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  1. August 2019 The AEON Building Mark and Nina and Ritchie arrived at Alex and Mike's front door - which is to say, a ripple of magical energy in the air like a crackle of distant thunder turned into shifting, warping shapes that resolved themselves into Mark Lucas in his suit and tie, Monsoon in her glistening silver armor, and a very excited toddler. Ritchie liked his father's powers very much. "Boom!" he declared. "Boom!" He darted up quickly to Alex and Mike's door, laughing. Mark and Nina were just a few steps behind him, the former knocking on the door. (He knew not to ju
  2. GM Location Unknown Lor Time Mark 1898.6 (July 30, 2019 Terran Calendar) A pair of figures walked down a long marble hallway. Great pillars held up a vast, vaulted ceiling as light from some unknown source gleamed off the gilded sections of the ceiling and the smooth marble. One of the figures was tall and thin, dressed in a yellow robe and hood, a golden mask covering its face. The other was short, no more than four feet tall, with a stout body and dark red skin. It had a bald head and wide face. Along the hallway the two figures passed several alcoves
  3. alderwitch

    At Last

    The Harris Family Farm was not normally the kind of farm to rent out it’s barn and pasture for a wedding. It was a working orchard after all, but for today no crews moved through the trees about the business of the farm. Today, at long last, the youngest scion of the Harris family was finally to be wed and where better than the farm where he and his bride had spent many happy if too brief summers in their youth. The old barn had been emptied of its equipment, fresh hay laid on the floor and rustic tables and chairs brought in and dressed in classic country chic. Strings of loopi
  4. July 13th, 6ish PM, Riverside. The end of the world’s arrival looked to be on a Friday, Eastern Standard Time. This was in stark contrast to the expectation from many office workers, and comic strip cats, that it would be on a Monday. Though it was in part towing the line of the firm the belief of those who lived in Northeast United States that the world revolved around them. It was only fitting, then, that the apocalypse would start in one of the most important cities there. Self-fulfilling prophecies being what they are. In a parallel with other historic
  5. Squish

    HATERS Unite

    @alderwitch, @angrydurf, @Tiff, and maybe @Avenger Assembled. Here it goes.
  6. Squish

    HATERS Unite

    GM Simon Gordon's little movement actually started 25 years ago, so he claims. When the then unknown force of the Terminus invaded Earth. Millions died. All because of the Terminus. It was found later on that there were 'sleeper agents' born of the incident. Children of the Terminus. Some used their powers for good, others for evil. But Simon Gordon knew the truth. They were all lying in wait. They would call down the thunder again. It was only a matter of time. Simon found like minded folks. Some with fervent belief. And then his message began to spread. He was a leade
  7. alderwitch


    From the album: Alders Portrait Project

    Phalanx, Liberty League, 2018
  8. Winifred lowered the blouse in her left hand and raised the buttoned dress shirt on its hanger with her right, frowning at her own reflection in the full length mirror on the back of her dormitory room's door. "If I'm meeting her at her apartment rather than her office I shouldn't be too stuffy, yes?" she reasoned, raising the blouse again to look at the pair of tops side by side. "But the apartment is still inside the company's building and it's still a business meeting. I can't look childish so erring on the side of professionalism might be wiser." Despite her limited wardrobe sh
  9. January 20, 2017 Port Regal "It's beautiful," said Mark, peering at the image Nina had found. "I love the lacework on the veil - and you've always looked good in white." Perhaps white wasn't the traditional color under the circumstances - but when he'd mentioned that the other day Nina had not been terribly happy with him. "I'll take you over as soon as we're done talking to everyone." Sitting next to his fiancee on their living room couch, he tried to keep his stomach from lurching with excitement as he remembered the purpose of the planned conversation. He'd kept Nina's se
  10. 09/11/2016 12:35 PM Downtown Freedom City When a professional group of vault hunters shows up in your city, the local law enforcement take notice. Granted, it's usually fairly hard to actually track them down, once they go to ground - but you can generally assume a spectacular heist is in the offing. AEGIS was well familiar with this procedure; having long set up protocols in the event of notable criminals popping up on the radar at the Freedom City airport - and they'd released the names and faces to the FCPD and (surreptitiously) to more than a few of their known h
  11. April 30, 2016 It had started small - a hemokinetic terrorist attacking Ocean Heights Amusement Park one day, a strange Deep One migration in New England. Then the situation had seemed to grow more serious - a misguided fly monster in Nuevo Laredo who spoke of a day of vengeance and a divine appointment, followed by a diseased specter in the West End bearing horrific diseases where she went. By the time a shambling monster in Sicily had come bringing boils and pain wherever he went, followed by flaming thunderstorms in Washington - the heroes of Earth knew the crisis they faced. B
  12. September 2016 Lincoln Dancia had spent a week away from the office, covering a story about the new generation of West African nuns who were taking over an isolated Franciscan nunnery down on the Maurice River in southwestern New Jersey. it had been a fascinating story and a chance to meet people she might never have met, but the nunnery's remote location had left her isolated from world events. No sooner had she arrived back at the Ledger that she had a stack of urgent messages - including one from a familiar UNISON agent asking her to arrange a meeting with Triakosia at a
  13. Okay, here we go. Fast-Forward: 45 Angel of Death: 39
  14. Mike closed the file he'd been sent as the bus came to a stop at the base of the drive leading up to the prestigious Claremont Academy. He smiled and thanked the bus driver wishing her a good day before stepping off the final step and looking up at the school. When it had come time to get teaching assistant credits his former school seemed a natural choice. Now it seemed full of memories, most good granted but somehow more distant than he'd expected. As he crossed through the gates it was clear to him it was not the same or perhaps it was he who had changed. There were more than years now
  15. AEON's lobby was a comfortable place to wait, designed to encourage loitering rather than discourage it with available computer terminals for open use and plush chairs to wait in. Despite the obvious efforts made to make people feel comfortable, the gleaming lobby was clearly expensively designed and furnished with a wide receptionist desk staffed with a small number of receptionists. The individuals on duty noticeably straightened at their posts as a petite red-head stepped off of the elevator, gesturing animatedly to her far taller compatriot. Alex was dressed casually today, wearing blue je
  16. Mike was not usually big on the night out sort of dates, generally he was as happy with watching an old movie on netflix and ordering in as with more grand evenings, and he almost never set out to arrange a formal date without there being a milestone to celebrate, even then it usually fell upon Alex to see to details. There were however a few things Mike knew and knew well. One Alex worked too hard and did more than even her prodigious abilities could manage without break for too long, Two She was a fan of the grand old musicals of yesteryear, and Three one of her favorites, The Slipper In T
  17. GM Post Monday November 9th, Midmorning partially cloudy Centennial Station, Monorail By midmorning the usual crush of commuters on the Freedom City Monorail had thinned to mostly tourists and a grab bag of students, shoppers, and others less bound to the rigors of a timeclock. The doors slid open and a handful of people departed onto the platform at Centennial Station while several more slipped into seats in the sleek passenger car. Just before the doors slid closed a young woman dark haired and well dressed in a style that read wealth without ostentation
  18. Hunter Manor was quiet that evening, stately as ever in the waning summer light, with the sort of dignity that belied its crimefighting secret identity. The peace was marred momentarily by a rush of black inkblots appearing from nowhere, swirling into a vortex, and then disappearing, leaving behind three people on the front porch. Erin smoothed her hair as the last dots disappeared, finally used to the weird method of transport after all these years. "Come on," she urged the others. "Not likely anybody's going to notice you here, but why take chances?" She opened the front door wide and walked
  19. It had been over a week since the events that had ended Mikes brief life as a police officer and risked outing him to the world. The press firestorm had died to a bare simmer, the FCPD had promised that they had not begun utilizing empowered officers and that the Officer in question had been relieved of duty. Details of course were sparse. A leak released named hte officer Matthew Bright but the identity was an obvious pseudonym once the press dug into it. Just enough to scrape by a police screening but no life behind it. The mystery of it all was already dying in the hearts and minds of
  20. Phalanx Michael Harris, AKA Phalanx is a child of the Terminus. Born with spectacular powers due to the effects of the Terminus energies unleashed on the world during the 1993 invasion on him while in utero he takes to the skies and streets of Freedom City defending the innocent and stopping those who would exploit and abuse those weaker than themselves. The fel energies of the terminus have granted him amazing resiliency and might as well as speed, the power of flight and enhanced senses. Despite the dark circumstances at the root of his powers Mike is a kind hearted individual with a dee
  21. *The TV screen in the small midtown bar flashes the same footage of a brave FCPD officer diving in front of a fusillade of automatic weapons fire as the well equiped would be bank robbers opened fire on the crowd of bystanders. The reporter can be heard screaming in terror until it becomes clear the bullets are pancaking against the muscular chest of the officer in question at which point her voice rings out, "Tell me you are getting this Earl?!" as the footage freezes and snaps to the uper right corner and the anchor weighs in. "We're still waiting on official word from the FCPD on the ident
  22. From the album: Alder's Artistry

    Phalanx remains hard to draw for me!

    © K Keppeler

  23. Phalanx Power Level: 15 (250/250PP) [273] (31PP / 3 = 10PP carried over from pre-bump) Trade-Offs: -3 Attack, +3 Save DC (Energy vision +5 Attack -5 Save DC); -5 Defense, +5 Toughness; Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Teen (Now adult) Paragon granted powers by the '93 Terminus invasion; A 'Terminus Baby' Residence: Aeon Penthouse Base of Operations: Freedom City Catchphrase: None yet Alternate Identity: Mike Albright Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Elementary Teacher Affiliations: Liberty League, AEON, Claremont Academy (Former Studen
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