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Dr Archeville

Character Edits, v6

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Another year(-ish), another thread for character edits.

Char Edit Thread no.1 (11/8/2007-4/21/2008)

Char Edit Thread no.2 (11/8/2007-2/10/2008)

Char Edit Thread no.3 (4/24/2008-4/15/2009)

Char Edit Thread no.4 (4/15/2009-4/3/2010)

Char Edit Thread no.5 (4/3/2010-2/1/2011)

When you submit an edit request, please do not just submit a new code-blocked sheet for us to copy & paste. You must tell us specifically what you're adding/editing.

A code-blocked sheet is not required, but does make it easier on us.

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Blueshift: 5pp to spend; TOTAL EDITS: 5PP


Drop Gather Information 10

Add Notice 5

Add Search 5

Net change 0pp


Change Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Knowledge (technology), Knowledge (physical sciences))

to Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Knowledge (tactics), Knowledge (technology), Knowledge (physical sciences))

Change Skill Mastery (Disable Device, Stealth, Notice, Sense Motive)

To Skill Mastery (Disable Device, Stealth, Computers, Sense Motive)

Add Eidetic Memory

Net Change 1pp


Add 1 rank to "Sensory Scanner" [4pp]

Net Change +4pp

Device 2 "Sensory Scanner" (Hard to Lose) [8pp]

Super Senses 10 (All Visual Senses [Extras], Danger Sense [Radio], Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision [Extras], Radar [Radio, Extras: Accurate, Flaws: Not Radius], Time Sense) {10dp}

Changes to:

Device 3 "Sensory Scanner" (Hard to Lose) [12pp]

Super Senses 10 (All Visual Senses [Extras], Danger Sense [Radio], Data Link 6 [20 miles; PF: Cyberspace], Distance Sense, Infravision [Extras], Radar [Radio, Extras: Accurate, Flaws: Not Radius]) {15dp}

Total pp spent [4pp]

Code Sections:


[b][u]Skills [/u][/b]132r = 33pp

Acrobatics 6/10 (+11/+15)*

Craft (electronic) 13 (+20)

Craft (mechanical) 13 (+20)

Concentration 8 (+10)

Computers 8 (+15)*

Disable Device 13 (+20)*

Escape Artist 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+15)*

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 8 (+15)*

Knowledge (Pop Culture) 8 (+15)

Knowledge (Tactics) 8 (+15)*

Notice 13 (+15)

Search 8 (+15)

Stealth 5 (+10)*

Sense Motive 8 (+10)*

*Skill Mastery


Feats 29pp

Attack Specialization [Gauntlet] 2

Acrobatic Bluff

Challenge (Fast Acrobatics)

Defensive Roll 2

Defensive Attack

Dodge Focus 4

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 2 [10ep]


Improvised Tools



Master Plan 2

Online Research

Power Attack


Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Knowledge (tactics), Knowledge (technology), Knowledge (physical sciences))

Skill Mastery (Disable Device, Stealth, Computers, Sense Motive)

Sneak Attack

Ultimate Effort [Craft (Electronic)]

Ultimate Effort [Craft (Mechanical)]

Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)


Sensory Scanner Device:

[b]Device 3[/b] [i]"Sensory Scanner"[/i] (Hard to Lose) [12pp]

[device][b]Super Senses 10[/b] (All Visual Senses [Extras], Danger Sense [Radio], Data Link 6 [20 miles; PF: Cyberspace], Distance Sense, Infravision [Extras], Radar [Radio, Extras: Accurate, Flaws: Not Radius]) {15dp}[/device]

Edits done by Geez3r

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Breakdown 16pp to spend; TOTAL EDITS: 1pp

This one is easy. He has released a studio album now. He should be famous.


Benefit (Fame) [1pp]

In addition, could one of the ref's please check the totals on his sheet? By my count he's spent 210 not 209 pp before this edit.


This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, but forgetting about. I'm going off his sheet totals and hoping they're right.


Well Informed [1pp]

Skills: [20r = 5pp]

Gather Information 19 (+24)

Concentration 1 --> Concentration 6 (+8)

All totaled including this Edit, he will have spent 7pp

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Edits for Custos the Minion (On Changeling's Sheet)

I want to add 1 rank of minion, nonheroic, nonfanatic off of my remaining veteran reward points. With that I want +4 defense and +4 con to bring him up to caps defensively. I'd like to put the remaining 3pp into the spirit roar array to bring up the strike to rank four.

Edits for Player Rewards


I have 5pp(4pp for posts, 1 extra for reworking the chart), which I want to dump into her illusion array. I'd like to bring up the illusion itself to rank nine, while all the alternate powers(excluding strike) to rank 11. I'd also like to add another alternate power, nullify for mental effects.

[u]AP[/u] [b]Nullify 11[/b] (Mental Effects) (PFs: Selective, Extras: General Area Cylinder)) 34/37pp

Also, in feats, I have Concentration in the Skill Mastery set up, can that get replaced with Notice because you're not supposed to have Concentration skill as skill mastery.


Wow, didn't do so hot with her last month, I only got 3pp. Ohh well, just put those three into her Charisma stat so she has base ten.

Edits done by Geez3r. However, the Edits were not made to Custos. With an additional +4 to Defense and Con, they would have a +14 Toughness save and a + 5 Defense, which averages to 9.5 not the PL 9 on the sheet.

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4PP Awarded

:arrow: In Brief changed to:

[b][u]In Brief[/u]:[/b] Genius teen uses her intellect and her fortune to fight crime!
:arrow: Add a Power Description section.
[b][u]Power Descriptions[/u]:[/b] Jessica has an almost intuitive understanding of technology and machinery, allowing her to make fantastic designs generations ahead of her time. She can also connect to machines and electronics mentally, interrogating and controlling them.
:arrow: Rewriting Powers and Tactics:
[b][u]Powers and Tactics[/u]:[/b] The Ironclad suit makes Jessica able to take and receive some nasty hits, so her general tactic is to fly up high and blast away as hard as she can, focusing on one enemy at a time to bring them down. Grappling or melee combat in general is a last resort for her, but she's competent at it.

After a fortuitous case of brain damage, Jessica Parker developed the ability to talk to and manipulate machines and electronics with her brain. While she usually doesn't use it in combat, she can hack into enemy computers and other machines if the situation calls for it.
:arrow: Remove the code pertaining to her old images and replace it with this one.
:arrow: Modify Love Life Complication, add two more.
[b]Love Life:[/b] Jessica is officially involved with Blake Salazar, aka Warlock. When her boyfriend is placed in danger she can be irrational and emotional.

[b]City Girl:[/b] Some of Jessica's powers come as a result of 'time-sharing' brain-space with computer networks. Any time she's outside a developed, urban area she loses any power with the Technopath descriptor.

[b]HUD:[/b] The Ironclad armor receives all its data through sensors; if these sensors are blinded, the operator can't see anything that's happening.
:arrow: Since I hit Bronze, I'm taking the 15 ranks of Equipment as my reward and giving Ironclad one rank to replace the one she bought. This should free up another PP. :arrow: Buying Datalink 2 (100 ft; Feat: Subtle) [3PP]
[b]Datalink 2[/b] (Radio; 100 ft; [i]Feat:[/i] Subtle) [3PP]
:arrow: Quick change to her suit. Remove the Strike and the linked Drain Toughness, and the S-Str AP. Add the following powers.
[u]AP:[/u] [b]Enhanced Strength 18[/b] ([i]Feat:[/i] Improved Grab) [19PP] - [i]Lift Servos[/i]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Stun 6[/b] (Electricity; [i]Feat:[/i] Improved Critical; [i]Extra:[/i] Range/Ranged) [18PP] [i]Stun Cluster[/i]
This changes her Abilities to:
Strength: 10/28 (+0/+9)
As well as her Grapple line to
Grapple: +3, +18 Battlesuit Lift Servos
:arrow: Buy Enhanced Feat 2 (Technopath; Online Research, Well-Connected) [2PP]
[b]Enhanced Feat 2[/b] (Technopath; Online Research, Well-Connected) [2PP]
:arrow: With all the changes, her DC Block becomes:

ATTACK      		RANGE     SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed     		Touch     DC 15 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Physical)

Blast	  		Ranged	DC 24 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Energy)

Enhanced Strength	Touch	DC 24 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Physical)

Stun				Ranged	DC 16 Fortitude (Staged)	   Stun (Electricity)

Edits done by Geez3r

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Ok! Push's edits, with 4 pp to play with.

- First, I'd appreciate it if someone could adjust Push's Complications so they're in alphabetical order. I've been hanging around Shaen too much.

- Second, new Complication!

Force Field Fizzle (Due to the rather unorthodox nature of Push's force field (that of reducing the energy of something before it hits him), the field itself might not work on various forms of energy or magic. Sometimes things go awry...)

-Third, edit to old Complication!

The Building Jumped Out In Front Of Me! (Push's luck involving buildings always seems to be questionable. While his accuracy with his kinetics has definitely improved, something inevitably seems to go wrong whenever architecture is involved; whether through a villain ducking a shot and it connecting with a support pillar purely by chance, or a tiny bit too much power being put into a shot when he's knocking down a door.)

- Fourth, now that the L.A.I.R is up and running, please remove the Struggling complication from Push's sheet.

- Fifth, again involving Push's complications, half of them seem to have their descriptions in brackets, and the others don't. If the editor could adjust them so all of the descriptions are in brackets, that would be lovely.

- Sixth, please move Power Descriptions to between Personality & Motivation and Powers & Tactics.

- Seventh, at the very top of the sheet, Player's Name is still Kyriotsu. A quick change to Quinn would be appreciated, but it's not crucial.

- Eighth, directly below Player's Name is Character Name: Gabriel Quinn AKA Push. A quick tweak to make that just Character Name: Push would be appreciated as well. Yes, I'm a perfectionist sometimes, it irritates me as well, but I really do like to have a properly formatted sheet ;)

- Ninth (and hopefully last), add AEGIS to Affiliations.

- Tenth (ok, I lied), a major edit to the end of his backstory, replace the final paragraph with:

Freedom City was the latest stop on the search, and it was there that Quinn finally heard something about Scratch. After following several minor leads and misadventures, not to mention a brief tussle with one of AEGIS's finest agents, Codename Victory, Push was captured by the government agency and offered a deal; capture Scratch in exchange for his name being cleared. He took it. Exonerated of his crimes, with the backing (albeit grudging) of an extremely effective government organization, and a new hideout beneath a refurbished auto repair, Push settled down in Freedom City, and began to marshal his newfound resources to bring Scratch down for good. Granted, it’s not Gear City, but Quinn’s finally beginning to feel a sense of home that he thought lost since he fled his old hometown (although he has kept in infrequent contact with Mike via "letters from home", and the occasional postcard). If Freedom City needs yet another hero, then he’ll step up yet again, this time with a lighter heart and a chance at redemption, as the Kinetic King, the Sensei of Shockwaves, that one damned vigilante that never seems to quit, no matter the odds…

- Eleven (wow, just keeps getting longer, doesn't it?), an addition to the end of Powers & Tactics, reflecting his character development (this should go right after "from Wyrd after a few of their battles":
Push's numerous experiences in Freedom City thus far have also forced him to re-examine his use of powers vis-a-vis fine control and larger-scale strikes. After taking into consideration the very nature of his abilities, not to mention a few jarring accidents that have impacted him heavily (the warehouse incident, for example), Quinn has taken time to practice and hone his control over his kinetic abilities; specifically developing countermeasures to protect others during large area blasts, among other things. While this has had the expected side-effect of leaving him more open to opponents as he uses the aforementioned countermeasures, he considers it an acceptable risk given the circumstances.
And now that the formatting edits are done, time for the fun stuff. - Already at Attack caps thanks to the goggles, so no worries there. - Raise Dodge Focus to 5, Defense: +9 (+4 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed, and that'll hit Defense caps. (1 pp) - Raise Force Field 9 to Force Field 10, no increase to Impervious (yet!), which raises TOU save to +13 (+3 Con, +10 [Force Field, when active], hit TOU caps, and Knockback goes from -11*/-1 (*Force Field up) to -12*/-1 (Force Field up). (1 pp) - Now for the big one, increase Kinetic Control 12 array to Kinetic Control 13 (costing 2 pp, changing it from 28 pp to 30 pp). This, in turn, will raise each AP by 2 pp (26 pp for each one). Blast 12 raises to Blast 13 as the Base Power, Paralyze 12 to Paralyze 13, Move Object 12 to Move Object 13 (please increase Grapple score under Combat accordingly), Strike 10 to Strike 11 (adding Selective now that he's figured out how to protect others from his AoEs, reduce Knockback 4 to Knockback 2 and add Penetrating 2), and Enhanced Strike 8 to Enhanced Strike 9 (adds to Warhammer for Enhanced Strike 13, rearranging the Extras to Penetrating 5, Knockback 11, Improved Critical 2). And all of this mess means I'm now hitting damage caps. (2 pp) Incidentally, while the actual Toughness rank on my sheet is correct (before upgrades, +3 Con, +9 [Force Field, when active]), the Con bonus to toughness is listed as +2 instead of +3. Not sure how that got through, but eh. Code Block for you:
[i]“Why did I become a vigilante? Well… when you can throw kinetic energy like some guys throw softballs, it’s either that or deliver pizzas.â€[/i]

[b][u]Players Name:[/u][/b] Quinn 

[b][u]Characters Name:[/u][/b] Push 

[b][u]Power Level:[/u][/b] 11 (163/163 PP)

[b][u]Trade-Offs:[/u][/b] -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness

[b][u]Unspent PP:[/u][/b] 0

[b][u]Progress to Bronze Status:[/u][/b] 13/30

[b][u]In Brief:[/u][/b] Street-smart vigilante with a smart mouth and a habit of getting in way over his head. Also an excellent cook.

[b][u]Alternate Identities:[/u][/b] Gabriel Quinn

[b][u]Identity:[/u][/b] Secret

[b][u]Birthplace:[/u][/b] Gear City

[b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b] Mechanic

[b][u]Affiliations:[/u][/b] Michael Sharpe, owner of Lazarus Auto Repair and former employer; AEGIS.

[b][u]Family:[/u][/b] Robert and Susan Quinn (Parents), Rafael Quinn (brother)

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 20 (DoB: Sept, 1990)

[b][u]Apparent Age:[/u][/b] N/A

[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Male

[b][u]Ethnicity:[/u][/b] Caucasian

[b][u]Height:[/u][/b] 5’2’’

[b][u]Weight:[/u][/b] 120 lbs

[b][u]Eyes:[/u][/b] Grey

[b][u]Hair:[/u][/b] Black

[b][u]Description:[/u][/b] When it comes to hero work, Quinn prefers his costume to be light, easy to move in, and somewhat intimidating. A black wool cap covers his head, with a really long red scarf obscuring his lower face. He generally wears an old brown leather longcoat (his most expensive piece of clothing, very worn, but very comfortable, with the small cape on the back and extra billow for dramatic moments), a pair of black fingerless gloves, brown work boots (he also uses them in the shop, the boots are both tough and durable), black jeans and an oversized gray sweater or hoodie. He also carries a messenger bag that is usually loaded up with a few toys, some made by Michael, others pinched from Professor Wyrd. When going incognito, he generally sticks to blue jeans, hoodies, and more wool caps, those being his favourite kind of hats, along with the messenger bag. Overall, it’s big, warm, gives his arms plenty of room to move, and extremely comfortable. Just the way he likes it.

[b][u]History:[/u][/b] [i]“Don’t I have a wiki page or something?â€[/i]

Gabriel Quinn was going nowhere. Fast. An “alleged†car, no home, and going back to his parents was out of the question. College had been fun, but the fact was that nobody in Gear City gave a damn about some fresh-faced kid with a smart mouth even with a degree. People would complain about the economy being in the tank and how nobody had a job at all, but Gabe didn’t really care. All he knew was he was broke, homeless, and hungry, and his fancy diploma in Automotive Engineering wouldn’t do squat except keep a small fire burning. Still, he was vaguely optimistic. Sure, he was sleeping in the back of his car, but at least the seats were fairly comfortable. And he had a blanket too.

Then...the Incident happened.

Quinn was walking down an alleyway in the Industrial district of Gear City, a fence to his right, and a big old abandoned factory on the other side. He was carrying a small package that some suit had given to him, saying he’d pay him a couple of bucks to drop at some apartment. As he started to turn to go up the steps of the building, a bright light shone from the windows of the factory. Followed by a wave of energy that literally blew through the concrete walls and pushed outwards. Gabe got it full-force, holding up his hands in a vain attempt to stop it, and blacking out as the wave hit.

The light was from an attempt at a perpetual motion machine…while the blast was from a failed attempt at a perpetual motion machine. The Notorious Professor Wyrd was attempting to harness pure kinetic energy in the hopes of somehow creating this machine that would give the world infinite energy! Sure, he’d had to pinch a lot of stuff using his robots, and sure, the failures would be catastrophic, but who cares about collateral damage? Science must be done! Unfortunately, one of his earlier experiments interfered with the process, and the machine (fortunately for the Professor, who was behind a rather large blast shield at the time), erupted with immense force. And ended up hitting poor Quinn. Of course, the Professor didn’t know this at the time, but he was awfully curious where all that kinetic energy went, besides causing a great deal of damage to his lovely laboratory. And the surrounding buildings. Fact is, aside from the wall that Gabe had hit, there wasn’t much left surrounding the factory but toppled apartments and ruined buildings. And a nice-sized crater. Not that Wyrd was overly concerned, of course.

When Gabriel woke up, he was being poked and prodded by a guy in a pair of rough-cut jeans and flannel shirt, with a big ol’ beard. Called himself Michael, Michael Sharpe. He was lying on a cot in the back of a garage, where he’d apparently been out cold for a couple of days. At least, that’s when Mike found him lying in the middle of what was left of lower Industrial. Quinn reached up and shook his hand hello, feeling a weird buzz travel up his arm and settle into the pit of his stomach at the movement. It was very small, though, almost imperceptible. Odd. The toolbox falling off the shelf hitting him on the head shortly after only increased the buzzing feeling. As well as giving him a sizeable headache. Every movement seemed to increase it, until finally it got so bad he was nearly vibrating. Michael, being wise in the ways of the world, particularly old-school comic books, suggested he try different ways of making it disperse. Belching didn’t work. Neither did farting. Sharpe, out of curiosity, gave him a full dinner, but that didn’t help either. Eventually, Gabe finally just pointed a finger-gun, pictured that buzzing feeling flowing out it (he was very bored at the time), and pointed it at a blank space of wall. Ten seconds later, he was staring through a very nice hole in the wall, about the same size as him, the buzzing feeling was gone, and Mike was looking a mite irked. The two became fast friends after that, Mike giving Gabe regular things to do around the shop, while Gabe tried to come to grips with what he could do. Movement, kinetic energy seemed to gather to him, and he could trigger it’s release via visualizing. Some experiments on tin cans and the like also showed a distinct ability towards fine motor control, and contact with moving objects also seemed to have a bleeding effect. They bounced about terms, and eventually came up with the idea of a kinetic battery. Mike knew cars, and so did Gabe. A battery that stored up movement energy seemed plausible, but they were mystified at how Quinn could’ve ended up being one. 

Mike gave the homeless Gabriel a cot in the garage, and a job, having become somewhat fond of Quinn. As for the man himself, he was tired, confused, and in possession of some incredibly weird abilities. The two of them agreed that perhaps it was best to keep it on the down-low for now, but with the emergence of some great heroes (particularly that awesome Centurion guy out in Freedom City), then maybe this could give Gabe something to aim for, a goal in life. Gabe was…less than impressed. But as he said, when you’re a walking kinetic battery, it’s either vigilante work or delivering pizzas. Mike, excited to be part of a real comic book story, went out and assembled a costume for Quinn…then promptly took the spandex back and exchanged it for some comfortable “working†clothes.

Over the course of his career in Gear City, he tangled more than once with Professor Wyrd, and the two have long enjoyed a friendly rivalry wherein Wyrd does something that results in a building falling over, Push chases after him, more collateral damage (with no fatalities, of course), with the two eventually clashing, powers to crazy new device that usually either fails or explodes, and Wyrd ends up tossed in jail again. Wyrd is one of the few villains that Push actually enjoys fighting, considering the professor himself has sworn to help humanity, even if his methods are extremely questionable. That, and both of their gifts at snark complement each other quite nicely.

No…what drove Push to leave Gear City was an enemy that he never would have expected. One day, the Gear City Museum was holding a large exhibit of Christian artifacts from days of yore, from all sorts of denominations. One of the visitors to that exhibit was a rather small man, wearing a dapper charcoal suit, top hat, and holding a diamond-tipped cane. His features were angular, almost seeming to blur if you looked too closely at him, and he had a toothy grin that he flashed at anyone who seemed to stare.

When Push responded to the emergency call (leaping from a nearby building over the police cordon and through an upper window), he found the museum pitch-black, the light sucked from nearly everything. Standing there, looking over the exhibit, and surrounded by the dry husks of what were human beings, was the gentleman in the suit. He turned to Quinn, and tipped his hat, introducing himself.

His name, he said, in a quiet and polite voice…was Mr. Scratch. And he had been expecting Gabriel to arrive. He wanted to introduce himself. And he wanted to ensure that Push saw what he was about to do.

He lifted a single white-gloved hand, murmuring a strange language, and the husks stood, staring at Push with blank eyes and lumbering forward as Mr. Scratch tipped his hat again, stepping backwards into the blackness and vanishing with a whisper. The husks went down quickly, but the police, upon bursting in, saw the hero surrounded by the broken bodies just as the lights came on. And drew the wrong conclusions. The fact that Push had only been vaguely heard of in rumors and connections with collapsed warehouses full of unconscious criminals didn't help either. 

The young hero, blindsided by a small army of SWAT officers pointing firearms at him, and having just finished fighting unholy [i]things[/i] that shouldn’t have existed at all…panicked. And bolted. Quinn unfortunately had to blast several cops away as he ran for it, disappearing into the depths of the city. A news crew caught the running fight on TV, giving him the actual moniker of Push for the first time. Realizing that to clear his name of whatever Scratch had done to the tourists was to bust Scratch himself, wherever he was, Gabriel packed up and left Gear City, leaving Mike behind in the hopes of keeping him out of the mess he'd found himself in. Thus began a long investigation that has taken him everywhere from LA to New York City, perpetually chasing the enigmatic Mr. Scratch (who by this point Push had realized was both incredibly powerful and very clever, essentially a cross between Dr. Strange and Batman. Not that Push really cared about the odds, he still had to be stopped...). And being followed by Professor Wyrd, who was quite irritated about his favourite hero being blamed for something and leaving before he could defeat him properly and gloat about it. AND being chased occasionally by Agent Kent, the fed assigned to Push's case, a nice guy, but SO persistent...hindsight, maybe Quinn should have surrendered when the SWAT team pointed those guns. So much trouble...

Freedom City was the latest stop on the search, and it was there that Quinn finally heard something about Scratch. After following several minor leads and misadventures, not to mention a brief tussle with one of AEGIS's finest agents, Codename Victory, Push was captured by the government agency and offered a deal; capture Scratch in exchange for his name being cleared. He took it. Exonerated of his crimes, with the backing (albeit grudging) of an extremely effective government organization, and a new hideout beneath a refurbished auto repair, Push settled down in Freedom City, and began to marshal his newfound resources to bring Scratch down for good. Granted, it’s not Gear City, but Quinn’s finally beginning to feel a sense of home that he thought lost since he fled his old hometown (although he has kept in infrequent contact with Mike via "letters from home", and the occasional postcard). If Freedom City needs yet another hero, then he’ll step up yet again, this time with a lighter heart and a chance at redemption, as the Kinetic King, the Sensei of Shockwaves, that one damned vigilante that never seems to quit, no matter the odds…


[b][u]Personality & Motivation:[/u][/b] Gabriel Quinn, alias Push, is not the most likeable guy on the planet. He generally acts fairly lazy, snarks whenever he feels the urge, and never holds back from commenting on what, to him, is blatantly absurd. Frequently, he'll deny any possibility of him being a "hero", instead stating that he's just a guy trying to make his way in the world with abilities he didn't ask for.

That’s the façade he likes to present. The fact is, Push IS a hero. He complains about his work 24/7, deliberately mocks or avoids the classic superhero mythos, snarks whenever he feels the urge (again), wears plain clothes, prefers to take the taxi rather than fly, acts lazy and sardonic…but if someone needs help, he’ll still hat up and wade in, blasts flying. Doesn’t matter what’s standing in his way, he’ll go in hard and fast, and even if they knock him down a thousand times, he’ll get up a thousand and one. It irritates the hell out of him, but he’s still a nice guy beneath all the snark, and he knows it. 

The world’s a scary place sometimes, and there’s a lot of evil things hiding or pushing at the borders... And that Mr. Scratch has to be brought down, no matter who, or what he is. If nothing else, that is what will keep him a hero, a vigilante. If the centre has to hold, then someone has to Push back.

[b][u]Power Descriptions:[/u][/b] The blasts of kinetic force he can launch have a fairly standard appearance, a mild warping of the air that increases in size the more power he pushes into the shot. When his force-field is active, there seems to be a small storm of warps and static crackles surrounding his body.

[b][u]Powers & Tactics:[/u][/b] Push is essentially a kinetic battery. He can collect and charge kinetic energy in himself, using his body to store the energy, and then can release it in various forms. While he is personally fond of the straightforward blast wave, increasing strength and adjusting space and radius as needed, time has taught him to use imagination in his abilites, especially when dealing with adaptive individuals with a mess of tools like Professor Wyrd. For example, he’s learned how to literally suck all the kinetic energy from a person, temporarily paralyzing them as they become unable to move, trapped in a form of stasis. He’s also learned how to exude an immense amount of force in large orb around him (which he regularly uses to intimidate people, walls cracking on either side of him tends to scare people). Another example is his adaption of kinetic force to be able to fly, albeit slightly uncontrolled. Simply pushing excess force from his hands or feet allows him to lift and maintain a steady speed in the air, able to steer by adjusting his hands and feet. More than once he’s accidentally flown into a building, though. Adapting to that, he’s managed to craft a force field that is fundamentally similar to his kinetic absorption abilities, essentially creating a field of kinetic energy that surrounds him and depletes the energy of things before they strike him. It doesn’t always work, as sometimes an attack is moving faster than the field can deplete it, but it can reduce the strike enough to protect him from most of the blow. He hasn’t mastered extending it, however, usually keeping it right over the top layer of his coat, and pushing it outwards in times of extreme emergency. In addition, he has managed to adapt his kinetic control on a less destructive level, essentially using an ersatz form of telekinesis as he manipulates the very slight kinetic energy surrounding everything (since most everything is moving on some level).

Generally, he prefers to start a fight by testing the straightforward abilities, like the kinetic blast (going from force equivalent to a brick clear up to the force of a full-sized freight train), the paralysis wave, and moving through his repertoire, using what works, and cutting what doesn’t. He is very good at thinking on the fly, however, and frequently comes up with odd permutations and adaptations of his kinetic control that can surprise his opponents. Though pulling stuff like that out of his ass frequently drains him completely, exhausting him until he can recharge on kinetic energy. In anticipation of possible times he’d have to go toe-to-toe, Quinn managed to convince Professor Wyrd (during one of the rare times the two had to work together to beat a larger villain) to make a special warhammer, capable of conducting the kinetic energy that Quinn could produce. Gabriel usually doesn’t bring the thing out unless he’s expecting to go to the wall, but he’s used it more than once to even the odds against a larger foe. He's also got a few toys cobbled together by Mike after a rare visit back to Gear City, and some other gadgets pinched from Wyrd after a few of their battles. Push's numerous experiences in Freedom City thus far have also forced him to re-examine his use of powers vis-a-vis fine control and larger-scale strikes. After taking into consideration the very nature of his abilities, not to mention a few jarring accidents that have impacted him heavily (the warehouse incident, for example), Quinn has taken time to practice and hone his control over his kinetic abilities; specifically developing countermeasures to protect others during large area blasts, among other things. While this has had the expected side-effect of leaving him more open to opponents as he uses the aforementioned countermeasures, he considers it an acceptable risk given the circumstances.


[b]By Devil Be Driven[/b] - Mr. Scratch, the one foe Push will always drop everything to chase. If he even catches a whiff of the name anywhere, he has to investigate, or at least stop to inquire, despite anything else that might be happening. 

[b]Catalogue of Nightmares[/b] - Besides the Museum Massacre, Push has been in hot pursuit after Scratch for nearly two years. In that time, he's seen a lot of things both pleasant and unpleasant, but some things particularly stick in his mind. More than once he's run into eldrich forces left by Scratch, fell creatures of Old Night left to either delay or harry him...or stumbled upon the remains of particularly nasty things the Gentleman Warlock has done. (i.e Fear or mental effects might skip the save roll altogether due to the rather nasty memories being hauled up to the forefront of his mind, seeing a zombie pile-up on another hero might make him relive the Museum and act accordingly, etc.)

[b]Force Field Fizzle[/b] - Due to the rather unorthodox nature of Push's force field (that of reducing the energy of something before it hits him), the field itself might not work on various forms of energy or magic. Sometimes things go awry.

[b]Haunted and Harried[/b] - Being a wanted man by more than one party has made Push's life sometimes...complicated. He was on AEGIS's Most Wanted List for a couple of years, several of his old Rogues' Gallery from back in Gear City who want either revenge or answers might be hot on his trail, heaven knows what Scratch has planned (though he has summoned, or Push thinks he's summoned, some nasty eldrich creatures to chase and harry Push more than once), and all of this combines to make it very difficult to get any peace and quiet.

[b]No Sense Of Direction[/b] - This guy could get lost going in a straight line. With a map.

[b]Tank’s Running Low[/b] - Can run low on stored kinetic energy at inopportune moments, leading to weakened attacks or loss of control.

[b]The Building Jumped Out In Front Of Me![/b] - Push's luck involving buildings always seems to be questionable. While his accuracy with his kinetics has definitely improved, something inevitably seems to go wrong whenever architecture is involved; whether through a villain ducking a shot and it connecting with a support pillar purely by chance, or a tiny bit too much power being put into a shot when he's knocking down a door.

[b]Trouble Magnet[/b] - Somehow, fate always seems to conspire to have something inconvenient or disastrous happen near him at the worst possible moment.

[b]Wyrd’s Weird Gear[/b] - Due to some of the extra gear in the messenger bag having been pinched from Dr. Wyrd, there might be some technical hiccups.

[b][u]Abilities:[/u][/b] 2 + 8 + 6 + 0 + 4 + 2 = 22 pp

Str 12 (+1)

Dex 18 (+4)

Con 16 (+3)

Int 10 (+0)

Wis 14 (+2)

Cha 12 (+1)

[b][u]Combat:[/b][/u] 16 + 8 = 24 pp

Initiative: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Improved Initiative)

Attack: +8 Base, +9 Ranged w/ Goggles

Grapple: +9, +21 Telekinesis (+22 /w Goggles)

Defense: +9 (8 pp) (+4 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -12*/-1 (*Force Field up)

[b][u]Saving Throws:[/b][/u] 4 + 4 + 6 = 14pp

Toughness: +12/+5* (+3 Con, +9 [Force Field, when active]) (*when Force Field is not active & wearing Undercover Shirt) (Impervious 10/0)

Fortitude: +7 (+3 Con, +4) [4pp]

Reflex: +8 (+4 Dex, +4) [4pp]

Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) [7pp]

[b][u]Skills:[/u][/b] 48r = 12pp

Bluff 12 (+13)

Concentration 4 (+6) 

Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+8)

Drive 6 (+10)

Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+8)

Notice 10 (+12)

[b][u]Feats:[/u][/b] 26 PP

All-Out Attack

Dodge Focus 5

Equipment 9



Improved Initiative

Luck 2

Move-By Action

Power Attack

Precise Shot

Quick Change


Uncanny Dodge 1 (Hearing)

[quote][i]Equipment wrote[/i]:45/45 EP 

Commlink – 1 EP

Camera – 1 EP

Gas Mask – 1 EP

Multi-Tool – 1 EP

PDA – 1 EP

Rebreather – 1 EP

Smoke Bomb (Obscure (Visual), 10 ft.) - 4 EP

Sleep Bomb – (Fatigue Burst, 40 ft.) 12 EP

Undercover Shirt (+2 Toughness, Subtle) – 3 EP

(All of this except shirt contained in Messenger Bag)

Vehicle: "Lazarus" - Rebuilt & Modified Black/Gold Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle (8 EP) 

[i]Strength[/i]: 15, [i]Speed[/i]: 5 (250mph), [i]Defense[/i]: 10, [i]Toughness[/i]: 10, [i]Size[/i]: Medium; [i]Feature[/i]s: Caltrops, Oil Slick, Smokescreen, Remote Control.

Hideout: "Lazarus Auto and Industrial Repair (L.A.I.R.)" - Abandoned Car Garage (12 EP)

[i]Size[/i]: Medium, [i]Toughness[/i]: 10, [i]Features[/i]: Computer, Concealed, Defense Systems, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Workshop.[/quote]

[b][u]Powers:[/u][/b] 4 + 4 + 10 + 20 + 30 = 68PP

[b]Device 1[/b] (Targeting Goggles MK1; Hard To Lose; 5dp) [4pp]

[device][b]Enhanced Feat 2[/b] (Accurate Attack, Attack Focus [Ranged]) [2dp]

[b]Super-Senses 3[/b] (Direction sense, Distance Sense, Infravision) [3dp][/device]

[b]Device 1[/b] (Custom-Built Warhammer; Easy to Lose; Power Feats; Restricted 1 [Kinetic controllers]; 5 dp) [4pp]

[device][b]Strike 3[/b] ([i]Power Feats:[/i] Improved Critical, Mighty) [5 dp][/device]

[b]Flight 5[/b] (Energy Jets; 250 MPH / 2,500 feet per Move action) [10pp]

[b]Force Field 10[/b] (Kinetic Energy Barrier; [i]Extras:[/i] Impervious x10) [20pp]

[b]Kinetic Control 13[/b] ([i]Kinetic Battery Array[/i], 26pp effects; [i]Power Feats[/i]: Alternate Power x4) [30pp]

[u]BE:[/u] [b]Blast 13[/b] (Energy Blast) [26/26]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Paralyze 13[/b] (Energy Drain; [i]Extras:[/i] Alternate Save [Fortitude], Ranged [Ranged]; [i]Flaws:[/i] Action [Full]) [26/26]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Move Object 13[/b] (Kinetic Manipulation; Str 65) [26/26]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Strike 11[/b] (Kinetic Shockwave; [i]Extras:[/i] Area [General, 50-ft. Burst], Penetrating 2, Knockback 2, Selective) [26/26PP]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Enhanced Strike 9[/b] (Augmented Warhammer; adds to Warhammer for [b]Strike 13[/b]; [i]Extras:[/i] Penetrating 5, Knockback 11; [i]Power Feats[/i]: Improved Critical 2) [26/26 PP]

[b][u]Drawbacks:[/u][/b] 3PP

[b]Recurring Nightmares[/b] (DC10, must roll below 10) [-3PP]

[u][b]DC Block:[/b][/u]

[code]ATTACK                 RANGE     SAVE                       EFFECT

Unarmed                Touch     DC 15 Toughness (Staged)   Damage

Warhammer              Touch     DC 19 Toughness            Damage

Warhammer, Enhanced    Touch     DC 28 Toughness            Damage

Blast                  Ranged    DC 28 Toughness            Damage

Shockwave              Ranged    DC 26 Toughness            Damage

Drain                  Ranged    DC 28 Fortitude            Paralyze
Abilities (22) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (12) + Feats (26) + Powers (68) - Drawbacks (3) = 163/163pp

For the Damage DC Block, Warhammer, Enhanced raises to DC 28 Toughness, Blast raises to DC 28 Toughness, Shockwave raises to DC 26 Toughness, and Drain raises to DC 28 Fortitude.

EDIT: Ok, to simplify matters for whatever poor Ref decides to take this one on, I edited my whole sheet and placed it in the code block for their convinience. All the data's in there, plus a couple of cosmetic edits to his backstory for clarity (and grammar).

Edits done by Geez3r

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Right, so. First, Gabriel.

I have 4pp to spend. I'd like to put all 4 into skills.


[b][u]Skills[/u]:[/b] 120R = 30PP
Add the following skills/ranks:
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 8 (+10)
All PP spent. Next, the more challenging edits to Cobalt Templar. There are 9 PP free. I'm going to put 8PP into his Device. That gives it 2 more ranks, making it rank 14. Relevant and detailed changes below:
[b]Device 14 ([/b]'Power Ring', 70dp, Hard to Lose; [i]PFs[/i]: Restricted 2 [Only You]; [i]Descriptors[/i]: Magic, Holy; [i]Drawbacks[/i]: Power Loss [must be recharged every 24 hours, uncommon, 1 point], Power Loss [failing will saves vs. fear, uncommon, 1 point][b])[/b] [56PP]


"Fires of Judgment" (Holy Fire Control 8) ([/b]16 point array; [i]Descriptors[/i]: Magic, Holy, Fire; [i]PFs[/i]: Alternate Power x1[b])[/b] [16+1=17 pp]

      [b]BP: Blast 8[/b] {16/16}      

      [b]AP: Strike 5 ([/b][i]Extras[/i]: Penetrating 5; [i]PF[/i]: Mighty[b])[/b] {11/16}

[b]"Fires of Creation" (Energy Manipulation Array) ([/b]10 point array; [i]Descriptors[/i]: Magic, Holy; [i]PFs[/i]: Alternate Power x1[b])[/b] [12+1=13pp]

      [b]BP: Create Object 5 ([/b][i]PFs[/i]: Progression 1 (5 10ft cubes), Tether[b])[/b] {12/12}      

      [b]AP: Telekinesis 6 ([/b]Str 30, Heavy Load: 1600 lb.; Range: 60ft Increments; Maximum 600ft[b])[/b] {12/12}      

*snip rest of the powers*
Also, due to TK going down to rank 6, the following change is made:
Grapple: +11 (melee), +14 (ranged, Telekinesis); +6 without Ring
That leaves 1pp. I'm holding off on Fearless for now. Plot plans and all. I will buy a 2nd Rank of Precise Shot:
Feats: 7PP


Precise Shot 2

That should bring him up to speed, with all points spent. Same for Gabriel

Per my note in this thread, Fenris is my Bronze award.

Edit: Added Penetrating to the Strike in the Fires of Judgment array.

Edits done by Geez3r

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3PP Awarded

:arrow: He should be 17 years old now, not 16.

:arrow: Change his Blast/Strike array, making into something proper with headers! Also adding two APs.

[b]Entropic Control Array 21.5[/b] (43PP; [i]Feats:[/i] Alternate Power 3) [46PP]

[u]BE:[/u] [b]Blast 10[/b] (Entropy; [i]Feats:[/i] Accurate 2, Precise; [i]Extra:[/i] Autofire 2 [Reduced Interval]) [43PP] - [i]Multi Blast[/i]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Blast 10[/b] (Entropy; [i]Feats:[/i] Accurate 2, Precise; [i]Extras:[/i] Penetrating, Knockback) [33PP] - [i]Focused Blast[/i]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Strike 10[/b] (Entropy; [i]Feats:[/i] Accurate 2, Precise; [i]Extras:[/i] Area/Burst [Targetted], Autofire, Selective) [43PP] - [i]Energy Tendrils[/i]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Strike 10[/b] (Entropy; [i]Feats:[/i] Accurate 2, Precise, Linked 2) [13PP] + [b]Drain Toughness 10[/b] (Entropy; [i]Feat:[/i] Slow Fade [1 minute]) [11PP] + [b]Drain Toughness 10[/b] (Entropy; [i]Feat:[/i] Slow Fade [1 minute]; [i]Extra:[/i] Affects Objects; [i]Flaw:[/i] Limited [Objects]) [11PP] - [i]Entropic Strike]
:arrow: DC Block becomes:
[code]ATTACK   		RANGE    	SAVE               		 EFFECT

Unarmed   	Touch     DC 18 Toughness (Staged)  Damage (Physical)

Multi Blast    Ranged    DC 25 Toughness (Staged)  Damage (Entropy)

Focused Blast	Ranged	DC 25 Toughness		 Damage (Entropy)

Energy Tendrils  Area/Burst DC 25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Entropy)

Entropic Strike Touch	DC 25 Toughness (Staged)	 Damage (Entropy)

			Touch	DC 25 Toughness (Staged)	 Drain Toughness (Entropy)

			Touch	DC 25 Toughness (Staged)	 Drain Toughness (Entropy)

Edits done by Geez3r

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Stabpunched by Ecalsneerg

Jack of all Blades

8PP to spend, and all pretty straight forward stuff.

2PP - +2 Constitution for 18 (+4) total, giving him:

Toughness: +10 (+4 Con, +4 Defensive Roll, +2 Greatcoat), +6 flat-footed

Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4)

3PP - Drop 1 rank of Dodge Focus and increase Base Defense by 2, giving him

Defense +20 (+12 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +6 Flat-Footed

1PP - +1 Rank of Luck for a total of 5.

1PP - Ultimate Will

Leaving 1PP saved for later!

[b]Players Name[/b]: Gizmo

[b]Power Level[/b]: 15 (232/233PP)

[b]Trade-Offs[/b]: +5 Attack, -5 Damage, +5 Defense, -5 Toughness

[b]Unspent PP[/b]: 1

[b]Progress to Gold:[/b] 83/90

[floatr][img=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/e/ed/Erik.png[/img][img]http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/7/7c/JackofallBladesHF.png][/floatr][b]Characters Name[/b]: Jack of all Blades

[b]Alternate Identity[/b]: Erik Espadas

[b]Age[/b]: 23

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Height[/b]: 5'11''

[b]Weight[/b]: 145 lb

[b]Hair[/b]: Dusty Brown/Black as Jack of all Blades

[b]Eyes[/b]: Dark Blue

[b]Sidekick[/b]: [goto=Jill]Jill O’Cure[/goto]


Erik Espadas is a lithe, athletic young man with attractively angular features and a boyish grin. He keeps his dusty brown hair shorn short, but regularly sports a day or two of stubble. Preferring to dress is a mixture of blues and blacks, Erik is typically seen in a fitted t-shirt and well-worn jeans topped with an undone button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

As Jack of all Blades, his current costume consists of a knee-length, royal blue greatcoat cut in a jaunty, high-collared style and worn open over a black body suit. A matching blue bandana serves as a mask, attached to a black wig of wavy hair which helps to conceal Erik's true identity. Dark grey boots with a slightly metallic sheen and broad, buckled belts help to break up the outfit’s dark colour scheme.


Erik was born in 1988 to Gina Espadas, a Freedom City beat cop. His father left months before Erik's sister, Ellie, was born in 1992. Erik never considered this any great loss: growing up in the West End, his mother was all the parent he ever needed, always making time for her children despite her demanding career. She returned to the force from maternity leave just in time for the Terminus Invasion. Her stories of working alongside heroes during both the Invasion and its aftermath instilled in Erik a fascination with superheroes.

While this interest persisted as he grew, it was never the modern powerhouses that truly captured Erik's attention. It was the witty Golden Age tricksters like Spitfire Jones and [i]la Renard Rogue[/i] of whom he couldn't get enough. No matter how outmatched they were, they had always made it look so [i]easy[/i]. He consumed history books, restored news reels and pulp novels at a frantic rate, regardless of their actual accuracy. Naturally agile, Erik joined his school's gymnastic and fencing teams, as well as the drama club, becoming a popular athletic star.

It was Erik's senior year which would radically alter his life. An armed robbery at a local convenience store went horribly wrong, and Gina was shot and paralysed from the waist down, forcing her into a wheelchair and early retirement. Although she remained strong in the face of adversity, Erik was galvanised. The Espadas family had never been very well off, and Erik dropped out of extracurriculars to work at as a projectionist at a movie theatre to help make ends meet. He turned down a number of modest athletic scholarships when he graduated so that he could take more hours there, working other odd jobs around the community as well. His sister Ellie had proven to be brightly intelligent, and Erik was determined that she would be able to attend the university of her choice.

One such odd job involved cleaning out the storage area of an antique store. Amidst the ornate lamps and jewellery boxes, Erik discovered what appeared to be a positively ancient playing card: the Jack of Swords, depicting a slyly winking prince. When he asked the store's owner about it, the old man bid him keep it as a souvenir, as the rest of the deck had long since been lost or destroyed. Pocketing the weathered card, Erik made his way home.

Along the way, he encountered a group of toughs menacing a young woman. As the leader of the gang pulled out a cigarette and arrogantly flicked open his lighter, an incensed Erik leapt forward. The lighter's tiny flame flared brilliantly, flowing unnaturally through the air to the young man's instinctively outstretched hand, where it solidified into a blazing rapier. A moment later half of the thug's cigarette had been seared away, the other half smouldering in his trembling lips. The toughs beast a hasty retreat, with a shocked Erik quickly following suit, leaving behind a grateful but confused young woman.

Experimenting in secret, Erik found he could create swords not only of flame, but of sparking electricity, crackling cold and a multitude of other energies, provided that there was a source to draw upon. Redoubling his abandoned training, he donned the garb of Jack of all Blades, and became the wise-cracking, street-level protector of his community. Early encounters with other powered individuals taught him that the bioenergies they produced were particularly suited for his purposes, perhaps because they already had a manipulatable, organic aspect to them. Radiation, sonics, lasers, even shadows and magical energy could all be turned back upon their users, if Erik could avoid their initial attacks.

Erik keeps his civilian identity a closely guarded secret, encouraging the misconception that 'Jack' is his actual name, with his heroic moniker the result of his being too cute for his own good. The only person aware of his double life is his sister Ellie, who discovered Erik collapsed in their backyard after a particularly brutal fight. Fortunately the teen had begun preparing to study medicine after high school, and her first aid skill likely saved her brother's life. Since then she had become Erik's confidant and greatest supporter.

The specific source of his powers is unclear. Mystic heroes have determined that there is nothing extraordinary about the playing card he found, at least not any more. It's possible that it merely provided a mental template for a latent mutant ability, while another theory supposes that it held a conceptual incarnation, vaguely akin to but far lesser than Dr. Metropolis, which has since merged with Erik.

Although he initially didn't worry much about the specifics, the recent appearance of three new opponents has spurned Erik to search for answers. Jack of Cups, who add the force of any attack to his own strength, Jack of Coins, a probability manipulator and Jack of Staves, a skilled magic user have all attacked Erik on sight, making cryptic references to a Tournament of Suits. All three have proven to be dangerous and capable foes, forcing Erik to play upon their animosity towards each other to escape.

[b]Personality & Motivation[/b]:

Erik is a man who's words and actions are at odds. Outwardly, he seems easy-going and carefree, with a clever tongue and a love of the spotlight. Most conversations become friendly verbal sparing matches as Erik actively avoids serious topics, and he is widely regarded as an incorrigible flirt; a fun guy to have around, but hardly one to rely upon.

What isn't immediately obvious is that Erik works a string of part-time jobs to support his mother and younger sister. Considering his word to be his bond, Erik will always be there for a friend in need, and truly wishes to leave the world a better place than he found it. He possesses an unbreakable spirit coupled with stubborn pride, resulting in a complete inability to admit defeat.

Jack of all Blades has become an outlet for Erik, allowing the free-spirited, ever-glib part of his nature to emerge, while satisfying his deep sense of responsibility. Although attracted to the high adventure of larger threats, he considers himself first and foremost a defender of the little guy, stopping crimes that might seem trivial to Freedom City's better established heroes. Remembering what happened to his mother, Erik feels that a simple hold-up can be just as devastating as a supervillian's rampage.

Much of the boy enthralled by the superhero community remains in Erik, and he is always thrilled to team up with other heroes. Although he bears some scorn for Claremont Academy alumni, whom he views as having had it too easy, this is easily outweighed by his desire to meet superhumans his own age. His boisterous competition with his male peers and flirting with female heroes and villains alike tends to either annoy or endear him to potential allies, but Jack of all Blades never fails to leave an impression.

[b]Powers & Tactics[/b]:

Erik can manipulate any kind of energy to form an effectively-solid construct in the shape of a sword. While he has a bit of leeway with regards to the weapon's specific appearance, he almost always uses a fencing rapier. Functioning in most respects as a normal sword, the tight concentration of power allows the blade to pierce most defences, and it retains the basic nature of its source energy.

In order for Erik to form a sword, there must be a power source for him to draw from. A sword of flame might be drawn from a bonfire, or an electrical blade from a power generator. More exotic energies require a more exotic source; Erik may draw from a blaster's light beam, a magic user's mystical attacks or even the shadows controlled by a darkness manipulator, none of which he would be able to access in their ambient forms.

Although an accomplished fighter in his own right, Erik's fantastic accuracy comes from an unconscious awareness of the energy surrounding him. This allows him to sense the precise position of his blades, as well as the more subtle energies present in all living things. This also aids him in avoiding attacks, fortunate as he is comparatively fragile next to most superhumans.

Against generic thugs, Erik rushes in dramatically, forming a sword and quickly disarming them before taunting them into surrender or retreat. When fighting superhumans, he prefers a more reactionary approach, keeping them off balance with acrobatics and jibes until he can assess their specific abilities, often taking the opportunity to form a sword using the energy from their attacks. Given that many superhumans are immune to their own powers, Erik prefers to use such blades against an opponent's team-mates or underlings. In the absence of an exploitable weakness, he will usually default to making a fire sword using the lighter he always carries.


[i]Enemies[/i] (The Jack of Cups, of Coins and of Staves, who are apparently involved in some sort of deadly tournament, and believe Erik is as well.)

[i]Grandstanding[/i] (Erik's style revolves around showing off, in and out of combat, even when discretion might be wiser.)

[i]Responsibility[/i] (Man of the House)

[i]Secret[/i] (Superhero Identity)

[i]Sidekick[/i] (Erik’s no less protective of his sister now that she’s a superhero too.)

[i]Struggling[/i] (Erik's supporting his family and saving for his sister's tuition; it's tough to find work sometimes)

[i]Sucker for a Pretty Face[/i] (Erik's easily distracted by attractive women, be they bystanders, fellow heroes or even villains.)

[i]Teammates[/i] (The Interceptors are family to Erik, whether or not he openly admits it.)

[i]West Ender[/i] (The West End is Erik's 'turf'; he's extremely protective of his neighbourhood, and knows it much better than the rest of the city.

[b]Abilities[/b]: 6 + 10 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 12 = 40PP

STR: 16 (+3)

DEX: 20 (+5)

CON: 18 (+4)

INT: 10 (+0)

WIS: 14 (+2)

CHA: 22 (+6)

[b]Combat[/b]: 14 + 24 = 38PP

Initiative: +9

Attack +7 Base, +14 Melee, +20 Swords

Grapple +17

Defense +20 (+12 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +6 Flat-Footed

Knockback -4/-1

[b]Saves[/b]: 4 + 10 + 8 = 22PP

Toughness: +10 (+4 Con, +4 Defensive Roll, +2 Greatcoat), +6 flat-footed

Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4)

Reflex: +15 (+5 Dex, +10)

Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8)

[b]Skills[/b]: 56R = 14PP

Acrobatics 10 (+15)

Bluff 20 (+26)

Climb 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 2 (+2)

Language 1 (English [Native], Spanish)

Notice 8 (+10)

Stealth 10 (+15)

[b]Feats[/b]: 75PP

Agile Climber

Attack Focus (Melee) 7

Attack Specialization (Swords) 3

Beginner's Luck

Challenge (Fast Task [Feint])

Defensive Attack

Defensive Roll 2 (+4 Toughness)

Distract (Bluff)

Dodge Focus 8

Elusive Target

Equipment 3

Evasion 2

Fascinate (Bluff)


Grapple Finesse

Improved Critical (Swords, 18-20)

Improved Initiative

Inspire 5


Luck 5

Move-By Action

Power Attack

Set Up

Sidekick 33 (18 + 15 Veteran Reward)

Skill Mastery 1 (Acrobatics, Bluff, Notice, Stealth)

Takedown Attack 2


Ultimate Will

Uncanny Dodge 2 (Mental [Energy Awareness], Visual)

[quote name="Equipment"][b][u]Greatcoat[/u][/b]: [b]Protection 2[/b] [[i]Power Feat:[/i] Subtle]; [i]Cost:[/i] 3EP

[b][u]Grappling Hook[/u][/b]: [b]Super-Movement 1[/b] (swinging), [b]Speed 1[/b]; [i]Cost:[/i] 3EP[/quote]

[quote name="Shared Equipment"][b][u]Personal Contribution[/u][/b]: [9EP]

[b][u]Interceptors HQ[/u][/b]: [21EP]

[i]Size:[/i] Large; [i]Toughness:[/i] 10; [i]Features:[/i] Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Concealed 2, Defense System, Fire Prevention, Garage, Gym, Living Space, Holding Cells, Infirmiry, Power 2, Power System, Security System 2, Workshop

[b][u]Defense System 1[/u][/b]: [b]Snare 11[/b]

[b][u]Power 1[/u][/b]:  [b]Healing 10[/b] ([i]PFs:[/i] Persistent, Regrowth) [22pp]

[b][u]Power 2[/u][/b]: [b]ESP 6[/b] ([i]Visual, 20 mile range [all of Freedom City][/i]; [i]Extra:[/i] No Conduit; [i]Flaw:[/i] Medium – Surveillance equipment; PFs: Subtle, Rapid [x10]) [14PP] AND [b]Quickness 12[/b] ([i]Flaws:[/i] Limited to Search) [4PP] AND [b]Quickness 12[/b] ([i]Flaws:[/i] Limited to Notice) [4PP]

[b][u]MAVERIC[/u][/b] (Mobile Armored Vehicle for Emergency Response and Intercepting Criminals):  [13EP]

[b]Size[/b]: Huge [2EP]

[b]Strength[/b]: 35 [1EP]

[b]Speed[/b]: 5 [5EP]

[b]Toughness[/b]: 10 [1EP]

[b]Defense[/b]: 8 [0EP]

[b]Features[/b]: Alarm, Caltrops, Remote Control, Smokescreen [4EP][/quote]

[b]Powers[/b]: 32 + 2 + 7 + 2 = 43PP

[b]Energy Sword 7[/b] (Corrosion, [i]Power Feats:[/i] Alternate Power, Improved Critical (18-20), Mighty, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Energy], [i]Drawbacks:[/i] Limited [Available, Concentrated Energy Types], [i]Extras:[/i] Penetrating) [32PP]

[list][b][u]AP[/u] Energy Sword Flurry 7[/b] (Damage, [i]Power Feats:[/i] Improved Critical (18-20), Mighty, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Energy], [i]Drawbacks:[/i] Limited [Available, Concentrated Energy Types], [i]Extras:[/i] Autofire 3) [31PP][/list]

[b]Super-Senses 2[/b] (Energy Awareness [Mental], Magic Awareness [Mental])[2PP]

[i]Erik is sensitive to both the electromagnetic spectrum and magical power. This awareness is filtered through to his regular senses in a mishmash of synesthesia, giving him a general impression of the energy's particulars and allowing him to recognize signatures he's sensed before.[/i]

[b]Super-Senses 6[/b] (Detect Energy [Mental, [i]Extras:[/i] Accurate 2, Acute, Radius, Ranged], [i]Feats:[/i] Alternate Power) [7PP]

[list][b][u]AP[/u] Super-Senses 6[/b] (Detect Magic [Mental, [i]Extras:[/i] Accurate 2, Acute, Radius, Ranged]) [6PP][/list]

[b]Swordsmanship Supremacy 1[/b] (Probability Control, [i]Flaws:[/i] Limited 2 [Swordsmanship]) [2pp]

[b]DC Block[/b]:

[code]ATTACK           RANGE     SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed          Touch     DC18 Toughness (Staged)     Damage

Energy Sword     Touch     DC17 Fortitude (Staged)     Drain Toughness

Energy Sword     Touch     DC25 Toughness (Staged)     Damage
Abilities 40 + Combat 38 + Saves 22 + Skills 14 + Feats 75 + Powers 43 = 232/233 Power Points Note: Jack of all Blades has a single rank of Improved Critical as part of his Strike power, which brings his energy swords in line with regular swords, i.e. a 19-20 range. The additional rank as part of his normal feats places this at 18-20 for both regular and energy swords. Note: As a metamagi, Erik's powers are the result of a mystically enhanced mutation, blurring the line between genetics and sorcery. This enhancement specifically allows him to form his borrowed energy into swords. Magic nullification removes the 'sword' descriptor from his Energy Sword Array, which means he will no longer benefit from his Attack Specialization or Improved Critical feats. Effects that nullify mutant powers shut off said Array entirely, as well as his Super-Senses.
Power Level: 10 (164/165 PP) (Sidekick 30) Trade-Offs: +5 Defense, -5 Toughness Unspent PP: 1 [floatr]Ellie.pngJillOCureHF.png[/floatr]Characters Name: Jill O'Cure Alternate Identity: Ellie Espadas, Jill Pique Age: 18 Gender: Female Height: 5'8'' Weight: 125 lb Hair: Dusty Brown, Dyed Black Eyes: Dark Blue Description: Ellie Espadas is a coltish young woman with short dusty brown hair dyed black and a perpetually sardonic expression on her angular features. She prefers to dress in layers, favouring oversized dress shirts under fitted vests and similar combinations, accessorising with bangles and broad rings. Recently she has taken to carrying a canvas messenger bag storing first aid supplies and her costume. Said costume mirrors her brother's, swapping a deep crimson for his royal blue. Black tights feature prominent red piping up the sides while a cropped top and jacket provide an airier look. Jill O'Cure has also adopted an identity concealing bandana mask and a hair colour to match Jack’s customary wig, although the family resemblance remains obvious. History: Born in 1992, Ellie Espadas was born to Freedom City policewoman Gina Espadas and immigrant John Pique, who disappeared shortly before her birth. Growing up in the West End verbally sparing with her older brother Erik, she demonstrated a keen mind from an early age, reading voraciously and studying a variety of subjects without prompting. When a stray bullet in a convenience store robbery gone wrong left Gina paralysed from the waist down, Ellie actually arrived on the scene before her brother, in time to see the paramedics who arrived to stabilise her mother. While the tragedy signalled the end of her brother's childhood, it came at a time when Ellie was only just beginning to discover who she was. Simultaneously developing a devoted interest in medicine and acquiring a flint hard, cynical edge, she found her early high school years difficult and isolating. Compounding matters, her brother and closest confidant was forced to spend most of his time making ends meet. Though trying, these years honed Ellie's forceful personality. When Erik revealed to her the super powers he had gained, she helped his create the persona of Jack of all Blades. Her medical knowledge were instrumental in those early months, during which he would often return home in the middle of the night with a variety of wounds and fractures. Escaping social tribulations at school stemming from boredom, Ellie was delighted to spend time with the friends Erik made in the superhero community. Nevertheless, she remained on the periphery of that world until the night John Pique reappeared at the Espadases’ door step, carrying the unconscious form of Rose Copas, better known as Jaci o' Cups. Amidst the revelations and frantic melee which followed as the so-called Tournament of Jacks reached a head, Ellie came into possession of the Jack of Coins playing card dropped by the slain Denari Jones. The complex magics woven into the artefact awoke the latent metamagi abilities which were as much her heritage as her brother's. Over Erik's objections, she donned a costume of her own and took the name Jill O’Cure. Conceding that she was determined to follow in his footsteps regardless, Erik decided that he'd rather keep his sister nearby where he could keep her out of the worst danger. Ellie, naturally, has other ideas. Thanks to a few pulled strings, she has enrolled at Claremont Academy for her senior year under the pseudonym Jill Pique, in order to learn more about her powers. Personality & Motivation: Ellie developed a biting wit alongside her brother, and if she lacks a measure of his self-assured bravado, she makes up for it with a razor sharp acumen. She is, however, more likely to use this as a defence mechanism, making clever quips to downplay a strong sense of empathy and what is easily a genius level intellect. Although somewhat more pragmatic than many heroes, Ellie has a strong sense of personal responsibility and has dedicated herself to saving lives. She struggles to balance the need to do what it takes to get the job done and a keen awareness of potential collateral damage. The Jill O'Cure persona allows her to indulge in her more impulsive side, while still playing the voice of reason to her brother's reckless abandon. Powers & Tactics: Ellie is able to manipulate biological material on the cellular level. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of medicine, her default use of this ability is to heal, miraculously repairing wounds, curing illness and even regrowing limbs. The flip side of that power is a devestating attack on a body's natural defenses with a mere touch. These applications are signalled by a pale blue and virulent green glow, respectively. Ellie also possesses the apparently unrelated ability to create translucent force fields around herself and others. Conceptualizing herself as a super paramedic, Ellie makes protecting civilians her priority, sheilding them with her force fields and delivering medical attention to any injured. Given a choice, she prefers traditional medical techniques to using her powers, not entirely trusting their 'something for nothing' nature, but does not hesitate when time is of the essense. In actual combat, Ellie leverages her not inconsiderable self defense training. Against non-powered foes, a single application of her offensive abilities is often enough to discourage further conflict, while she wisely follows a more cautious strategy when dealing with super villains. Ultimately, she lacks her brother's inclination toward fighting, and seeks to end such confrontations quickly. Complications: Civilians (Ellie prioritizes the protection of innocent bystanders over fighting villains, even more so than most heroes.) Family (It's not easy being Jack of all Blades' sister.) Relationship (Mara Hallomen AKA Dragonfly) Secret (Superhero Identity, 'Jill Pique' Identity) Sidekick (As Jill, Ellie has to deal with an over protective brother and may have trouble getting other heroes to take her seriously.) West Ender (Ellie is proud of her neighbourhood and particularly protective of its residents.) Abilities: 0 + 8 + 4 + 10 + 4 + 6 = 32PP Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 18 (+4) Con: 14 (+2) Int: 20 (+5) Wis: 14 (+2) Cha: 16 (+3) Combat: 8 + 16 = 24PP Attack: +4 Base, +7 Melee, +11 Disease Touch Grapple: +8 Defense: +16 (+8 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback: -2/-0 Initiative: +4 Saves: 5 + 6 + 8 = 19PP Toughness: +6 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +2 Costume) Fortitude: +7 (+2 Con, +5) Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +6) Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8) Skills: 56R = 14PP Acrobatics 6 (+10) Bluff 15 (+18) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 5 (+10) Language 2 (Latin, Spanish) Medicine 12 (+15) Notice 10 (+12) Stealth 6 (+10) Feats: 23PP Attack Focus (Melee) 3 Defensive Roll 1 Distract (Bluff) Dodge Focus 8 Eidetic Memory Equipment 1 Evasion 2 Fearless Improvised Tools Power Attack Quick Change Set-Up Taunt
Costume: Protection 2 [Power Feat: Subtle]; Cost: 3EP Masterwork Medical Tools; Cost: 1EP Night Vision Goggles; Cost: 1EP
Powers: 2 + 50 = 52pp Immunity 2 (disease, poison) [2PP] Biological Manipulation Array 24 (48PP, Power Feats: Alternate Power 2) [50PP]
  • Healing 11 (Power Feats: Dynamic, Stabilize, Persistent, Regrowth, Extra: Restorative, Total) [48PP] AP Disease Touch 11 (Drain Fortitude 11, Power Feats: Accurate 2, Incurable, Slow Fade, Extra: Linked [Damage]) + (Damage 11, Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Linked [Drain], Secondary Effect) [48PP] AP Create Object 10 (Power Feats: Dynamic, Progression 2 [25-foot cube/rank], Selective, Stationary, Tether, Extras: Impervious, Movable) [46PP]
DC Block:
    ATTACK            RANGE     SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed           Touch     DC15 Toughness (Staged)     Damage

Disease Touch     Touch     DC21 Fortitude (Staged)     Drain Fortitude

                  Touch     DC26 Fortitude (Staged)     Damage
Abilities 32 + Combat 24 + Saves 19 + Skills 14 + Feats 23 + Powers 52 = 164/165 Power Points Note: Like her brother, Ellie is a metamagi, the result of mystically enhanced mutation, blurring the line between genetics and sorcery. In her case, magic nullification prevents her from using her Disease Touch or Create Object Alternate Powers. Effects that nullify mutant abilities shut off her powers entirely.

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5pp to spend, and I've realized Dragonfly has a horrible, crippling weakness to getting made flat-footed. She's smart enough to realize that complete social naïveté is going to bite her, too, especially now that she has a relationship, so she's been doing what she does best: approaching it as a science. Microexpressions, studies in martial arts body language, even some animal behavior. It's not making her any better of a liar or diplomat, but at least she'll have a better understanding of people and nonverbal communication.

To wit:

3pp into skills - Dragonfly picks up a very decent chunk of Sense Motive (9), a new language (that she's still in the progress of learning, but I'm grabbing it while I'm messing with skills) (Spanish), and a little more Craft (Electronic) and Craft (Mechanical) (1 rank each).

Added complication: her new relationship with Jill O'Cure.

She saves up her remaining 2pp.

[b][u]Characters Name:[/u][/b] Dragonfly

[b][u]Power Level:[/u][/b] 9 (142/144)

[b][u]Trade-Offs:[/u][/b] +2 Defense / -2 Toughness

[b][u]Unspent PP:[/u][/b] 2

[b][u]Progress to Silver:[/u][/b] 39/60

[b][u]In Brief:[/u][/b]

Bitter young genius out to apply her mind on [i]her[/i] terms, and no one else's.

[b][u]Alternate Identity:[/u][/b] Mara Hallomen

[b][u]Identity:[/u][/b] Secret

[b][u]Birthplace:[/u][/b] France (dual citizen, French/American)

[b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b] inventor; full-time hero

[b][u]Affiliations:[/u][/b] Ironclad, Jill O'Cure, The Lab

[b][u]Family:[/u][/b] Alexander 'Hollow Man' Hallomen (father)

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 19 (born December 1991)

[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] female

[b][u]Ethnicity:[/u][/b] Caucasian

[b][u]Height:[/u][/b] 5'5"

[b][u]Weight:[/u][/b] "I can build death rays, you know."

[b][u]Eyes:[/u][/b] dark blue

[b][u]Hair:[/u][/b] dirty blonde


On the short side, slim and modestly proportioned but not exactly muscular, Mara tends to take just enough care of herself to maintain her shape and stay alive, but not much else. She nearly always looks a little strung-out, hair disheveled and eyes tired, like she doesn't sleep well (which she doesn't) or spends long stretches distracted by some project or idea to the neglect of all else (which she does). Her clothing is simple, practical, and subdued in color (shades of gray and black being popular, dark reds, blues, and purples being runners-up). Very often what she's wearing hasn't been washed recently. Makeup is practically a foreign concept.

When out fighting crime her outfit is a little more clean and constant: slim black pants, a short grey jacket with a stylized black dragonfly on the back, and her devices - currently a pair of large, heavy-looking high-tech gauntlets, a high-tech flexible chestpiece and belt, and a large headset which covers both ears and has a translucent blue visor over her upper face. She prefers boots with a little bit of heel to them – they're not very practical, but she's self-conscious about her height (especially when confronting criminals or working with your standard 6' bombshell heroine).

[b][u]Power Descriptions:[/u][/b]

When Dragonfly's Datalink is active small lights 'dance' behind her eyes; this effect is not very bright, but is highly piercing (being subtly noticeable even under her visor, which obscures most of her features). Failed attempts to penetrate her Mental Immunity are met with psychic 'static', resistance, and unintelligible echoes of her multiple running thoughts.

Her technology-based spatial effects typically manifest as shifting, churning distortions or fragmented space. Some effects are tinted the same distinct neon blue her gauntlets emit at the seams and glasswork when charged.


In certain parts of the underworld you don't buy or sell weapons without knowing the name Hallomen. Word is that for the right price he can get you anything: designer drugs like Max or Zoom, the very latest in illegal technology, and even, once in a rare while – if you can afford it – gadgets from caught supervillains that got 'lost' on their way to the incinerators or science labs. From the back alleys to high-class black market auctions, he supplies whole armies if the price is right and by luck, bribes, and exceptional planning he never seems to get caught; those who've dealt with him jokingly call him the “Hollow Man†(through rarely to his face) in honor of how the police raid into his storehouses and labs to find empty – 'hollow' – rooms. What customers only very rarely know is where most of the new and custom items came from. 

Hallomen is a cold and ruthless man but a man none the less, and around the turn of the 20th century had a short tryst with a villainess and frequent buyer. He was completely uninterested in the child she bore (what use did he have for a wailing, disgusting baby?) until several years later, when he got word that the child was displaying superhuman traits – signs of high intelligence (for a child of that age) and her mother's ability to control computers by thought alone. Now and only now was the girl useful to him and when the mother died (something he calmly claims he had nothing to do with, of course) she fell into his care.

Little Mara Hallomen indeed was predicted to be brilliant when she grew older but that simply wouldn't be enough (or soon enough) for the Hollow Man – no, anything good can be made better. He invested considerable resources into her 'education', and so it was that young Mara grew up all but alone in a barely-staffed lab, under a constant regimen of 'vitamins' and 'medicine', supplied with a never-ending stream of knowledge and information, her only human contact a rare visit from her father, a scant few researchers or guards, and the occasional empath or psychic paid to enhance her mind in ways science could not. Even this was cold comfort, however: anyone who set foot in the building was under strict orders not to talk to Mara unless absolutely necessary so she could concentrate on her real purpose: designing new and improved tools of crime. From death rays to personal teleporters to battlesuits, she made them all. Old-school and cutting-edge, energy to gravity to good old bullets, she designed a veritable panoply and Hallomen made money hand over fist. 

Kept docile, driven, and borderline insane as an intended side-effect of her constant  'health treatments', the only thing her father could never have predicted was the net effect it was taking on her mind: redundant and parallel in some places, warped and enhanced in others, bit by bit her brain was growing resistant to outside influence. The older she got the more treatment she underwent and the more treatment she underwent the more resistant she became; the more resistant she became the more disquieting her life seemed. Finally, near her 18th birthday, she was resting in what passed for her private room when a lone dragonfly wandered its way through the barred window and caught her eye. To anyone else it wouldn't even have been a remarkable specimen of a dragonfly, but to her the darting little bug was the most beautiful thing in the world: free. Then and there she made up her mind to be as free as the dragonfly was: to escape and feel the wind under her metaphorical wings.

Less than a month later, the guards came to wake her and found the room empty, the majority of her research and designs completely destroyed, and a very large sum vanished from her father's own personal bank account. She's managed to stay a step ahead of her father and his goons ever since, figuring Freedom City and its relatively high hero count to be the perfect place to hide out…and test some new designs on her own terms.

[b][u]Personality & Motivation:[/u][/b]

Mara's more than a little bitter about not having had much of a childhood, and not amazingly socially skilled (which she typically deals with using snark and mistrust). When presented with a puzzle or new idea to build she's energized and almost manic as her brain kicks into gear to solve the task at hand. She's very intelligent and highly rational, but a combination of chronic bad sleep and frequent headaches (both side-effects of assorted substances that are even now still washing out of her system) can make her snide and irate.

Given her life so far, she has a fairly intense dislike of criminals. She's softer at heart than she'd ever admit, having an especially strong drive to aid children, but by and large she's more driven by the victimizers than their victims. It's occurred to her that she could accomplish many of her goals by villainy (at the very least as the sort of villain who hunts other villains as often as they break the law), but believes heroism's just more rational – being strictly on the hero side of things provides more advantages than disadvantages...not to mention helps her sleep a little easier, particularly if she gets her own creations off the streets.

[b][u]Powers & Tactics:[/u][/b] 

Mara dabbles in many areas of technology but most of her combat tech is based on spatial distortions, something she developed under her father's thumb but didn't work the kinks out of until she'd escaped. Her devices, her gauntlets especially, are built to warp and fold space to provide any number of effects. Her Datalink power she finds useful, but more for utility than combat; her mind's resistance to outside influence is something she tries to keep well-hidden as her ace in the hole against manipulation.

When given half a chance she plans her battles quickly and efficiently, well aware that she relies on her devices and that those devices have limits. Against an obviously inferior foe she might be careless, but against anything or anyone challenging she is methodical and deliberate, striking when she'll have the upper hand and analyzing the situation for any advantage.


[b]Enemy:[/b] The Hollow Man. When she left she dealt a huge (if sadly not crippling) blow to her father's business, not to mention the very large sum of money she took with her. He wants her back, preferably in good condition, though the longer he has to pretend that the key to his most popular items has vanished the more and more flexible he gets as long as she's alive and her head's in one piece.

[b]Hatred:[/b] People taking advantage of children, anyone using the creations she thought up, and to a lesser extent organized crime or high-end weapons dealers.

[b]Legacy:[/b] Against her best efforts, some of her creations are still being made here and there, and there are still quite a number of older designs floating around through the underworld. Anyone savvy enough, or connected enough, can link this (often quite lethal or empowering) technology to her.

[b]Relationship:[/b] With [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2517#Jill]Jill O'Cure[/url].

[b]Secret:[/b] Identity.

[b]Side-Effects:[/b] Powerful depressants and some other compounds (like Zombie Powder) react badly with chemicals and conditioning still in Dragonfly's system; depending on the dosage used she'll range from being slightly neurotic (as her sense of identity fights the old conditioning) up to complete if temporary regression to a happy and disturbing little worker bee that almost mindlessly devours any technical projects put in front of her.

[b]Visor:[/b] The visor device communicates most of its powers through Dragonfly's normal senses, and thus may be lost to the appropriate dazzle or similar sense-impairing attack (eg, all visual senses and Uncanny Dodge are lost when visually dazzled; radio signals cannot be 'heard' if deaf; etc).

[b][u]Stats:[/u][/b] 0+4+0+14+2+2 = 22pp

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: 10 (+0)

Int: 24 (+7)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 12 (+1)

[b][u]Combat:[/u][/b] 10+8 = 18pp

Initiative: +7

Attack: +5, +9 Gauntlets

Grapple: +5

Defense: +11/+4 (+4 Base, +7 Shield), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -0 Base, -3 with Force Field

[b][u]Saves:[/u][/b] 5+4+6 = 15pp

Toughness: +0 Base, +7 with Force Field (+0 Con, +7 Force Field)

Fortitude: +5 (+0 Con, +5)

Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)

Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6)

[b][u]Skills:[/u][/b] 84r = 21pp

Computers 8 (+15)

Concentration 4 (+5)

Craft (electronic) 10 (+17)

Craft (mechanical) 10 (+17)

Disable Device 8 (+15)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 10 (+17)

Knowledge (technology) 8 (+15)

Languages 4 (English [native], French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish)

Notice 4 (+5)

Perform (stringed instruments) 9 (+10)

Sense Motive 9 (+10)

[b][u]Feats:[/u][/b] 14pp


Benefit (wealth)

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 4 (20ep)




Master Plan

Online Research

Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft (electronic), Craft (mechanical), Notice)

Speed of Thought

[quote name="Equipment"]Masterwork Double Bass [1ep]

Masterwork Violin [1ep]

Multitool [1ep]

The Lab (1pp contributed to [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4400]The Lab[/url]) [5ep]

Warehouse HQ [12ep]

[device][i]An outwardly-unremarkable warehouse tucked away in Greenbank, no local gangs or criminals seem to want to talk about it. Funny, that....[/i]





Defense System

Fire Prevention System



Living Space

Power System

Security System


[b][u]Powers:[/u][/b] 2+4+36+6+4 = 52pp

[b]Datalink 2 ([/b]100ft, mental; mutation[b])[/b] [2pp]

[b]Device 1 ([/b]Visor, 5dp; technology; [i]Flaws:[/i] Easy to Lose; [i]Feats:[/i] Restricted [Datalink][b])[/b] [4pp]

[i]A blue, obscuring visor attached to two ear-covering mounts and covering much of the upper face. It requires Datalink to be used properly.[/i]

[device][b]Super-Senses ([/b]Radio; Uncanny Dodge[b])[/b] [2dp]

[b]Super-Senses ([/b]Visual; Analytical 2, Infravision[b])[/b] [3dp][/device]

[b]Device 8 ([/b]Gauntlets, 40dp; technology; [i]Flaws:[/i] Hard to Lose; [i]Feats:[/i] Accurate 2, Precise, Restricted [Datalink][b])[/b] [36pp]

[i]A pair of heavy, high-tech gauntlets capable of warping and folding space. They require Datalink to be used properly.[/i]

[device][b]spatial Array 9 ([/b]18pp array; spatial; [i]Feats:[/i] Alternate Power 2[b])[/b] [20dp]
[b]Damage 9 ([/b]blast; [i]Extras:[/i] Range [Ranged][b])[/b] [18/18]

[b]Damage 9 ([/b]spatial 'blade'; [i]Extras:[/i] Penetrating[b])[/b] [18/18]

[b]Dimensional Pocket 8 ([/b]25 tons; [i]Feats:[/i] Progression 1[b])[/b], [b]Enhanced Feat ([/b]Quick Change[b])[/b] [15+1= 18/18][/list]

[b]Protection 7 ([/b]spatial; [i]Extras:[/i] Force Field (+0); [i]Feats:[/i] Selective[b])[/b] [8dp]

[b]Shield 7 ([/b]spatial[b])[/b] + [b]Enhanced Feat ([/b]Evasion 2[b])[/b] [7+2= 9dp]

[b]Teleport 1 ([/b]100ft; spatial; [i]Feats:[/i] Turnabout[b])[/b] [3dp][/device]

[b]Immunity 10 ([/b]Mental Effects; [i]Flaws:[/i] Limited [Half]; [i]Feats:[/i] Innate[b])[/b] [6pp]

[b]Quickness 6 ([/b]x100; [i]Flaws:[/i] One Type [Mental]; [i]Feats:[/i] Innate[b])[/b] [4pp]

[b][u]DC Block:[/u][/b]

[code]Unarmed                  15 DC/Toughness                        damage

Blast, Blade             24 DC/Toughness                        damage

Pocket                   18 DC/Reflex                           trapped 

                         18 DC/Will, -1 per save failed         to escape (Dimensional Movement grants automatic escape)
Costs: Abilities (22) + Combat (18) + Saves (15) + Skills (21) + Feats (14) + Powers (52) - Drawbacks (0) = 142pp

Sneerg is awesome

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Midnight II

Add a new Complication:

Mental Familiarity (Trevor and Eve Martel have developed their telepathic rapport to the point where she is unaffected by his otherwise difficult to read mind.)

1PP - +1 to his Reflex Save.

Reflex: +8 (+3 Dex, +5)

2PP - Remove the Displacement Flaw from his Concealment.

Concealment 2 ("Shadowy Presence" [Mental, Mutant]; All Mental Senses) [4PP]

5PP - Add a new power!

Immunity 10 (Telepathic Resistance [Mental, Mutant]; All Mental Effects, Flaws: Limited [Half]) [5PP]

1PP - Add an AP to his Obscure, representing the new trick he learned in Routine Maintenance.

Obscure 3 (Midnight Mist [Gaseous Cloud, Mutant]; Visual Senses, 25ft radius, Extras: Action 2 [Free], Independent, Flaws: Range [Touch], Power Feats: Alternate Power) [10PP]

  • AP: Protection 7 (Supersaturated Muscle Tissue [Mutant]; Extras: Duration [sustained]) [7PP]
    Enhanced Strength 2 [2PP]

1PP - Add to Super-Sense to turn Darkvision and Visual Counters Obscure [fog/mist] into:

Super-Senses 6 (Infravision, Visual Counters Obscure [All]) [6PP]

[b]Players Name[/b]: Gizmo 

[b]Power Level[/b]: 14 (205/205PP)

[b]Trade-Offs[/b]: +2 Attack, -2 Damage

[b]Unspent PP[/b]: 10

[b][u]Progress to Gold:[/u][/b] 55/90 (Silver status earned with [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2517]Jack of all Blades[/url])

[floatr][img=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/3/3d/MidnightIIHF.png][/floatr][b]Characters Name[/b]: Midnight II

[b]Alternate Identity[/b]: Trevor Hunter

[b]Age[/b]: 17

[b]Gender[/b]: Male 

[b]Height[/b]: 6'2"

[b]Weight[/b]: 165 lbs

[b]Hair[/b]: Black

[b]Eyes[/b]: Black Sclera With Red Irises


Trevor Hunter is a tall, lanky teenager with dark hair just a little too long to be kept tidy and a relaxed demeanour. Although over six feet he's still growing into his full height, giving him a thinness accentuated by angular features. Dressing largely in subdued browns and blacks, he eschews logos and accessories, preferring plain long-sleeved shirts and jackets with a generally uncluttered appearance. His one concession is a battered black fedora which he wears whenever convenience allows.

As the second Midnight, he wears a costume only slightly altered from the one used by his grandfather, starting with a lightly armoured jump-suit. Trevor has shortened the trench coat to a jacket to make it more practical for riding the Night Cycle, and added a matte black utility belt containing an array of gadgets. His featureless mask and fedora are in fact the very same ones used by Travis Hunter, although the mask’s functional elements had to be replaced. The entire costume is pitch black save for glowing red eyes.


Shortly after the Liberty League disbanded in the late 1950s, the mysterious vigilante known as Midnight disappeared, never to be seen again. Remaining active but underground for several years, chemist Travis Hunter eventually settled down and raised a family. Though the occasional crisis would bring him out of retirement, it was never for long and always without public knowledge.

The years of exposure to his ‘midnight mist’ had left a greater mark of Hunter than he realised, however. With his son forced to move often due to his job, Hunter’s grandson Trevor came to live with the now elderly, though still remarkably vigourous, chemist in his sizeable estate. This turned out to be fortuitous, for when Trevor’s metahuman abilities manifested at puberty, his grandfather instantly recognised the familiar light blocking gas he produced.

Calming the confused youth, Hunter revealed to him the long abandoned ‘Midnight Manor’ hidden below their home and explained his history as a masked crime fighter. The moment the old, flickering lights illuminated the glass case containing the Midnight costume, Trevor’s fate was sealed. He knew his destiny was to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and, seeing the boy’s determination, Hunter had to agree.

Trevor’s training began immediately, with the condition that he was not to venture out into the city until he earned his license and refurbished one of the Manor’s decrepit vehicles to drive himself there. To Hunter’s chagrin the mechanically inclined Trevor not only met both conditions with surprising ease, but insisted on claiming the Night Cycle as his transportation of choice.

The new Midnight’s first forays into the world of super heroism caught the attention of Duncan Summers, who recognised the modus operandi of the hero who was in many ways the spiritual predecessor of the Raven. Sending his daughter out to make contact with the teen, Summers invited Trevor to enrol at Claremont Academy. With his grandfather’s blessing he accepted, eager to give a new generation of villains a very good reason to be afraid of the dark.

[b]Personality & Motivation[/b]:

Trevor is outwardly reserved without being cold. He’ll smile slightly rather than laugh, and he’ll narrow his eyes rather than shout belligerently. What sense of humour he does display is bone dry, often leaving those he interacts with uncertain if he made a joke or not. Slow to anger, he has little interest in social drama and is unfailing genuine in his sentiments. Content to let others have the spotlight, when he does speak his words carry a weight that belies his years.

Fighting crime is a point of family pride for Trevor, one he takes very seriously. The exploitation of the innocent is one of the few things sure to draw a reaction from the typically demure teen, and he takes a good deal of satisfaction from utilising fear against the villains who make it their stock and trade.

[b]Powers & Tactics[/b]: 

Trevor is able to produce clouds of “midnight mistâ€, the gas invented by his grandfather, at will. The mist blocks out light, plunging those caught in its wake into darkness. Using his specially designed goggles, Trevor takes advantage of the cover to terrify his foes and strike undetected, leaving no trace of himself save unconscious criminals. 

A secondary power clouds his presence from telepathy and other mental senses, making him a shadowy figure even on the mental plane. Supplementing these powers are an array of compact gadgets secreted about the pockets of his coat and belt.


[i]Camera Shy[/i] (Trevor prefers to remain unseen by the public; the shadows are where he does his best work.)

[i]Disarmed[/i] (Trevor's coat and belt need to be removed to completely deprive him of his gadgets, but many of the individual items are hand held and can be disarmed as normal.)

[i]Don’t Touch the Hat[/i] (Don’t. Touch. The [i]Hat[/i].)

[i]Erin White[/i] (Dating. It's complicated.)

[i]Frightening[/i] (The Midnight costume is great for scaring bad guys, not so great for reassuring civilians, especially kids.)

[i]Honest[/i] (Trevor’s a lousy liar, to the point of bluntness)

[i]Legacy[/i] (Living up to his inherited code name means the world to Trevor.)

[i]Loyalty[/i] (Trevor insists he's only a part-time member of Young Freedom, but his teammates know better and deep down, so does he.)

[i]Mental Familiarity[/i] (Trevor and Eve Martel have developed their telepathic rapport to the point where she is unaffected by his otherwise difficult to read mind.)

[b]Abilities[/b]: 8 + 6 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 8 = 36PP

STR: 18/20 (+4/+5)

DEX: 16 (+3)

CON: 16 (+3)

INT: 14 (+2)

WIS: 14 (+2)

CHA: 18 (+4)

[b]Combat[/b]: 18 + 12 = 30PP

Initiative: +3

Attack: +9 Base, +15 Melee

Grapple: +19

Defense: +13 (+6 Base, +7 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -4, -2 Flat-Footed

[b]Saving Throws[/b]: 4 + 5 + 8 = 17PP

Toughness: +10/+14 (+3 Con, +4 Defensive Roll, +3 Midnight Costume/+7 Protection)

Fortitude: +7 (+3 Con, +4)

Reflex: +8 (+3 Dex, +5)

Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8)

[b]Skills[/b]: 116r = 29PP

Acrobatics 7 (+10)

Craft (mechanical) 13 (+15)

Drive 12 (+15)

Gather Information 6 (+10)

Intimidate 16 (+20)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 3 (+5)

Knowledge (Tactics) 13 (+15)

Knowledge (Technology) 3 (+5)

Language 2 (ASL, French, English [Native])

Medicine 3 (+5)

Notice 8 (+10)

Perform (Dance) 1 (+5)

Sense Motive 13 (+15)

Stealth 16 (+19)

[b]Feats[/b]: 39PP

Attack Focus (Melee) 6

Benefit 2 (Wealth 2)

Blind Fight

Defensive Roll 2 (+4 Toughness)

Distract (Intimidate)

Dodge Focus 7

Equipment 6 (30EP)

Hide in Plain Sight

Jack of All Trades

Luck 3

Master Plan 2

Power Attack

Second Chance (Intimidate)

Skill Mastery 2 (Acrobatics, Drive, Gather Information, Intimidate, Medicine, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth)

Sneak Attack



[quote name="Equipment"]3 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 14 = 25ep

[b][u]Collapsible Escrima Sticks:[/u] Strike 3[/b] ([i]Power Feat:[/i] Mighty, Subtle); [i]Cost:[/i] 5ep

[b][u]Gas Mask[/u]: Immunity 1[/b] (eye and lung irritants); [i]Cost:[/i] 1ep

[b][u]Grappling Hook[/u]: Super-Movement 1[/b] (Swinging), [b]Speed 1[/b] (10 MPH); [i]Cost:[/i] 3ep

[b][u]Midnight Costume[/u]: Protection 3[/b] ([i]Power Feat:[/i] Subtle); [i]Cost:[/i] 4ep

[b][u]Night Cycle:[/u] Speed 5[/b] (250 mph)

[list][u]Stats[/u]: [i]Size:[/i] Medium; [i]Strength:[/i] 20; [i]Defense:[/i] 10; [i]Toughness:[/i] 10; [i]Features:[/i] Disguise, Hidden Compartments, Nitro Injectors, Remote Control, Subtle; Cost: 17ep[/list][/quote]

[b]Powers[/b]: 4 + 27 + 5 + 10 + 2 + 6 = 54PP

[b]Concealment 2[/b] ("Shadowy Presence" [Mental, Mutant]; All Mental Senses) [4PP]

[b]Gadgets 3[/b] (Utility Coat & Belt; 15pp Variable Power, Any Power, Multiple Powers At Once, [i]Extras:[/i] Action 2 [Free], Duration [Continuous], [i]Flaws:[/i] Hard-To-Lose) [27PP]

[b]Immunity 10[/b] (Telepathic Resistance [Mental, Mutant]; All Mental Effects, [i]Flaws:[/i] Limited [Half]) [5PP]

[b]Obscure 3[/b] (Midnight Mist [Gaseous Cloud, Mutant]; Visual Senses, 25ft radius, [i]Extras:[/i] Action 2 [Free], Independent, [i]Flaws:[/i] Range [Touch], [i]Power Feats:[/i] Alternate Power) [10PP]

[list][b][u]AP[/u]: Protection 7[/b] (Supersaturated Muscle Tissue [Mutant]; [i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Sustained]) [7PP]

[b]Enhanced Strength 2[/b] [2PP][/list]

[b]Sensory Shield 2[/b] (Vision) [2PP]

[b]Super-Senses 6[/b] (Infravision, Visual Counters Obscure [All]) [6PP]

[b]DC Block:[/b]

[code]ATTACK            RANGE    SAVE                            EFFECT

Unarmed           Touch    DC19(21*) Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Physical)

Escrima Sticks    Touch    DC22(24*) Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Physical)

*Sneak Attack
Abilities 36 + Combat 30 + Saves 17 + Skills 29 + Feats 39 + Powers 54 = 205/205 Power Points


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Not complete, clarification and query on page 3 of topic

EDIT: Now it's done

I would like to remove the feat Leadership, buy 4 ranks in the skill Knowledge(Chemistry), and the feat Startle, and make a few additions/subtractions to his 'Personality' section, please.

For the 'Personality' section, I'd like to remove the bit about his LOUD VOICE(due to redundancy, which I overlooked for Heaven only knows why), and put in it's place that : Marceau is by upbringing and nature deeply religious, and by attendance a believer in Greek Orthodoxy. Despite that, he sees himself as a practical man(all evidence to the contrary aside), with a hard-headed and skeptical outlook on life, which has led him to undertake a study of chemistry, so as to better understand the reason for the physical phenomena he would otherwise spend sleepless nights fretting about, such as how poison is dangerous.

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Please add the following to her the Powers and Tactics section for Blueshift. The entire section is coded out below for ease of copy pasta.

Although at her birth, her intelligence was merely that of the most intelligent of humans, the fact that her mind can process information so quickly is certainly not a natural occurrence. Neither is the fact that she was already brilliant, without having to waste time during the normal childhood mental development periods. Her rapid brain functionality, and her massive intelligence are both mutations. Though not magical, or the result of any sort of outside acting force like terminus energy, these unnatural traits are mutations nonetheless. One unfortunate side affect of her incredible intelligence is that of her anxiety and social disorders as well as powerful migraines. Her brain is so efficient at processing whatever information it focuses on that sometimes, Rachel experiences a backlash from the mutations. Over the years her brain has only gotten smarter, and faster. As of yet, there exists no information that would indicate it will cease to become more powerful and more efficient.

Rachel was born with genius level intelligence and a mind like a race car. She wasn't super intelligent, just peak human. But there is still plenty of things you can do with tools like those. Rachel was also blessed with a natural grace of movement. Though it is a minor trait compared to her intelligence. She puts both of these abilities to use inventing a multitude of miniature gadgets that she uses to fight crime. But it doesn't stop there. She uses her brain and her high maneuverability when she fights. She never fights without planning things out first, and she never fights a fight she knows she can't win. She doesn't fight dirty, but she will use everything she can to gain an advantage including her surroundings, and her opponents themselves.

Although at her birth, her intelligence was merely that of the most intelligent of humans, the fact that her mind can process information so quickly is certainly not a natural occurrence.  Neither is the fact that she was already brilliant, without having to waste time during the normal childhood mental development periods.  Her rapid brain functionality, and her massive intelligence are both mutations. Though not magical, or the result of any sort of outside acting force like terminus energy, these unnatural traits are mutations nonetheless.  One unfortunate side affect of her incredible intelligence is that of her anxiety and social disorders as well as powerful migraines.  Her brain is so efficient at processing whatever information it focuses on that sometimes, Rachel experiences a backlash from the mutations.  Over the years her brain has only gotten smarter, and faster.  As of yet, there exists no information that would indicate it will cease to become more powerful and more efficient.

As far as the gadgets themselves, in addition to various small devices of varying functions, Blueshift also regularly uses multiple larger devices. She has a pair of boots with low strength rockets in them, allowing her to move quite a bit faster by coasting just above the ground. Her right arm is wrapped in an electronic gauntlet that ends in a taser-like device which delivers an electric shock to those it touches. A unit strapped to her back is capable of projecting waves of light that can interfere with observation devices, or alternatively producing a sonic wave that interferes with the portion of an observers brain that causes them to notice the presence of people and objects. The goggles she wears have multiple settings, allowing her to dial in and view any spectrum of light as well as compensate for distortions of light and other such common methods of evading detection. These goggles allow her to see anything and everything that may or may not be hidden, even by solid objects provided the target is otherwise within the normal range of her vision.

In order to reflect the newly, and explicitly defined nature of her powers, please lower her INT to 18 (+4); Please add Enhanced Intelligence 6 [6pp] to her Powers section. The new code for these sections is below.
Str 10 (+0)

Dex 20 (+5)

Con 12 (+1)

Int 18/24 (+4/+7)

Wis 14 (+2)

Cha 10 (+0)
[b]Enhanced Intelligence 6[/b] [6pp]
EDIT: Please add the descriptors "Technology" and "Mutations" to her Powers section Please add Tech Titans as an affiliation under "Family" at the top of her sheet in the vital statistics block.
[b][u]Affiliations:[/u][/b] Tech Titans

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Two edits for Doktor Archeville, one very minor, one semi-minor.


Replace Second Chance 3 (Craft [Chemical, Electronic, Mechanical] checks)

with Ultimate Effort 3 (Craft [Chemical, Electronic, Mechanical] checks)


Device/Labcoat: add the Limited (1/2 Effect) Flaw to the Immunity (cold & hot environments) [-1PP]

Add Dimensional Pocket 1 (100 lbs; Flaw: Grapple Required) [1PP] -- his pockets are bigger on the inside!

Device 2 (Armored Labcoat v1.1.2, 10PP, Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [8PP]

Immunity 2 (Cold Environments, Hot Environments; Flaw: Limited [1/2 Effect]) [1PP]

Dimensional Pocket 1 (100 lbs; Flaw: Grapple Required) [1PP]

Protection 4 (Extras: Impervious; Feats: Subtle; Drawbacks: Weak Point) [8PP]

[b]Device 2 ([/b]Armored Labcoat v1.1.2, 10PP, [i]Flaws:[/i] Hard-To-Lose[b])[/b] [8PP]
[device][b]Immunity 2 ([/b]Cold Environments, Hot Environments; [i]Flaw[/i]: Limited [1/2 Effect][b])[/b] [1PP]

[b]Dimensional Pocket 1 ([/b]100 lbs; [i]Flaw[/i]: Grapple Required[b])[/b] [1PP]

[b]Protection 4 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Impervious; [i]Feats:[/i] Subtle; [i]Drawbacks:[/i] Weak Point[b])[/b] [8PP][/device]

Ecalsneerg has now doctored your sheet

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Eve's sheet has not been edited! It was always like this! OOOoooOOOoooOOO

There were several large revisions to the Sage character sheet as a whole.

@ 9 PP


Remove: Concentration 10, Climb 8, Search 12

Change: Languages 4 -> 2 (Removed BSL, LSF), Acrobatics 16 -> 15, Stealth 16 -> 15

Add: Knowledge (Business) 5, Knowledge (Life Sciences) 5

@ 15 PP


Removed: Attack Focus (Melee), Connected, Dodge Focus (5)

@ 22 PP


Increase: Fortitude 5 -> 7, Reflex 5 -> 10

@ 15 PP


Remove: Protection 7

@ 22 PP

Change: Array 12 -> Array 14, Accurate 3 (Array 14) -> Accurate 4 (Array 14)

Change: Drain 11 + Mind Reading 11 -> Drain 12 + Mind Reading 12, Drain 11 + Strike 5 -> Drain 12 + Strike 6, Enhanced Search 4 + Telelocation 11 -> Enhanced Search 17 + Telelocation 12, Strike 11 -> Strike 12

@ 17 PP

Add: Flight 1, Enhanced Trait 12 (Dodge Focus 11, Defensive Roll 1) + Protection 1

Enhanced Feats 11 (Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 11) + Protection 1 [13PP] (Preternatural Agility; mutant)

Flight 1 (10 mph, 100 ft./rnd) [2PP] (Telekinetic Flight; mutant, mental)

@ 2 PP

Remove: Array 14 AP: Mind Reading 11

@ 3 PP

Add: Array 14 AP: Flight 14, Concealment 10, Mental Transform 12

Alternate Power: Flight 14 (500,000 mph, 5,000,000 ft./rnd) [28PP] (Telekinetic Flight; mutant, mental)

Alternate Power: Concealment 10 (All Senses, Feats: Close Range, Progression 2 [subjects, 5 Others], Progression 2 [save DC], Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Phantasm) [25PP) (Telepathic Suggestion: Forget; mutant, mental)

Alternate Power: Mental Transform 12 (Affects: Memories, Feats: Subtle, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Range [Touch]) [25PP] (Memory Modification; mutant, mental)

@ 0 PP

[b][u]Power Level:[/u][/b] 12 (176/176PP)
[b][u]Trade-Offs:[/u][/b] +5 Defense / -5 Toughness
[b][u]Unspent PP:[/u][/b] 0
[b][u]Progress to Bronze:[/u][/b] 26/30
[b][u]In Brief:[/u][/b] Eve Martel is a mute, teenage, psychic bloodhound from an exceptionally wealthy but completely altruistic family whose psychic members have been fighting the good fight for hundreds of years.

[b][u]Alternate Identities[/u][/b]: Eve Alexis Martel
[b][u]Identity[/u][/b]: Secret
[b][u]Birthplace[/u][/b]: Orléans, France
[b][u]Occupation[/u][/b]: Student, Gymnast (former)
[b][u]Affiliations[/u][/b]: Claremont Academy (Student), Martel Enterprises (Family Company)
[b][u]Family[/u][/b]: Leon Martel (Father), Josephine Martel (Mother), Nicholas Marius Martel (Brother), Isabel Jade Martel (Sister), Faith Martel (Cousin), many others.

[b][u]Age[/u][/b]: 16, Born 11 April (1994)
[b][u]Gender[/u][/b]: Female
[b][u]Ethnicity[/u][/b]: French
[b][u]Height[/u][/b]: 5'0''
[b][u]Weight[/u][/b]: 110 lb.
[b][u]Eyes[/u][/b]: Green
[b][u]Hair[/u][/b]: White

Small in stature but possessing a powerful, toned, athletic frame, Eve Martel views the world through striking green eyes. Chin-length soft white hair frames a pretty, if otherwise unremarkable, heart-shaped face.

Eve tends to dress in intense, rich colors accented with jewel tones, or contrasted with brighter white or icy pastels as these colors tend to compliment her cool complexion. Regardless of the color choices, her clothing is comfortable and well-made, though it tends to be rather understated in design.

The youngest of three children, Eve Martel was born in France one year after the Terminus Invasion. Though Eve had been separated from her oldest brother Nicholas, she grew up with plenty of cousins her age. On occasion she would visit the extended family in the United States, where she would see her brother Nicholas or her cousin Faith, but she would always return home to France eventually. Enjoying every privilege the Martel family had to offer, Eve was encouraged, and provided the means, to set her own goals and pursue her dreams.

As early as the age of seven, Eve took an interest in gymnastics bordering on obsession. That she had a natural talent for it only seemed to make her more determined to see just how far that natural talent could take her. Eve withdrew from school at the age of nine so she could focus on gymnastics, receiving tutoring while she was not working out in the gym. Soon she started to compete at a national and international level, doing well enough over the years that speculated she would earn a spot in the 2012 Olympics, even if she would be nearly two years older than most competitors.

The day she turned fourteen was also a day of competition. The beginning of the day had already started on a high note with Eve scoring rather well in both the vault and the uneven bars. Then it all went pear-shaped. Twisting through the air on the balance beam the thoughts of everyone around her, from the spectators to the judges to the other competitors slammed into her mind. In one heartbeat she went from intensely focused to disoriented and confused and the results were tragic. Eve fell, the tip of her shoulder slamming into the balance beam, dislocating the collarbone.

Eve screamed as the agony tore through her body and a pulse of mental energy slammed into everyone present in the area. The entire arena was brought to its knees, those present linked with Eve in her moment of suffering, a problem compounded as the link fed back in itself. Mercifully the event was short-lived, as Eve eventually passed out.

Eve never fully recovered from that day, the awakening of her psychic voice robbing her of her physical one. While she continued to have the warmth and support of her family, she was officially barred from competition on the grounds that she wasn’t a “normal” human. Not one to sit idle, Eve shifted her focus to more martial pursuits and over the next two years under the tutelage of her father and other Martel family members, learned to refine her control over her mental abilities. Still, Eve doesn’t have complete control over her psychic ability, to those that have the ability to sense it she is like a beacon of psychic energy and those near her tend to pick up on her emotions.

In the hope of somehow helping his daughter recover, Leon Martel decided to send Eve to live with her brother Nicholas, to put her as far away from the memories of what she lost and yet still near family. She is expected to attend Claremont Academy, a school her cousin Faith attends.

[b][u]Personality & Motivation:[/u][/b]
Eve possesses an athlete’s mentality, tackling obstacles before her with a single-minded ferocity. From a young age she has refused to accept limits and failure, and trained her mind and body to push through doubt, pain and fatigue. Eve tends to keep to herself because she is frustrated with her inability to speak and being around others just serves to remind her of her disability, as well as dredge up the memories of the day she lost her voice.

Still, overall Eve has a cheerful disposition and a warm, ready smile for those that she has opened up to. The best way to her heart is a little friendly challenge, as Eve enjoys the spirit of competition. While this often takes the form of sport, she also likes to engage in (harmless) practical jokes.

Eve, as a psychically gifted Martel, understands and accepts the charge the family has taken on. But she also knows that she is still quite young and not quite prepared for the task ahead. But she will be, one day.

[b][u]Powers & Tactics:[/u][/b]
Eve's powers largely involve contacting the minds of others, with some minor telekinesis (in the form of her psi-blade and psi-shield). Where she really shines, however, is her ability to find what she is looking for. She can locate people several thousands of miles away or deeply probe someones mind with her "corrosive" mind reading, breaking down their defenses and laying their secrets out before her. In a straight up fight Eve will use her excellent physical conditioning to approach a target quickly and quietly, flanking and harassing her foe before retreating back into hiding just to repeat the process.

[b]Public Identity:[/b] Eve Martel is a known metahuman with psychic abilities.
[b]Legacy:[/b] As a Martel, Eve (and Sage) is held to a high standard. The Martel motto of "I stand between evil and its victims, between darkness and light, between right and wrong. I stand between those I have sworn to defend and death." binds her. It takes only a handful of years to make a Martel, it takes far longer to create a civilzation worth defending. Amelie Dutemps, the Rogue Fox ["[i]la Renard Rogue[/i]"], Eve's late Great Aunt is a prominent example of the Martel commitment to this ideal.
[b]Enemies (SHADOW/Overthrow):[/b] Ever since the manifestation of Eve's powers, SHADOW (and as a consequnce Overthrow) have started to keep a dossier on the teen. They've noticed a pattern between a Martel family presence and an impact on successful operations.
[b]Age:[/b] Eve is a minor, with all the inherent difficulties thereof.
[b]Prejudice (Sexuality):[/b] Not everyone is comfortable with non-heteronormative preferences.

[b][u]Abilities:[/u][/b] 2 + 10 + 8 + 0 + 6 + 0 = 26PP
Strength: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

[b][u]Combat:[/u][/b] 8 + 12 = 20PP
Initiative: +5
Attack: +4 Base, +12 Psi Talents
Grapple: +10
Defense: +17 (+6 Base, +11 Preternatural Agility), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -3

[b][u]Saving Throws:[/u][/b] 3 + 5 + 7 = 15PP
Toughness: +7 (+4 Con, +3 Preternatural Agility)
Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3)
Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5)
Will: +10 (+3 Wis, +7)

[b][u]Skills:[/u][/b] 76R = 19PP
Acrobatics 15 (+20, Skill Mastery)
Escape Artist 10 (+15, Skill Mastery)
Knowledge (Business) 5 (+5)
Knowledge (Life Sciences) 5 (+5)
Languages 2 (French [Native], English, ASL)
Notice 12 (+15)
Search 0 (+17 Telelocation)
Sense Motive 12 (+15, Skill Mastery)
Stealth 15 (+20, Skill Mastery)

[b][u]Feats:[/u][/b] 12PP
Acrobatic Bluff
Benefit 4 (Status [Martel Heiress], Wealth 3 [Filthy Rich])
Eidetic Memory
Evasion 2
Grapple Finesse
Hide in Plain Sight
Power Attack
Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Sense Motive, Stealth)

[b][u]Powers:[/u][/b] 38 + 21 + 4 + 13 + 2 + 7 = 85PP
[b]Psi Talents 14[/b] (28PP Array, [i]Feats[/i]: Accurate 4, Alternate Power 6) [38PP]
[b][u]Base Power:[/u] Drain Wisdom 12[/b] ([i]Feats[/i]: Slow Fade, Subtle, [i]Extras:[/i] Alternate Save [Will]) + [b]Mind Reading 12[/b] ([i]Extras[/i]: Action [Move/Standard], Penetrating, [i]Flaws:[/i]: Range 2 [Touch][b])[/b] [26PP] (Mental Corrosion; mutant, mental)

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Concealment 10[/b] (All Senses, [i]Feats:[/i] Close Range, Progression 2 [Subjects, 5 Others], Progression 2 [Save DC], [i]Extras:[/i] Affects Others, [i]Flaws:[/i] Phantasm) [25PP) (Telepathic Suggestion: Forget; mutant, mental)

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Enhanced Skills 4.25[/b] (Search 17) + [b]Telelocation 12[/b] (20 million miles, [i]Feats:[/i] Subtle, [i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Sustained], [i]Flaws:[/i] Distracting) [18PP] (Telelocation; mutant, mental)

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Flight 14[/b] (500,000 mph, 5,000,000 ft./rnd) [28PP] (Telekinetic Flight; mutant, mental)

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Mental Transform 12[/b] (Affects: Memories, [i]Feats:[/i] Subtle, [i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Continuous], [i]Flaws:[/i] Range [Touch]) [25PP] (Memory Modification; mutant, mental)

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Strike 12[/b] ([i]Feats:[/i] Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 2, Subtle, [i]Extras[/i]: Penetrating 6) [23PP] (Telekinetic Blade; mutant, slashing, piercing)

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Strike 6[/b] ([i]Feats:[/i] Mighty, [i]Extras[/i]: Alternate Save [Will]) + [b]Drain Will 12[/b] ([i]Feats[/i]: Slow Fade, Subtle, [i]Extras:[/i] Alternate Save [Will]) [27PP] (Mind Spike; mutant, mental)

[b]Communication 6[/b] (Mental, 20 miles, [i]Feats:[/i] Rapid [x10], Selective, Subtle, [i]Extras:[/i] Area (Extended), Two-Way) (Telepathy, Networked Telepathy; mutant, mental) [21PP]

[b]Comprehend 2[/b] (Languages 2 [Understood by All/Understand All][b])[/b] [4PP] (Language Center Scanning; mutant, mental)

[b]Enhanced Feats 12[/b] (Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 11) + [b]Protection 1[/b] [13PP] (Preternatural Agility; mutant)

[b]Flight 1[/b] (10 mph, 100 ft./rnd) [2PP] (Telekinetic Flight; mutant, mental)

[b]Super-Senses 7[/b] (Danger Sense [Mental], Uncanny Dodge [Mental], Normal Mental Sense [Accurate 2, Acute, Radius, Ranged]) [7PP]

[b][u]Drawbacks:[/u][/b] -1PP
[b]Mute[/b] ([i]Frequency:[/i] Uncommon, [i]Intensity:[/i] Minor) [-1PP]

[b][u]DC Block:[/u][/b]
Telelocation Extended 22/Will Telelocation
Memory Mod. (Mental Transform) Touch 22/Will Transform (Memories, Lasting)
Mental Corrosion (Mind Read) Touch 22/Will Mind Reading
Mental Corrosion (Drain Wisdom) Touch 22/Will Drain Wisdom (Staged)
Mind Spike (Strike 6) Touch 22/Will Damage (Staged)
Mind Spike (Drain Will) Touch 22/Will Drain Willpower (Staged)
TK Blade (Strike 11) Touch 27/Toughness Damage (Staged)
Unarmed Touch 16/Toughness Damage (Staged)
Abilities (26) + Skills (19) + Feats (12) + Powers (85) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (15) - Drawbacks (1) = 176/176 Power Points

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Done by Ecal

OK, overhaul time for Atlas.

Here's a list of changes:

Buy 2 ranks of Defense [-4pp]

Swap Takedown Attack for Challenge: Fast Startle [+0pp]

Drop Protection 2, Immunity Critical hits, the entire Super-Strength Array and the entire Growth Array [+52pp]

Drop 2 ranks from both Enhanced Strength and Enhanced Constitution [+4pp]

Purchase the Shapeshifting power [-52pp]

Increase the Mental Communication power by 1 rank [-2pp]

Note: The Drawback on the Shapeshifting power not only prevents Atlas from decreasing his traits such as his Strength and Constution scores, but it also prevents him from taking drawbacks in his new form such as Mute and No Hands.

[img] http://freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/4/4e/New_Atlas.jpg[/img]

[u]Players Name[/u]: Geez3r

[u]Power Level[/u]: 13 (204/204PP)

[u]Trade-Offs[/u]: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness

[u]Unspent PP[/u]: 0

[u]Progress to Gold[/u]: 54/60 (Silver status earned with [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=2634]Tempest[/url])

[u]Characters Name[/u]:  Atlas

[u]Alternate Identity[/u]:  Samael Nitorvich

[u]Height[/u]:   6ft. 

[u]Weight[/u]: 200 lbs

[u]Hair[/u]: Brown

[u]Eyes[/u]: Brown

[u]Age:[/u] 37

[u]Description[/u]: Samael is a person of average height, and is quite stocky.  He is just built solid.  He's got that real "working man" look.  There's nothing fancy about him, just jeans and a T-Shirt.  He keeps his hair cut just a bit longer than a buzz cut.  He has a rather prominent jaw line as well.  His arms and hands have a few scars from a life of working with his hands.  Although not often noticed, his hands are quite a bit bigger than they normally would be for a person of his size.

Using his shapeshifting, Atlas can assume a wide variety of forms and shapes.  He however tends to always be a stockier version of whatever he happens to be transforming into.  

[u]History[/u]:  Samael is of Russian decent.  His parents were part of the cultural enrichment program, meaning they were sent away and never seen again.  With that sort of up bringing, he learned quickly to keep his head down, work hard, don't say anything and most importantly of all, volunteer for nothing.  Although he disliked the regime, he was wise enough to keep his opinions to himself.  When the government crumbled, Samael got out of Russia.  He spent a few years bouncing around Europe doing odd jobs here and there and eventually scrounged up enough cash to journey to America.

While it wasn't everything he had hoped for, it was still a step up from where he had been.  Unfortunately, all he had to his name was a single suitcase full worth of clothes and a few bills.  So he settled in the Fens district in Freedom City, it being about the only place he could afford.  He landed a job working at a local deli.  It was boring work, but it paid the bills and kept him fed.  But there was one thing that bothered him.  From his upbringing, the idea that everyone works together to advance the whole was ingrained in his head.  He couldn't tolerate people who would steal or try to cheat the system.

These criminals and thugs thought they had it tough; they didn't know the meaning of the word.  No matter how bad it was, Samael had never considered turning against the law.  If you worked real hard, things would get better.  America was the land of opportunity, he just had to help these thugs get back on the straight and narrow.  He dedicated himself to protecting his own little section of the street, and for a while, it worked.  But then the local gangs decided to teach this guy a lesson.  Samael could take on 2 or 3 guys, if he caught them by surprise, but when they caught [i]him[/i] by surprise, well... it wasn't pretty.  As the life left his body... [i]something[/i] reached out to him.  He rose from the ground, to face his assailants, now something entirely different.

With his new found gifts, Samael is expanding his territory, protecting more and more of the city.

[u]Personality & Motivation[/u]: Although he looks a bit scary, Samael is a really good guy.  He's dutiful, loyal and very determined.  He favors the tough love approach.  He loathes criminals and those that would cheat the system.  He believes that they all have good in them and can succeed if only they had the chance.  Samael intends to give them that chance.  He's got a bit of a dry sense of humor, and is usually a man of few words.  The tough guy exterior quickly melts when he's around animals, especially his cat Sprinkles.

Since the Invasion, Atlas has stayed out of the lime light, trying to get a handle on things from his own perspective first.

[u]Powers & Tactics[/u]: As a Grue-human hybrid, Atlas is far more formidable than the average human.  However, as he was created for a singular purpose, his Shapeshifting is more limited than that of a Grue warrior.  In all forms, Atlas possess immense strength and durability.  He can only use his Shapeshifting ability to increase his natural talents, he can't make himself worse in any regard.  He also possess a small degree of mental prowess.  The strength of his mental powers increases geometrically the closer he is to his target.  


[i]Responsibility:[/i]  Upholding the law, protecting his stretch of the city, Sprinkles (his cat)

[i]The Grue Invasion[/i] - It's been revealed that Atlas was a Grue/human hybrid created by the Grue as a bioweapon for the destruction of Earth.  He got better.  Public relations did not.

[i]Have you been working out?[/i] - All of Atlas' forms tend to be stocky and well muscled versions of what he's copying, so when he tries to impersonate someone it looks like they've been hitting the gym recently, which can ruin the disguise to those that know the target.  

[b][u]Abilities:[/u][/b] 14+0+14+0+0+4=32PP

Str: 24/36 (+7/+13)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: 24/36 (+7/+13)

Int: 10 (+0)

Wis: 10 (+0)

Cha: 14 (+2)

[b][u]Combat:[/u][/b] 8 + 8 = 16PP

Attack: +4 Base, +9 Melee 

Grapple: +16, +23

Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed 

Knockback: -3, -13 w/ powers

Initiative: +0

[u][b]Saves[/b][/u]: 0+5+8=13PP

Toughness: +13/+7 (+13/+7 Con, +0)  (Impervious 12)

Fortitude: +13/+7 (+13/+7 Con, +0)

Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +5)

Will: +8 (+0 Wis, +8)

[u][b]Skills:[/b][/u] 72r = 18PP

Diplomacy 8 (+10)

Gather Info 8 (+10)

Handle Animal 8 (+10)

Intimidate 15 (+17)

Knowledge: Streetwise 8 (+8)

Language 1 (English, Russian [Native])

Notice 9 (+9)

Sense Motive 8 (+8)

Survival 7 (+7)

[u][b]Feats:[/b][/u] 21PP

Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus Melee 5

Challenge:  Fast Startle

Dodge Focus 4

Improved Grab


Last Stand

Luck 3

Power Attack


Ultimate Toughness

[b][u]Powers:[/u][/b] 15 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 1 + 52 = 104PP

[b]Comprehend 2[/b] (Languages; Speak/Understand Any) [4pp] [u]LINKED[/u] [b]Communication 5[/b] (Mental, 5 miles, [i]Extras:[/i] Two-Way) [10pp]

* [u]AP[/u]: [b]Mind Reading 16[/b] [i]Flaws[/i]: Range 2 [Touch], Requires Grab [4pp] [u]LINKED[/u] [b]Drain Wisdom 16[/b] [i]Extras:[/i] Alternate Save (Will) [i]Flaws[/i]: Requires Grab [8pp]

[b]Enhanced Strength 12[/b]  [12pp]

[b]Enhanced Constitution 12[/b]  [12pp]

[b]Impervious Toughness 12[/b] [12pp]

[b]Regeneration 1[/b] (True Resurrection 1 [1/week]) [1PP]

[b]Shapeshift 8[/b] (40pp pool) [i]Flaws[/i]: Action – Standard; [i]Drawback[/i]: Limitation - Cannot reduce the target's base traits (-4pp)  [52pp]

[u][b]Drawbacks:[/b][/u] 0pp

DC Block:

[code]Unarmed (unpowered)  ------------- 22/Toughness ------------------------- Bludgeoning

Unarmed (powered)------------ 29/Toughness--------------------------- Bludgeoning
Costs: Abilities (32) + Combat (16) + Saves (13) + Skills (18) + Feats (21) + Powers (104) - Drawbacks (00) = 204/204 Power Points Note: The Drawback on the Shapeshifting power not only prevents Atlas from decreasing his traits such as his Strength and Constution scores, but it also prevents him from taking drawbacks in his new form such as Mute and No Hands that limit his innate utility. Sample Shapeshifting Allocations
Protection 4 Extras: Impervious 1 (total 13), Reflective (melee) [18pp] Immovable 5 Extras: Unstoppable [10pp] Super-Strength 3 [6pp] Strike 3 PF's: Knockback 2, Mighty [6pp]
Enhanced Attack 2 [4pp] Enhanced Defense 2 [4pp] Enhanced Dexterity 6 [6pp] Enhanced Feats 6 (Attack Focus Melee, Dodge Focus 2, Evasion, Improved Critical (unarmed) 2) [6pp] Enhanced Reflex Save 3 [3pp] Enhanced Skills 3 (Acrobatics 12) [3pp] Speed 4 (100mph) [4pp] Leaping 4 (x25 movement) [4pp] Super-Strength 2 PF's: Haymaker, Uppercut [6pp]
Growth 4 Extras: Permanent (+0) [12pp] Super-Strength 11 PF’s: Shockwave, Freezebreath [24pp] Protection 2 [2pp] Leaping 2 (x5 distance) [2pp]
Shrinking 12 Extras: Normal Strength; PF’s: Normal movement, Normal Toughness [26pp] Flight 4 PF: Move by Action [9pp] Enhanced Feat: Hide in Plain Sight Enhanced Skills 4 (Acrobatics 12, Stealth 4)
Enhanced Strength 6 [6pp] Strike 2 PF: Mighty [3pp] Protection 2 [2pp] Favored Environment: Airborne [1pp] Flight 6 DB: Wings; PF: Move by Action [12pp] Additional Limbs 2 [2pp] Super Senses 4 (Extended Darvision, Infravision) [4pp] Super-Strength 3 [6pp] 36/40
Protection 4 [4pp] Regeneration 32 PF: Persistant, Regrowth [34pp]
  • Bruised 3 – No Rest Injured 6 – No Rest Staggered 6 – No Rest Disabled 8 – No Rest Resurrection 9 – No Rest
Immunity 2 (pain)
Burrowing 7 (100mph) [7pp] Super-Senses 5 (Darkvision, Extended Tremorsense) [5pp] Immunity 8 (Suffocation, Fire Damage, High Pressure) [8pp] Strike 1 PF's: Accurate, Improved Critical, Extended Reach, Mighty [5pp] Shield 2 [2pp] Protection 2 [2pp] Super-Strength 2 [4pp] Enhanced Feats 3 (Move By Action, Takedown Attack 2 [3pp] Immovable 2 Extras: Unstoppable [4pp]
Enhanced Strength 6 [6pp] Protection 4 Immunity 7 (Cold Damage, Drowning, High Pressure) [7pp] Swimming 7 (250mph) [7pp] Super-Strength 5 [10pp] Super-Senses 6 (Extended Darvision, Extended Tremor Sense) [6pp]
Insubstantial 1 Extras: Permanent (+0) [5pp] Elongation 7 (500ft ) [7pp] Immunity 10 (electrical damage, falling damage) [10pp] Enhanced Attack 2 [4pp] Enhanced Defense 2 [4pp] Enhanced Feats 6 (Ambidexterity, Attack Focus Melee, Dodge Focus 2, Takedown Attack 2) [6pp] Enhanced Skills 4 (Acrobatics 16) [4pp]

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Easy-peasy for Grim this month!

1pp for 4 Ranks of Craft: Artistic

2pp for 8 ranks of Craft: Structural

These points sort of explain her innate skill with glamour.


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Done by AA

Wow, Scholar's Shapeshifting maths is really, really off. It costs 7pp less than I have it listed as, probably due to me miscalculating the Action flaw as -1, not -2 as it should be, and... I have no idea.

So, rather than bump up to Shapeshift 4, I'm going to put the 7pp into other traits I had to cut:

Abilities: [4PP]

Str +2, to Str 16 (+2)

Int +2, to Int 30/26 (+10/+8)

Skills: +16 ranks = [4PP]

+2 Computers, to 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence)

+2 Disable Device, to 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence)

+2 Knowledge (life sciences), to 10 (+18, +20 with Enhanced Intelligence, Skill Mastery)

+2 Knowledge (physical sciences), to 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence, Skill Mastery)

+2 Knowledge (technology), to 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence, Skill Mastery)

+6 Intimidate, to 6 (+9)

Feats: [-1PP]

Swap out Jack of all Trades for Eidetic Memory (it makes more sense IC)

Ditch Beginner's Luck, I've decided it's not entirely appropriate to have initially.

[b][u]Abilities[/u]:[/b] 6 + 4 + 8 + 14 + 8 + 4 = 46PP

Strength: 16 (+3)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 18 (+4)

Intelligence: 30/26 (+10/+8)

Wisdom: 18 (+4)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

[b][u]Combat[/u]:[/b] 18 + 8 = 26PP

Initiative: +8, +10 with Enhanced Intelligence

Attack: +9, +11 melee

Grapple: +14

Defense: +11 (+4 Base, +7 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -3

[b][u]Saving Throws[/u]:[/b] 3 + 3 + 5 = 11PP

Toughness: +7 (+4 Con, +3 Protection)

Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3)

Reflex: +5 (+2 Dex, +3)

Will: +9 (+4 Wis, +5)

[b][u]Skills[/u]:[/b] 60R = 15PP

Bluff 8 (+10)

Computers 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence)

Disable Device 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence)

Intimidate 6 (+9)

Knowledge (life sciences) 10 (+18, +20 with Enhanced Intelligence, Skill Mastery)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence, Skill Mastery)

Knowledge (technology) 5 (+13, +15 with Enhanced Intelligence, Skill Mastery)

Language 1 (English, native: Kairon)

Medicine 6 (+10)

Notice 3 (+7)

Sense Motive 6 (+10, Skill Mastery)

[b][u]Feats[/u]:[/b] 15PP

Attack Focus (melee) 2

Dodge Focus 7

Eidetic Memory



Master Plan

Skill Mastery (Knowledge [Life Sciences], Knowledge [Physical Sciences], Knowledge [Technology], Sense Motive)

Speed of Thought

[b][u]Powers[/u]:[/b] 8 + 1 + 3 + 7 + 19 = 38PP

[b]Big Ol' Bizarre Brain Array 3[/b] (6pp, [i]Power Feats:[/i] 2 Alternate Power) [8PP] (brain power, intelligence)

[list][b][u]Base Power:[/u] Enhanced Intelligence 4[/b] [4PP] and [b]Quickness 4[/b] (x25 speed, [i]Flaws:[/i] Limited to mental actions [-1] [2PP]

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Comprehend 3[/b] (speak/understand/read all languages) [6PP]

[b][u]Alternate Power:[/u] Strike 3[/b] (analytical strike, [i]Power Feats:[/i] Mighty) [4PP] [b]Super-Senses 2[/b] (Detect Weakness [visual, Analytical]) [2PP][/list] 

[b]Immunity 2[/b] (aging, need for sleep, [i]Flaws:[/i] Limited to half effect [-1]) [1PP] (bizarre alien biology)

[b]Protection 3[/b] (durable skeleton and muscle tissue) [3PP] (bizarre alien biology)

[b]Regeneration 6[/b] (Resurrection/5 minutes, [i]Power Feats:[/i] Reincarnation) [7PP] (bizarre alien biology)

[b]Shapeshift 3[/b] (15pp of traits, [i]Extras:[/i] Continuous [+1], [i]Flaws:[/i] Action - Full [-1], [i]Drawbacks:[/i] Distracting to reconfigure [-2PP]) [19PP] (mutation)

[size=85][i]Sample configurations:[/i][/size]

[spoiler][b]Skeletal and muscular reinforcement:[/b] 15/15PP [i][size=85]Scholar turns her bones to much denser, solid structures lacking auxiliary life sustaining aspects, such as bone marrow. In combination with double-binding every muscle fibre, this temporarily gives her greatly enhanced strength.[/size][/i]

Strength 22 [+6], Attack +11 melee, Grapple +17, Strike DC +9, Defence +11 (FF +2), Toughness +9

[i]Abilities:[/i] +6 Strength [6PP]

[i]Powers:[/i] Leaping 2 (x5 distance) [2PP], Protection 2 [2PP], Super-Strength 2 (Heavy load: 1 ton, Feats: Bracing) [5PP]

[b]Vicious Hroon Beast of Deltrin:[/b] 15/15PP [i][size=85]An apex predator of the barren sunscorched Deltrin system, this giant four-legged beast resembles a stag beetle the size of a rhino, with a crocodilian maw filled with razor sharp fangs as long as a man's arm, with armoured plates tough enough to easily withstand anything short of machine gun fire.[/size][/i]

Strength 22 [+6], Constitution 22 [+6], Attack +8 melee, Grapple +18, Horn DC +11, Defence +8 (FF +1), Toughness +12 (Impervious 7)

[i]Combat:[/i] -2 Attack [-4PP]

[i]Feats:[/i] -2 Dodge Focus [-2PP]

[i]Powers:[/i] Growth 4 [12PP], Impervious Toughness 7 [7PP], Protection 3 [3PP], Speed 2 (25 MPH) [2PP], Strike 4 (horns and fangs; Mighty) [5PP]

[i]Drawbacks:[/i] Mute [-4PP], No Hands [-4PP]

[b]Torkeenian firebird:[/b] 15/15PP [i][size=85]A scarlet-plumed, five-tailed bird-like creature from the lost moon of Torkeen, the firebird is notable for not actually possessing feathers, but instead tough leathery red flaps of skin. They are quite resistant to heat and flame, hunting silently amid volcanic eruptions.[/size][/i]

Strength 6 [-2], Attack +10 melee, Grapple +2, Strike DC +3, Defence +12 (FF +3), Toughness +4

[i]Abilities:[/i] Strength -2 [-2PP]

[i]Feats:[/i] Dodge Focus -1 [-1PP]

[i]Powers:[/i] Flight 2 (25 MPH, Subtle) [5PP], Immunity 6 (heat, fire damage) [6PP], Protection -1 [-1PP], Shrinking 8 [8PP][/spoiler]

[b][u]DC Block[/u]:[/b]

[code]ATTACK      RANGE     SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed     Touch     DC17 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)

Strike      Touch     DC21 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Abilities (46) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (15) + Feats (16) + Powers (38) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points

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Breakdown 16pp to spend; TOTAL EDITS: 1pp

This one is easy. He has released a studio album now. He should be famous.


Benefit (Fame) [1pp]

In addition, could one of the ref's please check the totals on his sheet? By my count he's spent 210 not 209 pp before this edit.


This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, but forgetting about. I'm going off his sheet totals and hoping they're right.


Well Informed [1pp]

Skills: [20r = 5pp]

Gather Information 19 (+24)

Concentration 1 --> Concentration 6 (+8)

All totaled including this Edit, he will have spent 7pp

After double checking the math, he does have 210 spent at this point. And I don't even know what the heck's wrong with the line up at the top.

Also, what do you intend to get out of the Benefit (Fame) that's not already covered by his Reputation and charisma?

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I would like to remove the feat Leadership, buy 4 ranks in the skill Knowledge(Chemistry), and the feat Startle, and make a few additions/subtractions to his 'Personality' section, please.

For the 'Personality' section, I'd like to remove the bit about his LOUD VOICE(due to redundancy, which I overlooked for Heaven only knows why), and put in it's place that : Marceau is by upbringing and nature deeply religious, and by attendance a believer in Greek Orthodoxy. Despite that, he sees himself as a practical man(all evidence to the contrary aside), with a hard-headed and skeptical outlook on life, which has led him to undertake a study of chemistry, so as to better understand the reason for the physical phenomena he would otherwise spend sleepless nights fretting about, such as how poison is dangerous.

There is no skill of Knowledge (Chemistry). I assume you mean Knowledge (Physical Sciences), yes?

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After double checking the math, he does have 210 spent at this point. And I don't even know what the heck's wrong with the line up at the top.

Power Level: 14 (199/215PP)

is the line I was referring to. If he has indeed spent 210 out of his available 215 points. It should SAY that.

Also, what do you intend to get out of the Benefit (Fame) that's not already covered by his Reputation and charisma?

I was buying it as an aesthetic thing. But Taking into account the now corrected totals, I have to revamp this edit. I'll cut the fame since it doesn't really do anything and instead buy:


Well Informed [1pp]

Skills: [16r = 4pp]

Gather Information 15 (+20)

Concentration 1 --> Concentration 6 (+8)

For a total of 5pp and all of his points spent.

That better?

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All right, time for more expenditures on Cannonade.

-2 PP to raise Charisma to 16.

-1 PP to buy Takedown Attack II.

-2 PP to buy Speed 2.

Sort of edited. I added the Charisma, added the Speed, but you already have Takedown Attack 2 and your feat maths actually works out. So I've no idea why you asked for it :P

- Ecal

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The hero of Freedom, the man they call Sneerg

Gaian Knight

2pp to spend, and I'm cashing in a little of my bronze reward.

First: +1 to his will save. (1pp)

Second: A new AP on his big ol' earth magic array. Gaian Knight picks up a portal ability, allowing him to create portals to anywhere he's previously set up an anchor, even across dimensions. The only dimension so far is Fleur's sanctuary planet, however; he'll do more as he visits more places! Basically Teleport (+Accurate, +Portal, -Long-Range) linked to Dimensional Movement (one dimension, +portal). "Anywhere he's previously set up an anchor" is represented with a complication, as is the fact that his anchors are (special) rocks and some jerk could just show up and smash them.

Third: GK picks up an HQ - some floating rocks over Fleur's sanctuary planet. I'm funding this with part of my Bronze Reward - 3pp of equipment, as noted on the sheet. I'll buy it back soon enough so I can use my bronze reward for other, more nefarious purposes.

[b][u]Character's Name:[/u][/b] Gaian Knight

[b][u]Power Level:[/u][/b] 11 (169/169)

[b][u]Trade-Offs:[/u][/b] -3 Defense / +3 Toughness

[b][u]Unspent PP:[/u][/b] 0

[b][u]Progress to Silver:[/u][/b] 19/60 (Bronze status earned with [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3731]Dragonfly[/url])

[b][u]In Brief:[/u][/b]

Young professor, given powers over the earth by unknown forces, just out to do some good in the world.

[b][u]Alternate Identity:[/u][/b] Tarrant David McLeod

[b][u]Identity:[/u][/b] Secret

[b][u]Birthplace:[/u][/b] United States, west coast

[b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b] Professor of Earth Sciences, Freedom City University

[b][u]Affiliations:[/u][/b] none

[b][u]Family:[/u][/b] Parents (still on the west coast), Brother (location unknown; little contact)

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 26 (DoB: October 1984)

[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] male

[b][u]Ethnicity:[/u][/b] Caucasian

[b][u]Height:[/u][/b] 6'

[b][u]Weight:[/u][/b] ~160lbs

[b][u]Eyes:[/u][/b] green (now flecked with gold)

[b][u]Hair:[/u][/b] brown


A tall man seeming to be in his early to mid twenties, Tarrant’s fit but not overly muscular: he looks more like someone who spends a lot of time outdoors than someone who hits the gym five days a week. Short brown hair tops a charming face with amused green, gold-flecked eyes. Left to his own devices he trends towards simple, durable clothing (jeans, t-shirt, unadorned jacket), but dresses up a bit more for teaching (button-up shirt, vest, tie, and slacks). No matter what he’s wearing, his footwear is practical – “death before dress shoesâ€.

His heroing gear seems serviceable but a little slapdash: black fingerless gloves, heavy brown boots, dark jeans, dark red cloth over his mouth and nose, and a long brown hooded coat. Only three items are truly notable: first, a dull metal platemail chestpiece under the coat keeping the torso well-protected, apparently designed with an eye towards flexibility; second, a pair of round goggles completely obscuring his eyes; and third, an antique-looking but well-cared-for sword which never leaves his side.

[b][u]Power Descriptions:[/u][/b]

Gaian Knight leverages the abundant nearby earth for his effects, moving or reshaping it to his own ends, attacking from various angles to surprise his enemies or attack around cover. As a hobbyist sculptor he takes a bit of pride in the appearance of the things he makes, and if he's able he likes to add his own little artistic touches. 

His magic often causes a noticable earthy-gold glow that becomes more and more apparent as he does bigger and bigger things, starting around his hands, then his eyes, and finally his whole body (and any rock nearby). Though he rarely notices, long-term use of his power leads to little rocks following him around in the air.


Young grad student Tarrant McLeod lived a pretty ordinary life up until a friend of his – an archeology student – called him up to help with a gigantic, mysterious cave they’d unearthed near an old ruined city. Upon entering and touching a distinctly out-of-place pedestal of polished stone he was transported to an unknown, seemingly endless plane of earth where a floating vision of a woman in flowing robes spoke to him in broken sentences and half-formed images, part of some ancient recording or ceremony; she called him the Gaian Knight, charged him with protecting “the swordâ€, and implied the purpose of this place was to empower a defender for the surrounding city when it was at the height of its grandeur. 

When returned to the cavern he found he’d been linked into the earth: he could feel the stone around him, shape it, move it. He also found a sword and scabbard on the altar where there had been none, and (unconsciously compelled to take it with him) made his way back outside more confused than enlightened.

Since then he’s spent quite a bit of time learning to control his power, and taking advantage of his new abilities to complete his schooling in record time. Offered a teaching job at FCU, he finally feels like he’s in a place in life where he can apply what he’s learned...in more ways than one.

[b][u]Personality & Motivation:[/u][/b]

Strange sense of humor and (sometimes forced) cheer; Tarrant’s a decent guy at heart, level-headed, stubborn, and somewhat 'salt of the earth' – he feels bad when he sees bad things happen, he wants to help when someone’s in need of help. He never paid much attention to superheroes growing up (something he regrets, now), but he has a new start and just wants to help people, even if he’s aware that may be naïve. Enjoys cheap magic tricks and carving/sculpting small art pieces in his spare time.

[b][u]Powers & Tactics:[/u][/b]

Tarrant is not a practiced fighter (he's pretty awful with that sword, too), and typically subsumes his combat nerves into wry comments and self-depreciating humor. That aside, his ‘fighting style’ is more or less as follows: Priority one: protect people who need protecting. Priority two: stay well away from anyone who looks like they can throw a punch. Priority three: protect yourself from anyone who looks like they can throw anything else...like a bus. Priority four: find a way to take down the enemy with as little possible trouble – trap them, bind them, hit them with a rock. Ambushes are good, and underground is better, where the rock is plentiful and tremorsense/nightvision give him an edge.


[b]Honor:[/b] Chivalry. Respect and honor; he’s not an old-school knight, but even before the magic answering machine he was of the “won’t hurt a lady†sort, and though he’s not usually compelled to fight fair (since your average mook isn’t going to extend him the same courtesy) he can be easily convinced to listen to his opponent’s side of things...and to fight a fair battle against an enemy he knows (or thinks) is honorable.

[b]Responsibility:[/b] Professor. He tries to arrange his schedule (and the assigned homework!) as best he can, but he does have students to help and classes to teach.

[b]Secret:[/b] Identity.

[b]Teleportal:[/b] Gaian Knight's portals require an anchor - he can only create a portal to somewhere he's already set up a special anchor stone, usually in the form of an archway. No anchor, no portal - and destruction of any anchor prevents him from opening a portal to that location until he can get there some other way to fix it.

[b][u]Stats:[/u][/b] 2+0+4+4+6+4 = 20pp

Str: 12 (+1)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: 14 (+2)

Int: 14 (+2)

Wis: 16 (+3)

Cha: 14 (+2)

[b][u]Combat:[/u][/b] 14+12 = 26pp

Initiative: +0

Attack: +7 Base, +11 Earthshaping

Grapple: +8

Defense: +8 (+6 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -7

[b][u]Saves:[/u][/b] 8+7+5 = 20pp

Toughness: +14 (+2 Con, +12 Protection, +4 Chestpiece (does not stack with protection))

Fortitude: +10 (+2 Con, +8)

Reflex: +7 (+0 Dex, +7)

Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)

[b][u]Skills:[/u][/b] 72r = 18pp

Climb 4 (+5)

Concentration 12 (+15)

Craft (Artistic) 8 (+10) 

Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 13 (+15)

Notice 12 (+15)

Profession (Professor, Earth Sciences) 5 (+8)

Sense Motive 8 (+11)

Sleight of Hand 10 (+10)

[b][u]Feats:[/u][/b] 10pp

Dodge Focus 2

Equipment 2 (10ep) + Equipment 3 (15ep, Bronze Reward)


Precise Shot


[quote name="Equipment]

Goggles (Nightvision/Flash) [4ep] 

Customized Platemail Chestpiece [4ep] 

Masterwork Sculpting/Carving Tools [1ep]

Quality Rock Climbing Gear [1ep]

Flying Islands HQ [15ep]

[i]A handful of large land masses floating above the surface of [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/Sanctuary]Earth-Sanctuary[/url]. The largest, central 'island' has a very nice castle, of all things.[/i]



Holding Cells (Toughness)




Living Space


Power [[b]Flight ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Continuous][b])[/b]]

Power System


[b][u]Powers:[/u][/b] 1+6+45+2+3+12+7+2 = 78pp

[b]Burrowing 1 ([/b]1mph / 10ft per Move Action[b])[/b] [1pp] (earth, magic) 

[b]Device 1 ([/b]"The Sword", 5pp, [i]Feats:[/i] Indestructible, Restricted 2 [Current Knight], [i]Flaws:[/i] Easy-to-Lose 2[b])[/b] [6pp]

[i]An old and ornate-looking masterwork sword.[/i]

[device][b]Strike 4 ([/b][i]Feats:[/i] Mighty[b])[/b] [5pp][/device]

[b]Earthshaping 18 ([/b]36pp Array, [i]Feats:[/i] Accurate 2, Alternate Power 7[b])[/b] [45pp] (earth, magic)
[u]BP:[/u] [b]Create Object 16 ([/b]400-foot cube, [i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Continuous], [i]Flaws:[/i] Action [Full], [i]Feats:[/i] Precise, Stationary, Progression 2 [25-foot cube per rank][b])[/b] [36/36pp]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Damage 11 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Autofire, Range [Ranged], [i]Feats:[/i] Indirect 2, Variable Descriptor [piercing, bludgeoning][b])[/b] [36/36pp]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Damage 10 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Area [General, Shapeable], Range [Ranged], [i]Feats:[/i] Indirect 2, Progression 2 [5 cubes per rank], Variable Descriptor [piercing, bludgeoning][b])[/b] [35/36pp]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Burrowing 8 ([/b]250mph / 2500ft per Move Action, [i]Extras:[/i] Area, Penetrating, [i]Feats:[/i] Subtle, Progression [Reverse Area] 8 [Personal to 40ft radius][b])[/b] [33/36pp]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Move Object 18 ([/b]Strength 90: 1000/2000/3200/6400/16K tons, [i]Extras:[/i] Range [Perception], [i]Flaws:[/i] Limited Material [Earth][b])[/b] [36/36pp]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Snare 11 ([/b][i]Feats:[/i] Indirect 2, Obscure Senses 5 [All], Reversible[b])[/b] [30/36pp]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Teleport 8 ([/b]2,000 miles; [i]Extras:[/i] Accurate, Portal [+2], [i]Flaws:[/i] Long-Range[b])[/b] LINKED TO [b]Super-Movement 1 ([/b]Dimensional Movement [Earth-Sanctuary], [i]Extras:[/i] Portal [+2][b])[/b] [32+4= 36/36pp]

[u]AP:[/u] [b]Transform 8 ([/b]Earth into Earth, 250lbs, [i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Continuous], [i]Feats:[/i] Precise[b])[/b] [33/36pp][/list]

[b]Flight 2 ([/b]25mph / 250ft per Move Action, [i]Flaws:[/i] Platform[b])[/b] [2pp] (earth, magic)

[b]Immunity 3 ([/b]Aging, High-Pressure Environments, Suffocation [Underground][b])[/b] [3pp]

[b]Protection 12[/b] [12pp] (earth, magic)

[b]Super-Senses 7 ([/b]Detect Earth [mental]; Accurate 2, Acute, Analytical, Radius, Ranged[b])[/b] [7pp]

[b]Super-Senses 2 ([/b]Tremorsense [tactile], Ranged[b])[/b] [2pp]

[b][u]DC Block:[/u][/b]

[code]Unarmed                  16 DC/Toughness                        damage

Sword                    20 DC/Toughness                        damage

Autofire Blast           26-31 DC/Toughness                     damage

Area Blast               20 DC/Reflex, 20 or 25 DC/Toughness    damage

Snare                    21 DC/Reflex                           entangled, anchored, optionally sense-obscured
Costs: Abilities (20) + Combat (26) + Saves (20) + Skills (18) + Feats (7) + Powers (78) - Drawbacks (0) = 169pp

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