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    HATERS Unite

    I apologize for my lateness. I will be responding first thing Thursday morning.
  2. Squish

    HATERS Unite

    @alderwitch, @angrydurf, @Tiff, and maybe @Avenger Assembled. Here it goes.
  3. Squish

    HATERS Unite

    GM Simon Gordon's little movement actually started 25 years ago, so he claims. When the then unknown force of the Terminus invaded Earth. Millions died. All because of the Terminus. It was found later on that there were 'sleeper agents' born of the incident. Children of the Terminus. Some used their powers for good, others for evil. But Simon Gordon knew the truth. They were all lying in wait. They would call down the thunder again. It was only a matter of time. Simon found like minded folks. Some with fervent belief. And then his message began to spread. He was a leader. Over the past few months, Humans Against Terminus ERuptionS - a term that Gordon cooked up himself after people called their group 'haters' - grew in size and visibility. The HATERS went national Simon got the ear of media. Suddenly everyone knew a little bit about the Terminus. Enough to know that a scary dark invasion was bound to happen. How the public perceived it was split. Though most saw it as a tinfoil conspiracy theory, others knew such things could happen! March 17, 2018. Noon. Simon was going to educate the masses, personally. He advertised a meeting in Liberty Park. His like-minded would come, but he wanted his detractors to come. He wanted the fence sitters and unknowing to come. He would explain how the HATERS's goals and ideology. There was a small stage with a banner above it reading HATERS. No one was on there, but there was a large group of people swarmed around it. The presentation would be starting in thirty minutes.
  4. Alright, that's enough. 3-4 seems good. Will be starting the thread tonight. If not, in the morning.
  5. We don't like hate groups. But they're people too. So when something goes wrong - say a mad scientist sics some radioactive super tigers on the public gathering - we, as heroes, have to save them. A small upstart group named Human Against Terminus ERuptionS, is holding a rally in the park to spread their vile ideology. They believe that the recent boom of heroes is due to another incoming invasion like in 1993. They preach that these Terminus born, are the key to it. And thus are trying to get them all rounded up and thrown back into their 'home'. Not everyone, sane people at least, believes them. But some people with powers are looking to thin the herd of the hate group and stop it before it grows any bigger. Thus our scenario. Who wants to do this?
  6. If this is still a thing, I'll put Delirium's name in. I need something to do
  7. Squish

    I'm Still Here!

    I forgot my password for a while. The problems of having so many. If anyone would like to have some playtime with Delirium, I'm up for it. @BlazingCoconut If you wish, we can continue our thread.
  8. She shook her head. Technically she could take this for the pain. But it wouldn't be pleasant afterward. Well, technically anything would be better than having the entity ripping and reforming her metaphysical form it gave her. "This is aspirin, dear, not ibuprofen. Motrin. Advil," she sighed. "This weather has been hitting my system bad. Lots and lost of pain." She smiled when the young girl's attention turned towards her. Just then the water pot steamed. She went back to the cup and pot. The large dehydrated meats and noodles plumped as the hot water hit them. "I'm a physical science type, but my true love is astronomy." She let the further realization hit the girl. She had to reel her in. "I track stars and planets with equations. Like how they're going to be a 'super blue moon' in three weeks." She took her card and her ibuprofen. Popping open the bottle, she broke the seal and pulled two out. Swallowing them, she followed it up with the soup. It would take a while to kick in, but at least she'd be pain free. "Thank you," the compliment trailed off as she didn't have a name to say, "I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Valerie." She grinned prettily. If the girl knew who she was, this was the big reveal.
  9. She felt it, the pain was coming back. The all too familiar pain. It started in her head and went through out her body. Opening her bottle of pain killers - she had got some of the stronger over the counter stuff, not wanting to move up to a prescription. Costs too much and leaves a trail. She was content with over the counter for now. She had no idea why she was in Lincoln. The entity lead her here for some reason. It wanted her to find injustice. It wanted her to correct the wrongs of the human race. It was very persuasive. It also made her persuasive. Also smart, and sharper of senses. All in the name of Justice. There was a convenience store up ahead. She could buy some of the weaker painkillers there. Not the ones from a real pharmacy. Those would clear the pain right up. Unless the entity was asserting it's dominance. Then nothing could save her from the pain. She hoped it wasn't that. Parking the car, she had to brave through the snow. Here was a good a place as any. rushing inside to get out of the cold as quick as she could she made it inside. There were a few people her. The owners at least. Her 'vision' was not sight. The entity saw everything for what it 'truly' was. Lckily nothing needed bashing here. She was in a light blue thick hooded fleece coat, black combat boots and an ankle length skirt for all they people in here saw. Later tonight she would quickly change into her heroic persona: Delirium. To not look suspicious, she went around the store. Picked at the magazine rack - Stargazer had an article written about her newest book, 'The Peer Deeper'. Also the latest True Stories comics. - and grabbed a cup of dehydrated soup. She even powered through and made the cup of soup before walking to the counter. "Cold night, huh?" She placed the magazines on the counter and pointed to the boiling pot of water. "Chunky Bits and," she pointed to a bottle, "bottle of ibuprofen, please?" She looked at the book the kid was reading, "nice. I'm a bit of a math and science buff myself."
  10. The Attractive and the Fascinate are her. Just because you're not good at doesn't mean you can't do it, you're just not as good as others. Honestly, I feel you're telling me no, but wanting me to pull the trigger. If it's not permitted, please tell me. You're the guy with the power here. I'm just asking to be in your game.
  11. Right, the roleplay part of it is that the entity is enhancing her. The Superlative Soul is the entity inside her. She's smarter, more charismatic when it's giving her that part of it. When she uses the other gifts she loses that part of it.
  12. I don't think I do. But I'm new to this system. If it's really a problem I'd have to redo the whole thing.
  13. You mean how it's done? It's the entity enhancing her soul. The name of the power is Superlative Soul. Though when it's time to dispense justice, she has to dig into her soul and do things to it to carry out the will of the entity.
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