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Found 9 results

  1. GM FCU Campus 3PM, January 6th, 2021 It had been a normal day for Jennifer. Which meant classes. Lots of classes. While leaving the final class of the day, she had been joined by the professor, one Martin Stillwell. He was a relatively new teacher at the campus, having taken over Jennifer's Computer Forensics class just a few months ago. He was somewhere in the early thirties, with short black hair. He was supposed to be something of a genius in his field. He pocketed his small round glasses as they left the building, heading out into the campus proper.
  2. Freedom City University Campus The North End, Freedom City, New Jersey Friday March 20, 2020, 12:24 PM The main quad of the FCU campus was more crowded that it had been in some months. But it was of little surprise that so many students had taken the opportunity to get outside for a bit in the middle of the day. The temperature had reached in the high-60s on this bright sunny day, though was supposed to drop overnight. Casey Blankenship was seated with several of her sorority sisters at a spot toward the center of the quad. Several of Casey's friends where ch
  3. PI EPSILON DELTA Alpha Chapter, FCU Founded: October 27th, 1905 (Freedom City University, Freedom City, NJ) Sorority Type: Social Emphasis: Traditional Values and Sisterhood Scope: National Motto: Patebit Tum Quod Latuit That Which Is Hidden Shall Be Revealed Colors: Blue and White Symbol: Tower Flower: Evening Primrose Jewel: Moonstone Publication: The Tower Philanthropy: Various and extensive Chapters: 50 Mascot: Owl: Wisdom and strength Alpha Chapter Senior Officers: Rivian
  4. OOC thread for this thread. Will all of Smash's dreams die?! @Thunder King @Thogphog
  5. October 2nd, 2017, 2.17PM Freedom City University, North End, Freedom City, New Jersey, USA Reinstein Hall "So is of the case! Thank Marssaulize Benjawan for hadbringing us to that 'tention! Envirolonament and is...primary determiner of what morals you got!" Professor Sullivan Mash, PHD of medical ethics, simmered behind his desk. His bulky brown suit bulged with the steely muscles beneath, the sweat standing out on his shiny grey head beading under the harsh lights of the auditorium-style classroom, intersected with stark black lines of tattoos
  6. This is just a general interest thread. Casey Blankenship (aka Miracle Girl) with be entering the Journalism program at FCU, probably starting next month; I just wanted to get an idea if there are any other FCU students among our ranks. I've also considered the possibility of her joining a sorority (probably the same one her mom belonged to), which could be fun, horrific or both.
  7. With the winter break over, a large portion of Trevor Hunter's time was once again being taken up by classes at Freedom City University. The bulk of his classes for the new semester were theoretical studies that had little chance of capturing his attention fully, since he'd had opportunity to put most of the principles being taught into practice in his alter-ego as the second Midnight. The dark haired young man wasn't adverse to restudying fundamentals and the course work's exercises were worthwhile, but he found it easy enough to split his focus while taking in a lecture. Telepathic communica
  8. As the afternoon of October 31st gave way to evening, Ellie Espadas shoved one more secondhand textbook into a protesting messenger bag before slinging it over her shoulder and starting down the stairs of the classroom's tiered seating toward the exit. The premed student supposed she appreciated her professor's well meaning attempts to make the lecture festive but there was only so much one could do to make pathology significantly more ghoulish. "Well, that was especially disgusting," a less generous voice quipped from just behind her as a fellow student with long, chestnut hair bounded down
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