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Found 7 results

  1. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    GM Claremont Academy April 23 2019 11: 45 AM Jhett yawned. He knew he should have at least tried to keep it in but at this point he really couldn't be bothered. He was bored even as he guided his group to the next exhibit in the school's refurnished Next-Gen wing and started reciting another pre-written lecture about the triumphs of the original team. "Right, so, over here we have a new holographic recreation of Next-Gen's first battle with the villain Chess Club. What a wonderful--" Jhett stopped for a second to lazily take garner at one of the cue cards tucked in his pocket. His other hand still pointed to a holographic Sonic destroying a holographic chessmen. "Example of the ingenuity and resolve of young heroes like us. I sure hope I can live to their noble example." The less than impressed expressions on about dozen of his classmate's faces made it blindingly clear to him that they were either as bored as he was or very unhappy with his lack of typical tour guide enthusiasm. Jhett told himself that he didn't care either way. His volunteering to be the guide for Claremont's glorified trophy room for the first Next-Gen team was just his way of getting another good looking bullet-point on his resume when he finally graduated from Claremont and tried to get into a normal, if hopefully very prestigious, tech university. Still, he couldn't help but feel a little bad for boring his fellow students. It wasn't as if they had a lot of choice in being here after all. Exasperated with himself and the tour, Jhett finally threw up his hands. "Look guys, I know this isn't the Danger Institute or Freedom Hall or whatever, but we got to get through this, OK?" He admitted honestly. "Headmistress Summers expects me to lecture you all until lunch about all the new stuff they added here since the Krampus trashed it last year and I sure as Hell don't want to disappoint her... She's kind of scary." There were a quite few snickers and eye-rolls from the crowd after that outburst but Jhett took them in apathetic stride. He'd probably be doing the same if he was on the other side of this. "You know what? Talk among yourselves while I waste fifteen minutes of everyone's time. I don't give a damn and only need you physically in the room. Just don't tell Summers or any of the faculty, alright?" The sound of teenagers suddenly breaking out into several dissonant conversations was all the Jhett the assurance needed that he was probably in the clear. Jhett signed as he moved the loud group to the next exhibit on their list. It was times like these when he prayed that another Krampus would show up and save him from the tedium. Anything was better than this.
  2. September 5, 2015 It started with a wave of car thefts from the edge of the West End, all of them parked, secured vehicles in the parking lots of the many strip malls and other commercial areas that took up space between the West End and the growing suburbs of Ashton and Grenville. Then came the dumpsters, emptying out without a trace, and then finally vanishing themselves. When store owners put out security cameras and caught glowing lights surrounding their missing property before it vanished, they called their local superheroes for help. This meant the Interceptors - this meant stakeout. A little investigation revealed what looked to be a regular pattern to the thefts; and suggested the next place the thieves would strike. The team was currently occupying the next location on the list; a strip mall adjoining a small stretch of scrub woods that had for the moment escaped the growth of the city all around them. This late, only the all-night liquor store anchoring one end of the complex was open; the rest of the businesses, like much of the neighborhood, were sleeping. Luckily, Steve had a face for customer service, and so behind the counter he sat in the uniform of Al's Liquor Store, his scarred face and brusque demeanor making him seem 'like the kind of person who would work at a liquor store late at night." He wasn't entirely sure he understood what that meant; but he'd been given a mission by his team and he did his job. He knew the other Interceptors were on the case too. Of course, they weren't the only people out tonight trying to solve the mysterious disappearances...
  3. GM Post Neo Harare (of the former Congo Republic), PAU. 4216 AD Neo Harare. Brilliant Capital of the People's African Union, the second most influential power bloc on Earth, and the 4th most influential power bloc among the United Earth and Colonies Federation for the last three centuries. One week ago, it concluded the hosting of the Games of the DLXXXI Olympiad, celebrating humanity's achievements throughout the passage of time. Now, the city, along with its citizens, can only stare in abject horror, as the entire Advanced League of Oceania was being rapidly reduced to ashes. President Alphonse Massamba-Tchicaya conferred with the Azure Champion, the world's strongest human alive. "... and we have no word from the rest of the United Freedom League?" Though he remained composed, the Azure Champion couldn't help but take a sudden, swift breath as he recalled losing contact with them, when they arrived at the ground zero. "I'm... sorry, mr President. I'm affraid that we lost contact with them, same as all other heroes who went up against the new weapon the Reformists are fielding." "And we are sure that it can-" "Mr President." The Azure Champion cut President Tchicaya. "You have seen the destruction this weapon has wrought. The so-called Destreamer is the genuine article." Tchicaya seemed to hesitate. The Azure Champion knew what was in the President's mind. It went against everything they stood for. Against everything humanity had fought for, since time immemorial. "Loathe though I am to suggest it, maybe you should consider their terms..." "And have our people used as pawns for their Xenophobic policies?" Tchicaya burst out. "Our people died in droves to fight off the last organization that saw fit to subjugate the rest of the galaxy! Surrendering to the Revengers would not only be a betrayal of our humanity, it would spit on the graves of our ancestors, our ancestors' ancestors, and so on!" "... And if you don't surrender... there will be no one left to feel ashamed." "..." Slinking back on his chair, the president let out a sigh. "What would you have me do, old friend?" The Azure Champion smiled softly, as he flew outside the open window of the Governmental House. "... I will attempt to attack their headquarters. I will gather any hero who's still active, and make for a last ditch effort." Turning his head towards President Tchicaya, he said. "May the Goddess guide you through." A flurry of flashes, the residual energies from the weapons unleashed, kept the night sky alight, as the Azure Champion hastened away. This battle, that shook the very foundation of the Earth, posed threateningly as merely a precussor to what was about to follow; an unfolding of events that would send ripples throughout the history of mankind... Present Day, Freedom City Monday, June 15th, 2015 Evening, 20:10 It started abruptly, without warning. Tears in the fabric of reality started popping left and right, in a seemingly random pattern. For the last hour, Parkside has been riddled with this randomly occuring phenomena, as everything the tears touched seemingly disappeared into nothingness. Then, the tears would close, only for new ones to pop back. Soon, various news outlets arrived at Parkside, making reports about this peculiar incident, and it rapidly became apparent, from the national news, that this wasn't limited to Freedom City; plenty of cities across the American continent were being bombarded by the Tears, albeit within a limited area. As the Tears persist, the first few heroes arrive at the scene...
  4. GM Post Calcutta, India 1892 AD "... which is why me and my Associates are very displeased with your policies in the Bengali province, Captain Ayres." The man in the red suit said. "We are invested in the proper development of the area, and quite frankly, your policies, appart from brutal, are in conflict with our interests." The man in the blue suit added. "Your objections are noted, gentlemen, I assure you. However, understand that I have to deal with a rebelion here, one incited by Korean spies who would sooner see India burn than have it prosper under Brittish rule. I've always acted on the behalf of the Company's interests, which I was given to understand were YOUR interests as well." Captain Ayres was very upset, but he held on. The men in the suits were hard to deal with, given that they always seemed to be wearing their expressions like a man wears a suit; fittingly, but it was obvious that the clothing was not an actual part of said man. "And that was why you chose to align yourself with Feng Huan Po?" "..." That had hit a nerve. Captain Ayres had taken the utmost of precautions to ensure that whatever dealings he had with Feng Huan Po remained under wraps. "Surely the governor-general isn't very appreciative of your alliance with a follower and representative of the Old Ways." "Feng Huan is... a necessary concession on our part. He ensures that the Chinese will keep to themselves, while also posing a significant threat to the Koreans from attempting an outright invasion." He tried to explain. The expressions of the two men warped, as they tried to imitate concern. "He is more dangerous than you realise, Captain. Feng Huan Po moves in circuitous ways, ensuring that his actions largely remain concealed from our eyes." "It is imperative for our plans that the people of Calcutta, and India in general, enjoy a secure, safe, and prosperous for them enviroment." "If you fail..." "... we will have to take action against you. Even if that means..." "... that the East India Company meets a premature end." "It is our hope that we have made ourselves clear." "If you think... IF YOU THINK THAT I WILL CAVE UNDER YOUR HOLLOW THRE-" "There is NOTHING hollow about our threats, Captain." "As your superiors no doubt have informed you, the Spanish once tried to dare us into action." "You ARE aware of the Battle of Gravelines, aren't you?" "Heed our words, Captain Ayres. You are walking a very thin line as it is." "Do not cross us." "..." The Captain remained further silent, as the two men took their leave. Their warning was clear as a day. However, the Captain remained undeterred in his resolve to proceed with his plans. "If the East India Company is the sacrifice needed to ensure 'our' future... then so be it." He silently mouthed. He knew that forcing the two men into action was tantamount to challenging god's wrath. So that was why... Present Day, Freedom City Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 Midday, 14:35 The tears closed as soon as they opened, and everything they enveloped vanished completely. Sometimes, other random stuff would emerge from those energy swirls. Not only where they fast, the tears appeared at random places, from the City's center to Parkside, from there to Hannover, then the Great Bay, Lincoln, Riverside, Ashton, and Southside. The tears would continuously open and close in each of these areas for approximately an hour, before moving on to another place. This had been going for the better part of the last day, with reports of similar phenomena accross the country. The superhero community were as stumped as the scientific one, about what was going on, much less its cause. Thankfully enough, though, the tears didn't seem to affect humans, so barring a few indirect injuries caused by the odd falling piano, there was very little cause for panic. The news made sure to keep updates of this peculiar phenomenon, keeping the citizens informed of the tears' current emergence location. Last sighted, they'd appeared in Kingston, while for the last 10 minutes, they seemed to start appearing over at West End.
  5. As I discussed in the chat, CW's excellent trailer for Legends of Tomorrow (Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, do so now. It's THAT good!) is a great source of inspiration for a Time Travelling Team comprised of a bunch of diverse heroes. Aside from the fact that the plots would practically write themselves, this, I think, is the very essence of what a Superhero Team is. Having said that, I don't have much more than a bare-bones idea for what the Team should be (Hell, I don't believe I have a name for it yet), so anyone willing to participate should feel free to toss ideas around! I'll try to keep this post updated. TEAM ROSTER 6-10 PCs would be ideal. Time-Traveling abilities appreciated, but not mandatory, and personally, I feel the team should stay diverse in its skills & powers. Each player can suggest up to two PCs for possible use in the team. Hronos /MirasTsunamiBloodlineTriakosiaBlue StingerQueenieGrimalkinEquinoxTBDTEAM NAME Discuss possible team names for our Time Travelling Company. I'll throw a few names myself to get things started, but by no means should that deter you from making your own suggestions! Guardians of the TimestreamKnights of TimeTimekeepersThe TimewatchClockwatchTo Be Determined VEHICLES & HEADQUARTERS Though some heroes have the means of time-travel and bringing others allong with them, having a way for all of the team to be able to intervene when said time-travelling members are otherwise occupied should be a plus. Or just have an NPC show up and take our heroes on a special assignment! HQ situated under a Clocktower THEMES Prevention: Stopping threats from irrevocably changing the timestream. Setting right what once went wrong: Selfexplanatory, this is fixing the timestream after the fact, preferrably ensuring that it doesn't happen again. Dark Legacy: Our heroes are on the path of becoming LEGENDS! But some legends can prove deadly... The Greatest Heroes Never Known: Travelling through time is no easy business, and it tends to attract the wrong sort of attention. Our heroes may find that they have to struggle with flying under the radar, so as not to attract villains with the means and motivation to "abort" them. Shadows that the Future casts: There are parties that are involved in their own temporal games, such as the Associates and the Futurekin. Regardless of their affiliations with our heroes, their methods are their own, and our heroes may find themselves butting heads with either of these folks. AFFILIATES Argonaut: AEGIS liason Wail: Veteran Hero from the 70s (Still Active) Set: Sinister Egyptian God, Reincarnated into a Heroic Internet Personality.
  6. GM Post Liberty Park Tuesday, April 23rd, 8:12 PM The area roared in commotion, as all the people scattered through the streets, many leaving their cars unattended in their attempts to flee for their lives. The ship had appeared out of nowhere, a frigate with red and white sails, made out of wood and iron, like the ships of old. The masts and the sides of the ship were equiped with steampowered helicopter rotors, and the oars exuded what appeared to be bright powder and light. On the front, a giant lance was held in place, and in the back, propellers rotated furiously as they stirred the hovering vehicle. Freedom City was no stranger to such a peculiar image as that of an airship cruising through the streets and above the traffic, but an airship suddenly emerging in the middle of the road and commencing fire on buildings and such... now *THAT* was a cause for worry and panic. The ship's cannons blasted periodically, causing a deafening noise to thunder throughout the streets, and everything they touched, from buildings to people, disappeared, leaving only spherical holes in their wake. Both the police, the firefighters, and the paramedics, as well as other various disaster relief task forces were dispatched almost immediately, but they are still a long way away from the site, and even if they did arrive, it would be doubtful that they could contribute in any meaningful way, other than removing citizens from the immediate area. The airship continued to rain fire on Freedom City, as it finally made it's way to the park...
  7. February 2012 Shoreline Battered and bruised, the members of the Liberty League watched as the Yamato Kaiju collapsed to the beach in a shower of burning debris, the robotic titan originally constructed by the finest engineers of the Imperial Japanese Army, circa 1943, finally defeated by the combined efforts of Freedom City's legacy super-team. Once forty feet high, capable of breathing radioactive fire and shrugging off heavy weapons fire, now it was nothing more than one more shattered legacy of World War II that had crashed against the rocks of the next generation of Freedom's heroes. It was cold on the February beach, but the brilliant red and white flames rising from the burning skin of the fallen robot dinosaur kept the more fragile heroes like Edge warm as he studied the fallen wreck. Mark wasn't one for a lot of abstract thought, but even he was moved by the sight of the fallen behemoth. (Well, mostly because while his allies had all taken their lumps against it, no one had been seriously hurt.) The Yamato Kaiju had walked across the seafloor from Truk to Freedom City, most likely going around the Straits of Magellan to avoid the Panama Canal, had survived nearly seventy years only to emerge onto the land and be beaten by the Liberty League over three long and difficult hours. "Okay, team," called Edge, stepping back from the burning dinosaur and feeling the slight ache from a near-miss that had turned into a sunburn thanks to his brush with radioactivity. "Let's-" Suddenly, up in the sky some thirty feet overhead, reality collided with reality as two shining chrome spheres the size of a Greyhound bus erupted from the same space and moment and collided with and fused with each other simultaneously. The twisted double-mass of metal came hurtling downward and smashed into the surf, just too far away for the heroes to reach before impact, kicking up a sheet of spray and sand as they landed.
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