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Found 6 results

  1. GM Saturday, March 24th Later Afternoon... The sun hung low in the sky, and the shadows were long, but it was a surprisingly warm day, and people were in fair spirits. Jackson street was a smaller road in the Theatre district, full of more avante garde art and artists. As was the case when art was less than a blinding success, money was thin in wallets and pockets. And this close to the Fens, the paucity of wealth started to blend with the abundance of crime that goes with it. Perhaps the highlight of Jackson Street was The Square Moon, a Sort o
  2. Two Miles From Lake Vostok Antarctica Friday, May 9, 2014 7:52 PM White. White as far as the eye could see. And cold that cut right through to the bone. Ever since he'd come into his powers, Cannonade hadn't exactly felt the weather in quite some time. But it said a lot that, even with his enhanced resilience, this was able to get right at his core. After only a few seconds on the ice, he firmly decided that Antarctica could go screw. He didn't know why he'd expected anything else. He should have known this would happen at some point - join a superteam, see everywhere from Hell to Honol
  3. Player Name: Supercape Character Name: Sunset Power Level: 11 (155/165) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 10 Progress To Bronze Status: 15/30 In Brief: Two lovers, one superhero! Alternate Identity: Sam Soma (and the suit “The Radicalâ€, see below) Identity: Secret Birthplace: New Delhi Occupation: Businesswoman (Registered but rarely practicing lawyer) Affiliations: Soma Industries, LGBT Communities / Civil Liberties Groups. Family: Amil Soma (Father), Marina Soma (Mother) Description: Age: 30 (DoB: 1/1/1984) Apparent Age: 30 [As the Radical, mid 30s] Gender: Female [As the Radical
  4. January 31, 2014  Sam Soma's office    Sam's lunch break was just coming to an end when reality itself tore apart in one corner of her office as between her bookshelves and desk a shape simply appeared out of the air. First it was a sphere larger than a man, one that seemed cut out of the air, as if the air had been replaced with perfectly clear glass, then the nearly-transparent shape bowed outward into an elongated cylinder that gradually began to glow and hum - until at last in a flash of light, a weird figure appeared riding a fantastic machine. Tall, blonde, and muscled
  5. Supercape

    Sunset News

    LInks: >the Interview >Reputation Chart >Hell Q Residence: North Bay (North Freedom)
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