civilization was such that only a sci fi novel could compare. Yvejskrujanharbh'aar was a freshly g
  20. OOC for >this thread.
  21. GM Leaf Fields Inc. Hanover, Freedom City New Jersey Monday, June 23, 2014 8:48 PM Leaf Fields Inc was far from an industry leader in any field. With the only real significant technological advancements they have made being found on television ads. The sheer number of products that LFI was able to engineer had at least made their profit margins very profitable. Then came their first real breakthrough. The Gravimatrix armor. A power armor that was designed to allow the wearer to manipulate gravitons to control the force of gravity within a limited radius around the suit.
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