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Found 15 results

  1. Early March, 2024 A Plateau in South America. There are worlds beyond ours; not just in space, but in alternate dimensions. Some are the same as ours, or almost. Some are radically different. Some are well known, others are not. But even the most similar world can become a world of danger and uncertainty with the shifting of tides, with the changing of seasons, with the intervention of others. The plateau was HOT. It was winter in New Jersey, but in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed; which meant it was the middle of summer on the high, raised plateau where the Claremont students assigned as the 'Red Team' were meeting up. They had been flown in to a private, hidden airstrip managed by the school, and were now standing on a high plateau covered in jungle near a large mountain. The only other people on the plataeu were guards working on a pop up metal building; a bit like park rangers or arctic researchers, who spent 8+ months doing light scientific work and keeping people from accidentally wandering into a place they shouldn't be, then went home for 8 months while a different team took over. It was a very minimum style of security, the kind you can do when you're in one of the most remote areas known to man. Miriam Francesca Luisa Juarez, Iris and Daniel Evans, and Lawrence Harrow had been assigned to Neko Musume's Claremont squad; It had been given the name 'Red Squad', and under Neko's watchful guidance, the group of Sophmores was expected to perform exceptionally well. This assignment was supposed to be a team-building camping exercise with a twist; instead of camping out in Wharton State Park, they were- supposedly- going to an entirely different dimension! There they could be free to also work on their powers and practice against unique targets, while also having challenges a bit tougher than what you might find in Wharton. All their camping gear had been prepared for them, with the guards checking packs and weighing them; they were free to bring their own items as well, but tents and canteens and water purification bottles were provided. "Your escort should be here soon...provided she hasn't forgotten." One of the guards said as they finished handing out the camping packs. That left the students enough time to finish their own check, maybe talk a little, and prepare for...wherever they were going. They went back to their nice air-conditioned building with it's power, and left the group in the humid jungle, waiting for whatever escort was supposed to come and take them to...wherever this transition occurred.
  2. Sunday February 18, 2024 Late afternoon After over a day and a half of fun in the water and sun at the Harrow estate on Wakaya Island, Fiji (in addition to some more serious topics), it was unfortunately time for the Claremont Academy students to return back to Freedom City for the start of the next school week. After about an hour or so of chaos, everyone was eventually gathered back on the large deck at the back of the main house for Lawrence Harrow to teleport them all back to campus. As the group of teens stepped into the temporal portal Lawrence created once again, they initially felt a similar sensation to what they had the day before when transported to the South Pacific. But suddenly, rather than stepping out the other side of the portal back at the Main Quad at Claremont, the teens felt as if something tugged on them, causing each to stumble forward and as the world reformed around them and they were not at Claremont Academy. Lawrence Harrow, Parker Powers, Mizuki Iwasaki, Baltazar Botez, Consuelo Nunez, Ryan Jacobs, Vueriz, and Michael Adon all found themselves in a dead end alleyway between a pair of three story buildings. Out past the open end, they could see and hear a large crowd of people gathered, though none seemed to notice the sudden appearance of the teens. The weather was cool, but much warmer than the February cold they had expected. The teens were still in the clothes they had been wearing, and Vueriz had her skyboard, but all the rest of their bags and other things were nowhere to be seen. Wearing a pair of jeans and a red Arsenal hoody, Lawrence looked about the alleyway, a concerned expression on his face before he seemed to focus on something distant and out of view. "This is not right." He simply stated, a hint of concern evident in his refined British accent.
  3. OOC for this thread Featuring; Cerebral and Cerebellum Star Squire Timeout Neko
  4. GM A Saturday evening in early January... It is dark and cold, but the streets in Southside are active anyway, with people moving around, doing their business, whatever it might be. Southside is not the nicest neighborhood in town, but it is not the worst either. Still, there is a good chance of trouble, and it has been one of the spots where Parker, Baz and Lawrence has snuck out to look for trouble and do some patrols. It has not been a regular thing, but they have done it a few times so far. It has mostly been stopping purse snatchers or would be robbers. Nothing big, nothing that they couldn't handle pretty easily. But today, as they're watching from the top of a building overlooking a street, waiting for anything to happen? They all have a feeling that it might be different.
  5. Southside Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday April 9, 2024. 4:30 PM Lexa Venn was busy in her new garage, located not far from Jordan International Airport in the southern part of Southside. The young woman had recently made the relocation back to Freedom City after some time in Bedlam in the mid-West. It had taken a bit of work, but she had been able to open the Chop Shop to start trying to provide souped up vehicles to the large number of superheroes active in the city. Of course, to help pay the bills until she could get that line of business established, she was also taking more typical mechanical work on sports cars and other non-stock vehicles. Lexa was just finishing up work on a Porche when she heard a voice call from the open door to the garage. "Pardon me, do you service electric vehicles?" It was a male voice, speaking with a distinct British accent. Turing around, Lexa saw a teenager, about sixteen, maybe seventeen, standing at the open bay door, he was just a bit under six feet tall, with short blond hair and bright blue eyes that seemed almost to burst with energy. Standing next to him was a teenage Asian girl about the same age, who was about Lexa’ s height with dark blue hair. It took Lexa a moment, but as the teenage boy smiled, she recognized him, although the last time she had seen him was when he had been ten years old. "It is good to see you again Rev. Been awhile." Lawrence Harrow said with a wide smile. ________________________ Lawrence had invited Mizuki to join him this afternoon after classes had finished to visit an old friend who had recently returned to Freedom City and opened a garage in Southside. On the drive over, he had explained that Rev had been one of the Claremont students that had been watching him when he was ten and the cosmic entity they had recently encountered had first tried to kidnap him, leading to them all ended up on CoVic Station 25,000 light years away.
  6. OOC for this. @Supercape @Thevshi
  7. Mid-late January, 2024 The End of January brings the beginning of February. As the first month ends, so to do many resolutions fall by the wayside. But change has not stopped occurring just because a new year has begun! In fact, often the last shackles of the prior year's poor decisions can only be thrown off during the first month of the new one! Our new group of heroes, having encountered a group of delinquents, are now in a position to restore some level of normalcy to the lives of 5 troubled young girls. ------------------------------------- Ashley did not like losing. She didn’t lose often, of course, and whenever she did it put her in a foul mood. She had excuses, of course. Ashley didn’t lose, she reasoned to herself. It was the other three; they couldn’t keep up their end of the engagement. She was fighting off two of them at once and winning, the other three had a numbers advantage and they couldn’t keep up with them. They were pathetic. What was even the point of all of them having powers if they were so useless! Power should go to the strongest! That was why she had the powers she did, after all. Those who weren’t deserving, shouldn’t have power. ------------------------------------- Felix didn’t care about losing, but he was annoyed. He wasn’t the strongest, after all, but he liked his niche; he liked the new powers he had. And he had barely gotten to use them at all before that British kid had made him so slow he couldn't even move. Which was whatever. Paradox had acted all high and mighty about it ‘that’s inevitable, you aren’t on his level; your borrowed speed can't compete with his natural abilities'. Paradox didn’t know anything about anything, no matter what he acted like. What really grinded his gears was the Bug Boy. The one who had actually knocked him out. That bug didn't really understand anything about how cool FX was. GBB? GBB was garbage compared to FX! He thought he was cool, but Felix was actually the cool one! He just didn’t get how cool Felix was. He was gonna show him how wrong he was about that. ------------------------------------- Ashley had always been entranced by the Starstone ever since she first saw it. It had as many facets in it as there were stars in the sky- something she realized was meaningful-, and when you looked through one of the facets you could see a constellation. Each facet had a different one stored in it. It was also a clear source of tremendous energy, something the girl given the codename Eclipse was always desperate for. It had given her a tremendous amount with the Draco constellation, but it clearly had more; there were 88 constellations in the sky, but there were only 7 Starlights right now. So there had to be more juice in the gem than it was giving. It sat on the stage of what had once been a bustling theater just off Michigan Street; a prismatic gem that shifted through the hues of every color imaginable- and some beyond that-, about the size of a man's chest. Ashley didn’t know where it came from- the other girls did, but they seemed uninterested in telling her-, but she didn’t care anyway. She floated over to it and placed her hands on it, concentrating and breathing in its energies. “...Now come on, give me what you’re hiding...” “Ashley!? What the heck are you doing!?” someone called behind her, but she wasn’t paying attention to them. She had something bigger going on, after all. All this stuff; the color coding, the ‘Starblights’. They were small time. She was Eclipse, and she was big time. ------------------------------------- Lawrence had been right about one thing; Michael had thought Mizuki was insanely cool for getting the abandoned boat house out of the Headmistress and the faculty. He hadn’t gotten all overbearing about it, but he was clearly appreciative of Mizuki being willing to share something she had obtained with her own hard work with her friends. What was maybe less exciting was the realization that both of the groups had been harassed by color-coded schoolgirls- and one guy-, though appropriate congratulations had also been given to Baz, Mizuki, and Lawrence that they had handled their group so easily while the one at the Aquarium had been a bit more troublesome. It had also been noted that Parker, Consuelo, and Carmen had been excellent, though. Parker had even managed to open a line of communication to one of them thanks to his gentle nature. That was what the group was doing now, after school two days later, waiting for Parker to call the girl who had given him her number to continue their communications. When everyone had arrived and was prepared- including whatever preparations they had made for this-, the number was dialed, and after three rings, it was picked up. “Alright, listen. I’m gonna talk for a second and then you can ask questions, but we need to be quick about it.” The voice definitely belonged to the orange wearing Orion from the Aquarium. “About 2 years ago, a weasel named Enoch approached me, Kitty, Ashley One, Zoe, and Jenny. He said he was being hunted by magical things from another dimension and turned us into the Starbrights. We got super powers that he gave us from a gem called the Umbra Star.” she clearly sucks in breath through her teeth. “It sucked. A bunch of terrible stuff happened to us because of it, and Enoch wasn’t exactly great at being a mentor. We were constantly fighting monsters sent by this evil queen named Solus, they were threatening and hurting our friends and family. Then, about a year ago, one of her monsters killed Enoch. And we didn’t even have him anymore. So we gave up. Stopped bothering to fight the monsters, didn’t really go to school. We only had each other. But sometimes the monsters still found us.” She talks fast but it’s not hard to understand her, and her frustration is clear even in just her words; she’s not a delinquent lashing out because it’s fun, she’s a girl their age who is hurt and wounded. “Ashley II and Felix weren’t part of our group. They ended up caught up when one of those monsters attacked us. But the Umbra Star that gives us our powers gave them powers too. They already had powers, so it just made them even stronger. We all could see they were a problem, even beyond us, but we couldn’t really do anything about it; we don’t decide who gets the powers and who doesn’t, only Enoch could figure that out and he never told us. So we had to stick with them. But it’s not gonna fly anymore. They’re way too violent, and they’re clearly working for some other purpose.” she was quiet again, for a second. “...If you take them out, get them arrested, beat them down and take them away to Juvie or some prison or something, maybe the connection will break. And we can be free of them. The others won’t ask this because they’re concerned about each other; no one wants to get blasted by Ashley or watch someone else get blasted. But I’ll do it, because we need the help. We don’t want to fight you. The others don’t know I’m talking to you, but if I show up with you, they won’t side with Ashley and Felix. If you help us, we’ll call it even and split, no hard feelings.” she paused. She was tense, extremely. And it honestly could have been seen as quite suspicious that a girl that had just been trying to punch everyone was now asking for help. "...Okay, sorry. I can answer any questions now." She finally said.
  8. OOC for the other thread. We're going to split up after a bit but we'll keep this as the first thread; there will be a split when the team splits up, then reconverge in here. For now, feel free to give a little blurb about anything you would have done in between, or anything you would have brought to this little meet-up. If it needs a roll, we'll figure it out
  9. Claremont Academy Freedom City, New Jersey December 1, 2023, 3:05 PM The final class of the afternoon had just ended for what had been Vicki Adams' first day at Claremont Academy. After her rather eventful tour of the campus, Lawrence had gotten her to her classes for the afternoon and things had started to take on a bit of a normal routine. Of course, she was coming in at the end of the semester, so the school was working with the Atom Academy to provide semester finals that would cover what she had been working on there. As she exited the classroom, Vicki found herself in a crowd of students that included Lawrence Harrow, Mizuki Iwasaki, and Consuelo Nunez. The crowd the four teens were just exiting the building into the main quad when there was a flash of white light. The teens found themselves standing in the main parking lot for the school, or at least, it resembled the main parking lot. What appeared to be a wide racetrack ran through part of the parking lot, leading off into the wooded area around the school. The teens were still wearing the clothes they had worn for the day, but their bookbags were no longer with them. Each was standing next to what appeared to be a combination of a race car and a go-cart, each of a different color. The sound of cheers and applause filled the air, and glancing behind them there was a large stand of bleachers filled with almost cartoonish figures dressed in Claremont colors and bearing various banners and signs for "Team Claremont." Lawrence's eyes narrowed slightly as he regarded the scene, when suddenly a voice rang out. "Hey! Lawrence!" Glancing out onto the racetrack, there was a large figure with a spike shell on its back driving by on a four-wheel ATV, however, the odd figure's head seemed completely out of place, as it was a blond-haired man that looked to perhaps be in his early thirties, but with an impish, childlike grin. "You and your friends should hurry up, or you'll lose the race!" Following alongside the bazar figure was a small, pink racecar/go-cart, which was driven by a girl that looked to be five or six, with long blonde hair and wearing a pink princess dress. She had a similar impish grin to the other figure as she giggled as the two drove past the four teens and called out, "bye Law-werence!" "Quirk?" Lawrence said as he watched the two figures go by, before muttering, "oh, bloody hell." Lawrence looked over to the three girls and gave them an apologetic smile. "I am sorry you three got caught up in this, but we have been pulled into a game by a very powerful extra dimensional entity. I can tell you from experience, the best thing to do is play along, until we can find a way to beat him at the game." With that, the blond teen climbed into the car that was next to him and started up the motor.
  10. Mid January, 2024 THE TERRORS OF HIGH SCHOOL! HOMEWORK! TESTS! COLLEGE PREP! RIVAL SCHOOLS! All of these things weigh heavily on the mind of the adolescent, even more on the mind of the adolescent Super Hero, who must juggle these with the duties of Superheroing! But what, dear reader, happens when the actions of the maturing Superhero overlap with the actions of the maturing high school student!? That is the focus of our story today! It was supposed to be, arguably, a fairly easy assignment for Biology. Several students in class had grouped up to go to one of a few preselected locations and examine the unique biology of the area; by comparing their findings, the class could see how even somewhat small differences in location- places within the same city- could change the biodiversity of the area. It was practical knowledge that could provide real world examples; perfect experience. Due to Mizuki's talents, she had been given the chance to take Lawrence and Baz out to look at the ecosystem that thrives around the Centery Narrows; where fresh and salt water mix to create an almost wholly unique ecosystem called an estuary. This also brings them quite close to the closed Ocean Heights Amusement Park, which is supposed to be closed for several more months; opening on Memorial Day in May. It's supposed to be guarded by Stronghold Security during the off-season, all the rides shut down and waiting for tourists and locales in the spring and summer. Which is why it was especially weird that, as they were out exploring the Estuary in a motor boat, they could see the lights on several of the lights start up, the Ferris Wheel start moving, and then, after a little bit, someone fall from the edge of the park and land in the frigid water, arms whipping against the current threatening to drag him out to sea.
  11. An OOC thread for This Thread The Study group is out doing some school work when they are rather unfortunately drawn into some heroics, starring Torpedo Lass II Timeout Gamma Buzz We start with a security guard thrown from a great height, threatening to be washed out to sea!
  12. Sub-basement of Claremont Academy Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey October 2023, 9:45 AM Lawrence Harrow looked about the large room on one of the sub-basements beneath the grounds of Claremont Academy. The room was rather Spartan, with smooth white and grey walls, a floor that had a hexagon pattern and a high, almost cavernous ceiling. Along one of the walls, a couple dozen feet above the floor, was a dark set of plexiglass windows. "So, this is the Doom Room." The blond teen stated with his refined British accent as he looked back over his shoulder towards his roommate and gave a small grin. "Ready to show off what you can do Baz?" The faculty had arranged time in the school’s training room for several of the new students in order to start gathering baseline information on their powers for the year. As such, Lawerence was wearing the standard blue and yellow Claremont uniform, the morphic molecule costume tightly fitting his lean athletic build. The teen began slowly scanning the apparently empty room before his bright blue eyes fixed on the windows to the control room for a few moments. He then turned back to Baz. "Parker said he was in our testing group right? Wonder who the others will be."
  13. Kord Dormitories, Second Floor Claremont Academy, Freedom City, New Jersey Monday, September 4, 2023 The start of the new school year was just a week away, and the activity on Claremont Academy had increased in anticipation. Today, students (and some parents) had descended on the school’s dormitories, getting students moved in ahead of the start of classes. The weather in Freedom City was still quit warm, pushing towards the 90’s, with the humidity making it seem even warmer. Lawrence Harrow exited the stairwell on the second floor of the dorms, a backpack over one shoulder and a large suitcase in tow. The blond sixteen year old’s parents had seen him off at home in North Bay and he had driven himself to campus. He was looking to get some of his things to his room and catch up with Baz so they could start meeting more of the classmates.
  14. Thevshi

    Half-Life IC

    Lincoln, Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday July 25, 2023 2:23 PM Lawrence Harrow pulled his parents' BWM iX electric SUV into the parking lot of the Cline Building, which was known to some as Freedom League Special Circumstances Housing. As someone who had grown up connected to the superhero community in Freedom City (let alone the son of a member of the Freedom League), Lawrence had visited the FLSCH quite a few times over the years, participating in fundraisers, community improvement projects and social mixers. Today the sixteen year old was here to meet Baltazar (Baz) Botez, who would be his roommate at Claremont Academy when the school year began in a couple months. The school had put the two in touch after it had decided to put them together in a room for the coming year and the pair had exchanged some emails and text messages. This would be the first time Lawrence would be meeting Baz in person. Stepping out of the SUV, the blond sixteen year old had a small box of pastries from a bakery in North Bay his mother liked in one hand. While is was only in the low 80's today, the humidity made it feel much warmer and Lawrence was dressed in a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a blue T-shirt. Making his way into the building, Lawrence headed towards the elevators that would take him to the floor where Baz had his apartment.
  15. Thevshi


    Timeout Power Level: PL 8 (199/217PP) Trade-Offs: -1 Tough/+1 Def Unspent Power Points: 18pp In Brief: Son of a world famous superheroine who was born with a cosmic destiny Alternate Identity: Lawrence Harrow Birthplace: The Null Time Residence: North Bay, Freedom City, Claremont Academy during the school year Base of Operations: Claremont Academy during the school year Occupation: Student Affiliation: Claremont Academy Family: Megan Howell-Harrow (Velocity, mother); Lord Robert Harrow (father); Lulu Beaumont (Crystal Gaze, foster sister) Description: Age: Age: 16 (was 6 years old when brought to this timeline in 2013) Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 152 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Lawrence has recently begun to grow out of a tall and lanky stage and has started developing a lean, athletic build. With short blond hair, the teen has fine handsome features similar to his father’s. His bright blue eyes, which seem almost to burst with energy, are the very image of his mother’s. Generally, Lawrence dresses in rather casual fashion, although typically of higher end quality and the occasional designer label. For the time being, Lawrence uses a standard Claremont uniform as a costume. History: The meeting of Lawrence’s parents seemed all but inevitable. Indeed, across multiple timelines, alternate versions of his parents came together, fell in love and married. In one such timeline, the couple had a son, one born with the ability to control the very flow of time. As that child reached adulthood, his vast powers drove him insane and he destroyed that very timeline, moving beyond it into the multiverse beyond. There, that son grew in power, as other version of himself came into existence in other timelines, each seeming to add to the first’s power. Now known as Collapse, the son of Megan Howell and Robert Harrow continued destroying timelines, merging them together as he grew in power. Collapse also began seeking to have additional versions of himself born in more and more timelines, each adding to his already vast power. On Earth Prime, Megan Howell gained superpowers in her early teens and became the superheroine Velocity, eventually joining the ranks of the Freedom League just as she finished high school. While studying for a year in college in England, Megan met Robert Harrow, a member of the British aristocracy, the two quickly beginning a relationship. However, due to Megan’s double life as Velocity, that relationship soon came to an end and Megan returned back to the United States to finish college. However, due to the machinations of Collapse, by way of a powerful device called the Stopwatch that he had sent through time, Megan and Robert were soon brought back together to rekindle their relationship. But even as the two reconnected, a group of temporal refugees, survivors of the many timelines destroyed by Collapse, appeared to try to keep the pair apart and prevent the birth of another version of Collapse. Operating from a Null Time outside the timeline, this group was led by an older Robert Harrow who was the original Collapse’s father and had survived the destruction of their timeline. After several encounters with this group, Megan and Robert eventually ended up in the Null Time when the older Robert Harrow began a project to create a version of Collapse from the DNA of Prime Megan and Robert and born in the Null Time. The hope was to create a version of Collapse that was disconnected from the other, and might someday be able to stop Collapse and end his destruction of timelines. Thus was Lawrence born in the Null Time, with Prime Megan and Robert taking him as their son. From a very young age, Lawrence began demonstrating the ability to effect the flow of time. The new family spent the first six years of Lawrence’s life in the Null Time, outside the normal flow of time. The family then returned to Prime Earth, returning only a day after Megan and Robert had initially been taken to the Null Time. With Megan’s connections through the Freedom League and Robert’s status as an English lord, they were able to create a full identify for Lawrence as they settled into their new life. Lawrence parents chose to make Freedom City their primary residence, allowing them to be close to Megan’s allies on the Freedom League and among other members of the superheroing community centered around the city. Attending the Nicholson School, Lawrence’s parents tried to allow him to live as normal a life as possible. But over the years, Lawrence has drawn the attention of numerous cosmic beings that appear aware of his possible connection to Collapse, and the possibility that Lawrence might be able to counter Collapse. This has led to a number of incidents over the years, including being transported to CoVic Station along with two Claremont teens that were babysitting him and a jaunt through time thanks to Quirk alongside his foster sister and her boyfriend from Claremont. Now Lawrence has begun his time at Claremont Academy, to start to step out of the shadow of his mother’s legacy and move forward with whatever his destiny may be. Personality & Motivation: Lawrence has inherited (or learned) many of the traits of his parents, presenting himself in a casual, confident manner. Like his mother, Lawrence has a strong work ethic and desire to help others. He also has his father’s sharp, analytical mind and scientific curiosity. However, Lawrence is also fully aware of the looming threat of Collapse and the likelihood he will someday have to face that threat. Powers & Tactics: Lawrence’s powers allow him to control the flow of time at both a small and large scale. This ability allows him to appear to move at superhuman speed (although at a rate far slower than his mother’s superspeed) and to avoid attacks by seemingly stepping aside at the last moment. Using his powers at a larger scale, Lawrence can freeze opponents in time, accelerate the healing of others and even stop time completely in a large area. He has also begun to learn how to move between timelines or go forward and backward within a timestream. Complications: Alpha and Omega: Lawrence is believed to be the counter to Collapse, at some point the two may face each other, and who knows what will happen then. Cosmic Notice: Lawrence’s position as the possible counter to Collapse has attracted the attention of several cosmic entities from Quirk to others. Abilities 4 + 6 + 6 + 10 + 8 + 8 = 42 Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 16(+3) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 6 + 6 = 12 PP Initiative: +5/+17 Attack: +3 BAB, +4 Ranged; +6 w/ Time Freeze and Time Sedation Defense: +3/+6 BDB, +9 total/ +3 flat footed Grapple: +5 Knockback: -1/-3 Saving Throws: 3 + 2 + 4 = 9 PP Toughness: +3/+7 Fortitude: +6 (+3 Con, 3 base) Reflex: +5/+10 (+3 Dex, 2/7 base) Will: +8 (+4 Wis, 4 base) Skills: 48R = 12PP Acrobatics 4 (+7) Bluff 6 (+10/ +14 w/Attractive) Diplomacy 4 (+8/+12 w/Attractive) Kn: Cosmology 6 (+10) Kn: History 6 (+10) Kn: Physical Science 7 (+12) Kn: Technology 8 (+13) Lang: Gal Standard Medicine 2 (+6) Notice 4 (+8) Feats: 12 Attack Focus: Ranged Attractive Benefit 2 (Wealth; Member of British Aristocracy) Dodge Focus 2 Luck 3 Speed of Thought Powers: 49 + 1 + 1 + 63 = 114 PP Container 9.8 (Temporal Control) [49 PP] Concealment 10 ("temporal displacement"; all senses; Flaw: Miss Chance Only) {10 PP} Enhanced Basic Defense Bonus 3 {6 PP} Enhanced Feats: Dodge Focus (up to 3 ranks); Evasion 2; Move-by-Action; Elusive Target; Seize Initiative {6 PP} Enhanced Feat: Improved Initiative 3 {3 PP} Enhanced Save: Reflex +5 {5 PP} Personal Time Displacement Array 7 (14 points; PF: Alternate Power) {15 PP} BE: Speed 7 {7 PP} & Quickness 6 {7 PP} {7+7=14/14} AP: Teleport 4 (Extras: Accurate; Flaw: Short-Range; Feats: Change Direction; Change Velocity; Turnabout: Progression 3 [1,000 lbs]) {14/14} Protection 4 {4 PP} Feature: Temporal Inertia {1 PP} Super Senses 1 (Time Sense) {1 PP} Time Control Array 29 (58 PP Array; 5 Alt Powers) [63 PP] Base: Time Stop 8 (30-ft up to 150-ft Area; Feats: Progression 2 (x5 Area)) {58/58} Alt: Time Freeze (Paralyze 10) (Extras: 50-ft up to 250-ft.Targeted Area Burst, Selective; Feats: Accurate 1, Affects Insubstantial 2; Dimensional 3; Progression 2 (x5 Area)) {48/58} Alt: Time Sedation (Stun 10) (Extras: 50-ft up to 250-ft Targeted Area Burst, Selective; Feats: Accurate 1, Affects Insubstantial 2; Dimensional 3; Progression 2 (x5 Area)) {48/58} Alt: Healing 10 (Extras: 50-ft up to 250-ft Area Burst, Selective, Action (Standard); Feats: Stabilize, Persistent, Progression 2 (x5 Area)) {54/58} Alt: Super Movement 6 (Temporal Movement 3 (Progression 5 (5000 lbs capacity); Dimensional Movement 3 (Progression 5 (5000 lbs capacity)); Super-Sense 21: Cosmic Awareness (Mental Sense (Very Common), Accurate; Acute; Analytical; Radius; Extended 3 (x1,000); Counters Concealment (2); Counters Illusion (2); Counters Obscure (5); Penetrates Concealment (4)) {43/58} Alt: Teleport 10 (Extras: Accurate; Portal (+2): Flaws: Long-Range; Feats: Easy; Progression 2 (portal up to 25x25 feet)) {43/58} Totals Abilities (42) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (12) + Feats (10) + Powers (114) = 199/217 PP
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