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OOC for this.


Threads will be split into two with whoever goes where once action gets started.

To help me keep an overview with the large number of characters, I'd appreciate if you do a quick rules summary of some of the more unusual power uses that might happen.

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Feel free to note whatever exciting items your characters might spot that could be held here, and the conversation at the security booth. They will be helpful and hand out visitor passes, but won't be overly talkative.

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The visible building is a that measures 330x330x330 feet. From the area that the group has seen so far, it makes up maybe 1/3rd of the entire structure, though the underground structure doesn't seem confined to a cube form, stretching further into the ground in all directions.

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Change to Zenith and stepping outside.

It's time for a dome.  

Create Object 10 (10x 250’ Cubes, 50 Str Load: 25.6 tons; Extras: Duration [Continuous], Movable; PFs: Innate, Precise, Progression 3, Selective, Stationary, Subtle [just like real]) {47/48}

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Micah's going to raise fog/rainclouds around the building and its entrance, such that the edge leaves Zenith and Astrid in the open, but with an option to retreat to cover. 

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Alright, for the sake of keeping things moving: Can I get Initiative rolls from everyone?

And with the number of people present, I'll be using the two people being up for acting at once system that was used in Giant Krampus 2.

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Forever Boy init: 24

For now, I'll just roll for the ships as a whole, with more initiative coming along the way

Ship A Crew: 23

Ship B Crew: 15


The ships each get to shoot a cheap shot, having gotten ready for just that as they approached:

Ship A: 28

Ship B: 17

Both hit the dome, resulting in a DC23 and DC27 Toughness roll for it, respectively. @TheAbsurdist do you want to roll for that, or want me to?


As mentioned, we'll go with a rolling initiative of two acting at once, then going on to the next one. So @Tiffany Korta and @KnightDisciple is up, with @Thevshi and me on standby. Once all four has taken their turn, I'll go with the Pirates. Might split into two threads as originally planned later, but doesn't make sense to do so right now.


*32 - White Lioness - 1HP - Unharmed
*26 - Thunderbird - 2HP - Unharmed
25 - Veronica Danger - 3HP - Unharmed
24 - Forever Boy - 4HP - Unharmed
23 - Ship A Crew - Undamaged
21 - Ms. Thursday - 2HP - Unharmed
19 - Salvo - 2HP - Unharmed
15 - Ship B Crew - Undamaged
11 - Zenith - 2HP - Unharmed



Zenith's Dome - Toughness 10, Def -7? (5-12) (Awesome Size) - Undamaged (pending hits)


Current situation, to summarize: 

The institute is currently surrounded by a Toughness 10 dome, which the teens can pass or shoot through without harm. Zenith, Micah and Ms. Thursday is outside, with fog and rain clouds giving them some cover. Everyone else is inside.

The flying Sky-Pirate ships are approaching from above, being about 3300 feet away at this point, having just


Let me know if I miss anything at some point, will probably be a lot going on all at once.

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