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Claremont Academy: Taking Attendance

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NameVanya "Jack" Davydov

Codename: Arctos

Year: Senior

Pronounshe doesn't care, but he/him


Roommate: Not picky


Goal: Making friends and becoming a Hero


Favourite High School Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Name: Alexander Lloydd

Codename: Facsimile

Year: Senior (held back)



Roommate: happy to bunk with anyone!


Goals: Graduate this time


Favourite High School Movie: Grease (mostly the songs)

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It's the time of year for pumpkin spice lattes and jokes about pumpkin spice lattes! The first big social even of the school year is approaching: the Fall Dance will be held on Friday, October 26th! Students have until then to work up the nerve to ask out their crushes, help their friends find something to wear or come up with a plan to switch out the faculty sanctioned playlist!


Meanwhile group training exercises have started for the intramural squads! Get together with your squads for team building exercises, Doom Room simulations or bedazzling matching jackets. Just remember that you are definitely not permitted to sneak into the city at night to fight crime or to do powers-live combat training without a faculty member present! Don't even think about it!


(Tag Fall Dance related threads with 'fall dance 2018'. Tag squad threads with 'red squad', 'blue squad', 'green squad' or 'orange squad' as appropriate.)

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November 22 is America's incorrect Thanksgiving, traditionally the first time in the school year that students head back home to spend time with their families and have awkward conversations with their long distance sweethearts! Also turkey, I guess? I'm not really the right person to ask about any of this.


Not everyone at Claremont can make it home for the weekend; some don't even have a home to which to return. Partner up to have more fortunate students invite a friend, roommate or squad member to Thanksgiving dinner with their family! That may just mean having a nice meal in the Freedom City suburbs or it may mean heading out of the city for a look at their hometown! It's a great opportunity for some one-on-one character development, introducing supporting characters or revealing backstory! Also turkey, I guess?

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Name: Reina Nightengale

Codename: Aurora

Year: Sophmore

Pronouns: She/her


Roommate: Unassigned 


Goals: Make friends...maybe...As a hero and as a girl...

Favorite High School Movie: She prefers cartoons, like Steven Universe, to watching Nick school movies. She doesn't know about any others. Breakfast what?

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Claremont Academy is under siege by the dreaded Giant Krampus! The students staying in the dorms for the holidays must defeat this titanic threat or be carried off to assured doom!


You have until New Years, January 1st to make an in-character post establishing where your character is around the campus as the Giant Krampus attacks and post initiative in the OOC thread. Combat begins in the new year!

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Name: Tyler Black

Codename: Darkling

Year: Sophmore

Pronouns: He/him


Roommate: Unassigned 


Goals: Make some friends, try to learn more control of his powers

Favorite High School Movie: The Craft

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