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  1. After one of the Khanate soldiers rather bafflingly missed the enormous insectoid monstrosity in front of them, Giirok scoffed, or made a clicking noise that was as close to scoffing as possible for his anatomy as he unsheathed his wings to lift his body off the ground, and flew at the soldier that fired at him. He readied his mace as he struck the enemy soldier right in the chest, launching him off his feet and carrying him off the ground for a few moments before ultimately sending him flying right into the wall, knocking him out instantly and leaving a cracked depression in said wall. After the General landed and sheathed his wings, and he began to circle the Khanate soldiers in an attempt to flank them and trap them between himself and his newfound Boran associates and prevent any cowards among the Khanates from escaping. He then readied his mace and axe as he cracked the "knuckles" of his lower arms.
  2. I'm going to have him attack one of the Khanate Soldiers opening fire on the team.
  3. http://orokos.com/roll/704001 I got an 8 on the initiative roll.
  4. Prince? Is that some kind of caste or rank? A cause? A conflict? This bears looking into, if for no other reason than to discover what transpires beyond Churrux. I need answers if I expect to navigate this strange world-collective and survive. Before the giant Andromedan and the Boran escapees could proceed, Giirok straightened and pointed his axe at Vannox as if he were issuing a command to one of the drones under his old command structure, back when he was still in his rightful place, and straightened his posture, striking a pose that would look dignified, disciplined, and undaunted, a pose that looked like it could have been used for a statue glorifying a military commander, if not for the fact that he was a gigantic mutated Andromedan. He then spoke to Vannox in an authoritative tone, "I am *kik* familiar with military campaigns! I have conquered and unified *kik-kik* my entire home world *kik* and brought all its broods under my rule! Tell me what this cause of yours is, *kik* then! Well!? I expect answers!" No need to bring up the exile yet, you old drone. I must convince them of my prowess and make a good impression.
  5. General Giirok weighed his options almost immediately. He could either wander in a completely different direction and start striking down anyone unfortunate (or stupid) enough to get in his way until he found his bioship, but that carried the risk of being captured again. He could take command of the escaping warriors himself, order them to strike back against their oppressors, and make them pledge their services to his cause of regaining his world, but who is to say that none of them would attack him for attempting such a coup? As much as he hated the idea of being subservient to anyone, he knew his best chance of survival, and escape, was to follow the dedicated party of warriors. The large Andromedan began to follow them, a short distance behind all the others. But make no mistake, he had no idea how to get off this world, and he did not believe for a moment that those large, strangely-shaped hunks of metal would allow him to travel the cosmos. "After this is over *kik*, I must find my bioship. Without it, how am I to leave *kik* this world?."
  6. This is a reminder that you can do a skill check at any given time during your turn, if you want to.
  7. Now, with twenty minutes remaining, the golden-skinned Super Freak began to inspect the real vambraces, and then began to look around the vicinity. Is Nebu being watched? He began type on his phone while conversing to Scarab III, saying, while keeping his outward composure, "I really do believe that it is... better... if I were to show you... instead of just telling you, but I can tell you this, at least... ever since my ascension, I've gained the ability to see magic. Which means I can see things that few others can. All of it... everything's much more connected than it initially appears." He then promptly flipped his phone for Scarab III, and only Scarab III, to see. It would reveal a message saying NOT HERE. NOT OUT IN THE OPEN. CONGREGANTS NOT SAFE! THERE IS A WOLF IN SHEPARD'S CLOTHING, BUT I KNOW HOW TO STOP HIM. NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! BRING YOUR FRIENDS, BUT ACT NATURAL. MEET ME IN MY TENT, AND I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING. It seems Nebu here knows a lot more than he's letting on. Still, he seems to have some measure of concern for the civilians that have gathered here. He then placed the phone back in his pocket, but made sure to make it look like he was just adjusting something from afar. -- Third Eye was already gone before Lucy could finish the question, but she reminded herself that she could not afford to let her people down by not appearing on the stage to give a presentable face to all this. No need to let the people know about the schism between Eldritch's way of thinking and the other Super Freaks'. She had her job, and she was going to see it through. Besides, she had faith in the Third Eye. He was a senior member, and even though he only ascended and joined up long after Eldritch did, she knew he was the right person to see this issue through. Still, she had her doubts. After all, what if Eldritch tried to use his powers on Third Eye? What if he takes it too far? She really hoped those two wouldn't make it public. First impressions are important after all. So she readied herself, rehearsed the last few lines of her speech, memorizing them, for the remainder of the time left until it was time for her to begin the sermon. -- Eldritch sat in lotus position on a rock, in one of the more heavily parts of the park, secluded from the rest of the gathering. He telepathically compelled several of his mind-controlled servants, eyes glowing like starlight, to act as his personal guards while the most of the others he controlled were mingling with the sheep. The gathered servants of his included Rakshasa the horned tiger, Centipede, who was multi-armed and poison-clawed, Haze, the living drug trip with multiple holes in his body that spew hallucinogenic gas, and his personal favorite, the only one he did not have to implant a telepathic suggestion in, Sacrifice. Now Sacrifice, the woman who looked like nothing so much as a blood-soaked humanoid blade, chose to serve him willingly, as she rightly knew he was Nyarlathotep reborn. "Master," Sacrifice began, her voice like a blade being sharpened on a stone, "If I may be so bold... why here? Why start your cult here? The "heroes" will not ignore a riot this large, and so close to them." "Ah, but that is precisely why I am beginning my true ascension here," he replied, serenely, confidently behind his slobbering tentacles, "My mind is beyond anything these mortals can imagine. I can bend even the greatest of these so-called "heroes" to my will, force to serve as my cult's shock troopers as they eliminate their allies to earn my favor. I am also expanding my mind to reach out to the weak-willed among this "flock." I will force them all to do my bidding and worship me as they should be doing. As will all the world, one day." But then he heard a grunt from behind him. Rakshasa is resisting. He could feel it. It irked him when things like this happened. "N-no...! Grrr...! Have to... rrr... have to warn him... warn Third Eye we'rrrrre in a fix...!" Rakshasa grunted under his breath, doubling over and placing his massive paws on the sides of his head his head, but just as soon as he began to take a few steps, Eldritch reasserted his dominance over the feline Super Freak. "You will do no such thing. All of this is for the Super Freaks' benefit. This way, we can grow and gain more followers much quicker than the method we've tried for so long. You will see. But now, Third Eye and that Hypno-Hippie woman do not need to know." A few moments passed, and Rakshasa slowly turned back around to Eldritch, and eyes began to open again, glowing as before. "...Of course, master. As you command."
  8. With that, axe and mace in claws but swords in their sheathes, Giirok stood up and charged towards the hole in the wall, only stopping to scan the interior of the room for a moment before having to close his shell and duck down to fit through the hole. The massive Andromedan grunted as he barely squeezed through the hole in the wall, cracking the knuckles on his lower claws as he followed Vannox, ever on the lookout for potential enemy soldiers... and something that belongs to him as well. Now then... if we manage to escape, I will need to locate my bioship if I expect to get off this rock. Assuming they have not dissected it already. "So, Boran, *kik-kik* how, exactly, do we *kik* identify these associates?"
  9. Once Vannox was close enough, the General would continue the ruse by quickly sheathing his swords in his sash's handles for them so his lower pair of arms can grab him in a tight embrace. Almost immediately after, holding Vannox, he unsheathes his wings once more and beats them a dozen or so more times to make a short, wing-boosted leap further away from the walls... only for the General to use his fat, massive bulk to simply fall on top of him in a body slam-like maneuver. If Giirok were doing this for real, several of Vannox's bones would have been crushed... but since he's not, Vannox simply has a huge, heavy weight bearing down on top of him. The large Andromedan began to move his mandibles to talk into the Boran's ear in a more hushed tone than is normal for him, considering how shouty the big bad bug can get. "Now that I have you where I want you... *kik* you'd better have some manner of *kik-kik* escape stratagem. *kik* Explain yourself."
  10. The General, for a few brief moments, considered Vannox's words, giving him the insectoid equivalent of a scrutinizing stare. What is his game? Does he truly intend to help me break free of these confines? Still, this may be the only opportunity that will come in a great long while, so I must take advantage of it. But first, let us test if he is speaking truth, because if not... The giant General suddenly unsheathed his huge insectoid wings from their shells, lifted off the ground, and heaved his massive bulk to the side, flying towards the arena wall their right, as Vannox had requested. He began to make a show of his action, to maintain plausible deniability until the very last possible second, by shouting, "*kik-kik-kik* UNHAND ME, PEST!" Still, he secretly readied one of his swords to strike in the event Vannox was lying.
  11. Well this is certainly an interesting development. Are there any dice check rolls necessary to be able to do as Vannox has suggested?
  12. http://orokos.com/roll/692735 Crit fail + 24 = 25.
  13. The wound would cause the General to double over, leaking green blood. The General hissed, "I WILL... *KIK* TEAR YOU APART FOR THAT!" Still, he was no stranger to pain... pain inflicted, and pain received, so after a moment of using his mace as a crutch to stand back up, he unfolded his wings and took flight, charging at Vannox by attempting to slash him with his axe and one of his swords. Vannox would likely have seen the attack coming, so he would have dodged to the side as Giirok landed from his short burst of flight a short distance away. He would then turn to face his opponent as he prepared his guard stance once more.
  14. Yes, I will be spending a Hero Point to shake it off. http://orokos.com/roll/692339 1d20 + 6 = 15. A miss.
  15. https://orokos.com/roll/692286 1d20 + 14 = 20. He hits. Darn.
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