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Found 19 results

  1. Fennic Town, Temuera II, Lor Exlcusion Zone, The planet Temuera sat on the edge of the Lor Republic, a blasted rock that was barely able to support life. It would probably have been of no interest to anyone but the Science core if it wasn’t for the deposits of Tepeyoite a glassy mineral with numerous uses in high tech equipment. Hence places like Fennic Town had popped up around the more generous veins of the mineral. Beneath the blasted surface of the planet however there was secrets long buried bought to light but the miners that didn’t know what they had d
  2. Susshek System, Former Asshui Worlds System It was one hell of a mission. There had been a few reports about what the Asshui had been fleeing from, some more detailed than others, some more trustworthy. And occasionally, there were news of things happening in their former systems. But so far, all of the were word-of-mouth, and without much evidence going for them. There was ample reason to change that fact, and thus a group of refugees, supporters and a few organizations had decided to send out multiple scouts, to enter the home systems of the fleeing peoples. They h
  3. GM Iridium Shore Gerivan, Volash Lor time mark 1484.1 [January 2nd (Terran Calendar)] Once again, the Voidrunners had found themselves acting as freelancers. Their recent individual successes let to an offered commission as professional privateers for the Lor. Which was promptly turned down. The news of the refusal led to their latest job offer from the man who taught Roulette everything he knew about surviving in space. But, they were not alone as the Praetorians had sent two envoys along to the meeting. General Almasi of the Stellar K
  4. GM The Loiterer, Osshrak Commerical Station, Edge of the Orto Nebula The Loiterer was one of the few establishments on OCS that weren’t subject to strict security. Hence, it was where the traders, crewmembers and other assorted folks with shady histories, bounties on their heads, or just a certain sense of adventure, stayed. OCS itself was not particularly notable, a medium size trading hub serving as a refuelling station for a few long routes. And, thanks to its position, a popular destination in some traveller circles. Not that any of them
  5. 82 Eridani System Thursday, September 28, 2016 Cavalier flew along side Sea Devil through the inky void, taking in the unfamiliar sights. There was an index full of the various planets, moons, and asteroids of the system, but he had never actually seen them with his eyes. Still, Mentor had recommended this as a nice peaceful system for a trial run. And surveillance. Mentor hadn't been so direct in calling it surveillance. But when Cavalier had asked why he was being asked to take Sea Devil on a ridealong - especially when she hadn't gotten off on good terms with t
  6. December 2015 Voidrunner When the big barracuda-like ship didn't follow them, Aquaria croaked in noisy relief before settling down into her seat. As she did so, she realized just how much her relief was mixed by fear. Despite impossible odds and impossible distances, things had come through for Sea Devil and Singularity, for Aquaria and Jessie. It wouldn't be long now before they were back in the Solar System - a concept she only hazily understood but that she knew meant they were close to Earth, and close to a return to the home she and Jessie had been trying to get back to
  7. 306582.6 Galactic Time, mid-evening Lor Republic core space, G'Nüzz system, G'Nüzz II, Ahri-Bodhi Megaplex The Black Hole would have looked pretty good to the average Terrestrian, with its gleaming silver furnishings, high ceiling, low volume of music and talk, generously-stocked bar, energetic staff, sections with varied lighting and entire sealed compartments for differently-atmosphered patrons. To the Voidrunners it looked like an utter dump. The bar's liquids were a subtly unhealthy shade(its gases and solids were no better), the low volume was on account of th
  8. Equivalent to October, 2015, in Terran cycles. Outpost P-32, Ledas System, on Ledas 4. This place was a frigid waste. Not that they would go out among the ammonia shoals among the dark skies, and ever present snows. It was toxic to most, and even if it wasn't it was way, way too cold to be there. Still this place had minerals that were useful, and it was a good place to hole up a research station. The outpost was nice, or nicer than the places they frequented, and there was enough facilities for them to take care of things, little repairs and such
  9. Planet Rath Inner edge of the Perseus Arm October 16, 2015 (Terran Calendar) Under Ruby's expert guidance, the Voidrunner skimmed over the treetops of a vast forest on the planet Rath. Burst of bright red energy could be seen out the cockpit viewport, slicing past the star cruiser, one of the lower bursts blasting off the tops of a few trees. Things had started out as a simple bounty collection, the Void Runners following information on their mark to Rath. The locals had little interest in prevent the removal of a wanted criminal, and now the mark was secure in one of the Voidr
  10. Early December 2015 Wolf 359 Aquaria didn't know much about space - but she could tell the space-house (or space station, as Ruby called it) orbiting the tiny young star was old and busted. The metal plates that made up the walls and the ceiling were obviously corroded, turning green like copper instead of orange like steel around their dark grey edges and the air had the smell of something alien and old burnt away in the ducts, long ago. The humanoids in the station were exotic and strange, even stranger and more exotic than the Surfacers of Freedom City, their
  11. Amazri IV, formally Lor Space March 1, 2015 (Terran Calendar) Amazri IV had long sat well inside the boarders of Lor space, many light years from the contested area with Khanate space. The planet had long been a colony for the Lor, established in the early years of their expansion from Lor-Van. It had developed into one of the Republic's primary centers of industry and manufacturing, with vast automated facilities that covered the northern and southern landscapes of several of its vast continents. Most of the large cities on Amazri IV had been located around its equator, where lush green fo
  12. GM The Rock Outer Reaches of Contested Space Tuesday, May, 5th, 2015 When the Stellar Khanate initally rose to power, Star Khan needed a prison facility for all criminals too value to simply kill off. Known informally as "The Rock",. the Khanate's best architects created a hidden prison on an asteroid field within the oribt of a resource fueled planet known as Veritas. The prisoners were periodically brought down to a mining colony on the Veritas to participate in forced labor.The prison was designed almost entirely with "re-purposed" technology. Namely Lor technology. Every guard an emot
  13. Outer Reaches of Contested Space 38 Hours After Destruction of Lor-Van It was a truism that any seasoned spacer could have sworn upon: the heart of galactic civilization could be on fire, the proverbial wolf could be at the door and everything anyone knew could be turned upside down but there would still be someone willing to pay hard coin to make sure somebody else got what was coming to them. Since energy cells and starship parts hadn't suddenly become free, the crew of the Voidrunner had made their way out to the raggedy edge of known space, far enough out that nobody bothered to argue if
  14. The OOC! Let's see some Sense Motive rolls.
  15. Bliss Power Level: 10/11 (153/169 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 16 In Brief: Cyber whip Wielding Space Gladiator turned outlaw. Alternate Identity: Identity: Public, more or less. Birthplace: Xu'ul Occupation: Rogue, Gladiator, Fugitive Affiliations: Roulette Family: No longer acknowledged Description: Age: Equivalent to 25 Sol years. Apparent Age: Approximately mid 20s Gender: Female Ethnicity: Xuli'pa Height: 5'11 Weight: Roughly 179 Eyes: Orange/red sclera with hourglass shaped pupils Hair: None, has ridge and semi-tendril like strunctures similar to hair. Bli
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