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  1. "I, uh, never really had any pets. But it's always nice to see what kinds of pets that people with powers have. Even agents of the divine need companionship, after all," she simply smiled, and after A Mutt described what kind of otherworldly dog Dead Head's pet was, she responded, "Well, whatever he is, he's adorable!" squatting to the supernatural canine's level as she began to baby-talk A Mutt with a "Yes he is! Yes he is." She really did find him adorable, despite, or perhaps, because of the glowing eyes, fangs, and claws on A Mutt as well, a consequence of the Super Freaks tending not to j
  2. Master Villain Build #1: Draconic Metahuman Strength 13, Stamina 12, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 10, Awareness 7, Presence 6 Advantages All-out Attack, Assessment, Benefit 4: Metahuman Leader, Chokehold, Connected, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 5, Fascinate (Expertise: Metahuman Leader), Fascinate (Persuasion), Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Inspire, Interpose, Inventor, Jack-of-all-trades, Languages 4, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown, Ultimate Effort: Will Save
  3. As some of you know, I am hosting an M&M 3e campaign on Discord, so in the interest of fairness towards the players and wanting to improve my DMing skills, I have decided to release builds of enemy NPCs I am planning on having the characters face over the course of the campaign, so people can look over them and check to see if a party of 5 to 6 PL 10 can reasonably be expected to beat them, and, if not, what should be changed. Please note that I am not very experienced in making 3e builds and have made the majority of these in Hero Lab.
  4. When the Andromedan saw the Khanate soldiers fleeing for their lives, possibly to get reinforcements, he couldn't help but think the Khanate reputation of bravery in battle was nothing but a joke, a pretension. "HA! THINK-*KIK* YOU CAN RUN FROM ME, COWARDS!? ME?!?" As the two remaining Khanate soldiers turned tail and began to flee, General Giirok extended his wings to catch up to them, and just as he closed the distance, he took out both his swords and swung one of them diagonally across the back, then swung downwards from the shoulder to the lower calf with the other sword, disabling one of
  5. http://orokos.com/roll/733561 My roll is done. 16.
  6. Despite Dead Head looking Hypno-Hippie dead in the eyes with his intense glare, she was still rather relaxed. She'd had one or two bad trips before, but she knew that it was pretty easy to lace anything that can be smoked stuff that's actually dangerous, like poisons... or worse. It'd definitely be a good way for one of her... old enemies to get back at her. She was a wanted woman in her hometown. "I'll... keep that in mind." Before she continued, she paused at the mention of a name somewhat familiar to her. "Wait... Baron Samedi?" Like the loa? Sounds like you've got some history with him."
  7. "I always knew at least a few super beings had some relation to the divine!" Hypno-Hippie beamed, "The folks I belong represent, the Super Freaks... we like to consider ourselves pilgrims trying to explore that relationship. Though it depends on the commune, really. Sometimes it's through smoking whole buttloads of weed, other times its through preaching to the people, others still, it's experimenting with our own powers. There's lots of paths to enlightenment. It's just that... people don't always dig that kinda thing, y'know?" A short pause, "And then there's the squares, who try to stop peo
  8. Hypno-Hippie knew that the biker zombie having his hand popped off probably wouldn't have harmed him too much, but she was afraid that Sea Devil, as the person in armor called herself, would have done something drastic had she not complied, so she had to humor her. Now that Sea Devil had regained her composure, she could relax as well. When Sea Devil mentioned "the ice man," her curiosity was piqued, and she perked up. Finally she spoke, ""The Ice Man"... you mean Comrade Frost? The city hired him to be one of the guards at the Super Freaks sermon I preached at last May. I consider myself to b
  9. Hypno-Hippie held back her feelings slight queasiness when she touched his hand, but even though she was surprised when it popped off, she didn't freak out. Well this is awkward. That was her last though before the armored person began to panic and raise her trident towards the hand. While the armored person's knee-jerking raising her weapon to solve any manner of problems kind of disturbed her, she knew that reacting might makes things worse, and she could tell the person in armor was only trying to help, in her own way. Besides, who knows what she might do if her demands weren't satisfied in
  10. Another Lucy, huh? Small world. After the zombie in biker gear made his grand entrance, Hypno-Hippie turned towards the person in strangely-shaped power armor after she had addressed her. "Oh...! Yeah... Lucy here already told me she was. Unless it's supposed to be an illusion of some kind, which I really doubt it is." She placed her hands on her hips as she was just happy everybody was chill at the moment, but she couldn't help but wonder what everybody was doing here, all the way out in Lantern Hill during the evening. "In completely unrelated news, I hope it's cool with you guys if I ask w
  11. So... remind me... since Hypno-Hippie's Charisma is 20, and her build has a (+5) next to it, would that mean that I add 5 to my roll? I'm gonna try to do a Gather Information check if that's okay with you guys. Addendum: Actually, never mind. Carry on.
  12. Although she was admittedly slightly taken aback at how she was with the famous Triakosa in this bizarre photo, but even more so that she was even there at all? Lucy Smith Dawnes wasn't even born yet in 1968! And Triakosa wasn't exactly around herself at the time, apparently just in a different way. Even so, she tried her best to keep an impassive expression as she examined the photo. Finally, after a long pause, she finally said, "...That's... me... and Triakosa... In the same photo! This... this is equal parts rad... and... weird." The possibilities of time travel seemed increasingly likely
  13. Earlier that day Ever since the... incident with Eldritch last May, the Hypno-Hippie's initial belief that the Super Freaks ideology could easily fix all the world's problems was essentially flushed down the toilet. Still, she'd continued to do some heroics, just in a more low-key kind of way. Stopping a mugging here, interfering with an armed robbery there... while posing as Lucy Smith Dawnes, who'd by now gotten used to her job as an assistant art director at the Kirby Museum of Fine Arts. She'd entertained the idea of going out and facing bigger threats, but she did not want to
  14. Might bring Hypno-Hippie if anyone wants her around. Or would that be unfitting for the theme you had in mind?
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