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MarsTech Campus 
Emerald City, Oregon.
Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
9:15 AM


Sydney Alexander is Mars Tech's Chief Operations Officer.  Second in command as far as the administrative day to day was concerned it came as a shock when she never made it home after clocking in for the night.  That is to say, she never made it out of the  building either as her vehicle could still be found in the parking garage.  Then came the real commotion.  First, MarsTech announced not only a reward for anyone who had information relevant to the safe return and recovery of the missing executive.  But, also that any Ultio suit rentals for the party who found her would be half off for a year.


But MarsTech was not the only company to offer a bounty on Sydney Alexander's safe return.  In fact, Majestic Industries and Kesscorp both offered competing bids for information on her recovery.  Exclusive information that was.  Almost as if it wasn't a living person they were competing for the technology giants were attempting to claim their own stake in Ms Alexander's safety.  It seemed the only person(s) not weighing in on the missing Ms. Alexander was whoever kidnapped her.  If this was in fact a kidnapping.


The multinational business empire came to a screeching halt seemingly dedicated with one goal in mind.  Maximillian Mars was nowhere to be found.  Leaving the public perception that Grace Graves, one of Maximillian Mars' personal assistants, had taken over Sydney Alexander's duties in the interim.  Going so far as to personally answer police, reporters, and would be heroes questions.  And yet, not a single answer had yet to have turned up as to where Sydney Alexander had disappeared to.  The when and the how also lingering in the air.

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Emerald Spider

Peri tended to keep away for Mars, as she somehow became a symbol of the city it was difficult to seem as critical of the biggest employer of the city. Not that she did pass on what she found out to the others, you picked up a lot when servicing someone's air conditioning. This was different however, with everything going on she had to try and take a look.


So Emerald Spider was now stood on a nearby building trying to figure out the best way to get into the building, the obvious place to start when investigated this disappearance(s).

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Shiny on the outside. Rotting underneath everything else.


Rebellion shouldn't care about someone willing to work at MarsTech going missing, but the circumstances were strange. Multiple bounties, from rival companies. Not the usual setup for a disappearance. He needed to know more.


Moving through the campus, Rebellion had shifted his body to make himself all but invisible. He needed a way in. Someone he could become, for a short while.

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The Dreamer


The Ultio Suits may have left an unpleasant first impression of the company, but The Dreamer wasn't the sort to ignore someone going missing and even someone with as little experience with the modern world as her had to admit that the situation was weird, and probably going to be unhealthy for poor Sydney.


Which is why she found herself looking up at the MarsTech building contemplating how she was going to do this. She was seriously considering just wheeling her way into the building and asking for information but she knew that they probably wouldn't pay attention to her even with her powers, she wasn't an investigator like Blackstaff or a recognizable individual like Justice. So she'd have to find a way to sneak in.

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Rebellion moved quickly. Sticking to the shadows, moving into the multi floor garage, he was able to find someone alone. Sneaking up on the man, he unleashed the full, paralyzing fear that the part of the Terror that was in him could produce. Moving quickly, he placed a hand around the man's mouth to drown out any screams, while he changed his own appearance, becoming the man's perfect twin.


Wallets, keys, keycard, anyting the man had on him that could be useful or be used to identity him... and then put the man into the trunk.


The black SUVs were interesting... maybe he should follow one of the people from them once inside?

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Again, The Dreamer still wasn't particularly well versed in the workings of this world, but those people were definitely suspicious. Left unmentioned would be the fact that she was also on a roof, likely looking suspicious but regardless. With a slightly frustrated sigh she abandoned another wheelchair to an ignoble end being left in random places. She was pretty sure she'd seen one on an online store. Thankfully she could always dream another one, just as she dreamed herself armour plating over her dress and a steel mask with a sharp pointed nose and a large crest studded with silver and blue gems to match her clothing.


She used her Dream Movement to lift herself up onto the back of the large blue dragon that she conjured onto her roof, and then quickly it flew to the other. Alighting close enough to be heard, yet far enough to appear non-threatening she spoke up. "Forgive the intrusion, but it is a mite suspicious to be inspecting the building which also happens to be the place of work of a recently kidnapped individual. Surely you have a perfectly reasonable explanation, no?"

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Emerald Spider
Peri looked over at this newcomer, she’d should have expected another hero to turn up really. She did raise an eyebrow at them asking her why she was here, hidden under her goggles. Maybe they were or new or maybe they just didn’t recognize her costume?


Emerald Spider, rooftop inspector! I think I have my Identity card on me somewhere?” she quipped hanging upside down from a suitable piece of roof architecture as she patted for non existing pockets


Can we bypass the whole superhero misunderstanding part and compare notes of why we’re here?”

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