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  1. The crowd was getting a bit more packed now, and the seats were continuing to fill up. So far, no incidents. The Super Freaks staff were almost done making final preparations. In 35 minutes, the sermon would officially begin. Backstage, one member of the Super Freaks, dressed in a slightly more elaborate psychedelic getup would have felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. This was it. The chance to make or break the entire movement for Freedom City, one of the superhuman capitals of the world. Slowly, shyly, she peaked through the door that leads from the backstage room to the stage, all too aware of the anticipation, and tension, in the air. With her was the hero known as the Third Eye, one of the more well-known associates of the Super Freaks association, as well as higher-ranking member of the association, who was older than the both of them and looked eerily similar to the dread Cthulhu, portly frame, wings, tentacle-mouth and all, wearing nothing but a form-fitting robe. The three were alone in this room, debating on what was about to happen. And the lone woman, one of those planned to speak, could not be any more nervous, despite her faith in their mission. She wasn't usually this nervous. Even so, she had to give credence to the concerns of the people. Gods who who give no regard for the thoughts, feelings, and well being of their charges are little better than tyrants, after all. That was why she planned to speak today. Not only to spread the message of the divinity of the superhuman, but to answer any questions the citizens had. That, and she felt she had to prove herself to be considered a worthy Super Freak. She had only recently gained her powers, after all. Not that she liked to think about the circumstances too much. And she figured they had a lot of them. They had been over this at length.And all the while, the woman, who goes by Hypno-Hippie when in her "work outfit" for her "other job," took this time to gather her courage and collect her thoughts. Deep breaths, Lucy. You rehearsed this. The Cthulhu-like member, Eldritch, finally broke the silence, a deep, garbled sound, mouth-tentacles flapping all the while, "I still think this whole gathering is a waste of time. This soft gesture isn't actually going to change hearts and minds. No real displays of strength, no true displays of our divine glory. I mean, LOOK at them! They're like sheep, really. They'll follow anyone with the strength to lead them. We need to be able to enlighten as many as possible, and make them give us our due. Their consent is irrelevant. All we have to do is demonstrate our power and we'll become the shepherds as we were meant to be. We deserve nothing less--" Hypno-Hippie wasn't her usual mellow self, not helped by Eldritch's outspoken opinions on many of the visitors making her a little... uncomfortable, so she finally got sick of hearing Eldritch monologue, and interrupted him "You mean with actual superheroes like Comrade Frost here? I'm sorry, but I don't know how you were elected alongside me or Third Eye to be one of the event organizers in the first place. This supposed is a charity effort, remember? You know, to lend our aid to Mother Earth? And I am NOT going to have your militancy ruin it for us, OR them. I don't have any doubt that ours is the quickest path to enlightenment, but if we want to break into the mainstream, we have to convince people we're right. We can't force people to accept our will. That's not how things work in the modern era." Despite her soft, not-too-forceful tone of voice, it is clear that she found the prospect of being acting like violent cultists some like to paint them as to be distasteful. She was a lover, not a fighter. Eldritch raised an eyebrow, unimpressed, "Is that why you insisted on us NOT bringing our physically stronger members to act as security?" Hypno-Hippie responded, pleading, "I just don't want them to get the impression that we're all spoiling for a fight," and then she shot Eldritch a look, in a deadpan voice, "Despite what some of us might say." "You've only recently gotten your abilities and ascended. How could you know anything about what we want?" "Because you're the only member I know who would actually say these things. Not to mention how I've seen some of the others get a little uncomfortable when you go on your rants. I know I'm new, but I only want what's best for us, AND the people who are supposed to be worshipping us. What about you, Third Eye? You haven't said much. What do you think?"
  2. Gotcha. Anyway, it's your turn. Other than that, @Avenger Assembled, one more question before we proceed. Do you want to be able to play the Third Eye (since I assume he's your creation), or do you want me to depict him?
  3. So I had a couple of things in mind with this whole thing. @Tiffany Korta, I was kinda hoping on a Super Freaks member be able to shed some light on the origins of the Ancient Egyptian artifact, as Scarab III apparently does not know about the origins of the artifact too well, but I wanted to see if you were okay with the idea before I actually go through with it. Also, I'm leaning heavily on there not being a lot of fighting, though there are probably one or two hidden aspects of this whole gathering for PCs to discover, should they decide to investigate them.
  4. Even as the tension left by the HATERS gathering in Liberty Park slowly died down, for the time being, at least, and the heroes of Freedom City were all going about their daily lives and stopping threats to innocent people as they came, another event was already being set up. Ads were placed on what seemed to be every single bus stop and lamppost in the city, with each one having phone number tear-off tags for people to take. If one were to take the time to read one of the ads, it would read, in a psychedelic font... We are living in a New Age of Gods and Monsters! So are you prepared to be enlightened on the divinity of the superhuman? If so, the Super Freaks and Pinnacle Path invite you to hear the message of the Creator and reconnect with the self and nature in a gathering that will be as far out as Nirvana itself! All people are welcome, regardless of whether or not you have powers! We will also be answering any questions you might have, so ask away! We will also be recruiting, for any who are interested in joining us! Notable guests will include the famous hero the Third Eye and our newest addition to the collective serving the Creator's will, the Hypno-Hippie. Admission is only $4 for adults 18 and up, $2 for children 4-17, and completely free of charge for children 3 and under. All proceeds will go directly to Greenpeace. Saturday, May the 12th at 1:00 PM at Liberty Park in Freedom City, New Jersey There will be music, too Free food and alcohol will be provided Call 555-108-SUPER for more information, or take a tear-off below As the days passed, tents, as well as a small stage, complete with speakers and a microphone, were all being set up. Rumors as to just what this "message" of these "Super Freaks" was were all over the place, and concerns that this might be the beginning of a violent cult, but since this was a charity event, and actual agents from the Greenpeace fund came by and confirmed their connections to this event, the Freedom City government let it pass. Comrade Frost, Thoughtspeed, and the third Scarab, as well as typical guards, had all been hired by the city government as security detail, to keep an eye on not only this Super Freaks religious movement and see what they make of it, but also to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible, as the agents of Freedom City's government who hired them to do so realized that some people might not take too kindly to the idea of superpowered beings being worshipped as gods. Which leads us to the day of the actual gathering. May 12th, 2018 12:20 PM Liberty Park Grand Lawn Like the lovechild of Woodstock and an outdoor religious sermon, the lush, green fields were dotted with folding tents whose canopies had a tie-dye design on them, folding tables underneath them filled with fruits, vegetables, alcohol, but no meat. The stage overlooking it all had the Super Freaks logo and font on its background, and immediately preceding the stage, rows and of folding chairs were arranged in a very neat, orderly fashion, with a few spaces in between each section so people could get in and find their own chairs. Quite a few of the seats had been filled already. Several visitors had blatant mutations or "tells" that marked them as Terminus babies, mutants, magical beings, or what have you, though most of them were outwardly human. It is apparent that visitors from all ages and walks of life were anything from curious, to hopeful, to apprehensive, to something else entirely depending on the person you asked, as to just what this message of "the divinity of the superhuman" even was. The city had seen its fair share of self-styled gods with superpowers, as well as actual divine beings, more than a few of them supervillains and superheroes, so some people didn't know what to expect. In this town, you had to be prepared for anything. Even so, no one has actually started anything disruptive, yet at least. Many of them are currently waiting patiently, or perhaps impatiently, for the speakers to show themselves and make this whole thing worth their while. The entire event was fenced off, like a concert, from the rest of the park, though several openings in the fences were there, for some members of the staff to take admission money as more and more people waited in line to get in. The staff in question would be by far the most eye-catching of them all. Identified by their stereotypical hippie clothing, these were apparently members of the Super Freaks association, and some of them had blatant outward differences from the normal human form as well, like how one had butterfly wings, and how another looked like a giant horned humanoid tiger. Many of them were catering, setting up equipment, handing out flyers and schedules, or playing music on their instruments to entertain some of the bored children. With forty minutes until the start of the actual sermon, the heroes have some time to kill...
  5. Okay, everyone. I have my three participants: @Avenger Assembled - Comrade Frost @KnightDisciple - Thoughtspeed @Tiff - Scarab III I will let you guys know when I get the time to create OOC and IC threads.
  6. @Tiff, I was kinda thinking Voin Zhenschina (since she is apparently very spiritual), White Lioness (since her powers are spiritually granted to her by a renowned ancestor) or perhaps Scarab III (since, her bracelet is apparently connected to the Egyptian gods).
  7. Okay, so after a couple of days of thinking, I have officially decided that the Power Level should be PL 10/11 (can be either or, really, as long as the character is within those two Power Levels and no character feels "useless" in comparison to another), in the event that combat does come up.
  8. Well, Hypno-Hippie is PL 10. If it turns out to be a combat-oriented thing, PL 10 characters would be ideal. If it's just a social thing, you can bring whoever you want, really. Still trying to decide.
  9. A new, relatively unknown hero called Hypno-Hippie has recently arrived in Freedom City, and is looking to make her public debut by hosting a public Super Freaks sermon as a charity event. Fliers have been passed around, ads placed on what seems to be every single bus stop and lamppost in the city. Some heroes have been invited by the city as security detail in the event that something goes horribly, horrendously wrong, and a message like hers is bound to rub some people off the wrong way. I'm kinda hoping @Avenger Assembled could attend, because, since because it's his creation, I want to make sure I'm getting the real "spirit" and functionality of the group correctly. Also, I was planning on having the Third Eye, a Super Freaks-affiliated hero, attend. Other than that, I am hoping to have approximately two to three other players involved, at most. This will have been my very first time GMing using concrete rules, so some constructive criticism on the way would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, due to some things going on in real life, I sadly will not be able to create OOC and IC threads for this thing until, like, early to mid May. Until then, who all wants in?
  10. Hi. I finished @Blarghy's Leviathan fanart and I was wondering... is it okay if we could replace Leviathan's current image of ME2 Grunt with the piece of fan art I made for him? I kinda feel that the character deserves a more unique look, and Blarghy told me that I should make a request for that sort of thing here.
  11. @Ari Okay, I was thinking that for the transformation gizmo idea, if he ends up deciding to go through with it, I'd like for at at least two, up to four others to make their own Claremonter Brayger PCs. Either that, or we can have NPCs fill in the spots not taken by PCs. Thing is, it should be able to equal five, since the original team was five people. I understand that I probably need to be able to get permission from one of the higher-ups before using NPCs, of course.
  12. Okay, I have quite a few ideas. Here are some of them. Keep in mind these are just ideas I'm tossing around, though I would like to see a lot of these become "a thing" eventually. I'll list them by character... Hypno-Hippie: After Hypno-Hippie is more established as a known hero in Freedom City, wave after wave of SHADOW assassins could be sent after her for revenge for setting SHADOW's plans back. See her character page for details on what happened. She would rather not have others caught up in her problems, but since SHADOW is basically a terrorist organization with a massive hatred for the superheroes that stopped them before, it may be all but inevitable. I'd intended for it to be a bit more on the serious side. Hypno-Hippie decides to hold a public Super Freaks "sermon" as a part of a charity event, and some heroes have been asked, by her or otherwise, to come on over as security detail. Some actual members of the Super Freaks organization could be involved. It could either have a more militant member of the group using the gathering as an opportunity to further his/her plans, some protestors who see the Super Freaks as a dangerous cult, or some organization/supervillain that opposes the Super Freaks' ideology could disrupt things. Alternatively, the whole event could go swimmingly, with no disasters. Tonally kind of in the middle of the road. Brayger Blue (Sentai Claremont Student) The monster who killed Brayger Blue's team is in town and suddenly, he becomes totally revenge-obsessed when he finds out. Some of the others might need to restrain the normally cool-headed Brayger Blue from going off the deep end in pursuit of this killer. Serious tone preferred. On a whim, he decides to build other transformation devices to rebuild his old team, but with new members, since he was the old team's tech guy. People could either encourage him or convince him not to and move past what happened. Can be lighthearted or serious. Or, in a combination of the previous two, the previous team's killer has resurfaced and grown so powerful he/she is now in command of that evil army of monsters he/she belonged to, and it'll take four other, new Braygers to effectively fight them. Zords need not apply. Can be lighthearted or serious. Four other Claremont student PCs wanted, though if that is not possible, we can make do with two Claremont PCs and two student NPCs, or three Claremont PCs and just one NPC. The thing is that it must equal five. The General (Big Alien Bug General Formerly Known as Girugon) In time, the General gathers enough of a temporary army to retake his homeworld, since he used to be its Planet Hulk-style monarch before he was usurped by what essentially amounts to his Grand Vizier. He'll join up with resistance fighters led by his Hive-Queen, whom he ruled alongside, give a rousing speech, then lead them against the usurper's forces. Could very well end in the General challenging the usurper to gladiatorial combat. Epic in scope, with a huge, sweeping battle for the throne. Very serious tone. Could offer archaic weapons and close-quarters combat training to other PCs, as he tends to look down on people who aren't proven warriors. Ideally, it would go like how Jedi train their Padawans, but in a more drill sergeant-like manner. He'll teach those PCs the Art of War and the Art of the Warrior as he has survived countless battles and duels. Can be lighthearted or serious. His radioactive mutations are continuing, even mutating his biology to be able to lay eggs, becoming something of a brood-father, but not of sapients. These mutant Andromedans will be more like feral attack dogs he will direct and command. He will now be able create his own warriors, but the changes will not affect his performance as a warrior. Other PCs can react with fascination, concern, disgust, or what have you at the changes to his biology. A scientist may even examine his biology to monitor the changes. There's quite a bit more, but I think I've made this post bloated enough already.
  13. Yes, but I want to have the opportunity for my PCs to use their powers in some way, and I would think that the only way I can think of by that suggestion, in that using mind control and illusionary and sensory manipulation powers on civilians, even if the intention is to lead them away from the conflict, would be super unethical. But here is not the best place to have that kind of discussion. For now, let's focus on getting people involved in @Thunder King's event.