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  1. With that, axe and mace in claws but swords in their sheathes, Giirok stood up and charged towards the hole in the wall, only stopping to scan the interior of the room for a moment before having to close his shell and duck down to fit through the hole. The massive Andromedan grunted as he barely squeezed through the hole in the wall, cracking the knuckles on his lower claws as he followed Vannox, ever on the lookout for potential enemy soldiers... and something that belongs to him as well. Now then... if we manage to escape, I will need to locate my bioship if I expect to get off this rock. Assuming they have not dissected it already. "So, Boran, *kik-kik* how, exactly, do we *kik* identify these associates?"
  2. Once Vannox was close enough, the General would continue the ruse by quickly sheathing his swords in his sash's handles for them so his lower pair of arms can grab him in a tight embrace. Almost immediately after, holding Vannox, he unsheathes his wings once more and beats them a dozen or so more times to make a short, wing-boosted leap further away from the walls... only for the General to use his fat, massive bulk to simply fall on top of him in a body slam-like maneuver. If Giirok were doing this for real, several of Vannox's bones would have been crushed... but since he's not, Vannox simply has a huge, heavy weight bearing down on top of him. The large Andromedan began to move his mandibles to talk into the Boran's ear in a more hushed tone than is normal for him, considering how shouty the big bad bug can get. "Now that I have you where I want you... *kik* you'd better have some manner of *kik-kik* escape stratagem. *kik* Explain yourself."
  3. The General, for a few brief moments, considered Vannox's words, giving him the insectoid equivalent of a scrutinizing stare. What is his game? Does he truly intend to help me break free of these confines? Still, this may be the only opportunity that will come in a great long while, so I must take advantage of it. But first, let us test if he is speaking truth, because if not... The giant General suddenly unsheathed his huge insectoid wings from their shells, lifted off the ground, and heaved his massive bulk to the side, flying towards the arena wall their right, as Vannox had requested. He began to make a show of his action, to maintain plausible deniability until the very last possible second, by shouting, "*kik-kik-kik* UNHAND ME, PEST!" Still, he secretly readied one of his swords to strike in the event Vannox was lying.
  4. Well this is certainly an interesting development. Are there any dice check rolls necessary to be able to do as Vannox has suggested?
  5. http://orokos.com/roll/692735 Crit fail + 24 = 25.
  6. The wound would cause the General to double over, leaking green blood. The General hissed, "I WILL... *KIK* TEAR YOU APART FOR THAT!" Still, he was no stranger to pain... pain inflicted, and pain received, so after a moment of using his mace as a crutch to stand back up, he unfolded his wings and took flight, charging at Vannox by attempting to slash him with his axe and one of his swords. Vannox would likely have seen the attack coming, so he would have dodged to the side as Giirok landed from his short burst of flight a short distance away. He would then turn to face his opponent as he prepared his guard stance once more.
  7. Yes, I will be spending a Hero Point to shake it off. http://orokos.com/roll/692339 1d20 + 6 = 15. A miss.
  8. https://orokos.com/roll/692286 1d20 + 14 = 20. He hits. Darn.
  9. The giant Andromedan hissed as he raised both his axe and his mace above his head to strike down at his smaller opponent, only for Vannox to catch both weapons with his glaive almost perfectly. Vannox would push the weapons back and dodge just as Giirok would swing both his swords, which would miss. Even if he could block the attack, the Boran likely knew the Andromedan Annihilator had the advantage in size and sheer weight, so making the insectoid lose his stability would prove to be something of a challenge, to say the least. Even so, General Giirok was no fool. He knew that, no matter what size you were, to assume something cannot seriously injure you simply because it was smaller than you is, more often than not, a fatal mistake. So he raised both his swords in a guarding position to protect his torso as he continued to circle Vannox, which left his mace-wielding and axe-wielding claws free to protect other areas of his body as he awaited his foe's next attack.
  10. https://orokos.com/roll/691922 1d20 + 6 Attack bonus = 12. Probably a miss.
  11. https://orokos.com/roll/691848 1d20 + 14 Toughness bonus = 33. That's what I got.
  12. "PATHETIC-*KIK*!" In shouting this, his mandibles would unfold and all of his razor-sharp teeth, as well as some of his green drool, would be visible as he swung his axe-wielding hand in a horizontal direction to his smaller opponent's side... right into the armor, which blocked the very worst of the blow, even if it staggered Vannox to the side a little bit, temporarily making him lose his balance, though he would quickly regain his footing before the General ever got the chance to capitalize on the opportunity. The General would examine his opponent with his green compound eyes, crouching a bit and raising his weapons at the ready and hissed, making him look less like distinguished military veteran and more like a vicious, spherical spider-like monster pretending to be a person. The appearance wasn't helped by his next taunt. Now... play to your character, General. Let us see how Vannox here... and the audience... will react. He pointed his mace at his enemy. "WHEN I AM *KIK* FINISHED WITH YOU, VANNOX, THERE WILL NOT BE ENOUGH OF THE *KIK* REMAINS TO FEED ME... *KIK* OR MY SPAWN!" Just as there is a certain theatricality in the game of generals, so too is there a theatricality in making others think he wasn't much more than a savage warrior of a race known to pillage whole worlds. Luring one's enemy into underestimating him is the surest path to victory...
  13. Okay, gotcha. http://orokos.com/roll/687884 1d20 + 6 attack bonus = 14 total. Probably not a great roll, but I will take it.
  14. http://orokos.com/roll/687875 I got a 29. It seems I made the save, unless I am forgetting anything else.
  15. Yes, I would still like to have him charge. http://orokos.com/roll/687622 Rolling 1d20 + 2 due to charging = 18, but please correct me if that's not how this roll works and/or forgot any bonuses that I need to be adding.