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Found 15 results

  1. Blarghy

    Psichology [IC]

    GM Content Note: Disturbing Content, maybe a little Gore "Then we have an accord." The voice was deep and smooth, but its words dropped like stones into a grave. He took his bargains seriously; even a verbal agreement strummed with power, especially in this place-between-places. His new partner, however temporary, swallowed hard. Baku the dream demon was ancient by human standards; he fed in infancy on the nightmares of early Japanese hunter-gatherers, more than ten thousand years ago. His travels across the world spawned numerous myths, and with those myths he himself changed. Few had seen more of this planet's history--open and secret, the history of shadows and unseen things, hidden behind walls that were themselves beyond most mortals' comprehension--than he, but one such person stood before him now. The deal he made tonight linked him to someone whose age dwarfed his own by orders of magnitude--who, too, walked freely through the borderlands and laughed at barriers meant to hold back flesh and blood. Baku knew he wasn't the first spirit to make a deal of this sort, although he couldn't understand this person's interest here. What does it matter? What does it matter, so long as he gives me what I need? Looming over the tiny demon, the sorcerer held out a swirling globe of pure magic--a thing of beautiful light that defied color schemes, its shining particles moving in directions that corresponded to no physical space. A living spell, ready to take effect even without its master present...for the right price. And that price, Baku paid. He told his partner of the things he had seen, spying invisible and intangible on his enemy and those associated with him. He dared not come close to Presto the Preposterous in the waking world, not after their last meeting. He certainly would not risk approaching the terrible creature that had taken Presto under her dark and bloodstained wing. Only from a distance had he watched, and through the bland, dull nightmares of average mortals. Their memories often came secondhand, mere rumors, but some rumors spoke loudly. Beware the Grimalkin! When they were done, when Baku had been wrung dry of everything he knew or suspected, his tall companion at last presented him with the spell. Baku took it in his little claws and chortled. Vengeance would be his! He stepped sideways through the walls of reality and went to find a dream.
  2. The air was cold enough that James’ breath escaped his lungs in billowing white clouds of a much cleaner sort than was usual. He wasn’t smoking at the moment, having tossed his previous cigarette to hiss and sizzle on the cold asphalt at the side of the road. He’d put it out of its misery with the toe of his shoe, grinding it to an even greater degree of lifelessness before he’d taken the short walk up the path to the porch. Strands of multicolored lights dangled merrily from the gutters and spiraled down the columns in tight loops. A wreath hung from the door; cut from real pine, it still maintained some of its characteristic scent. Reduced by age, it was nevertheless a refreshing change from cigarette smoke and leather-scented aftershave. From behind the door, Warne could hear music playing – the drums pounded softly within the house, the crashing cymbals clanged. It took him a moment, but James realized he was listening to a butchered rendition of “I’ll be Home for Christmas.” The telekinetic shook his head; it was just so thoroughly Stone he had trouble justifying his surprise. What else would the AMP’s pilot be listening to on Christmas Eve but heavy metal? A wind blew by, chilling Warne enough that he considered activating his force-field. Instead, he simply pulled his jacket tighter around his body. Lonely Point was true to its name, being a largely desolate peninsula unburdened by things like enough trees to dull the knife’s edge of winter cold. Home to the Lonely Point Naval Station, it also housed the maintenance bay of the Armored Mobility Platform, the incalculably expensive and oft-malfunctioning vehicle piloted by his AEGIS-assigned partner, Ethan Stone. Stone was employed at the Naval Station as a ‘consultant,’ on the AMP project, a convenient cover that was lent credibility by his former Air Force service and time spent as a MAX-armor pilot for the clandestine organization. Unbeknownst to his wife, Ethan flew the AMP and served his country as Upgrade, a bipedal jet-tank designed to showcase the United State’s expanding arsenal of experimental weapons technology. It was a career that his wife wouldn’t have approved of, if she knew.
  3. This is the Out of Character thread for A Heavy Metal Christmas, which can be found here.
  4. This is the OOC thread for Viva Val Verde.
  5. @Heritage It hadn't taken much convincing. All Samuel Steiner had to say to get their attention was "Val Verde," and all he had to say to get their agreement was "Vacation." Three words were all it took to get Lynn Epstein and Gretchen McDaniels to board a plane to the secretive little island a few hour's flight off their nation's southwestern coast. That, and a few days of planning. A employer can't just disappear along with two of her employees in tow and expect everything to keep running like Swiss clockwork in her absence. Schedules needed rewriting, tasks needed assigning, and subtle, only half-joking threats of terrible retaliation for failure needed making before they could leave. All things considered, it was a painless procedure. It could have been even more-so, with the power available to the three. A few spells and they could have stepped from their homes to the island in an instant, without the need for planes, trains, or automobiles. But part of the joy of vacation is the trip, and so they took a passenger jet to the American southwest, arranged a taxi to a small, private airfield, and boarded another plane -- small, but richly furnished -- to the island. The process had been described in great detail by Steiner's letter, now slightly crumpled but none the worse for wear. Written by their would-be host, a man named Gallo, the letter had given the two women only the smallest taste of his personality, the tiniest glimpse of what he'd be like. Sam had tried to fill them in on the rest but some men, like Gallo, defied simple explanation. "He just is," the magician explained. "He's larger than life. Big eater, big drinker, big talker. He and I go way back; I think you'll like him. He was a good friend to me... kind of like how you guys are, now. He took me in when I needed taking in and helped get me back on my feet when I was laying low." Eventually, the flight neared its end, and it wasn't long after that when the three could look out the windows and see it: Val Verde, set like a gleaming emerald on a sea of blue velvet. "My God," said Sam. "It's just as beautiful now as it ever was. I'd almost forgotten." @Blarghy James Warne dusted his hands and reached one of them into his jacket, intent on removing the battered carton of cigarettes nestled into a pocket therein. He was surrounded by the prone bodies of groaning men, their firearms thrown haphazardly around the room by a telekinetic storm of disarmament, with their persons having followed shortly thereafter. He flicked the lighter with a practiced thumb, lit the smoke, and inhaled. Other men might have allowed themselves a smile, if only a bitter one, at the idea of a job well done. Not Adept, not here. Duty called, he answered, and that was all. The cigarette, the smoke in his mouth, the fire in his lungs; that was his smile, his concession to the world. His phone buzzed, once, an indication of incoming text. He reached for it, touched the screen, and brought up the client. TSA pegged your old friend [STEINER, SAMUEL] leaving the country w/ 2 women, it said. [EPSTEIN, LYNN] & [McDANIELS, GRETCHEN]. They're headed for Val Verde. Pack for sunny weather and report for briefing. Sorry. It was signed, at the bottom, by 'B,' which meant it couldn't be ignored. Warne grunted, replaced his phone, and strode towards the exit. He passed police and paramedics on the way, who hustled towards the battered men behind him. When he was out of sight, he took to the skies like a bird of prey and flew back to the city. It was going to be a long day.
  6. Monday, June 13th, 2016 AEGIS Headquarters, City Center, Freedom City 8:21 AM A Monday morning. Nobody likes Monday mornings. Not even the men and women at AEGIS. No matter how much they liked their job, they also liked sleeping, and Monday mornings generally didn’t allow for the latter, even more so when employed by the American Elite Government Intervention Service. Among the many employees currently working, both in the Federal Building, and the actual headquarters below, were Agents Ethan Stone and James Warne, codenames Upgrade and Adept. After a run-in with an upstart hero a month ago, the two of them had been working to get the permission for a formal AEGIS Investigation. Not an easy task by any means. The company was spending a lot of money on their legal team, doing the best to make sure AEGIS would not come after them. Amongst them, Jonah Cullstone. Harvard Law. He had been making sure that any progress was denied, every little vulnerability covered. And not only was there opposition from outside. Many people inside AEGIS also believed that it was best to allow Neutron Industries to continue what they had been doing, they were important to the government. World needs power, and so long as they weren’t doing anything illegal that could be proven, there was no reason to interrupt. Not that that had stopped the two agents. They continued doing whatever they could to gain permission. And they were not alone, a variety of people all across AEGIS gave them their support. When James Warne entered his office that Monday, he was greeted by a familiar face. Vincent Clarkson. Clarkson had been assigned to the last assignment dealing with Bonfire and Neutron Industries, and had helped the agents with their efforts to get permission. His face showed exhaustion, and a smell of coffee accompanied him. In his hand, a file, only a few pages of paper inside. “We’ve got the Go-Ahead.“
  7. OOC for this thread. Note that this should be pretty freeform, without any rolls that I anticipate, so this is mostly a place for questions and clarification. In that vein, please make your opening post a description of whatever dream you wish for Presto to have, when Baku rudely invades it.
  8. OOC for this Currently, Clarkson's in Warne's office together with him. Upgrade has already been informed and can arrive whenever it feels appropriate!
  9. Wednesday April 27, 2016 Washington, DC AEGIS Headquarters The AEGIS headquarters in Washington, DC is not where most of the field agents are posted - the single largest AEGIS facility is located in Freedom City. This building, one of dozens of other square glass boxtowers built along the Anacostia River, is a place of bureaucrats; payroll clerks and human resources types, archivists and pension planners, the thousands of other workers whose unglamorous jobs keep the glamorous agents of AEGIS fed, happy, and well-paid. The MAX Armor agents kept on staff here are there mostly to deal with supervillains whose research for major super-battles consists of Googling "AEGIS Headquarters." With a heavy BOOM, the last of the MAX agents hit the parking lot asphalt, the sound of impact soon drowned out by the cataclysmic storm overhead. As millions of fist-sized hailstones rain down on AEGIS, tough windows cracking but not shattering, as lightning splits the sky overhead, a voice breaks the heavens, carried by the thunder itself. Although it seems to crack the air above AEGIS headquarters, it echoes across the city, reflected by nearly every surface in an intimidating feat of acoustics. "LADIES. GENTLEMEN. HERE WE ARE, AT THE HEART OF THE CANCER THAT CALLS ITSELF 'POLITICS.' FOR TOO LONG, YOU HAVE DEFIED THE WILL OF THE EARTH! YOU HAVE CRAFTED LAWS THAT ENABLE AND SHELTER THOSE WHO SPILL POISON UPON THE LAND AND THE SEA! YOU HAVE SHELTERED THOSE WHO IMPRISON AND TORTURE THEIR FELLOW CREATURES, DOING NOTHING AS THESE BUTCHERS CONDUCT A BLOOD-STAINED CAMPAIGN ENDING IN THE DEVOURING OF FLESH! YOU WASTE YOUR TIME WITH SENTIMENT AS PEOPLE ARE ENCOURAGED TO WASTE THE SEED AND THE EGG, DENYING THE CREATION OF NEW LIFE! THE STORM WILL COME TO SWEEP AWAY ALL YOU PERVERTS, POLLUTERS, AND OTHER FILTH - AND I AM THE STORM! WHEN THE HARD RAIN FALLS UPON YOU, YOU WILL KNOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE. REPENT YOUR SINS... OR BE WASHED AWAY."
  10. GM October 20th, 2016, 9:30 A.M. Deputy Director Theresa Becker leaned over her desk to slide a pair of files to the men across from her. Although a short figure, beginning to gain weight thanks to her current desk job in AEGIS’ Directorate division, she was once a field agent who helped defend against the last Terminus invasion. Burn scars adorned her knuckles instead of rings, and her face showed the subtle signs of reconstructive surgery. She was a blunt, no-nonsense woman with a reputation for fairness but, if truly necessary, choosing success of the mission over the agents who carried it out. Rumor had it that she once made a young rookie cry with just a stern glare. More than rumors said at least two at-large supervillains wanted her dead very, very badly. James Warne quite liked her, to the extent that he liked anyone. “I’m sending you both to West Virginia,” Becker explained with a gesture to the files. “There is an abandoned munitions factory in the town of Wallders, near Bluefield. When the factory died, it essentially took the town with it, but the few stragglers have reported suspicious activity. Noises, strange lights, and so on. We checked the power grid, and someone seems to be leeching electricity back into the facility at a high rate, probably to supply whatever machinery still remains. This has ‘supervillain’ written all over it. Someone has very likely made this place their new lair, and we want to dig them out before they can cause any trouble.” She jutted her chin toward Ethan Stone. “Chain of command wants to send you in just as much for publicity as anything. Show the country that AEGIS still cares, even about little backwater spots like Wallders. Don’t be too flashy; we don’t want it to look crass. You’re going in as a defender of the American people, not a campaigning politician.” When Becker’s eyes turned to Warne, she looked almost a touch suspicious. “…I’m not entirely sure why you’re assigned to this too; you’re not exactly good advertising, most of the time. Still…I do prefer to use teams for these kinds of missions, just in case, and you two worked well together with the Bonfire matter. Just try not to terrify any civilians. If your name shows up in the papers as anything other than a glowing commendation of the agency, I’ll have you working credit fraud for the rest of the year. “And that’s basically it. Questions?”
  11. GM March 14th, 2016, 7:48 A.M. As dawn just started to creep through Freedom City, fresh off daylight saving, a series of impatient knocks hammered against Samuel Steiner's apartment door. All was not right in his corner of the world (though it rarely was), whether or not the magician knew it. Cackling madness linking arms with easy power. Strong souls brought low by a king with a strange crown. Scraping nails against transparent walls--and worse prisons with no locks or doors, all the stronger for it. Mice wearing rigid smiles as they marched into the cat's jaws. And now, to be thrust into the center of it all, a former convict destined--doomed?--to uphold the law. The sweet can be sour, and the sour salvation Strongest steel will fail, but the weakest chains may set you free.
  12. OOC for this. Rolls and such go here. So, my first game. If more experienced GMs happen to follow along and have advice to offer, I'm open to it (probably through PM, though). I plan on posting my notes at the conclusion, for critique and to let Sophistemon get a look behind the scenes.
  13. GM 2nd of May, 2016 Early Morning AEGIS Headquarters, Freedom City The Plagues of Egypt, the Makot Mitzrayim were over. Various heroes, all around the world had dealt with them. The public had been affected. The media were full of reports about the plagues, details, reports, conspiracy theories. And so was the public’s attention, still entirely focused on the destruction and mystery surrounding them. In all this talk of biblical horrors, many had forgotten an event that made the headlines just days before the first plague. The assault on Neutron Industries, with the following destruction of not only their primary reactor, but also the temporary shutdown of most nuclear reactors along the east coast. The attack had been spear-headed by a small-time newcomer to the super-scene, a pyrokinetic calling himself Bonfire. Large parts of the public immediately reacted, calling him a terrorist and calling for his arrest. Meanwhile, others, among them a few people with positions of power, called him a hero for fighting corruption and the pollution of nature. AEGIS sub-commander Vincent Clarkson didn’t care either way. Bonfire had done enough good to build up a bit of protection, and truth be told, Clarkson had never been a fan of the nuclear industry. He had, probably deliberately, been left very vague assignments. It fell on him to assemble a team to go out and tell this hero-gone-rogue that he was going down a bad path, to convince him not to continue with actions like these, one way or another. Not arrest him, no. That would just cause the entire discussion, which had fortunately been interrupted by something much more threatening, to continue. It was best if all of this would just be forgotten, less political efforts from either side, less heroes thinking they can act like him too. This was about a show of force. Show him what AEGIS was capable of. Show him what would happen if he decided to go completely rogue. The agents were not permitted to use any kind of violence outside of facing aggression, but the threat of it was something that remained open for them to use. And so, the briefing had concluded. Ethan “Upgrade” Stone and James “Adept” Warner were to be accompanied by a local team of AEGIS field agents, and do what had been specified. They could call upon a, for AEGIS purposes, medium amount of supplies and backup, and had all been handed a file on Bonfire, specifying both known powers (very easy to find thanks to him having a blog), areas he frequented (more difficult to find since he wasn’t really tied down to any place), as well as heroic contacts (very few), and more miscellaneous information. “Well then, Gentlemen. Any remaining questions?”
  14. Adept Power Level: 10/13 (179/202PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 23 In Brief: Telekinetic Man in Black Residence: Series of military bases or government-mandated hotel rooms Base of Operations: The Federal Building, AEGIS headquarters Catchphrase: Anything punctuated by a cloud of cigarette smoke Alternate Identity: James Warne (pre-adoption: Kevin Roeser) Identity: Public Birthplace: Washington, D.C. Occupation: AEGIS agent Affiliations: AEGIS, United States Army, FBI Family: Parker Psion Jr. (Father, deceased), Laurel Roeser (Mother, deceased), Gwen and Carrie Psion (Sisters, unknown to both Adept and the Psion family) Description: Age: 36 (DoB: September 29, 1979 Apparent Age: 40s (Bad skin due to smoking) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 188 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Salt-and-pepper black Agent Warne (codename: Adept) isn’t a sight most people want to see, this black-suit government agent with rough skin, opaque sunglasses, stern frown, and often a cloud of smoke clinging to him like an aura. He’s just past the halfway mark of his thirties, yet stress is already bringing out the gray in his hair, and his complexion and teeth show the marks of nearly two decades of smoking. His guttural voice rarely has anything pleasant to say (although occasionally he spouts dark, deadpan humor). Dark circles typically line his eyes from nights of more alcohol than sleep. In those eyes is the thousand-yard-stare of a man who has seen some s---. Less-than-attractive though he may be, Adept has an athletic, muscular build, and moves with grace and confidence. He does not, keen observers should note, carry a gun, a strange occurrence in his profession. Then again, he doesn’t need to. Power Descriptions: Adept’s signature trick happens silently and unseen; enemies or objects just move seemingly of their own accord, or lift into the air as if by magic. Unless he wants to scare someone, Adept usually doesn’t call attention to his ability. He doesn’t need to wave his hands or any other such activation methods, so he can easily sit at a distance and perform his manipulations without implicating himself to non-psychics. His protective field, on the other hand, bends the air around him like a heat wave as he “pushes” in all directions with short-range yet firm and continuous force. By similar technique, Adept can even pick himself up and fly, albeit at slow speeds. History: This story begins in the middle of someone else’s, and near the end of yet a third. In the late seventies, Parker Psion Jr. came to Washington, D.C. on a family errand. By his father’s orders, he met with multiple unidentified politicians to blackmail them with information gathered by the Psions. These favors may’ve had far-reaching consequences, but few people can say, as the congressional representatives (predictably) declined to bring the matter to federal attention. And yet, Parker’s visit did not go unnoticed. AEGIS was still gathering its momentum, and had more pressing issues toward which to direct its early super-powered agents, but they already cast suspicious glances toward the Psion family. Parker was under cautious surveillance throughout most of his time in D.C., although the agents had strict orders to not risk engagement without violence on his part. So they watched, first as he ran his errands, then as he celebrated, savoring his rare independence with a little bar-hopping, which ended in the home of Laurel Roeser, twenty-two-year-old clerical assistant. AEGIS investigated her after Parker left the city, wondering if perhaps Laurel was connected to the Psions, an informant or follower, but their meeting was eventually noted as random. Her pregnancy, they watched with greater interest. The original plan was to entice and monitor this illegitimate Psion by offering Laurel discrete employment (as an unwed mother at such a time, she found her other prospects depressingly limited), nudge her son toward schools of their choice, and eventually groom him for a military career. Instead, fate simplified matters with a fatal mugging just two years after Kevin Roeser was born. Army First Lieutenants Miranda and Ronnie Warne quickly adopted him, paperwork shoved through the system so fast that now-named-James barely saw an orphanage, and thus began a lifetime of Army bases and endless psychic testing. He knew early on that something was amiss, even with only other military children to compare his life to. His parents were attentive yet distant and professional. And the tests—as soon as James displayed telekinesis, all other aspects of his life became secondary. He continued to receive a standard education, plus cadet training, but the adults around him clearly rushed toward the talent that none of his peers possessed. They tried to bring out other psychic abilities, were disappointed when none came, and settled for honing his telekinesis like a knife. Captain Warne retired his Army commission at age twenty-four, transitioning to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the next decade, and has recently gone onto AEGIS, to best put his power to use. His career has taken him all across the globe without ever feeling any sense of home. Now, at his latest post in Freedom City, a rare place he’s never visited, perhaps he’ll discover more about himself than he expects—and more than his government handlers would prefer. Personality & Motivation: Cynical and suspicious, Adept is the career agent stereotype. He knows from firsthand experience that his “side” can do some very un-democratic things in the name of democracy, and freedom can look a lot different when the world’s most powerful military thinks you’re standing in the way of it. Having said that, he’s not entirely unpatriotic, and remains loyal to his country and agencies. This is a man who’s seen real chaos and corruption, the kind that make senator sex scandals, white-collar crimes, and America’s street gangs seem childishly quaint by comparison. He, quietly, enjoys some measure of pride in preventing such turmoil in his home territory. A lifetime on one side of the law does give Adept a very dim view of criminals; he exploits them freely for information and feels no sympathy if they suffer in the process. “Reformed” convicts can expect nothing but mistrust, and let’s be honest, everyone’s guilty of something. Adept considers it just a matter of discovering the details in most cases. Still, there’s wrong and wrong. He’s often willing to ignore lesser transgressions in exchange for tips on whatever big fish he’s chasing down this week…until he comes back in the future, to keep cashing in more favors. It can’t be blackmail if the government does it, right? Adept does have lines he won’t cross, murder being the foremost among them, no matter how convenient it often might be. He’s a very rare case among his profession; this refusal puzzles and occasionally frustrates his superiors. But he can feel something dark, deep in his soul, and privately worries that ending a life, rightly or not, will bring it bubbling up. It already feels so good to grab criminals with his mind and just squeeze… Powers & Tactics: On a good day, Adept tries to get by with his impressive skills. He’d rather talk his way through most situations if he can. On a great day, he can direct other agents under his command, with further backup just a phone call away. On the bad days, though, special lobes in his brain light up like Christmas trees, and then the screaming starts. He can crush cars like aluminum cans, toss people casually into walls, protect himself with a telekinetic field impervious to almost everything the average gangster might have, lift an incredible amount of weight, and in moments of desperation, “push” at everything around him, the aftermath resembling a bomb detonating on his position. Unlike most psychics, however, he has only one trick at his disposal, even if he’s very good at it. Complications: “Eff You, Cop!”: Adept is clearly a government agent, even before he introduces himself as such. Most people feel nervous talking to him, and many refuse to do so at all without…encouragement. “GET OUTTA MY HEAD!”: Adept’s training, from early childhood until recently, often included other psychics. They’d infiltrate his mind attempting to unlock other abilities, or to strengthen his resistance to such attacks, or to assess his honesty and loyalty. He absolutely hates it; with very few exceptions, mind-reading (that he’s aware of) elicits immediate violence, whether or not it’s appropriate. “How High, Sir?!”: Technically Adept doesn’t have to take orders from his old Army commanders, though those connections can still come into play. AEGIS, however, signs his checks, gives his assignments, even arranges his hotel rooms, and of course, says when to jump. In the Family: Only a few of Adept’s superiors and handlers know about his lineage, and they aren’t keen on sharing it with him. He’s constantly being evaluated for any signs that he might follow the Psion path. Furthermore, in light of the (apparently-deceased) Parker Psion Sr.’s schemes for his offspring, it’s considered of the utmost importance that none of the remaining Psions learn about their wayward relative. Smoke Break: He’s a two-pack-a-day man. Someday this is going to kill him, exercise regiment or no, but for now, GMs can level penalties to just about any rolls if Adept has to go more than an hour or two without a cigarette. Trustless: As a career agent, sometimes bordering on a full spy, Adept accepts suspicion as a fact of life. He’s well aware that his superiors don’t fully trust him (although he doesn’t know the real reason why), and he treats other people similarly, in and out of his organization. Even long-term partners aren’t above scrutiny. Combined with his talent for intimidation, Adept usually approaches witnesses, suspects, and “innocent” bystanders the same way. When all you have is a hammer… Abilities: 6+6+6+6+6+6=36PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 6+8=14PP Initiative: +11 Attack: +3 Grapple: +6 (+20 Psychokinesis) Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus, +2 Flat-Footed) Knockback: -5 (-1 w/out Force Field) Saving Throws: 7+7+7=21 Toughness: +10 (+3 Base, +7 Force Field) Fortitude: +10 (+3 Base, +7) Reflex: +10 (+3 Base, +7) Will: +10 (+3 Base, +7) Skills: 35PP=140R Bluff 7 (+10) Diplomacy 2 (+5) Disable Device 7 (+10) Drive 2 (+5) Gather Information 17 (+20) Intimidate 17 (+20) Investigate 7 (+10) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 7 (+10) Knowledge (Civics) 7 (+10) Knowledge (Current Events) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 7 (+10) Knowledge (Tactics) 17 (+20) Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+5) Language 4 (Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish) Medicine 2 (+5) Notice 7 (+10) Search 7 (+10) Sense Motive 12 (+15) Stealth 7 (+10) Feats: 20PP Benefit 6 (AEGIS Agent, Knowledge (Tactics) 3, Security Clearance, Wealth) Connected Contacts Dodge Focus 6 Improved Initiative 2 Luck 2 Master Plan Well-Informed Powers: 2 + 7 + 44 = 53PP Flight 1 (10 MPH/100FPM) [2PP] Force Field 7 [7PP] Telekinesis Array 20.2 (42PP, PFs: Alternate Powers 2) [44PP] BP: Move Object 10 (Effective STR 50, Heavy Load 12 tons, Extras: Damaging, Range [Perception], PF: Precise, Subtle) {42/42} AP: Strike 10 (Extras: Area [Burst], Selective, PF: Knockback 10, Progression (100' Range), Subtle) {42/42} AP: Move Object 20 (Effective STR 100, Heavy Load 12.5K tons, PF: Precise, Subtle) {42/42} Drawbacks: 0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch Toughness DC 18 Damage (Physical) Psychokinesis Perception Toughness DC 25 Damage (Energy) Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (21) + Skills (35) + Feats (20) + Powers (53) - Drawbacks (0) = 179/202 Power Points Telekinesis Lifting Capacity: Light Medium Heavy Psychokinesis (Effective Strength 50) 4 Tons 8 Tons 12 Tons Move Object (Effective Strength 100) 4,000 Tons 8,000 Tons 12,500 Tons
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