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Five thread ideas

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Not looking for more than 2-3 players for any of these.  But, hey aside from picking up some threads I left stagnant, gonna add stuff to my plate.  


Shark Week: Baby Shark

A newborn has been stolen from the Freedom Medical Center.  There is video footage of the kidnapping.  At the time everyone on the ward fell asleep simultaneously for five minutes.  Just long enough for the a group of teen robed persons to come in and steal the child and walk into a nearby bathroom.  Only to not return.

Aquaria, Ghost, Singularity

Shark Week:  Raiders of the Lost Shark
The Wormhole just outside of Lor Van was met with a companion wormhole discovered a few days ago.  Together creating a somewhat stable Roman Ring.  The Lor were, of course, quick to attempt and engage in seeing if the stable ring would allow time travel or any sort of chronological displacement.  However, their two survey teams have disappeared without contact.  The second wormhole is showing signs of disappearing within the next few days and they need a rescue team for their missing explorers before they're lost for good.

Empyrean, Paradigm, Traveler


Ruminations:  Mission to Mars

A C-level Mars Tech executive has gone missing.  The Emerald City Police department has no leads and there's even a reward out for any information regarding his disappearance.  But, the really strange thing?  Mars Tech is not the only company offering a reward, two of their competitors are too.  With absolutely no signs of cooperation between the three.  (As I haven't asked the refs for permission to use Mars he won't be making an appearance! Because I'm just spitting these ideas as they come to me)
Emerald Spider, Rebellion, The Dreamer


Bedlam in Bedlam:  Let Him In

A bank is actively being robbed in the middle of the night by four member of los Furies.  Aside from the obvious added difficulty of not waiting for a teller to retrieve the cash there is one other strange thing about this robbery.  The four Furies on the scene aren't armed with firearms or explosives.   No, they're seemingly armed with a crowbar, a steel chain, and a hockey stick.
Dead Head, Doctor Thorne, Hellhound, Nightscale


Assassination Classroom

A youth movement in France has taken many in the banlieue of  Seine-Saint-Denis to create a modern day revival of the Apaches.  Policing where the police refused to step as a collective they were the possible beginning of a burgeoning youth superhero movement.  At least until they moved from a collective to gang.  Now united under the orders of a single mysterious figure the teens have turned more violent and charging the locals for their "protection."  And now they've even been spotted carrying computronium weapons.  
Foreshadow II, Little Mermaid II, Shadowborne


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All Five Threads Started
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The Dreamer or the Carnifex would be good for Mission to Mars, and Shadowborne would be good for Assassination Classroom, although she's getting a big rebuild soon and if you don't want to deal with that then if it's starting with something big that would draw overseas attention then Shooting Star would also be available since she has the range to manage it.

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I'm not bothered by a rebuild at all.  

Letsee.  Started four out of five threads.  Added Foreshadow to Assassination Classroom (Since I only had Vanguard interest there.  Which means I'm also up for any other Vanguard PCs that want to join in on there 

Still need more for Bedlam in Bedlam.  Especially since the opening will include a Not!Wrecking Crew.  But, yep just recruiting for Bedlam in Bedlam.

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