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Claremont Academy: Taking Attendance


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2018 - 2019 Claremont Academy School Year begins September 5th!


     Dear Parent, Guardian or Mentor Figure,

     Congratulations to your child or ward on being admitted to the upcoming school year at Claremont Academy! We couldn't be more excited to welcome them into our proud legacy of academic excellence, practical experience and community service.


     The semester will begin on Wednesday, September 5th. Dormitory move-in dates begin one week prior on Wednesday, August 29th. Below you will find a list of supplies each student will be expected to bring with them, along with a list of those provided by the Academy including toiletries, dormitory furniture and active wear to be used during our award winning physical fitness programs. Financial aid is of course available to students attending on scholarship and we offer meal plans to suit all needs. Our administrative offices will have been in touch by now regarding any dietary restrictions, allergies, atmospheric requirements, etc. See the enclosed contact information for any further inquiries.


     Claremont Academy has long been home to students of exceptional ability and drive and this year will be no different! While students should be prepared to work hard developing their talents and learning invaluable real world skills they can also look forward to a welcoming community of peers hailing from all around the world. Orientation will cover movie nights, extracurricular clubs, our new intramural league and other activities. These are the friendships which will last a lifetime.


     Welcome to Claremont Academy!


In red ballpoint pen overtop of the Headmistress' signature someone has scrawled: HOPE YOU SURVIVE THE EXPERIENCE!

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Gather your gel pens and protractors, it's time for a new school year! In preparation, each player with a new or returning student who will be attending Claremont this year should post below with the following for their character:




Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior



Roommate: If two players want their characters to be rooming together in the dormitories let us know here! You can also say if you'd prefer an NPC roommate or if your character won't be staying in the dormitories during the school year. Otherwise we'll match up unassigned PCs!


Goal: Give us one personal goal your character has for the school year. This could be making new friends, being voted Homecoming King, padding their college application or discovering the dark secret of Room 404 in the girls' dorms!


Favourite High School Movie: Mean Girls? Breakfast Club? 10 Things I Hate About You? Remember, this is the character's favourite movie, not necessarily the one the player would pick!

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Name: Adam Lanchester

Codename: Specimen

Year: Sophomore





Goal: To make friends and experience what being a teenager is like.


Favourite High School Movie: The Breakfast Club, because his parents exposed him to movies they liked when they were young, and he hasn't gotten out much yet. 


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Abigail is on her way so I am using this thread as motivation to finish!


Name: Abigail Eldrich

Codename: Arcana

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Her


Roommate: Totally down for this.


Goal: Survive another school year at Claremont (trust her, the Academy is a bit.. wild).  Make new friends.


Favorite High School Movie: Does Dead Poets Society count?  Maybe The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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Name: Danica Holmes

Codename: Chelone

Year: Sophomore 

PronounsShe, her


Roommate: Danica will live in the dormitories but if she has a roommate they will have to to tolerate her need for a warm environment to sleep in (about 80F year round) and her frequent tendency to bump into things in small spaces. 


Goal: Danica is super-excited to get to high school and start making the lifelong friends she's always heard about in books and television shows! She spent most of her two freshman years getting used to not living at home and spending time in the infirmary to cope with some of the more unusual changes puberty is bringing, but she is all ready to go now! The next six years of high school are going to be the BEST EVER! 


Favourite High School Movie: Danica thought Clueless and She's All That and 10 Things I Hate About You were super fun when they came out when she was a little girl, but the High School Musical movies are all her favorite now. All of them, even El Desafio and Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. They are just so good. 

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Name: Veronica Danger

Codename: See above

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: her/she


Roommate:  (alder and I have been going back and forth on whether Veronica and Janus would be roommates or split up with others)


Goal:  Meet new people and experience new things.


Favorite High School Movie: Unsure (it was hard to catch many high school movies while traveling the world)

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Name: Àjàṣorò Tafari

Codename: White Lioness

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: she/her


Roommate: Any one except my brother, I've spent more then enough time in his company.


Goal: To enjoy the full rich experience of living in you excellent country.


Favourite High School Movie: Daka, uthando, nezinye izinto! it's a Dakani High School movie about love and science, I don't think it's been exported outside of Dakana.

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Name: Leroy Remilikun(O-God-End-My-Suffering) "Larry" Ransom-Conte 

Codename: Sun Dragon

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: He/Him


Roommate: "Kameron Kingdom, the Red Lynx"


Goal: "My namesake uncle's imprisonment in the BRSP is an injustice. One of many I will correct."


Favourite High School Movie: "Heathers, the 1988 classic tale of pride-before-the-fall and alienation. Its lessons are timeless."

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Name: Monica Gutiérrez

Codename: Lady Liberty

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Her

Roommate: Unassigned at the moment

Goal: Get better. Mentally that is. Maybe even figure out something about her life and what her place is, hell, maybe even find a place where she feels like she belongs. Not that she's holding out much hope for that last part.

Favourite High School Movie: Fame and Bully (2011).



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Name: "Ashley Smith"

Codename: Watchdog

Year: Sophomorish 

Pronouns: "Do I not look like a girl to you, asshole?"

Roommate: "My kid sister Judy, so I can keep these bastards away from her." 

Goal: "To do my time in this hellhole until I get out." 

Favorite High School Movie: "Hunger Games, because it's about teenagers getting f*cked over by the system." 

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Name:  Huang Faretti 

Codename:  Ouroboros

Year: Senior

Pronouns:  He/Him


Roommate: Historically none.  He's available though in the past the administration has had concerns about his territorial tendencies.


Goal: Convince his parents he's ready to graduate.


Favourite High School Movie: Huang claims it's Rebel Without a Cause but it's actually Grease.

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Name:  Kameron 'Kam' Kingdom, Officially Prince Kamau (Secret outside Dakana)

Codename:  Red Lynx

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns:  He/Him


Roommate: He's going to have an assigned roommate as is the normal american tradition ...


Goal:  His main goal is to make a difference on the streets of Freedom.  For now he's really seeing the school more as cover.


Favourite High School Movie:  Hero High

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Name: Selena Kwon

Codename: Gauss

Year: Senior



Roommate: Unassigned, I'm open to either a PC or NPC.


Goal: Learn how to ice skate, double her magnetic lifting capacity, and finish the school year with all her limbs intact.


Favourite High School Movie: Surf Ninjas, in a "so bad it's good" capacity.

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Name: Nicole Whitfield-Hall

Codename: Salvo

Year: Junior



Roommate: Unassigned. A PC would always do better than an NPC.


Goal: Learning, as nerdy as that sounds. School has all the resources someone like her would need and teachers to pick their brains apart.


Favourite High School Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Name: Micah Roebuck

Codename: Thunderbird

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: He/Him (Masculine)


Roommate: Roll ze dice! 


Goal: Get a handle on his powers and get to know some of these East Coast kids. 


Favourite High School Movie: The Karate Kid, the original one. Cheesy as heck, but Pat Morita is great, and there's something about a film about an outsider who isn't just a stereotypical nerd-type. 

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Name: Janus Danger

Codename: N/A

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns:  She/her typically but is non binary and accepts He/him as well. Or they. Or THE Janus Danger.


Roommate: Probably their cousin, Veronica! 


Goal: Finding a teacher that can truly push their swordsmanship to the next level.


Favourite High School Movie: Avalon High

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Name: Astrid "Thursday" Torsten

Codename: Ms Thursday

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns:  She/Her. 


Roommate: "It's whatever, I guess. So as long as they can handle loud music I'm good with anyone."


Goal: "Typical young heroine stuff. Learn to control my powers, rise above my flaws, sort out my parental issues, find normalcy again. That sort of thing."


Favourite High Secondary School Movie: Alena. "The best secondary school movies are always also horror movies!"

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Roommate Assignments

Room 107: Adam Lanchester AKA Specimen and Tom Rhodes AKA Black Rabbit

Room 114: Kam Kingdom AKA Red Lynx and Larry Ransom-Conte AKA Sun Dragon

Room 203: Micah Roebuck AKA Thunderbird and Pan Barrie AKA Forever Boy

Room 208: Tremayne Hanningan AKA Sureshock and Vanya Davydov AKA Arctos

Room 301: Abigail Storm AKA Arcana and Elizabeth Grey AKA Masque

Room 302: Danica Holmes AKA Chelone and Selena Kwon AKA Gauss

Room 309: Lulu Beaumont AKA Crystal-Gazer and Tabitha Hannigan AKA The Spectacle

Room 312: Veronica Danger and Janus Danger

Room 405: Àjàṣorò Tafari AKA White Lioness and Monica Gutiérrez AKA Lady Liberty

Room 410: Jaycee Smith AKA Pulse and Ashley Smith AKA Watchdog

Room 411: Nicole Whitfield-Hall AKA Salvo and Astrid Torsten AKA Ms. Thursday


Intramural Squad Assignments

Red Squad

- Janus Danger

- Elizabeth Grey

- Kam Kingdom

- Selena Kwon

Àjàṣorò Tafari

- Nicole Whitfield-Hall


Blue Squad

- Pan Barrie

- Vanya Davydov

- Adam Lanchester

- Larry Ransom-Conte

- Ashley Smith

- Jaycee Smith


Green Squad

- Veronica Danger

Huang Faretti

- Monica Gutiérrez

- Danica Holmes

- Tom Rhodes

- Micah Roebuck


Orange Squad

- Corinne Conrad

- Lulu Beaumont

- Tabitha Hannigan

- Treymayne Hannigan

- Abigail Storm

- Astrid Torsten

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If anyone has concerns about their character's assignment send me a PM! A thread for the school assembly kicking off the semester will be going up soon but in the meantime I'd encourage everyone who's got their character ready to post to start up some move-in threads getting to know their roommates and neighbours!

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Working on one right now, so I'll put her in here!


Name: Lulu Beaumont

Codename: Crystal-Gazer

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Her


Roommate: Anyone will do.


Goal: Avoid my family, learn to use my powers better, explore Freedom, make new friends.


Favorite High School Movie: Can't Hardly Wait or She's All That. The 90s had the best teen movies!

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Name:  Tremayne Hanningan

Codename:  Sureshock

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns:  He/Him


Roommate: Roll da Dice

Goal: With football out of the picture, pick a new career path...and get his license.


Favourite High School Movie: Friday Night Lights



Name:  Tabitha Hannigan

Codename:  The Spectacle

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns:  She/Her


Roommate: Roll za dice


Goal: Being left alone


Favourite High School Movie: Carrie

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