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Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)


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Feel free to describe the gathering of the group in a post or two to get to the arrival if desired.  Tracing back through the website where they post the pictures and the contest entries reveals it's run by a small promoter that is the known point of contact with the group.  He is however notoriously tight lipped about these particular client citing their desired privacy and 'artistic process'.


Raina have an HP for Merlin losing access to his electronic toys inside.

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Moving right along as the band starts their set there is a subtle auditory based mind control effect.  


DC 15 will save to resist.


Those with enhanced hearing (like ultrasound or accurate or similar) can make a DC 20 notice check to notice the source of the effect.


Everyone can make a DC 25 sense motive check to notice it take effect on other attendees, and even more so on the staff.  


DC 20 general notice check (due to the lighting going dimmer as the concert starts) to notice the bouncers and staff securing the exits, not a total lock down but definitely no easy sneaking out.

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Fred and Riley both or in some combination will pick out the band and staff all have small bluetooth earpieces but no apparent mics and that there are cameras sweeping over the crowd at uneven intervals suggesting people controlling them with purpose.


 Robin trained in the fens as she has been will notice there are a couple skilled pickpockets working the crowd but she's fairly certain they are delivering items as often as they are taking them.  


Raina will start to see a dull aura of magic emanating from the speakers, it's weak, probably more a reflection of what is actually behind the compulsions than the actual source, magic that happens to be filtered through the speakers rather than enchanted themselves.  I think she'd be familiar with Talyas magic aura and it would be very similar if so.


Those who are under control can make a check to break free if they feel it warranted at any point by their characters nature or anything.  Each check is at a cumulative -1 to the DC so the next check they make would be 14 then 13 then 12 etc.

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And that'll be combat rounds for Robin and Riley unless they let the nice security men hustle them off to a backstage room somewhere without a fight.


Those still under the effects of mind control can make a will save DC 12 to break out of it and come to your senses.  If you succeed you have only hazy memories of dancing and enjoying it but also no recollection why it seemed enjoyable a moment ago and dull and almost lifeless now.


Initiative for Security:  16

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If they want to pitch in on the fight yes.  If they're going to focus on countering the magic effect/speakers it won't be needed.


Those breaking free of the mind control will have vague memories of what happened while they were "under" but kinda a rose colored glasses effect.  It was enjoyable even if they normally would have felt nervous etc.  They will be aware of the oddities of the situation almost immediately however and it is obvious that the security is closing in on Robin and Riley, so if you want to jump in on that brewing fight roll initiative.  


Riley will get an HP for having to fight without his crossbow.


Round one Initiative (I'll add people if more jump in):

30 Nighthawk    2HP     Uninjured

22 Woodsman   3HP     Uninjured

16 Security                     10 Minions

13 Frostbyte       3HP    Uninjured


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A stealth or bluff to pull it off without the non-bouncer staff noticing it was you.  Would be an easier check once hte fighting starts but they're distracted enough you could manage it now.  Say DC 18 now DC 13 after the fighting starts.


If you don't care that they might notice or try to stop you you can do it without a check.

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