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Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence (OOC)


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No magical signature obvious on it other than that of Phaedras recent teleporting it.  


Talya will recognize the folio as british issue WWII era top secret correspondence.  The kind of thing mission briefs were delivered in on base.


Once opened the folio is full of large glossy photos of the Dojo, Talya coming and going, with Min, Eric, the Kids, Gina, Ellie, students etc.  Also schedules of the dojos operating hours, open classes, comings and goings all in the same tidy script going back for around a month and a half.  There are not however any pictures of any of them in their alter egos, secret ID's appear to be safe, well other than one assumes, Talyas.

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So Vince's checks will turn up the following:

  • The pictures are drawn from a variety of devices, mostly cell phones, but no small number of assorted hobbyist cameras as well.  Maybe one in ten is from a professional camera.
  • The height and telemetry in addition to the timestamps or shadow positions suggest the pictures were taken by many different individuals.  Cross reference with the Dojo's own surveillance systems indicates some of them were taken without the photographer even looking.
  • timing is varied enough to indicate the surveillance is not constant but is very thorough.  Lots of surveillance but not performed directly by professionals.
  • There is no unusual activity on the Dojos mundane or enhanced computer systems, either they are truly exceptionally skilled at electronic infiltration or haven't even attempted it.
  • There is no evidence of internal shots of the dojo not easily accessible from the street or lobby areas the public have access too.
  • The digital photos that might have caught the comings and goings of the super alter egos have been scrubbed as per his normal protocols, digitally edited before they left the range of his network.  Cross Checking his logs for super comings and goings none seem to line up with any of the non-digital photographs.
  • The schedules and class lists are all publically available.  Any number of the walk ins or phone calls the business fields in normal operations could have been the source.
  • He has done a sweep of the current in house surveillance and there does not appear to be any immediate threat.  But given this evidence he can not be certain the house isn't being watched currently.

Let me know if there's anything else you're looking for from that.

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I'll get a post up here tomorrow after work with the quick visual descriptions of the base and surroundings (abandoned bunker on desolate scrublands with a few minions patrolling.)  Any specialty senses or scouting being used let me know and I'll try to include that in the post but feel free to ask any questions that come up.


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Mara's rocking Analytical Visual Senses, Infravision, Radio, and Spatial Awareness (that is, she's regularly sweeping for Spatial powers and effects).


She'll probably at least poke at it with a couple of drones - outside only, sweeping around for signs of activity and posted guards/open windows/etc. ESP power copied here for reference:


ESP 6 (Auditory, Visual, 20 mile range; Extras: Simultaneous, Action [Free]; Flaws: Limited [reachable by air drone]; Feats: Rapid 1 [10x search speed], Subtle [cloaking; DC26])

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Looks like Caradoc's got that well in-hand. Mara will focus on a properly dramatic door.


Her blade's a corrosion effect, like so:


Drain Toughness 12 (Extras: Linked ) + Strike 12 (Extras: Linked [Drain], Penetrating 12 [DMG 24]) [12+24= 36/40PP] (spatial blade)


She'll try to do whatever minimal damage will let her knock the door in completely, but if that doesn't seem feasible she'll just give them a nice big hole to walk through.

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So the minion count is the ones inside.  those outside at still firing at the door but can;t effectively do much at the moment other than the heavy weapons crew that's aiming at Harrier.


Minions with RPGs will fire at Steve.  Two fire and get a 22 and a 12 hits are a DC 25 toughness check (Anti Tank rounds so penetrating +5 instead of explosion)

Inside minions will instigate suppression fire on Bombshell, Jack, Willow, and Dragonfly,  -5 on attacks and checks unless you choose to not take cover and take two attacks instead.


Initiative Round 1

Minions!     21                      10 currently

Bombshell 20     4HP         Uninjured

Harrier        19     1HP         Uninjured

Dragonfly  15     3HP         Uninjured

Jack           10     5HP         Uninjured

Willow          9     1HP         Uninjured


I'll get the IC up and Bombshell will be up.



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Going to activate Talya's concealment:


Concealment 3 (Visual, Auditory, Extras: Duration: Continuous, Flaws: Passive, Blending) (Magic; Imbued) [3 PP]

And then crossing the field of fire towards the heavy weapons users. Let me know if you want any rolls for that? The plan is to set up for taking out one of them to whittle down the fire. 

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Moving carefully in concealment to not get shot you can get in position to sneak attack on your next round.


I should also clarify here as I already did to Alder.  The guys with the rocket propelled grenades are set up outside.  Going in gives cover to avoid that narratively it's just a reason for harrier not to steadily take out all the guys who can do nothing against him outside.  Bombshell is not moving on them but on the crews that have set up the kill box inside.


Harrier is up.

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Harrier flies over to Rocket Launcher Guy 1: 


Standard Action: All-Out Attacks the rocket launcher with his pike: 37!

Well that's a DC 27 Toughness save for the rocket launcher specifically, so that's probably pretty sundered? 


He's going to turn and shoot the other rocket launcher operator with his regular Blast, still all-out attacking. 

http://orokos.com/roll/597689 = 26 


Spending another HP to cancel the fatigue for that. 


Still pretty sure that hits!


Gonna put the extra towards Nullifying the Mind Control, maybe...

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Move Action: Dragonfly will teleport to cover.


Standard Action: Return fire on, say, one of the mercs targeting Jack (as I believe he's technically the squishiest target visible!). She'll be hitting them with Indirect, firing directly into their nook instead of from her current position - ideally to catch them flat-footed, but if not, at least to make them reconsider their cover.

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Merc (beamspam): 1d20+12-5 15

Terrible! If it does hit, DC27 toughness plus autofire bonus; if it doesn't, it's a Homing attack and will go off again next round.

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Alright they're aware enough to not be caught flat footed by the drones though will not have cover.  15 will not be enough to hit so homing next round and they may fall back since cover not as effective as hoped.


edit After discussion in chat with Fox I gave him a notice to catch the drones decloaking to fire.  He gets a 22 enough to beat the standard concealment DC 20.  So still not flat footed, and still a miss.


And that brings us to Jack of All Blades

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Jack of all Blades



Impervious 8 (Extras: Reflective [Ranged]) [16PP]

Dazzle 6 (Visual; Extras: Area [General, Cone]; Flaws: Touch; Feats: Ricochet) [13PP]


He'll move into the 'kill box' and start lightsaber-ing bullets in a distracting mess of sparks and concrete powder.

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first dazzles area save dc 16     5 [1d20=1]

Reflex vs dazzle DC 13 or 16 14 [1d20=10]

Blinded by the light.


Two fire covering fire at Jack before being blinded and get a 23 and a 29 so one hit and one miss unless Jack is dropping his defense for some reason.  Neither can beat Jacks current impervious so the one that hits is reflected and takes that guy out.


So down to 9 (8 if jack lets one hit him) and they are all blinded.


Willow is up.


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