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Robbing banks is not the profitable business it once was.  In the daytime you're more likely to leave with a bullet than leave with cash.  And even if you did leave with cash, the banks in Bedlam aren't large enough to hold enough money to retire on.  It just wasn't good money.  What it was however was noisy.


Especially in the dead of night, Hardwick Park was filled with the sound of an alarm blaring through the streets.  Coupled with the unmistakable sound of glass shattering. A crowd slowly forming outside of the bank and actively egging on the crime being committed.


And at the center of the commotion were the four thieves.  They were Latina women armed with a crowbar, a steel chain, a hockey stick, and what appeared to be inflatable or enlarged boxing gloves.  Boldly, they dared to steal from BMF National bank.  A small local bank with only three locations.  And each one was within Mara territory.

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Bedlam wasn’t exactly a glamorous vacation spot to spend a weekend, wasn’t it? In fact, Luke was there just to run an errand for his parents. One that involved a distant uncle that pretty much no one in the Landers family could stand in any way shape or form and after a short visit the young man could definitely see why. Perhaps mom wanted me to eat him. It was probably also not the safest place to walk around at night for a teenage boy, but then again…


He was about to find a secluded spot where he could ‘change’ to fly back home when he heard a cacophony of alarms breaking the nocturne silence. Now, it wasn’t his town, or his business, but then again, what kind of hero would let this kind of things get in the way right? (Plus there was always the chance that he could get a reward? Maybe?)

So he donned his costume, jumped on top of one of the buildings nearby.


Isn’t it a bit too late for a withdrawal?” He teased, using one of his illusion to carry his voice to the colorful group of bank robbers.

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Liam Conner

It had been a long day and the exorcism had not gone well, plus the car was still in the shop until a case really paid out, so Liam was the one who got to walk back to the office covered in slime. He wasn’t sure how it managed to remain when the swapped form and Rosa was being remarkably quiet on the matter. So they really wasn’t in the mood for trouble to start, so the sensible thing would be to stay in the crowd and let one of Bedlam’s (admittedly rare) heroes deal with the issue.


But Liam wasn’t really the type to sit by and allow other to take risk, besides people could be hurt. He could feel the sigh from Rosa as he forced his way through the crowd, something that the slime made easier, and struck a pose like a Norse god in a trench-coat.


Can we skip the preamble and just surrender already? Its been one hella day!”

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Dead Head


Strix had been missing for some time, off on some personal mission, so Dead Head had been pulling double duty in Bedlam.  Though the revenant had only been in the city for a little under two years, the recent increase in his activity level had helped him grow more accustomed to it.  In some ways, this was surprisingly easy: rot and decay, which permeated the city on so many levels, were things with which he was intimately familiar.  But Bedlam always held surprises for the unwary.


Tonight, the surprise came from something oddly familiar.


A bank robbery?  He shook his head in disbelief, you don't see many of those these days.  Not even in Freedom, where crimes tend to be more-  He paused, leaned forward a bit from his vantage point on the roof of a building across the street, wait, no guns?  Oh, this is weird!  I have got to get a closer look.


He stepped off the roof, landing with a wet THUD onto the sidewalk across the street from the bank.

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