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Found 11 results

  1. OOC thread for this thread. A strange visitor from another planet is here to turn us all into were-jaguars, and it's all Max Mars' fault! @Heritage @Tiffany Korta
  2. GM April 20th, Wednesday, 2022, 11.30AM Guthrie Gallery of Energy Innovations, Freedom City University, Freedom City, USA Adorning the Gallery's entrances were banners inviting readers to "SEE THE FLYING ALIEN PYRAMID!", strategically augmented with "Free food!", "Live music!" and "Meet Max Mars!" Whatever else could be said about him, in this case all those things were true. Inside was an extravaganza of Max Mars' usual levels. The austere and functional layout of the Guthrie Gallery, a rotating exhibition of various energy sources from steam engines to a replica Omegadrone Power Pike, was coated in glitz and excess. On one stage, up-and-coming rock sensation Frank Larrabee sang about the misty forests and mountains of his hometown, Emerald City, and of the unsolved mysteries they hid from wondering eyes. On another, acoustically-isolated from the rock balladeer, metal band Spydor acted out the War of Taranok and Scorvicious, and on a third pop idol Silvia "Silver" Moon and the Moonlites danced through a confrontation with hereditary illness and the stigma against the chronically-ill. The technology making it possible for all three acts to be on at the same time without their performances interfering had its own mini-exhibit, replete with attractive salespersons. Booths pertaining to other recent inventions, including the Phobos V utility-phone, and advertising positions within MarsTech itself, packed the halls. The free food ranged from buffet-style steam trays to onigiri to fresh-baked pretzels, in quantities sufficient to feed even a crowd of university students and guests with families. And in the center, visible from all the arms of the Gallery, was the huge floating, pulsing nightmare of metal and stone that was the alien pyramid. A suite of technicians kept a careful eye on read-outs behind the cordon set up around the pyramid itself, a cordon guarded by smiling and uniformed representatives of Brande Mangement, a company so mysterious that all anyone really knew about it was that it hired superhumans as security personnel. In the shadow of all this, Max Mars, standing proud in his five-nothing frame cloaked in a resplendant red suit, held court and eagerly explained what the strange machine was and its ramifications. The crowd that had gathered filtered in and out, kept up to date everywhere in the Gallery on Max's endless patter through the P.A. system. "This is better than gold, folks! A working alien spacecraft! If you think anti-gravity is for your grandkids, you're in for a shock! With this baby we've picked out planets NASA wouldn't have found for another 80 years, at least! A food replicator, a database of languages we've barely begun to scan, and this ain't even it's full size! Before we dug it up, the people in that Mexican village thought it was just another hill! This is our ticket to the stars, people! Without having to wait until Americatech deigns to grace us with the answers, we'll make our own!" That last hit more of a sour note with the Freedom City crowd than it might have back on the West Coast. But Mars' other words, and the various gizmos around the central hall demonstrating the applications of this alien super-tech, left a much more positive impression. "And best of all!" Max's grin seemed barely able to fit on his red-bearded face, "We've found the space jockey who piloted this thing! He's been trapped inside, for thousands of years, and you'll be here when he says his first words to us! So stick around, folks, enjoy yourslelves, and get ready for an outta-this-world encounter!"
  3. GM FCU Campus 3PM, January 6th, 2021 It had been a normal day for Jennifer. Which meant classes. Lots of classes. While leaving the final class of the day, she had been joined by the professor, one Martin Stillwell. He was a relatively new teacher at the campus, having taken over Jennifer's Computer Forensics class just a few months ago. He was somewhere in the early thirties, with short black hair. He was supposed to be something of a genius in his field. He pocketed his small round glasses as they left the building, heading out into the campus proper. The afternoon sky was starting to grow darker, with grey clouds hanging overhead. The forecast had the possibility of snow, but nothing so far. Stillwell was silent for a short while as they headed in the same direction, before finally speaking. "So, what do you want to do after your studies are finished? Any specific field you're hoping to enter?"
  4. Freedom City University Campus The North End, Freedom City, New Jersey Friday March 20, 2020, 12:24 PM The main quad of the FCU campus was more crowded that it had been in some months. But it was of little surprise that so many students had taken the opportunity to get outside for a bit in the middle of the day. The temperature had reached in the high-60s on this bright sunny day, though was supposed to drop overnight. Casey Blankenship was seated with several of her sorority sisters at a spot toward the center of the quad. Several of Casey's friends where chatting about how great that the weather would soon be getting warmer and discussing possible plans for renting a place somewhere along the Jersey Shore for Spring Break. Elsewhere on the quad, Nicholas Starkey emerged from the Student Union Building, his lunch in hand as he began scanning the quad for an open spot to eat, or a friendly face to join for lunch.
  5. PI EPSILON DELTA Alpha Chapter, FCU Founded: October 27th, 1905 (Freedom City University, Freedom City, NJ) Sorority Type: Social Emphasis: Traditional Values and Sisterhood Scope: National Motto: Patebit Tum Quod Latuit That Which Is Hidden Shall Be Revealed Colors: Blue and White Symbol: Tower Flower: Evening Primrose Jewel: Moonstone Publication: The Tower Philanthropy: Various and extensive Chapters: 50 Mascot: Owl: Wisdom and strength Alpha Chapter Senior Officers: Rivian St. Clair, President Janine Maitland, Vice President Isabella Vasquez, Secretary Class of 2021, West Gables Housing Unit: Casey Blankenship, Journalism. Casey is an athletic blonde from Colorado. A former Girl Scout, she's very outdoorsy and into environmental causes. Caucasian. Lola Carbone, Engineering. A very out lesbian from Boston, came to FCU on a basketball scholarship. Very direct and to the point, but fun-loving. Caucasian. Crystal Henshaw, Psychology. Very open and expressive, but easily overwhelmed by negativity. Originally from Cleveland, OH. African-American. Stephanie Kowalski, Political Science. A complicated girl from a well-connected family in Philadelphia. Loves chess and video games, also a former Girl Scout. Caucasian. Darlene Lampwick, Pre-Law. A flirty Southern belle from Atlanta, third generation Legacy. Outgoing blonde who is smarter than she looks. Caucasian. Elizabeth Scanlon, Pre-Med. A borderline Goth from Jersey City with a morbid sense of humor. Kinda gross. Likes to be called ‘Scanner’ for some weird reason. Caucasian. May Yuen, Economics. Comes from a wealthy family in Arlington, VA. Very driven and success-oriented, doesn't socialize much. Chinese-American. West Gables Room Key: A: Lola and Stephanie’s Room. Small room at the end of the hall, with two closets. Steph doesn't use the desk here because it's too small; instead, she set up her custom PC in the Quiet Study Area (Room B). Lola has set up a chin-up bar in her closet, just inside the room; she also put a Nerf basketball hoop across from her bed. B: Quiet Study Area. Features two desks (one of which has been permanently claimed by Steph), well-stocked bookshelves and four leather reading chairs. Cozy. ? Darlene and May's Room. Cleanest room on the floor, fairly girly in terms of décor. Both closets are full of expensive, fashionable clothes. Darlene and May spend very little time here; the former is typically out socializing, the latter at the library studying. ?Common Room. The ‘living room’ of the West Gables, with two leather sofas, a coffee table, a wall-mounted flatscreen TV and three game systems (the latest PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo models). There's also a small dorm fridge and microwave. Always smells of nachos, ramen or microwave popcorn. E: Crystal and Elizabeth's Room. Two girls, one closet; not a great situation. This room has a split personality, one half clean and pleasant, the other dank and hostile, and the ‘dank side’ is winning. ‘Scanner’ rarely leaves her room, leaving the non-confrontational Crystal to wander around the rest of housing unit. F: Showers. The windows here look over the courtyard, but the glass is all frosted for privacy. Always slightly funky, despite the best efforts of the house cleaning staff. G: Bathroom. Eight young women sharing one communal bathroom makes for a lot of chaos, especially on Friday or Saturday nights. There's a locked closet of some kind on the right hand wall, but no one knows where the key is at the moment. The windows are also frosted in here. H: Stairwell. A beautiful old stairwell rises up the whole height of the chapter house, topped with an elegant stained glass dome. A vintage elevator, with sliding metal gate and brass fixtures, allows students to ride with comfort. I: Main Hallway. The hallways are all carpeted to minimize noise on the floor at night. Pictures of former ‘Pis’ from decades past line the walls, laughing, singing or marching in long-forgotten protests, creating a sense of nostalgia and/or melancholy in the more sensitive. J: Casey's Room. A very tidy room, with only one bed occupied. The walls are covered with maps of national parks, nature photography and images of planes. There is also a highly-detailed FAA map of the area around Freedom City, with all airports and flight paths clearly marked. The desk and dresser are encrusted with various bits of Girl Scouts memorabilia. K: Kitchen. A well-stocked food preparation area, with two full stoves, two full-sized fridges, two microwaves and a large double sink. There's plenty of counter space, a small table with three chairs, and two vending machines, one for drinks, the other for snacks. An espresso machine and coffee maker make this a busy area on weekday mornings. Also used as an alternate ‘hang out’ space. L: Dining Hall. A large communal dining area with long tables right out of Hogwarts. Sometimes used as an alternate study area. The gas fireplace still works, which is a good thing, because the old tile floor is always freezing. M: Fire Door: Opening this door sets off the fire alarm; beyond it is a disused ballroom, various storerooms and ultimately the East Gables housing unit.
  6. OOC thread for this thread. Will all of Smash's dreams die?! @Thunder King @Thogphog
  7. October 2nd, 2017, 2.17PM Freedom City University, North End, Freedom City, New Jersey, USA Reinstein Hall "So is of the case! Thank Marssaulize Benjawan for hadbringing us to that 'tention! Envirolonament and is...primary determiner of what morals you got!" Professor Sullivan Mash, PHD of medical ethics, simmered behind his desk. His bulky brown suit bulged with the steely muscles beneath, the sweat standing out on his shiny grey head beading under the harsh lights of the auditorium-style classroom, intersected with stark black lines of tattoos. From one ear dangled a ring of gold that would have been a good bracelet on a smaller man, which brought out his pitch-black eyes. "Sully" had no indoor voice to begin with and had a keen appreciation for the dangers of letting the students in the back down by softening his words for those up front. So while, as ever, his class was jam-packed, there was none of the sotto voce chattering and whispered conversation Mali was used to from last year. 'Professor Smash' had a keen eye on top of his cannon-like voice, and did not suffer inattention no matter how gifted his pupils. Ripping a cloth rag from his pocket to soak on his streaming face, Sullivan gesticulated wildly with the other hand as he resumed "So bad in truck! You got carpstruption! You got haberdasher, you even got dovement inftraference! But people loves in your hands, tomorrow we examine-" he squinted at the ceiling like he was trying to burn holes in it "-im-pact of Cold-War-Ol-ym-pics on -mod-ern sports! Pegs three-fuddy to four-hundred-twelve!" He spun on his heel and slammed his grey fist onto the granite desk with a shattering THUD "Bye! Second trussed next woke! See me if you probs!" Like a dam had burst, the students sprang into action, the low hubbub of exits and entrances in education buzzing to life. A few of the students at the front took out ear plugs, looking faintly shaken. The ones who were known to take the most accurate notes were already being accosted by the rest who couldn't begin to make out what Professor Mash was saying. The lectures so far hadn't been strictly necessary, most of the material was already in the book. But piecing together the erratic mind of their teacher was always a must for those who wanted an edge. "Mali!" the word cracked out like a whip, Professor Mash pointing directly at the young woman "See more in orifice! Have fedback on lats paper!" Several of the those around Mali shot her sympathetic looks. Even if it was all good, being in enclosed spaces with Sullivan could be harrowing. elsewhere Ravenna Blackwood was a tall, cool glass of stout, handsome despite the years she carried on her elegant shoulders and aristocratic face lined with cares. She dressed well, but not with an aim to dazzle or impose, a simple sweater of dark blue and crepe pants still worth more than all the clothes Jon had ever owned. A silver necklace bearing a single dark opal glimmered around her slender neck, framed by her long, thick black mane. She'd called Jon there for a job, explaining over the phone that it was a delicate, sensitive matter that required the utmost caution and discretion. So she had brought him to an upscale club in North End, gotten them a private alcove, and told her sad tale. With a sigh, Ravenna set down her glass, untasted, and fixed Jon with her tawny eyes: "There is a supervillain working at the university. My ward attends his classes. I want him exposed and...removed." In the dark of the corner, her eyes almost seemed to glow. "Can you do this?"
  8. This is just a general interest thread. Casey Blankenship (aka Miracle Girl) with be entering the Journalism program at FCU, probably starting next month; I just wanted to get an idea if there are any other FCU students among our ranks. I've also considered the possibility of her joining a sorority (probably the same one her mom belonged to), which could be fun, horrific or both.
  9. With the winter break over, a large portion of Trevor Hunter's time was once again being taken up by classes at Freedom City University. The bulk of his classes for the new semester were theoretical studies that had little chance of capturing his attention fully, since he'd had opportunity to put most of the principles being taught into practice in his alter-ego as the second Midnight. The dark haired young man wasn't adverse to restudying fundamentals and the course work's exercises were worthwhile, but he found it easy enough to split his focus while taking in a lecture. Telepathic communication was at least more polite than texting or browsing social networking sites in the middle of class. --Wrapping up here. Five, ten minutes. Meet you in the quad?--
  10. As the afternoon of October 31st gave way to evening, Ellie Espadas shoved one more secondhand textbook into a protesting messenger bag before slinging it over her shoulder and starting down the stairs of the classroom's tiered seating toward the exit. The premed student supposed she appreciated her professor's well meaning attempts to make the lecture festive but there was only so much one could do to make pathology significantly more ghoulish. "Well, that was especially disgusting," a less generous voice quipped from just behind her as a fellow student with long, chestnut hair bounded down the steps two at a time to catch up. Carly Westmas had come a long way from the nation's breadbasket to attend FCU, ending up in most of the same classes as Ellie in the first and second years of the medical program. Her frank and outspoken had recommended her to the Freedom City native, forming the basis of a friendship. "I want to know who looked at that toe and thought, 'Yes, I need to take a photo of that right now'." "I think it's more of a hazing thing," Ellie replied as the stepped out into the crowded hallway, full of students getting out of the last classes of the day. Various bat and pumpkin-shaped decorations had been plastered along the walls and a few orange and black streamers dangled from the railings of the second floor walkways. "Better to figure out your gross-out threshold now then when you're in the middle of treating someone?" Carly stuck out her tongue through a grimace. "I know you always say you've seen worse, but I don't think I'm jealous anymore." The tall, weedy brunette had understandably assumed her friend was referring to patients she'd seen volunteering at local hospitals but in this case it was hard to beat the zombies the young woman sometimes known as Jill O'Cure had fought on a previous Hallowe'en for sheer nausea inducing appearance. Spotting one of the many flyers taped haphazardly about the hallway, Carly snapped her fingers. "Ooh, you're coming to the party in McNider Hall, right? There's gonna be karaoke!" She turned the final word into a singsong crescendo to properly convey her excitement. "That's the plan," Ellie nodded with a small, bemused smile. She hadn't exactly been big on class parties, sanctioned or not, in high school but a lot of things had changed since then. If nothing else, she actually had a date this time. "Mara's meeting me here with our costumes." The way her eyebrows disappeared into her bangs communicated Carly's piqued interest. "Really? So... she actually exists? I had even odds that you'd just made her up to get losers to stop hitting on you." The skepticism was met with grumbling and reproachful mutters.
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