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  1. We don't like hate groups. But they're people too. So when something goes wrong - say a mad scientist sics some radioactive super tigers on the public gathering - we, as heroes, have to save them. A small upstart group named Human Against Terminus ERuptionS, is holding a rally in the park to spread their vile ideology. They believe that the recent boom of heroes is due to another incoming invasion like in 1993. They preach that these Terminus born, are the key to it. And thus are trying to get them all rounded up and thrown back into their 'home'. Not everyone, sane peo
  2. For centuries the Order of the Star Knights have strived to preserve peace, order and justice in the galaxy. When members have fallen in the line of duty, Mentor has always been able to find new recruits to refill the ranks. During the Incursion, the Order suffered the most significant amount of losses in its history, with nearly five hundred Star Knights perishing at the Battle of Lor-Van alone, sacrificing themselves to delay the Communion’s world killer in order for more Lor to be evacuated from the doomed world. As a result, following the end of the
  3. Who has two thumbs and is willing to GM a thread? THIS GUY. Now, it's been a while since I've done it so I'm probably going to start small with one, maybe two characters at a time. I have a few story seeds in mind but if you have a suggestion or a particular character you want to put through the proverbial paces, feel free to let me know.
  4. So, have done these types of threads in the past, but figured it was time for another (given we have more new players that have joined since last time around). The Praetorians superteam is looking for some new members. The concept of the Praetorians is heavily influenced by DC's Legion of Superheroes and Marvel's Shi'ar Imperial Guard. More specifically, the original Praetorians were an Imperial Guard equivalent for a intergalactic empire more than 2,000 years ago. A number of them were placed in suspended animation by the Curator back then and were revived at the start of the Co
  5. There are worlds that aren't contacted for a reason. Showing up to certain planets at a specific time with equipment several TLs forward is like throwing a match on a powder keg. The planet Kolast is just one of these, as it is currently in the middle of one of the longest, darkest ages in this sector - like Warhammer Fantasy with all the "summary execution for heresy" of WH40K. None of the formal powers want to touch it, for fear of turning a long and bloody melee into a planetary firestorm. Unfortunately, it appears somebody beat them to the punch. A hero rises on the planet's s
  6. Bethlehem Heights Psychiatric Hospital has served the mentally ill of the greater Columbia Basin with compassion and skill that has gone largely unrecognized outside of the professional medical world, thanks largely to being located in the conspiracy theory capital of the USA. For close to two and a half centuries after its founding 'Bedlam Heights' has been dogged with rumors of monstrous malpractice and evil government experiments, demonic influence and even psychic tampering with patients. Not helping matters is its use as a convenient place to shuffle inconvenient relatives, spouses or co-
  7. Here: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10081-bonfire-with-vanity/?tab=comments#comment-261850 Amir is letting Corinne have run of his Northbank beach fronted mansion. So party around the bonfire. Any Claremonter allowed. Maybe some FCU hero kids if they've heard. Thanksgiving weekend.
  8. So I want to do a series of one shots that will involve the heroes of Freedom City dealing with threats from other dimensions who won't all the time be dangerous. The reason they'll be from other dimensions visiting our own will allow me not to step on anyone's toes, and since I'am still learning about all the events this will give me some time and they won't be event level dangers like an incursion from the Terminus they may just be wacky tourists who need a good talking to. I have some really good ideas for a couple of them, I'am hoping some of you might be interested.
  9. Now that I've grabbed your attention with a title that says nothing, let's get to the actual part: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9834-see-the-universe-join-the-praetorians/ This was posted a while ago, and Diaspora is the result of that! Now, I'd hesitate to call this an event, I'm personally envisioning it as a series of threads, sometimes running parallel, sometimes individual. But, enough of vague talk about things that aren't entirely decided yet (can you tell just how AMAZING I am at this stuff? ) Diaspora: There has been an influx of peop
  10. So after the political drama of the Lor elections, the Praetorian's are looking to explore the systems around there home on CoVic station and beyond. If you already have a Praetorian character you wish to use, or you want you new space character to join in the explorations let us know and we'll find you a place!
  11. OK recruiting for a set of three threads. They're slightly time displaced but for efficiency's sake I'm going to run them concurrently. The Overarching theme is Bombshells old enemies getting out of Blackstone and coming for her and hers. Thread the first: Sidekick Sideshow! Initial thought is Raina and some subset of her crew win tickets to an exclusive concert. But not all is as it appears, sinister schemes are afoot and our heroes must unravel the plot before it's too late! This could be changed up to be a different set of lower power Interceptor associa
  12. TheAbsurdist


    Beach thread, with Corinne. And for Asad, a charity event for people impacted by hero and villain activity. Maybe legal fees, or when their insurance wont help. Also for other places besides local. And for heroes who don't necessarily have the resources necessary to deal with somethings, like legal battles. I should note if you have an idea, or want to be in a thread with my characters I am happy to help. Or run threads.
  13. So for a new character, Professor Peculiar by our member Tipop, I am running thread involving a talk by some minor practitioners, or people who hang on to the supernatural side of things. It is here if ya'll are interested!
  14. So! I just got Feeding Frenzy Approved, he's an atlantean wereshark who will be a Sophomore at Claremont in the fall! If y'all want a sneaky shark let me know! i do also have a plan for a thread with him that would be great to have maybe one or two heroes stopping drug dealers and pirates! So if you want to be a part of that just let me know!
  15. In an effort to create a team of super heroes for the defense of the United States, President J.T. Cahill has signed a bill to fund a team of heroes. The Dream Team. I'm trying to find other heroes willing to join up! The Team is mainly to take on super crime and preventing and mitigating natural disasters. So yeah I want to get a few threads up and running as kind of putting the team together! Anyone have any PC's and/or thread ideas this is a good place to put it. Disclaimer: Depending on how many people want to be a part of this, the team may or
  16. ...rescue the President!?! 3-5 players, preferably those with existing patriotic themes. Hyperactive is already in it - if that's okay with you, Kolo!
  17. So obviously I'm up to posting again. And as some of y'all no doubt know this past year and a half life has loved sneaking up on me and taking my attention away from posting. But, I earnestly enjoy it. So, let's get to over indulging. Now, I've had a concept sitting in the back of my head. Gizmo may have the Brave and Bold/Marvel Team Up sthicks down to a science, but I want to run with and Elseworld's/What If series. The Else Ifs and What Ifs Subforum is woefully underutilized. That's right folks pitch me a solo or two character team up thread (bonus points if it involves one of my cha
  18. Sandman XI

    They Live

    Suggested by Raveled, can't take any of the credit, but I'm gonna throw my twists in there. The dead are coming back to life. Not as zombies or undead, but fully to life. Those with Life Sense see that they're alive, yes, but are going through the motions of life. Basically responding to human interactions and doing nothing else when left alone. This is not just for characters with Life Sense, but maybe for people who has someone recently dead. Whether friend or foe. This'll probably bring up some tough questions! So, anyone interested?
  19. Demonic rats and wererats and their demonic wererat king have somehow got a foothold in this realm. Why? They know. We don't. But this is taking place at Morley's. And Moira will not have rats of any kind invading, much less her own pub. @EviscerusNox and @Heritage have spots if they wish. Anyone else interested?
  20. I'm looking for a couple of Emerald City PCs in the 8-10 range to help Blue Jay deal with a new crime wave in Emerald City. Magic will be involved. Any takers?
  21. So I'm looking for threads for Ditra Fifty-Five, my new space-based character. She is one of the Nameless, a race of cyborgs designed to overthrow the Lor Republic, before they went 'native' and more or less assimilated. They were exposed during the Incursion, and now are trying to find their place in a galaxy that doesn't trust them. Ditra ('Deet' to friends) is a PL9, and would probably do best in social or investigation type threads, though she does have a sweet built-in blaster.
  22. Zenith, the wayward daughter of Asad, is in. She wll be joining up Claremont shortly. I haven't nailed down the intro thread, but we can sort of flex and decide where to go, I am open. She is PL8 Matter Manipulator.
  23. Ok so this serves two purposes 1: I want to run a thread where the heroes have been taken to be basically living action figures for a super villain. They'll need to not only rescue the other "toys" but also stop the supervillain. I'm looking for maybe 3 heroes between pl 7-10. 2: if I wanted to use a robot impersonating someone like Centurion or do I need permission?
  24. Blarghy


    The title says it all. Leviathan, or rather his civilian identity, has run into some dangerously bad luck and can't escape it on his own without outing himself--perhaps not even then. Worse, he isn't alone: by the time his disappearance makes the morning news, police have learned that a handful of his fellow scientists at the Freedom Cross Institute are missing as well. The kidnapper is desperate, not entirely sane, and wants results that even a genius biologist will struggle to deliver, especially under such a tight schedule. To top it all off, Freedom City's heroes and law enf
  25. Hey guys. It's me, Gamer. This is just a recruitment pitch for my character intro thread for Evergreen. Here's an overview: When news start circulating of a mysterious creature prowling a particular park and preying on select individuals whom terrorize others, and it coincides with a sudden rise in plant life within said park that is rumored to be tied to an abandoned greenhouse, certain heroes unite to unravel the mystery...but what secrets does the park, and by extension, the green house hold? And who or what is the one known as Evergreen? For more info on Evergreen,
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