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Found 1,210 results

  1. January 17th, Evening time Freedom City, somewhere in the Northen parts, or thereabouts or so on... To the door of Lobisomem did come a stranger. Knocking, he came. The stranger was tall, and he was thin. But it was neither his excess of height nor his paucity of girth that defined him, no, it was not. The most striking feature about the stranger was his blood stained clothes. All bloody he was, from his brown shoes, up over his jacket, and even to the congealed blood on his head. "Let me in! Please, I need help!" he banged. "Please!" he banged louder. "There is something out there....coming to get me...." he said, louder still. Desperation powered his fist, and the knocks become some virulent in force, that they did surely threaten to crack bones in hand...
  2. GM Saturday, December 27th. 6:45 AM Mr. Landis did not mind being up this early. He was, after all, a morning person. He could not, speak for his students, or at least the ones he was taking to Parkside to do some volunteer (read: voluntold) work and clean up at the Park for detention. One of their days at least. There would be more, especially for Corinne and Cheri. The other two were members of the Brohort, the little super team filled with 'bros', Bombast (Robert Johnson) and Gains (Ryan Farrell), in similar velour tracksuits, and had occupied the back seat of the van as it trundled on their way. They were being uncharacteristically quiet. But then, Bombast was not a morning person. "I do hope everything goes smoothly today. We'll worry about lunch in a bit." Said as he was parking the van at spot close to their clean-up section.
  3. Claremont Academy Freedom City, New Jersey Wednesday January 17, 2018; 3:28 PM "Thank you for taking the time to come and meet with one of my students Giang." Callie Summers said as she walked down the hallway of a Jasmin Summers Administrative Building. Walking alongside the school headmistress was a twenty-two year old Asian woman with shoulder length black hair. Standing about five foot three, the young woman had a lithe build and moved with an easy grace. She was dressed in dark blue jeans and wore a jacket much to light for the cold weather outside, a red windbreaker with a Del Mar Lifeguards crest on the left front breast. "I am always pleased to help Headmistress." Giang Trang replied. "And it is always nice to have an opportunity visit once again." "So you will be finishing your degree this Spring correct? Settled on any plans for the future?" "Nothing definitive. There are a few offers for research projects I could work on for the short term. But I likely will take a bit of time off to visit Lord Zandar and his family in the Lost World, and likely spend a bit of time in Atlantis with Thaelia." "I trust those destinations were not choose just because they are beyond the reach of your father?" Headmistress Summers asked, glancing over at the young woman beside her. Giang gave a small smile. "No, although it is much easier to relax when one is not looking over their shoulder." She paused a moment and then asked, "so, is there something in particular you are hoping I can help Zhu with?" "Well, beyond just being a well-grounded, non-teacher young adult that she might feel more comfortable talking to and confiding in, she does have some confidence issues and has frozen up in stressful situations." "Not exactly uncommon for most teenagers, although here it is somewhat less so and certainly is a problem in situations many of us tend to end up in." Giang stated with a nod. The two continued to talk a bit more as they began descending down the building's central stairway. A short while later they arrived down in the main lobby of the building, where Zhu Xieng had been instructed to meet the pair. Quickly spotting the teenager, Headmistress Summers moved over toward her. "Good afternoon Miss Xieng, may I introduce one of our somewhat recent alumna, Giang Trang." Giang gave Zhu a small formal bow as she was introduced, along with a warm smile. The Asian young woman possessed something of a serene presence, combined with a casual confidence. <"I am pleased to meet you Xieng Zhu."> Giang said in Mandarin. The Mandarin style she used, along with her accent, was a bit formal, but perfect.
  4. 1/14/2018 Headmistress Office, Calremont Academy "So, how have you been settling in, Miss Xieng?" Miss Summers asked sitting behind the impressive wooden desk in her tastefully appointed office. Zhu smiled and nodded, "very well Headmistress. I like the school very much." "Excellent, that is something which we of course strive for. It's important that you both enjoy and learn. Believe me, the time will go fast and you may find very unique pressures which you have to face." As the third incarnation of the Raven she had first hand knowledge of what kind of pressures the young girl in front of her might encounter. Zhu was about to reply when a middle aged woman stepped in, "I am sorry for interrupting Miss Summers. However, your 10am is here. Mrs. Davydov and her son. Should I show them in." Miss Summers considered for a moment, "Alexa, would you be willing to do me a favor?" "Yes, ma'am. Of course," Zhu replied. "Excellent. We have a new student starting. I would like to discuss some things with Jack's mother in private. Would you be willing to show Jack around the campus?" Zhu paused, "I would... but I'm still very new here." Miss Summers laughed easily, "yes you are, but admin server you are currently monitoring has a map of the campus whic I'm sure you can find. Besides, it's Sunday and most students are still alseep I would imagine." Nodding, Zhu got up, her pleated skirt falling to her knees as she straightened her simple long sleeved top, "yes ma'am..." she said sheepishly as she had been peeking at some of the nearby computers. Smiling, Miss Summers continued, "let's just not make a habit of going places you shouldn't. Thank you Miss Xieng, I'm sure Mr. Davydov will be fine in your company. We'll talk again later to check on your progress." Stepping out of the office, she ran into a pair of legs. A very large pair of legs. Looking up she realized that it wasn't some kind of colossal leg statue, but they were connected to a person who loomed above her. She blinked a few times at the mountain of a boy before realizing that this must be Jack, craning her neck she gave him a smile, "oh! Sorry... I didn't see you. I'm not sure how I didn't. We're to take a tour of the facility... and... oh! I'm Alexa. Sorry. You have me out of sorts."
  5. Derendis, the City of the Grand Tributary Kolast They were leading one of the heretics through the town square. What she had done, Cavalier couldn't say. They had cast her in dirty cloth that he couldn't entirely say was clean on animal waste. Her head had been shaved bald, and her mouth was fitted with rusted iron. As far as he could guess, she might have tried dealing in one of the forbidden arts. Like making thunder from the stinking earth, or concocting potions that could drive out the so-called "invisible demons" that brought men to ruin. All men knew that ruin was the gods inflicting disfavor. Or calling the anointed home. One of the two, and you could never tell which was which. It was all the province of the gods. Cavalier drew up his cloak and tried to look away. Intervention would just raise a hell of a lot of questions - questions they could not spare. Questions that would eventually end in fire and restraints. They had a target to find. "You guys got anything on this 'Anointed of Olaya' yet?"
  6. Pilor II Along the outer length of the Perseus Arm, former Khanate Space Lor time mark 1753.1 [January 13, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] Liora Sylestrin, also known as the Praetorian Spectra, guided the sleek form of the Kavaca through the smoky atmosphere of Pilor II. The bleak rocky surface of the planet stretched out below the Praetorian spacecraft, spotted with rivers of lava that flowed up from below the surface. Located within the boundaries of a confederation of worlds that had remained independent from the Stellar Khanate following the Incursion and the return of Star Khan, Pilor II had become a focal point of industrial activity. Several newly formed corporations had been granted mining rights on the world, seeking to harvest the numerous precious minerals and ores to fuel the development of the confederation worlds. But recently some of those mining activities had been disrupted to such a degree that it had led to a request for assistance from the Praetorians. And so Spectra was piloting the Kavaca towards the Regulas Corporation's main facility on the world, along with her fellow Praetorians Moon-Moth and Cavalier. The facility had just come into view, a larger collection of attached buildings that stretched out on numerous pillars that kept them well above several lava rivers that flowed beneath. The Kavaca's sensors locked onto the landing beacon for the designated landing platform as they drew near.
  7. Signa System Towards the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1752.9 [January 12, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] The Signa system was located just out of the inner most edge of the Lor Republic. Its location, along with that of its neighbors, had long afforded it protection from the threats of the Grue Unity and the Stellar Khanate. This safety, and friendly relations with the Lor allowed those systems to flourish through peaceful cooperation and trade. When the Incursion had come and the Communion forces struck at the very center of Lor space, Signa and its neighbors found themselves suddenly on the forefront of the conflict. Their limited defense forces, even combined, were little match for the Communion, and it was only timely assistance by the Lor and other Coalition forces that prevented the sector from being completely overrun. As it was, several of Signa's neighboring systems were taken and cyberformed by the Communion, although large portions of their populations were evacuated to Signa and other neighboring systems. Once the Incursion was over, Signa continued to welcome its displaced neighbors as work began to try to undo the damage the Communion had done. Recently the system had been experiencing a rash of crimes committed by beings using supertech equipment. The local law enforcement had been unable to control the situation, so Signa’s representative to the Coalition Counsel had requested the assistance of the Praetorians. So now Traveller, Barrier, Hyperslice and Queenie were making their way along a corridor inside one of the orbiting cities above Signa Prime, the fifth planet from the large blue star at the center of the system. Large portions of the corridor were covered with translucent walls, which provided impressive views of the sprawling orbital city below, and the planet and star beyond. "I am so pleased for your assistance Praetorians." Stated Counselor Farrin in Gal Standard, the Signaian ambassador that had requested their assistance. Like all Signian natives, Counselor Farrin was a squat humanoid, covered with short dark brown fur. "A most vexing problem for our local law enforcement, but one that you should be able to handle."
  8. January 2018 Freedom City Great Bay Aquaria was alone tonight, resting on the shores of Great Bay as she looked up at the silent stars overhead. It was a holy night, a night of great alignments and portents - a night that in old days would have meant a hunt for a pod of dolphins or perhaps a great whale, and then a great feast to follow among all of the tribe. Given the time of year and her age, she'd have probably killed a beast herself, bathed in its guts beneath the light of the Moon, and fed scraps to the healthiest of her children. But instead she was alone tonight, several days swimming or more from the nearest Deep Ones, with the promise of her rubber and plastic bed at home when the morning came. She had a special mission tonight, a mission that required solitude. The alignments of this day would give power to all who sang the Names of the Gods Below or the creatures who dwelt in Sea of Stars - a power that on the Surface was usually taken by madmen and cultists, twisted creatures whose plans to summon avatars of Dagon and Hydra would only bring pain and suffering to gods and creatures alike. The blasphemers would take the names of the gods and use them in vain, and do nothing but bring contempt to every being like her. She was waiting in this sacred spot on the beach, a spot sanctified during the Archevil invasion before she'd even set foot on Freedom City's shores, for Surfacer cultists to arrive. If one did come, she had big plans, oh yes. Her armor was stored safely beneath her on the beach, cunningly buried beneath the sand - she squatted on her haunches before a fire she'd kindled, the light reflected in her great dark eyes, and began to sing in a bellowing, resonate bass, just loud enough that any creature on the beach would be sure to hear her.
  9. GM Southside, Freedom City, New Jersey Sunday April 6, 2014 10:14 PM It had been several months since Foreshadow had first gotten on the trail of a mysterious new underworld figure. That incident had suggested that this mysterious figure might have abilities similar to Foreshadows. In the intervening time, Foreshadow experienced difficulty in trying to track down the figure, all the while the mystery man began making moves to disrupt the criminal underworld in Southside. It had been less than 48 hours since Foreshadow had gone to an underground night club to speak with an arms dealer, Grigory Salnikov. Given the assassination attempt on Salnikov, the arms dealer had been willing to provide Foreshadow with information on one of his customers, the mysterious man behind the recent unrest in parts of the Southside criminal world. Salnikov had revealed that the mystery man Foreshadow had been chasing went by the name Foresight. While Salnikov could not confirm whether he had abilities similar to Foreshadow's, he did indicate that Foresight appeared to have an uncanny ability to predict events. Salnikov had also provided the address of a location used by Foresight to which the arms dealer had delivered shipments in the last couple of months. Given that Foreshadow had already encountered one super powered operative working for Foresight, as well as another that was at least highly trained, the costumed crime fighter had decided it might be time to even the odds some. So, as he sat on the roof of another warehouse, watching the location provided by Salnikov, he was joined by Dee Farrington, who also was Synapse of the UK superteam Vanguard. They had been in place about an hour, and thus far there had been very little activity within the warehouse. A couple of blocks way on the street… Harry Hound and Freddy Furlong pulled the Caddy to a halt on a dark street, looking over at an old warehouse a few blocks away. The two private detectives generally focused on cases within the Fens or the surrounding neighborhoods, but when Lucy Harker had given them info about a power struggle taking place in Southside between some unknown new underworld figure and the existing gangs that was leaving a trail of bodies, the two had agreed (reluctantly in Harry's case) to investigate the matter. It had taken a bit of work, and some "convincing" by Freddy, but the two had eventually gotten a lead to the warehouse that sat in front of them. According to their sources, the group that was muscling in on existing groups' turf was using the building to channel the illegal arms shipments that were fueling their takeover.
  10. Codex Immortus: Voin Zhenshchina Soho, London, 1961 Verily, 'twas a most pleasant summer evening, with long shadows from dusky red sun, and the air, in those days, was not quite so $£%" as it had been in years before or years hence. This was London, greatest city in the world. Home to the swinging sixties and everything most splendid that circled that decade of style and hedonism. Club Immortus, London, was the oldest of the Clubs, and arguably the most splendid. Paris had better food, Freedom City had better function. But the club in London had a lovely feel, of warm old wood, crackling fire, and musty smoke. The Library was full of wonderful old tomes, some extremely rare editions, and even some very dangerous eldritch texts that would threaten the brains of any reader. Mr. Murk had money and contacts everywhere. Operating from the shadows, he had tendrils in many pies. Much of it was due to hard work, grind, experience, and canny judgement, mixed with a true skill in making friends (or in some casing exerting leverage on useful enemies). His visions of the future had, of course, considerably helped. An invite had been sent to Voin Zhenshchina, for an evening drink. The Ministry of Powers had been most helpful in procuring this invite. Steak and wine, straight from Paris. Mr. Murk waited patiently in the dining hall, mulling over his Russian. A bit rusty, but still there.
  11. GM January 5, 2018 The winter weather wasn't exactly forgiving. Record lows and snowfall were a strain on everyone's patience in sone form or another, and nowhere was it more obvious than among people who worked for Freedom City's social services. Homeless shelters struggled to find room for everyone, from adults to runaways... The situation was taxing enough on everyone that no one really noticed when vacancies opened up. A bed here, a room there... no one questioned it; rather, they were thankful that someone else could be housed, and the fairest assumption was that the previous occupant had moved on. Transient population", they siad. Some people knew better. All Nathan Ratliff wanted to know was 'why'. A local volunteer and social worker, Nathan was well known among his peers for being a big-hearted busybody. So in late December when several runaways he'd been working with vanished, Nathan refusded to believe they'd simply packed up and gone somewhere else. A week later... Nathan didn't show up for work.
  12. 01/07/2018, Late evening Lincoln - Between Yin and Yang Convenience Store The Noreaster which had swept over Freedom City had slowed the torrential pulse of the city into something softer and more manageable. The streets, quiet on a Sunday night, were especially so with the foot of snow which had brought things to standstill. However, the city, and its heroes were quite used to the Eastern Seaboard weather, and things were already getting back to normal. The Yin and Yang Convenience Store was a relatively new establishment in the Asian dominated area of Lincoln, but had quickly gathered a patronage due to the warmth of it's older owners. They seemed to be able to really put customer first policies in place and managed to get a rather wide variety of ethnic produce and foods to stock the shelves. However, on this Sunday night, the only person in the store was Zhu, who was sitting behind the register reading a book on Practical Applied Mechanical Systems for one of her classes. Her parents had sacrificed much to get her to America and the Claremont academy and she did her best to help them out when she could. Sunday night was usually a good night for her to give them some well deserved time off while she minded the store. While the store was not in the best of area's, it wasn't as deadly as the Fen's and the routine patrols by police and heroes did a lot to keep crime down in the immediate area. It didn't help that there was a liquor store adjacent to them, but at least they had a nice metal grate over their windows to deter the criminal element from the block. Drumming her fingers on the counter, she was making notes as she read, the computer next to her seeming to dictate things nearly on it's own. Outside a plow rumbled through the streets and she looked at the blinking yellow lights as the faded down the major thoroughfare. With any luck, she'd be able to close up early and get back to her dorm. She had a new dance track she wanted to play for Lexa and get her opinion on it.
  13. HG Morrison

    Rush Hour

    GM Greatest Grabs Wading Way, Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 10:30 AM It had been a day since Alexa and Zhu had moved in together. And already the pair were making a run to Greatest Grabs to replace broken machinery from a night of enthusiastic experimenting. Greatest Grabs a high-end electronic store on the Wading Way with the appearance of a commercial establishment to draw in more patrons. Whether those patrons could actually afford their wares was another matter entirely. But, it was the time of the year for sales. At such affordable prices, even two high school students would have no trouble in making a purchase or two. Not alone to this line of thought the pair found themselves having to wade through a crowded store. Ending up in the stereo section purely by a matter of pedestrian congestion. A shove here, a push there, and their aisle was chosen for them.
  14. GM January 3rd, 2018, Soho, London, Club Immortus Dreadnought slept with his future brothers, deep and sound in an enchanted slumber, to wake in the new year of 2018 by Mr. Murk, who had most interesting news... Mr Murk brought coffee with him, as Dreadnought woke from his one hundred and sixty seven year slumber. He was surrounded by (now) at least ten sleeping Dreadnoughts, his future selves. The coffee was strong and black. "You may need this. Of course, caffeine might not work on you" said Mr. Murk, handing a bucket full of coffee to the immortal. "You awake in 2018. It seems the world has need of you, or more precisely, your team mate, Foreshadow" he explained, slowly and carefully, waiting for the enchanted slumber to seep away. "However, my vision is more cloudy on this. More cloudy than it should be, even within the strange fog that is the future. I sense...interference...manipulation..." he explained. "I think you might be needed...." Because, just then... Foreshadow, as a member of Vanguard, was being introduced to a Mr. Anton Vasilyev, ex-KGB intelligence officer. This meeting was beyond top secret. It was a private, secure room. Possibly bugged by the Ministry of Powers - but Foreshadow foresaw no such future. As far as he knew, via his foresight or skill, the room was secure. Of course, the ministry of intelligence would be pressing him to extract as much information as possible. "This room...its secure...yes?" asked Anton in fluent English. He must have been a good spy. Maybe he still was. A strong man of average height, non descript face bar a broken nose, and wearing unremarkable clothes. "What I need to tell you...its personal...about your family..." he explained. "Not really for others to know...."
  15. November 27th, Mid Morning Claremont Dormitory After meeting with the Dean, Alexa felt more at ease. She had a schedule as well as a room assignment, which while she loved new experiences, order was much preferable to chaos. Of course, she was wheeling a mostly broken suitcase with the remnants of her things, courtesy of a less than mindful speedster. The vaporized silicon components likely were ground into most of her things, but even that was just another problem to deal with. She was here; Claremont. It was now official and she could relax just a little bit before whomever the school had assigned to her as a roommate. She opened the door to her room and looked at the small, but orderly room. Two single beds twined with matching desks and small shelving units dominated most of the space. The carpet was soft and clean and the walls a pleasantly neutral color. What was nice was the wood trim and furniture which was something that was rare in China, although it certainly was more common here from what she could tell. Still, it added a touch of warmth to the space which was nice and made it feel more lived in even though nothing was there. She thought briefly on waiting to see if anyone showed up before unpacking and essentially choosing a side. However, her patience wore thin after a few seconds and she forced open the battered suitcase and began to unpack on the left side of the room. It was a shame that washing was going to have to be done already, but that was more than outweighed by the excitement of meeting all of the very special people that seemed to go to school here.
  16. GM 1st January, 2018, 4.45PM Emerald City, Oregon, United States of America, Earth-Prime By the time everyone was where they had to be, night was already fallen. For those used to rising with the eastern Sun and seeing it vanish behind the distant western mountains, it was a faint shock to see that old stalwart's final moments, dragged slowly into the cold, grey mists of the Pacific. In its place a vibrant silver supermoon glared down, stark light reflected from the agless stone mirror. The world was light and shadow, the forbidding mass of the Elysian Forest brooding just beyond the flashing police lights and the searchlights of the near-noiseless choppers and drones hovering overhead. By comparison, the horror show that had burst into being that morning was a comforting reminder of normalcy. Never a very large building, or more than meekly grand, Bethlehem Heights Mental Hospital & Historical Society crouched atop its high and lonely hill like a forgotten child of the gleaming silver-green metropolis just a mile away. What remained of its classic Young Victorian design was covered in spiked and grisly chains that gleamed in the ruddy light spilling from the occluded windows. Only its front door was open, and then just a crack, revealing nothing. If you listened, very hard, the sea breeze coming in off the bay sounded remarkably like you were shrieking in purest agony. At 7.28AM, Pacific time, Mayor Amanda Talbot had made a general call for assistance on national television, radio and internet channels. The directness and candor of it had been a surprise, referring to a "deadly paranormal entity" that "has already claimed the lives of twelve dear friends in the Emerald City Police Department." Usually, you couldn't even get a straight answer about where all the homeless people kept vanishing to. Captain David Wrath, sweaty and wide-eyed, greeted them at the edge of the police cordon, stepping through the simple holographic "tape" to give them a fervent handshake. He was a big man, built like a bison with a mustache like a square bracket, but at that time under that cold cosmic stare, he looked as small as could be. "Wrath, ECPD, do you know what this is?" He pointed one brawny arm covered in carbon fiber armor at the dismal thing silhouetting dozens of officers in the blue and green of Columbia's Keenest. The low brick wall that wouldn't keep out a determined cat was more than enough of a barrier for the people milling behind it. "That place took twenty of us before we pulled back at 5 this morning. They walked in, and...just vanished. Not even a scream over the radio. Gone." Wiping his steaming forehead to spread the sweat more evenly, the police captain said "Tried to scan through the walls, blew out the truck. Tried to use echodrones to get a sonic picture, shot the waves back so hard they shattered the things. Please, if you can figure out anything..." he shook his head "I can't go tell Mitsy Shin's not coming back and I don't know why. Even if it's demons or something, I gotta know."
  17. January 3rd, 2018 Dorm Room, Claremont Alexa sat in her room scanning through her YouTube channel at some of the comments. Her fingers did not grace the keyboard even as the screen scrolled and flicked from topic to topic. When she had been in Shanghai, her presence on her channel had been constant as her schoolwork had barely occupied a fraction of her time. Yet, with the move and transition to Claremont and her work to assimilate into American society she had barely put out anything in the past couple of months. While the comments on her work were positive, there was an undercurrent of restlessness from the posters wondering if she had dropped the channel or not. "Zhu, you need to post more!" "Where have you gone? We miss your stuff!" Of course there were some of the more rude and crude posts, but she had learned long ago to filter them out. The inevitable crude propositions and inarticulate rage that the internet seemed rife with were taken care of with a reasonably good set of filters. Still, she missed producing videos and now that she was feeling a little more settled in, the urge to create had crept back up on her. The question always was what to make this time? She was known for her special effects and short films with elaborate sets. Ideas were always the hardest part, but once she had one, then she could start laying the groundwork for it. Jumping off her own channel, she started to scan the news, looking both at current and past events. Thankfully, Freedom City had more than enough colorful material for her to look through and she was soon awash in photos of epic struggles and colorful heroes. As she was scanning she paused on a story about an Olympian hero, Scion. Reading through it she grinned as an idea for a short came to mind. She could practically picture the set with sweeping Greek architecture and who wouldn't want to do immortal special effects. Right! Idea found, now to find a leading lady. She didn't think that anyone would really want to see a comically underage Chinese girl play the part, so starring in it herself was out of the question. She didn't have the money to hire a professional, but probably could get some funds for an amateur. Especially someone who might be looking for some supplementary income. Grinning, she started a scan across social media outlets searching for someone who would have the right looks. Her ability to work the computer without having to operate it manually was a godsend as images and threads blazed by across the screen. Suddenly one paused and she gave it a good look. The woman, Moira Morley, had a face that would really suit the Greek Goddess part... well with a little post processing at least. She wasn't a professional and worked at a bar in the West End. That was about as perfect as it was going to get. Hopefully she would want the money and perhaps some exposure! To: Moira.Morley@morleyspub.com From: Zhu.Xieng@gmail.com Subject: Hi! Would you like to star in a movie? Hello, I know this is really kind of random, but I produce YouTube short movies and have been looking for someone to feature in my latest one. You have a perfect look for what I want to do and was wondering if you might be willing to spend a couple of afternoons to star in my film. I'm a student at Claremont but have some money to pay you as well as a successful channel. While the money wouldn't be great, if you are at all interested in acting, the exposure would be pretty good. I would love to meet with you and show you my work and talk over the possibility of you working with me. Sincerely, Alexa Xieng
  18. GM 11:00PM The Fens Freedom City, New Jersey, United States Thursday, January 11th 2018 Moe had drawn a lucky lot in working the closing shift at Joe's. The past forty minutes had been dedicated to cleaning up the inside of the diner essentially by her lonesome. With two trash bags in hand, she made her way to the alley just about ready to finish her shift. That was when she heard the scream. It was high pitched and definitely attention-grabbing. The Drunk Tank was essentially a college bar. And the sole reason students attending Freedom College would travel as a group into the Fens without being part of some sort of alternative school club. The bar was actually a remodeled jail, whose design still leaned heavily on its law enforcement roots. In some way a testament to the feelings of law and order in the Fens. Whatever the case may be on this particular night Captain Anabelle Flint found herself engaged in the middle of a drinking contest with a 200 lb. college football player when she heard the blood-curdling scream.
  19. GM Iridium Shore Gerivan, Volash Lor time mark 1484.1 [January 2nd (Terran Calendar)] Once again, the Voidrunners had found themselves acting as freelancers. Their recent individual successes let to an offered commission as professional privateers for the Lor. Which was promptly turned down. The news of the refusal led to their latest job offer from the man who taught Roulette everything he knew about surviving in space. But, they were not alone as the Praetorians had sent two envoys along to the meeting. General Almasi of the Stellar Khanate was one Kinan Khan's many "trusted" officers. The former captain of a band of Khanate Pirates, Star Khan conquered his crew and took the pirate under his control. Breaking and bending the man under his iron fist, one of many. But, after the Incursion as Kinan's heirs began squabbling for control of their father's territory, Amalsi's true loyalties revealed themselves. The former general starting his own campaign to take control of what was left of the Khanate. The Zultasian general was in his late 50's, dark indigo colored skin and greying silver hair that ran down to his waist. His left eye was covered by a cybernetic eyepatch that appeared as if were bolted on to his flesh. His right hand was missing, albeit safely protected behind the cover of the bright yellow Zultasian warsuit that he was wearing. The suit itself was heavily scarred with obvious signs that many pieces had been hastily replaced by other discarded armors. Amalsi's reputation for ruthlessness implied that the Khanate revolutionary would not drastically change the empire's culture. However, his deeds with the Coalition and expressed goals for at least some continued relations with the Lor made him sound almost trustworthy. The meeting place was inside a VIP room of the infamous Irridium Shore. Gerivan's finest casino and home to all manner of the worst dregs the Lor had to offer.
  20. 27 December, 2017. 432PM. Damien looked in the refrigerator. It was his turn to cook. It was always his turn to cook. Paying off the debt of living with his friend in a nice area of town. Luckily, Austin Sinclair - the founder of the feast, so to speak - kept a fully stocked kitchen. Tonight's menu was simple. Mushroom-stuffed Pork Tenderloins. Luckily for Damien, dead things didn't show any patterns. He thought about being a vegetarian for a while. The patterns showed him really messed up things, not just humans. Animals too! He just didn't understand animal biology that much. As Damien began to prep the ingredients, he smelled burning. Looking outside, somehow (he had some educated guesses how) the building across the street was at 3 alarm blaze. He scanned... yeah, there were people still in there. Dinner was going to be late. Austin knew of Damien's engagements outside of cooking and school. Didn't make him any less hungry. Damien dropped his shirt and pants to reveal the morphic molecules costume he wore under it. Pulling over the mask Damien was now Power. As quick as he could, he rushed outside to hear the fire trucks coming. He had to get in an rescue those people. Luckily his body repaired itself fast enough to avoid some of the fire. Hopefully he could get some people to safety!
  21. Earth K-Eldritch-5, Geloyra. The people of this Earth live by a loose set of morals, but there are heroes. And some of them are actually OK people. Oh, they'll save you, but you'll pay them for it somehow. Almost all believe in the reward for a job well done. Almost all believe in leaving a swath of bodies in their wake and taking the 'stuff' from said bodies. They'll return to small villages and towns to spend their rewards on alcohol and companionship. Gorth, a marauder. He wields a giant ax with the rage and fury of a demon. He speaks very little words that don't involve the name of his ax and his clan. Hysti, a chaos witch. A comely maiden who's lot in life is to get everything through her physical wiles or, if that fails, her magic. Barron, a thief. Like his trade implies, he will steal anything that isn't bolted down. And you most likely won't see him do it. Windleaf, a shaman. Turns into owls and trees and humanoid hybrids of those to heal and protect the others. The least bloodthirsty. Oh, she'll kill, no problem, but she goes down the path of least resistance. Who are these people? They call themselves the Squires of Avalon. They've made a name for themselves. Minstrels sing of their deeds far and wide. They're not quite legends, but everyone has at least heard of them on their earth. Right now they are planning the end of an epic adventure that will take them to another dimension to find the evil wizard Evadsrednas! Once they have his head on a pike, they will return to the kingdom of Autumnal and receive their rewards. Earth-Prime. Freedom City. 632PM. Friday. Near Federal Plaza. It's just another cold January day. A week or two ago, the world came to 2018 peacefully. Business has slowed to a crawl in the busiest part of town. But people still believe in commerce, the businesses thrive! But there are other reasons to be here. Mr. Murk has received a premonition that there will be a massive dying around this place at this time. He searches for answers to how and why. As if to answer the immortal's query, a giant red portal opened up. If the ancient neanderthal could see what came out of it, he's see a tall mountain of a man with sun darkened skin carrying a large ax on his shoulder, wearing nary but a loincloth made of a lion. A woman so beautiful that both man and women stop and stare. She's dressed in a revealing robe made of red and purple silks. A short man - a child maybe? - dressed in black leather armor, his hands resting on two of the multiple daggers on his person. And a woman with long sharp ears and a wearily expression, wearing a dress made of withered fallen leaves. "This, this place," the leaf-wearing woman speaks with a troubled ton and a valley accent, "its the right place. The connection to the world is greatly diminished!" "Don't worry, Leafy," the short guy said merrily with a British ganger accent, "we ain't gunna be here that long, luv. An' maybe we'll get some weird shyte that we can take back? Countin on it!" The silken robed woman looked to the gathering crowd, she smiled and giggled before making a snowman out of nowhere and having her and it dance for them. The muscle beast growled harshly, "less talk. Less play. Find Evas- Every-... Gods damned wizard." He looked to the robed woman, "talk, not dance!" The silken robed woman rolled her eyes at the wall of meat. Making the snowman disappear. "excuse me, excuse me," she addressed the crowd, her voice sounded French accented, "where would we find your tower of wizards? We are looking for Evadsrednas Do you know of him?"
  22. GM London, 1850, Winter...the Offices of Mr. Ebenezer Fiddle, Lawyer... An interlude from London Calling to discuss philosophy and such like and so forth... "Unngh..." groaned Mr. Fiddle, his burnt arm draped in cold wet bandages, the Laudanum having finally kicked in. "Don't mind me, please..." he mumbled at Dreadnought and Mr. Murk (whom had kindly tended to him. He might be blind, but he knew his way around the offices most well, and was tender in giving care). "Please help your selves to brandy...I know I will..." he said, floating between nearly awake and nearly asleep, and hoping Brandy might provide further relief from his injury. Mr. Murk sat down with Dreadnought, although the giant of Liverpool (or Norwegian troll, depending on which gossip one was inclined to believe) could of course not sit on any furniture. At least the floor had nice rugs. Indian, if Dreadnought were to guess. Mr, Murk himself had a brandy although only sipped it, savouring its taste rather than devouring its alcohol. "I don't think I have ever met anyone quite like you sir" he said, quite blind but seeming to look at Dreadnought nonetheless. "And that is saying something I rarely say these days. I might wonder that you have only told me selected elements of your story?" he asked, politely and warmly. "I don't know if you would care to regale me with more refinement?"
  23. Supercape

    Dry Run (IC)

    GM Dec 1st, Under a midday sun of surprising warmth and fury... The dusty town of Meddy, Arizona... Was indeed dusty and warm. It was in the low twenties, and the Saguaro of the Sonoran desert bathed in a clear light. Why anyone had tried to set up a settlement here was almost beyond comprehension, but the little town of Meddy, almost deserted, was still some how alive (if on life support). It seemed to live off old native Indians selling trinkets, biker gangs, and its central building "Wildheart", which could not quite decide if it was a gambling den or a strip joint, and had lurched around trying to be both. But the gun runner Flare was not at Wildheart. She was on a dusty road to the north of Meddy, a few miles out, in an open topped car. She had largely recovered from the beating she had received from Spitfire and Bird of Arms A month ago, although still had a plaster across her nose. Despite her red hair, she was deeply tanned, wearing mirrored black glasses, a black crop top (which was extremely conservative when it came to amount of textile, and extremely unconservative when it came to skin shown), and black jeans, barefoot, and listening to some strange jazz-metal fusion on loudspeaker. And despite the beating (and to her vexation), she was here to help Spitfire and Bird of Arms catch the Happy man. Her partner, Snowbird, had agreed to do so. Flare was not sure that was a good thing to do, but on the other hand, she was tight with Snowbird, and wouldn't let her partner down. She just didn't like it. She checked her watch again... How long do I have to wait for those idiots? she sighed to herself.
  24. It wasn't quite Christmas, but it was close. In another city, maybe Noemi would be at home, on vacation. ...But probably not. There was always someone trying to call a cab, and if the rest of them were led by people like Easy Steve, it was difficult to imagine them letting their drivers' loose at gunpoint. In the grand scheme of things, though, it wasn't too terrible a night to work, considering they were doing it in Bedlam. The sun had dipped over the horizon some time ago—which said less about the lateness of the hour and more about Winter's early nights—and a crowd of buzzed and deeply stressed young women had piled into the back to escape from some seedy watering hole downtown to the relative safety of home in Wolverton. Alert! Alert! SLAVE's script ran across Noemi's vision. Receiving signal from Soviet agents! Confir— Then it stopped and vanished, leaving the message incomplete. Naomi's vision quaked and distorted, like an old CRT on the fritz. Code started running quickly over her vision, bits of jargon and code flying past, making it harder to keep a good her eyes on the road. Then, text began to type again, in the same manner of SLAVE. But it wasn't quite the same... EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION RECEIVED HANDSHAKE PROTOCOL COMPLETE ALLIED AGENT ID #3914 CONFIRMED VERIFYING AGAINST INTERNAL DATABASE . . . VERIFYING . . . VERIFYING . . . VERIFIED. INITIALIZING PROTOCOL 502481BA0RAT MANUAL OVERRIDE - ENGAGE
  25. Sanna was to be enrolled in Claremont, of course, but it was too late to start. Ultimately, inserting her into December classes would disrupt too much for too little gain. It would have to wait until January. She could live in the dorms and wait. Not that the short reprieve was not appreciated, but all the same, there wasn't much to do. The first few days were well spent, as Sanna became acquainted with her room, shook hands with the knob, asked the window what it had seen, admired the wall's secrecy, but it wasn't long before her room had revealed all its secrets. Eventually, she decided that she wanted to meet some books. The Antiquarian had kept his books almost as securely locked up as his creatures and Sanna had never gotten a chance to touch his books, nevermind talk to them. Their library seemed nice enough, though Sanna didn't really have context to understand exactly HOW good it was. She couldn't ready any of the human letting on their spines, so Sanna simply picked one at random and sat down. She fell easily into a chair, letting two hands fall, relaxed on the arm of the chair while she held the book up with the other two. Hello, friend. I have heard that you are a book. Is that true? She closed the book and stared at the cover. What do you mean? You can tell me. Her expression turned stricken. She let her hand rest affectionately on the book and shook her head. That's terrible!