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Some day soon, Forever Boy will learn that he's not the only one from Neverworld that's come to Earth! And there will be Sky-Pirates following in his wake!


So, I'm looking for Claremont characters that could be interested here, preferably, but not limited to, someone that has some sort of relationship with Forever Boy. PL shouldn't matter too much, but preferably PL10-12. 

My original plan was for 3-4 characters including Forever Boy, but if the number of positive reactions in discord was an indication of the interest, I might figure out a way to run it for more, or do dual threads or something like that.

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Selena and Pan get along well enough and if this is the resident Hook analogue coming through, who better to have on hand than a magnetokinetic?  :P (...Don't answer that, she's still probably the weakest character applying)

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Sorry Heri, but with Key MIA, I've got 8 characters on including Pan, so I'll stick with the Cube, TA, ZB, Tiff, Azuth, KD and Thev. Any more and the threads would get way too confusing.


And I'm hoping to get this started this week.

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