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Interceptors: Transform and roll out!


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OK recruiting for a set of three threads.  They're slightly time displaced but for efficiency's sake I'm going to run them concurrently.


The Overarching theme is Bombshells old enemies getting out of Blackstone and coming for her and hers.


Thread the first:  Sidekick Sideshow!

Initial thought is Raina and some subset of her crew win tickets to an exclusive concert.  But not all is as it appears, sinister schemes are afoot and our heroes must unravel the plot before it's too late!

This could be changed up to be a different set of lower power Interceptor associates and doesn't have to be the full group.


Thread the Second:  The Main Event!

With the reveal of Talyas old Foes being back in action and coming for her the Interceptors gather to get them before they strike.  Holed up in an old AEGIS Facility a Direct assault would be foolhardy but is there time to wait?!?

Doesn't have to be the FULL interceptors crew, though it can be scaled to whoever of the group is up for it.


Thread the Third:  But Meanwhile (IT'S A TRAP)

While the Interceptors are facing off the Big Bads the Dojo is under threat!  It's up to Ace Danger (and whatever other subset of Talyas old Guard friends or Not!Interceptors want in) to get the kids and non-combatants  to safety.  The World May never be the same!

Ace, Maybe Dimitri, Klara, DragonFly, Ms. Americana?  Dunno who all would be better for the evac and protect role than the assault in the main event.


Semi Open recruitment for the first and third so long as there is a core connection to the Interceptors or a good connection to someone else in the thread that is.  Main Event is Whoever Talya/Erik et al. bring.  Gonna try to keep these moving as much as possible so probably will skip people's posts and move forward after 24 hours of no posting outside exceptional circumstances (and try to keep myself to that as well)


Post below if you're interested with character and thread and how you think you'd tie in if not obvious.

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I'm assuming we need Erik in the Thread 2! Ellie could be in 2 or 3 - I'm assuming she's old enough she'd be cramping Raina's style at the concert. That said I'd be happy to have Fred along for Thread 1 if it makes sense.


Also let me know where you need me to write supporting cast like Vince, the kids, Yolanda or Gina Espadas, if relevant.

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Kids, Gina, maybe Yolanda(trying to keep the NPCs to non-combatant roles and not sure where Yolanda would fall on that spectrum) in three.  Vince probably too?  It takes place in the HQ and I don't think he can leave?  2 or 3 for Ellie is up to Erick mostly I think if he'd bring her to the fight or leave her home to watch the non-coms.

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Alright gonna get these  started up over the next couple days.


Thread the first:

Raina, Cathy, Phaedra, Robin, and Corinne assuming Raina would use a spare ticket to leverage some social climbing, out of character I know :P


Thread the second:

Min, Talya, Erik, Caradoc, and I think unless there is an argument against it I'll put Dragonfly here.  (Lets face it especially now that Ecal isn't around with Geckoboy the "not and interceptor" line grows thin :D


Thread the third:

Ace, Klara, probably Jill?  Dragonfly or Jill could go here but this one I'm gonna try to keep smaller.



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