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Found 13 results

  1. Wednesday April 27, 2016 Washington, DC AEGIS Headquarters The AEGIS headquarters in Washington, DC is not where most of the field agents are posted - the single largest AEGIS facility is located in Freedom City. This building, one of dozens of other square glass boxtowers built along the Anacostia River, is a place of bureaucrats; payroll clerks and human resources types, archivists and pension planners, the thousands of other workers whose unglamorous jobs keep the glamorous agents of AEGIS fed, happy, and well-paid. The MAX Armor agents kept on staff here are there mostly to deal with supervillains whose research for major super-battles consists of Googling "AEGIS Headquarters." With a heavy BOOM, the last of the MAX agents hit the parking lot asphalt, the sound of impact soon drowned out by the cataclysmic storm overhead. As millions of fist-sized hailstones rain down on AEGIS, tough windows cracking but not shattering, as lightning splits the sky overhead, a voice breaks the heavens, carried by the thunder itself. Although it seems to crack the air above AEGIS headquarters, it echoes across the city, reflected by nearly every surface in an intimidating feat of acoustics. "LADIES. GENTLEMEN. HERE WE ARE, AT THE HEART OF THE CANCER THAT CALLS ITSELF 'POLITICS.' FOR TOO LONG, YOU HAVE DEFIED THE WILL OF THE EARTH! YOU HAVE CRAFTED LAWS THAT ENABLE AND SHELTER THOSE WHO SPILL POISON UPON THE LAND AND THE SEA! YOU HAVE SHELTERED THOSE WHO IMPRISON AND TORTURE THEIR FELLOW CREATURES, DOING NOTHING AS THESE BUTCHERS CONDUCT A BLOOD-STAINED CAMPAIGN ENDING IN THE DEVOURING OF FLESH! YOU WASTE YOUR TIME WITH SENTIMENT AS PEOPLE ARE ENCOURAGED TO WASTE THE SEED AND THE EGG, DENYING THE CREATION OF NEW LIFE! THE STORM WILL COME TO SWEEP AWAY ALL YOU PERVERTS, POLLUTERS, AND OTHER FILTH - AND I AM THE STORM! WHEN THE HARD RAIN FALLS UPON YOU, YOU WILL KNOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE. REPENT YOUR SINS... OR BE WASHED AWAY."
  2. Okay, initiative time! That's a DC 20 Tou save for Titan, Avorez.
  3. February 2016 Late evening It was not too late for a pregnant woman to be outside with an ice monster. Or so Dimitri was sure. "<That's his apartment!>" Dimitri was declaring from inside the frosted-over windows of his Freedom League Ford Escort, pointing up at the third floor window of the small apartment block. "<He just walks around in there with Henry Griffin's face! It's awful! Goddamned Americans.>" He parked the car, carefully, mindful of America's bizarre mirror-image streets. "<I told him we're coming. I think you can get more out of him about his origins than I can - he's a trusting sort, but you know how I can be...>" - Klara had gotten the message by telephone, or rather on her cell's voice mail, - Dimitri Peshkov wanted to meet her in Kingston to discuss old times at a certain third floor apartment.
  4. En Route to Star Island Lonely Point, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday March 4th, 2015 The Star Island Space Control Center was known for its cooperation with the Freedom League and the Lonely Island Naval Base. What was less spoken of was the close relationship between AEGIS and the facility. The frequent number of alien attacks prompted Director Powers into commissioning a black project with the assistance of the SCC some weeks ago. Since then three AEGIS/SCC scientist have gone missing during the course of the project. Stewart Bonham has personally seen fit to explore these strange disappearances. Knowing full well the very public figure couldn't comb through the facility without alerting a possible perpetrator that AEGIS was on to any wrongdoing, he saw fit to ask Argonaut to accompany him posing as "personal security" for the Chief AEGIS Administrator of Freedom City. Titan was brought using the cover of being the US military liason to AEGIS just keeping an eye on Bonham as he took a civil tour of the facility. Stewart Bonham was dressed in his AEGIS blues. A half glass of wine cupped closely. The three were traveling on the director's personal yacht. An AEGIS agent at the helm of the wheel. Leaving the three undisturbed in the dining area below to talk business before docking on Star Island. "Your predecessor. Major Chulpak wouldn't have liked the subterfuge. She'd prefer for me to make this an officially sanctioned investigation. Pour on the heat. Director Powers hardly agreed with her on anything, but they respected one another. As the current US military liason to AEGIS here, how would you handle this situation?"
  5. GM AEGIS Stealth Fighter En Route to Hong Kong Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 6:05 PM On October 10th 2014 Agent Henry Hand, an ex-special forces officer turned AEGIS agent, betrayed the organization. Exposure to Daka crystals had turned hand into a madman. That was only the start of AEGIS' troubles. Hand's capture did nothing to prevent various exotic stolen artifacts that the man had acquired from entering the black market. It was the heroine Terrifica who made the first great strides in following chatter of some sort of secret underground auction occurring in Hong Kong. AEGIS efforts to collaborate with local law enforcements had been stymied behind walls of political red tape. Despite the high level of autonomy Hong Kong managed, the city state had to let the MSS (Ministry of State Security: China's premier intelligence and security agency) take point. The MSS agent in charge of the proceedings only relented in allowing AEGIS to conduct their operation in Chinese soil if AEGIS agreed to bring Terrifica in as an outside third party. Apparently impressed with her investigative efforts. So it was that AEGIS sent a stealth transport plane to Hong Kong in the hopes of recovering some of their stolen artifacts. The US Government also saw the need in keeping its ducks in line. Wasting absolutely no time in sending their special liaison to AEGIS on the flight. Special Agent Lazenby stood in the middle of the craft holding a small laser pointer as he readied himself to brief the small four man party on board, consisting of Terrifica, Captain Henry Thompson, Special Agent Yves Zermeño, and Agent Alyssa Wild (an Israeli woman who spent most of the flight cleaning the parts to a sniper rifle). "If there are no questions may I begin the briefing?" Agent Lazenby openly questioned.
  6. USS Theodore Roosevelt, Red Sea 0600 EET 6th April 2015 (0000 ET) Even though Henry was officially an AEGIS liaison the Army still occasionally sent him all over the world to help them deal with “problemâ€. Generally it was a couple of hour in a transport to support troops dealing with some mercenary Supervillain before the same boring journey back home. This time it was different Henry was whisked from the base in one of the armies Aurora hypersonic transports and whisked halfway across the world in just over an hour to land on the Roosevelt. Disembarking from the craft he was met straight away by a Middle Eastern looking woman in Marine fatigues. “Pleased to meet you Captain Thompson I’m Lieutenant Freedom Jones, USMC.†she gave a sharp salute them offered her hand “I’ll be your pilot and liaison for this mission, I’m afraid I’m going to have to brief you on the way.†She gesture to a waiting Osprey apparently prepped and already ready to take flight.
  7. April 1, 2015 3 AM Outside of Wittmund, Germany  Alone, Dimitri Peshkov stood in the shadow of history. The Allies of Freedom monument, erected in 1953, loomed behind him, commemorating the heroic sacrifice of Lady Celtic, Renard Rouge, and Spitfire Jones on one terrible night seventy years previously. It did not depict the last surviving member of that tragically crushed superhero team. In 1953, no one in West Germany had wanted to praise "The Ice Commissar" as he had once been known.    Comrade Frost lit a cigarette, its glow bright in the darkness against his pale skin and hood, and stared up at the monument, pacing back and forth beneath its shadow, heedless of the municipal airfield nearby. The airfield that had once been the airstrip that Wilhelm Kantor had escaped from - after his cold-blooded murder of the finest men and women Dimitri Peshkov had ever known.    Silently, he remembered the past - and opened a thermos of piping-hot vodka laced with human blood.    April 2, 1945  Outside Königsberg, East Prussia   "WHERE ARE THEY!?"    Comrade Frost grabbed the big SS officer by the throat and began to squeeze, feeling blood and flesh begin to freeze to ice beneath his cold grasp, mist billowing from his eyes and mouth as his eyes burned red and his fangs bulged horribly.   "WHERE ARE KANTOR AND NACHT-KREIGER!" He released his grasp and let the man babble, pleas for mercy, apologies, telling the angry ice controller he had no idea where Kantor had gone, he was just a low-level Thule Society member, he really knew.    Frost grabbed the man's head and squeezed until his pleas stopped, then turned to his Red Army escorts, who were looking with a mixture of fear and awe at the Soviet champion. "The rest are as useless. None of them know where Kantor has gone." He pointed to the white-faced SS prisoners and then said, "Sh...no, even better. Strip them of their weapons and give them to those Jews they had made their test subjects. See what _they_ make of them."    - April 1, 2015  3 AM  Outside Wittmund, Germany    The orders had come in from the usual sources, for all that the orders themselves were unusual. Titan had been dispatched to guard the Allies of Freedom monument in Wittmund, Germany on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of their deaths. There were evidently concerns about vandalism, concerns that seemed justified as he approached the monument by night (as per his orders) and found a man shouting at it in Russian, waving around a cigarette in one hand and what looked like a hip flask in the other. But why had he been pulled out of the United States to come here, halfway around the world, even to guard an important historical treasure.    "<You would have given them a soldier's death, yes? Told me that we were defined by how we treated our enemies and that barbarism was no solution to barbarism.>" He waved in the general direction of the statue of Renard Rouge, his movements violent and his voice full of grief. "<But you were a hero, Amelie, a hero to the end. And I am, and ever shall be...FROST!>" Frost stomped his foot. "<A creature with a heart so cold!>"    Titan knew this man. Comrade Frost; a Soviet hero and a brave man, a self-described 'ice monster' who had gone from an enemy agent to a loyal, trustworthy ally who was like his "least favorite brother."    But he also knew he had never seen him before in his life.   
  8. OOC for >this thread.
  9. North Bay, Freedom City Saturday August 4, 2014; 3:51 PM "This is Nancy Norrington for Channel 3, WNTW, reporting from the North Bay Yacht Club where in a short while, the Fourth Annual Inspiration Celebration will be kicking off. Started four years ago by Topple Enterprises CEO Andrew Topple, the Inspiration Celebration recognizes several individuals who have made inspiring contributions in a wide variety of fields, from literature to the sciences to even just everyday heroics." "This year's event is being held on Topple's one hundred and forty foot luxury yacht, the Reble, which you can see behind me. It is being co-sponsored by multi-billionaire businessman and philanthropist Amir al-Misri and Knute Smith, the CEO of Forge Motors. Some of the recipients of awards this year include author Robert Cross, for his book 'Beyond Human;' Doctor Tyrone Mendoza, for his work in the Mendoza Free Clinic in the Fens; musician Warren Wilder, also known as the superhero Riff, for his recent album; and Sophia Nelson, the homeless teenager who saved a family of six from a house fire back in late June, despite suffering injuries in the process. Another recipient will be a hero who recently made his appearance in Freedom City, Titan." "And here we go, the first limousine is pulling up now, so we shall soon see who is arriving first...."
  10. Thevshi

    Quicksand OOC

    Okay, we have our thread here. So, as is suggested, all the award recipients (Graft (in civilian ID); Riftfand Titan (in hero ID) have been offered limo transportation to the event. I assume Asad will arrive in his own ride. Also, for those that wish, some Kn: Business or Current Events or Gather Information rolls are likely appropriate, to determine what each of you might know/have uncovered regarding the event, the sponsors, etc. TA, I will be shooting you a PM, as Asad is in a unique position to know a fair bit about the other sponsors, and could know even more with a good roll!
  11. July 27, 2014  HIT Baseball Field     You might think that a bunch of nerds wouldn't be very good at playing softball - but Hanover Institute of Technology attracts all kinds of students!   This is a special game between HIT's mighty hurlers, the Lady Myrmidons, and their arch-rivals West River Technical College, home of the Fighting Fisherwomen. All proceeds for the game will go to build a Korean War monument halfway between Toms River and Freedom City, a long-neglected memorial to New Jersey's soldiers who fought in the 'forgotten war' from 1950 to 1953. With the game being played on the 61st anniversary of the armistice that marked the end of the Korean War, the bleachers and grassy stretches by the field are packed with veterans, their families, and active-duty personnel from Lonely Point and other nearby facilities.   It's a hot day but the soda is cold and the peanuts are salty, and as the game reaches the end of the ninth inning, it's clear it's going to be a nail-biter: the Myrmidons are at-bat and down by one with two outs, but there are players on the base and Yoder, the stalwart West River hurler who has pitched a nearly perfect game, is starting to flag. Can she hold off a hit as de la Cruz, the towering young woman from the West End with the mighty arm, begins to take the field? Her screaming fans from West River hope so but the hometown crowd, whipped up to a fever pitch by the Lady Myrmidons and their pep squad, have the hometown crowd on their feet and cheering on their champion. This is going to be a real fight.