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  1. The clone supersoldier nodded at Britannias' concerns as the klaxons started. "Fair enough. Have everyone pair off and have someone watch their six, if either are comprimised send out a distress to next the closest pair." His featureless gaze traveled over the other heroes. "I will need someone with flight capability to be paired with." He noted with some amusment the airframe they were providing was one of british design and manufacture as he returned his attention to the Colonel. "That would be much appreciated, Ma'am." He responded with a curt nod before turning on his heel and heading towards the hangars.
  2. Myrmidon had gone unnaturally still as he processed the information about the situation that he was currently in the middle of; angered that he had been left out of the loop about an Omega-level threat probably due to his background. Still, this was his bailiwick as he cut his needless emotionality out of frame and began focusing his tactical prowess on the issue at hand. Finally after more than a few people had shot looks in his direction for gauging his reaction did he finally make his opinion known. "This 'Communion' is a sentient, hyper-aggressive Von Neumann hive mind that expands through assimilation like a virus. Ergo, sterilization is something that will have to be done regardless when and whwew they make landfall." He tuned his attention to the man his HUD had recently tagged as Foreshadow II. "This is planetary-scale siege warfare. There is no offense capability that we can project at the moment with our forces present since we must focus our efforts on containment and repulsion. The closest analogue I can apply is the Battle of Britain during the Second World War. The kamikaze drones being akin to the German Wunderwaffe; the V-1 and the V-2. We cannot literally do anything other than containment once they their target. Which will be the ground forces priority. Everything else will be preventing the main force of the Communion from gaining total air superiority and with it the ability to strike at ground targets with impunity with their oritillery, i.e, the British RAF versus the German Luftwaffe. We have to endure until external factors remove the pressure off of us, whether it be from the League or some other faction." Finished with his synopis of the situion he nodded at the Uni-Storms being hatily serviced in the back. "Get me airborne and I will buy as much time as I can. If I get tagged, I will resume the fight from the ground if I survive."
  3. Myrmidon >Incursion: Spirit of the Blitz (1) >I Sea Dead People (1) >Shark Week: Terror Beneath (1)
  4. Myrmidon had been in Colorado finishing up search and rescue exercise with the USAF when his private comm channel crackled to life. "Myrmidon. You're needed in Geneva." The icy disdain present identifed the voice as none other than Comrade Frost. However, before he could reply he found himself facing the famed Jet d'Eau of of Lake Geneva. "Unison HQ is expecting you." With that the line had gone dead leaving the slightly bewildered clone trying to get his bearings. All in all it had required a five minute run to get to where he was headed; helmet firmly sealed as he was keenly aware that he might get accosted by one of the numerous intelligence agencies and embassies that made the city their home from his appearance. Still he noted how serious this sitation was once he was waved past security and into a location that his genetic template had wanted to get into for years to no avail. The clone hero listened to the Colonel and observed quietly until the man had allowed for an interruption. "If I may inquire, Colonel. What are the objectives you wish for those of us present to achieve other than aid getting your air-and-space cover up and operational? Do we have any anti-space capability other than the Uni-Storms at present?" The query was given a flat, almost robotic tone from his suits' vocoder.
  5. Well, he's not going to fiddle with the mines. Just look to see how they are triggered (trip wire, motion, etc.) What he will do is scuff out part of the magic circle with his boot if it's safe to do (i.e. no boom-boom.) Taking 10 on a Know (Tech): for a total of a 20 (24 with EM) AS for that Knowledge arcana check : 1d20+9=13 Nope. "Magic circles are bad."
  6. Okay, lets see. For the intimidate: 1d20+0=10 (Using a HP on this to re-roll) 1d20+0=8 + 10 (HP Bonus) = 18 As for the Know(Tech) he can take a 10 with skill mastery and get a 20 total. Well, he's going to use it against the undead of course. Attacking the largest concentration of the flooded with the sonic weapons while staying on the evasive since he has the requisite feats to fire weapons and perform evasive maneuvers. I figure that it will at least take a round for him to take control of the walker and get it going, regardless.
  7. If he was pressed later on this issue, John would admit to keeping things simple for tactical reasons; as he trusted his teammates to extrapolate his plans using their own judgement and abilities. If it worked, then it worked. So he stood by as the three heroines launched their assault before waiting to launch his more stealthy one. The sailors would probably be surprised as the hero began climbing their telemetry mast, disappearing halfway up before jumping to the other boat cloaked. Time to hunt. He thought, drawing his swords and opened the closest hatch before proceeding to the interior of the ship.
  8. Allrighty, I figure since Myrmidon has the feats and the skills, he'd be a pretty decent pilot even you decide to hit him with a penalty for not knowing how to pilot a giant spider mech. (Sad to say he missed that Shadow drivers' ed. class.) Though thats' why I asked for the admiral to be a backseat driver/captain.
  9. "Stop. Step away from the controls. Now, Sir." The words were directed at the admiral, and judging from his tone clone soldier was deadly serious. He looked over to Marine Captain "Secure him here, and have your men set the charges once that is done disengage your vessel from the walker to provide additional fire support. If they breach the walker, I will scuttle it." He stepped forward past his teammates and stood in front of the admiral, blocking out the horrors outside the window with his body. "I will operate this vessel. You will assist me in an advisory fashion. To be perfectly clear, I do not trust your mental and physical competence at this point. Sir." The faceplate of his helmet reflected the muted glowing of the cockpit controls as focused his attention on his teammates. "Go on outside. I can provide support with this vehicle more efficiently than I could by myself."
  10. Myrmidon (7) >I Sea Dead People (1) >I Wish They All Could Be... (3) >Shark Week: Terror Beneath (3)
  11. Myrmidon grimaced underneath his helmet as the pieces came into place. Deterrence only worked if the other side knew bout your capabilities. No this was a first strike weapon. Nuclear powered so that a scuttling charge that would atomically scour an area the size of the small city-state off the map if the vessel was ever in danger of capture or on the brink of destruction. He turned to Captain Sparrow. "I need demo charges. You had to bring some if at least to keep this from Atlantean hands per your 'unofficial' orders." Myrmidon faced the group and the Admiral. "Whoever wants this will be the owner of an irradiated pile of scrap metal, irregardless of what happens. I am not leaving a working super weapon for anyone to use or salvage."
  12. John wove through the light traffic "I cannot tell you the circumstances I received the information; what I can tell you is that I can confirm its veracity and that I sanitized the site and all potential leaks and breaches." The clone nodded towards the paper. "The only other copy of that is in my head." They came to stop at one of the airport lanes as a shuttle bus stopped to load a group of tourists. "That information comes at a price of what this knowledge means. Dr. Sin and Typhoon have or are working together. If you pursue this you could further expose yourself to danger, or worse the direct attention of Amir al-Darsah." Johns' tone had shifted to that of Myrmidon, which further highlighted how serious he viewed this information. "I wish I could give you some insight on your choice, but the last time I saw my father we traded more ammunition than words." John took the time to turn to face Giang directly and after a brief moment of hesitation put a hand on her knee. "Know this. You will always have my support. No questions asked." The shuttle bus started away from the curb and John was back to both hands on the wheel.
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