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  1. Claude held out his isochronon as he rotated to find the correct bearing, "Day-mon. Not De-mon. From the Greek meanin', so ya don't have ta worry about packin' your holy rollers." He idly corrected as the device began humming, emitting an actinic violet light from what looked to be vacuum tubes. He swept it back and forth in front of him as he continued his explanation. "They're basically native to the fourth dimension, but sometimes they find their way into ours. When that happens, they can't literally eat anything here except time to survive. So if we can wrestle this one back t
  2. Claude gave a squak of alarm at the unexpected presence of the two ladies, making a misstep as his boot caught the curb. Luckily he managed to roll with it enough that it was a somewhat graceful recovery. Once back on even footing, there was a deer in the headlights look of panic that quickly shifted to a considering look on his face. "Wha? Ya shouldn't be able ta come..." The proverbial lightbulb must have happened, because he groaned in frustration as his gaze fell on Fulcrum. "Terminus energy. Shoulda remembered. Dammit, Doc is going to have a field day with this." The last sen
  3. Claude slumped a bit with an annoyed look on his face and gave then an irritated sigh at the arrival of his mentor, fingers drumming a staccato rhythm on the table "One of these days you're gonna explain how you always manage to arrive at the perfect time ta cut me down, Doc." Looking back at Nick, he gave his roomie a wry grin before shaking his head while holding up a hand to refuse the dosh. "Nah man, save it for later. As the sayin' goes, 'but wait, there's more!'". The Southie then took the time to grab a spoonful of potato salad. "We're just getting to the big re
  4. Gnomon - 3 Posts = 1 PP Punching Up = 3 Posts
  5. Claude frowned and softly sighed at the two pulled punches, "Slick moves from a man outta time." he complimented quietly to Benny before tapping the larger teen on the arm admitting his capitulation. "Allright, ya got me," the Southie admitted easily, straightening fully upright after being released from the clench. "But givin' me little options by cornerin' up means I can't do nothin' about your better reach and I can't use footwork like I'd prefer to. Had to ape your style to close the gap effectively without eatin' a combo to the kisser." The Bostonian explained,
  6. Claude scoffed at Benny's statement. "Tch. I'd need at least a trebuchet for ya, pally." He approached the corner the Brooklyn bomber was in, most of his weight on his toes so he could potentially weave around what got thrown at him. He shifted his hands into a peekaboo style, intent on protecting his face and core as he darted forward to throw a furry of strait jabs with his right at Benny's mug, followed by left hook directed at the liver again. Hopefully his opponent would be more concerned more concerned with the jabs to ward against the repeat strike. The Southie
  7. Claude had been strangely quiet through the whole show electing to watch the pair with a calculating gaze; apparently coming to a decision as Ashley tapped out. The boy from Boston waited until Ashley had cleared off the mat before stepping in, electing to check the springiness of the floor with a few bounces as he moved in front of Benny and dropping into the southpaw hitman stance he had used earlier. "For the record, lightweight vs. heavyweight ain't exactly a fair cop. David versus Goliath usually winds up with Goliath feedin' Davy boy his teeth." Claude stated as he raised hi
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  9. "Yeah, Yeah. School o' hard knocks is a brutal teacher." Claude said, actually agreeing with Ashley as he moved back to start shadowboxing again. "Harsh, but better than dyin' in a ditch." "Really, Inky? You're proud of the ability to take a beatin'? Trained since you were little to do it?" Claude gave the boy from Brooklyn an arched eyebrow. "'Mosta the time that wouldn't be somethin' to crow about. Unless ya like the taste. Sides, people like Sunshine over there could turn you into takoyaki if she felt inclined, no fists needed." He grinned at everyone. "That bein'
  10. "Ya see, the cube was merely an sort of 'capture' of Freedom City at that day. Like a file copy on a flash drive. However, I didn't plan on it still bein' plugged into the supercomputer so to speak. I basically crashed it by using my brain as a neural link. With all the conflicting extraneous data, it scrammed like nuke reactor and dumped me into the physical site of the mainframe as a failsafe." Claude shook his head ruefully. "The good news I was outta the loop. The bad news I was pretty sure I did a number on my gray matter, since I started realizin' I knew stuff about the place
  11. Claude took the criticism in stride, made some corrections and kept at it. Even if he gave Benny an odd look at saying that he wasn't light on his feet. Granted, the only time he really needed to be punchin' fools is if everything went to hell, but that was a common occurrence as far as he was concerned. Most people who he had to deal with as a Guardian were not the subtle sort. Still, it would be rare that he'd throw down face to face. Usually he'd just ambush or sucker punch his opponents with feints and distractions. Then a bead of sweat managed to get into his eye, so he decid
  12. Claude gave an exaggerated eye roll to Benny's instructions, but he still complied. The two jabs followed by the slip to deliver the hook, all delivered with punishing precision. Whoever had instructed the the Southie was a professional as Claude defty moved backwards out of sheer habit to avoid the counterpunch that would usually come after delivering a straight a combo like that. Lightly bouncing on his toes, he glanced over to Heroditus. "Huh, I never woulda guessed that some people take the 'science' part of the whole 'sweet science' thing literally." "Eh, whateve
  13. Claude blinked at Bennys' outburst and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Alright with me," he said as he set his jaw with a mullish glare at the floor and began flexing his hands to get the tape settled right. "For the record, I even if I needle someone, I'll still work with them. I'll shove personal feelings aside to get the job done, but I'll never leave someone else holding the bag." Claude said still facing the floor, voice oddly serious with his normal accent missing. Claude quietly fell into his preferred stance after that, specifically the hitman style:
  14. Claude sighed as today was apparently all about doubling down. He cleared his throat before piping up at Leroy and Ben. "Yanno, I'm all for the Tim Taylor school of tinkerin'. But there's this little thing called collateral damage you might want to be concerned about here, pally. It's fine if you're okay with meltin' your own face off or turnin' your own insides to gravy, but the rest of us didn't come here expectin' to have to deal with that happenin'. Especially, showin' off like you are and then asking for permission. You're excited, I get that, but try an tone it down a bit instead of goi
  15. Claude continued at Nicks' nod to continue, silently appreciative that his new roommate was apparently saving his questions for later. "So, there I was spendin' the days impovin' myself when I figured, why the hell not go get my head shrinked? Went to a few, some good some quacks. Till I ran into one Dr. Chiba Kobayashi, I really was just spinnin' my wheels." "At first it was because she entertained the fact that I was living my life on repeat. Till I convinced her otherwise with stuff I shouldn't have any idea of knowin' about, heh." He chuckled in fond remembrance at the memory.
  16. "Your parents must be very proud." He sarcastically drawled, turning to give Ben a "Mornin' Inky." as the octopodial teen passed by. "Firstly, you ain't my type, no offense. Second, I ain't tryin' sell anythin'. Day one, you went ballistic doin' your 'big bad dawg' act then did a 180 so fast you coulda given yourself whiplash. Why? Dunno. If ya had just disliked me for callin' your bluff, that's one thing. But it's interestin' problem for me to poke at in the meanwhile." He rolled his shoulders, limbering up a bit. "I'm a savant that doesn't need to sleep. Puzzles are
  17. Claude offered up his other hand. "Heh, it's a failing of mine I admit. Pokin' things and people when I shoulda known better. Really, in Ash's case it's more that the first read I got off her is she's fakin' the whole biker chick persona for whatever reason. She dropped her act for a moment when Claremont's very own Leroy Jenkins of love proposed to her sister. If I was a bettin' man, and I am..." Claude paused as he heard the door to the gym open and gave rueful chuckle when he spotted the pair that he had missed while talking to Benny and the Atlantean approaching them. "Speakin'
  18. "Claude shrugged and shot Benny a wry grin. "Eh, don't sell yourself short there, man. At the very least just havin' a sparrin' partner is a step up from having ta shadowbox while I run." Claude shucked off his hoodie and tossed it haphazardly on the nearby bench. Compared to Benny, Claude was much less of a physical specimen. The Southie was by no means out of shape with a wiry swimmers' build, but it didn't help that by Claudes' rough estimation he was about half of his impromptu teachers' mass. The lightweight to Benny-boy's heavyweight. "Ahlright, I'm a southpaw so let's star
  19. A weather rumpled Claude opened the door and walked into the Claremont gym , wearing a hoodie and sweats with a pair of trainers on his feet. He looked to be heading for the locker room, but when he saw Benny he stopped and wandered over. "Hey Benny. I hear you're the man to go to for the sweet science of punchin' people in the mouth." The Bostonian drawl says with an appraising look in his eye. "I have some formal trainin' and experience in a scrap, but can't hurt to learn some more." Claude said to his fellow pugilist. "
  20. Claude gave a dark chuckle as he put the cube back in one of his pockets. "Got it in one. That freakin' thing dropped me in a temporal loop of Freedom City. I got the pleasure of relivin' February 29, 2016 on repeat." "I still don't know how I managed to trigger it, with the ones who made the thing clammin' up on the subject when I asked them. If it had worked as intended, the guy they meant it for would have been sealed in the cube and unable to escape. Zeitgeist would have body-jacked someone and when the restart happened his memory would be reset as well due to the fact he was
  21. "Yeah, got it in one." Claude nodded. "But that's a freebie. Some people don't exactly have a positive reaction to findin' out their roomie is an ex con." The Bostonian bulled on. "Anyways, Did a nine month stint. Got out on good behavior, if you can believe that." There was a self effacing smirk plastered on Claudes' face at the last statement. It didn't last as he stood. "My old man was waiting for me. Had a plan, needed my help." Claude was pacing back and forth, body taut as his voice. "The same man who left me holdin' the bag. Actin' like he gave a damn. He didn't
  22. Riverside Park There. A lone prey isolating itself further from the others as it went inside a structure. It decided to eat the little not quite alive or dead morsel before looking for a way into where the prey last went... Claude & Company Claude chewed on his wrap thoughtfully for a bit before swallowing. "When you get down to brass tacks, magic much like science, is based a whole lotta rules. Well, yanno barrin' chaos magic. But same thing could be said of it's more scientific leanin' counterpart of chaos theory. Anybody tryin' to te
  23. Claude ate some of the okra, chewing with a thoughtful look at Nick before swallowing to answer his questions. "In order? Time management, somebody gave 'em to me, and it's generally what happens when you work outside." Claude gave Nick a completely serious look and broke down laughing as soon as he saw his friends' reaction to the non-answers. "Sorry, buddy. You pitched that one straight at me. Had to take the bunt, just to see your reaction." The Bostonian made a show of wiping a tear from one of his eyes. "Heh. Anyways, those questions are ones you need to ask so
  24. Gnomon Crime Doesn't Pay (1 Post) Here & Now & Then (4 Posts) It's Mov(in)g Day! (3 Posts) Tech Compliance (6 Posts) 1 + 4 + 3 + 6 = 14 Posts (+2 PP) September-October Vignette: Ever Forward (>1000 words, +2PP) 2 + 2 = 4 PP Total
  25. Gnomon - "Ever Forward" Morgan House Workshop, Freedom City August 2nd, 2019 Claude glowered at the locked door and then back to the note clenched in his hands. Claude warily eyeballed the calico cat who was lazing in front of the door out of the workshop before crumpling up the paper and chucking into a waste bin across the room. “It's never 'Good Job, Claude' or 'Wow, you made a time machine while stranded in the fourteen hundreds while being hunted by anarchist hippies!'. I did it before the Daedalus movie was even technically ma
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