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Found 19 results

  1. Fennic Town, Temuera II, Lor Exlcusion Zone, The planet Temuera sat on the edge of the Lor Republic, a blasted rock that was barely able to support life. It would probably have been of no interest to anyone but the Science core if it wasn’t for the deposits of Tepeyoite a glassy mineral with numerous uses in high tech equipment. Hence places like Fennic Town had popped up around the more generous veins of the mineral. Beneath the blasted surface of the planet however there was secrets long buried bought to light but the miners that didn’t know what they had discovered. Other did however and raiders had arrived to try and claim these sites, and the precious minerals, to try and profit with those that would purchase such things. The raiders needed to be stopped so through all the subtle channels a call had gone out for heroes, as rough and ready as needed, to help defend the people of this nowhere planet.
  2. Susshek System, Former Asshui Worlds System It was one hell of a mission. There had been a few reports about what the Asshui had been fleeing from, some more detailed than others, some more trustworthy. And occasionally, there were news of things happening in their former systems. But so far, all of the were word-of-mouth, and without much evidence going for them. There was ample reason to change that fact, and thus a group of refugees, supporters and a few organizations had decided to send out multiple scouts, to enter the home systems of the fleeing peoples. They had a simple mission; to document what was happening, and to get back with as much information as possible. Finding people that were both trustworthy enough, preferably with their own method of transport and not opposed to doing it wasn’t easy, a large part of the muscle available in the Sharahazad Sector, the hotbed of the crisis, lacked one of the two qualities. One of the few teams that had been sent out was that of Starshot - trusted enough and in possession of a suitable craft - and Bliss, who’d been suggested by one of the sponsors as somebody who was “trustworthy enough”, whatever that meant. So far everything had gone smooth, there hadn’t been a single encounter. But now the Xeno, Starshot’s starship, had entered the system that the two of them had been tasked with scouting. It had been a former industrial hub, not on the scale of some of the ones in known space, but large enough to be economically important. And only a few refugees had managed to make their way out, meaning there was a lot of interest in figuring out just what was going on. And in order to do that, the planet Susshek was probably the right place. Now they just had to get there …
  3. HGM

    Space Jam

    GM Iridium Shore Gerivan, Volash Lor time mark 1484.1 [January 2nd (Terran Calendar)] Once again, the Voidrunners had found themselves acting as freelancers. Their recent individual successes let to an offered commission as professional privateers for the Lor. Which was promptly turned down. The news of the refusal led to their latest job offer from the man who taught Roulette everything he knew about surviving in space. But, they were not alone as the Praetorians had sent two envoys along to the meeting. General Almasi of the Stellar Khanate was one Kinan Khan's many "trusted" officers. The former captain of a band of Khanate Pirates, Star Khan conquered his crew and took the pirate under his control. Breaking and bending the man under his iron fist, one of many. But, after the Incursion as Kinan's heirs began squabbling for control of their father's territory, Amalsi's true loyalties revealed themselves. The former general starting his own campaign to take control of what was left of the Khanate. The Zultasian general was in his late 50's, dark indigo colored skin and greying silver hair that ran down to his waist. His left eye was covered by a cybernetic eyepatch that appeared as if were bolted on to his flesh. His right hand was missing, albeit safely protected behind the cover of the bright yellow Zultasian warsuit that he was wearing. The suit itself was heavily scarred with obvious signs that many pieces had been hastily replaced by other discarded armors. Amalsi's reputation for ruthlessness implied that the Khanate revolutionary would not drastically change the empire's culture. However, his deeds with the Coalition and expressed goals for at least some continued relations with the Lor made him sound almost trustworthy. The meeting place was inside a VIP room of the infamous Irridium Shore. Gerivan's finest casino and home to all manner of the worst dregs the Lor had to offer.
  4. GM The Loiterer, Osshrak Commerical Station, Edge of the Orto Nebula The Loiterer was one of the few establishments on OCS that weren’t subject to strict security. Hence, it was where the traders, crewmembers and other assorted folks with shady histories, bounties on their heads, or just a certain sense of adventure, stayed. OCS itself was not particularly notable, a medium size trading hub serving as a refuelling station for a few long routes. And, thanks to its position, a popular destination in some traveller circles. Not that any of them would ever come to a place like the Loiterer, where the weekly maintenance budget could probably buy you two or three glasses at most. It was by far not the worst place Bliss had ever been in, still. The past few days had been rather unspectacular, and there wasn’t really much of a reason to even stay. Or at least there hadn’t been, until a somewhat familiar face entered the building. Large, muscular and grey. Like always, wearing a white helmet. Kresh Melek, one of the Praetorians. Bliss had seen her before. And for a Praetorian to be in a place like this, it had to mean something.
  5. 82 Eridani System Thursday, September 28, 2016 Cavalier flew along side Sea Devil through the inky void, taking in the unfamiliar sights. There was an index full of the various planets, moons, and asteroids of the system, but he had never actually seen them with his eyes. Still, Mentor had recommended this as a nice peaceful system for a trial run. And surveillance. Mentor hadn't been so direct in calling it surveillance. But when Cavalier had asked why he was being asked to take Sea Devil on a ridealong - especially when she hadn't gotten off on good terms with the young Deep One, and her time in space had been far from a walk in the park - Mentor had relented and given him the full scope. "The individuals who tampered with our armor to make the Spectrum Knight design were powerful, intelligent, and given to deception. Although we have examined the altered armor in detail and found no obvious tampering, we know from our own designs that the armor can adapt under proper circumstances. It may be best to see if Ms. Innsmouth has managed to develop new... hidden talents in use of the armor. Talents that were hidden just so they could be... discovered at the right time." A full analysis would be too invasive; however, if Cavalier rode along, Mentor could analyze the code of the Spectrum Knight armor to see if there were any nasty surprises lying in wait. Of course, convincing Sea Devil to go along all on her lonesome might be tricky. Hence why Cavalier had been given dispensation to hire the Voidrunners, with whom Sea Devil had a somewhat better relationship. And hence why he'd had the request approved to let Sea Devil bring along Jessie, who'd also been dragged about half the galaxy alongside her. And hence why he felt like the fifth wheel on this whole trip. But he was the one in charge, so he had to make sure he was everyone's fun uncle rather than their drill sergeant dad. "How do you like the sights?" he asked Sea Devil. "Anything catching your eye?"
  6. December 2015 Voidrunner When the big barracuda-like ship didn't follow them, Aquaria croaked in noisy relief before settling down into her seat. As she did so, she realized just how much her relief was mixed by fear. Despite impossible odds and impossible distances, things had come through for Sea Devil and Singularity, for Aquaria and Jessie. It wouldn't be long now before they were back in the Solar System - a concept she only hazily understood but that she knew meant they were close to Earth, and close to a return to the home she and Jessie had been trying to get back to for weeks. Close to trouble. She was acutely aware, twitching in her seat, of all that had happened - of how her pride had sent them to the stars, of how her anger had gotten that Surfacer killed, and of how all the stars of space had seemed to be against them on their journey. She knew, too, that her life in Freedom City was not her own - she was a symbol of the fear and loathing that Surfacers had for her kind, and a criminal to boot. With all that she'd done, what would happen when she returned? Blackstone again? Perhaps Atlantean custody? Or maybe just exile - a banishment to the waters off Freedom's coast where she was an outcast among all who lived beneath the waves. Turning to her still night-catatonic friend, Aquaria took a long breath and released it as a deep, almost subsonic, bellow. Jessie would be home in the world of her birth, surrounded by her people, away from the world that Aquaria had thrust her into. That was what mattered. Through the blood of sacrifice, I gain power, she thought, closing her big goggle eyes. Through the blood of sacrifice, we are free. Up front, the dinky little Terran comet belt station had just hailed the Voidrunner.
  7. 306582.6 Galactic Time, mid-evening Lor Republic core space, G'Nüzz system, G'Nüzz II, Ahri-Bodhi Megaplex The Black Hole would have looked pretty good to the average Terrestrian, with its gleaming silver furnishings, high ceiling, low volume of music and talk, generously-stocked bar, energetic staff, sections with varied lighting and entire sealed compartments for differently-atmosphered patrons. To the Voidrunners it looked like an utter dump. The bar's liquids were a subtly unhealthy shade(its gases and solids were no better), the low volume was on account of the crowd of various beings carrying out business of various legalities. The staff had the telltale signs of being blissed out of their minds and likely on their third consecutive all-diurnal shift. But the hygenic needs of hundreds of varying life-forms meant that even the worst places had a spotless santitation record. Anyone trying to buy their way to one was tragically never seen again. Universal health care was a deserved point of pride in the Republic, but nobody wanted to take any chances. However, the Voidrunners were here specifically to take a chance. Which did not include not taking a secluded booth. "...So, that's the story. Near as I can tell, it's here, got it?" Her tail lashing restlessly behind her, Loma Slife pointed to the lonely cluster at the fringe of civilized space. Even in the generous dimensions of the bar, the rogue Chorna had to stoop a little, but was no less a looming, menacing sight. With her bulging muscles and vicious spines and thick hide, it was easy to forget that she needed weapons at all, let alone that she could summon them to her side with a thought. Slumping back into the seat and propping up her legs on the foursome's table, her feet resting on the next one, the fearsome bounty hunter inspected her massive hands "This thing, officials call it the "Visitor", far as I know it's not got much punch. Just gets around everything, can hide anywhere, and hitting it is a s*n' **k and a half. So I say we team up, go in, flush the thing out and I help bag it, get the picture?" Swiping Ruby's mug, Loma downed half of it, paused, and spat its contents on the floor. Grimacing, the bounty hunter went on "Since this thing is from the Swarm, no non-mentato but me's ever made a dent in that nano-cloud 'o mystery, and everyone ELSE is after it too, I think it's only fair I get half of the ः120 billion credit reward, while you Voidies split the sixty billion amongst yourselves. Dunno what bills you got, but that should pay 'em off pretty nicely, know what I'm sayin'?" Her hands busy supporting her crested head, her spiny tail reached out to each of the Voidrunners in turn.
  8. Equivalent to October, 2015, in Terran cycles. Outpost P-32, Ledas System, on Ledas 4. This place was a frigid waste. Not that they would go out among the ammonia shoals among the dark skies, and ever present snows. It was toxic to most, and even if it wasn't it was way, way too cold to be there. Still this place had minerals that were useful, and it was a good place to hole up a research station. The outpost was nice, or nicer than the places they frequented, and there was enough facilities for them to take care of things, little repairs and such that built up. Plus a couple nice watering holes, including some places that Roulette could duck off to, to place some games, and swindle some people. Bliss hated the cold. Her homeworld was far more warm, though while she wasn't mammalian, she was assuredly endothermic. So that accounted for something. Still, she was the strongest of the Runners, and so she relented to leaving her room and helping Ruby get supplies. Plus, sometimes they got discounts if she was glaring. When in her enviro suit she looked a bit more intimidating. Which they were benefiting from, with the Xuli'pan was off to the side, waiting while Ruby did... something... She didn't know. They were in one of the trader stations here in the outpost. With their crates of the supplies that would be here, the rest would be delivered after they got back to the station. Bliss was propped against the wall, staring through one of the porthole style windows that aimed towards the main concourse of the outpost.
  9. Planet Rath Inner edge of the Perseus Arm October 16, 2015 (Terran Calendar) Under Ruby's expert guidance, the Voidrunner skimmed over the treetops of a vast forest on the planet Rath. Burst of bright red energy could be seen out the cockpit viewport, slicing past the star cruiser, one of the lower bursts blasting off the tops of a few trees. Things had started out as a simple bounty collection, the Void Runners following information on their mark to Rath. The locals had little interest in prevent the removal of a wanted criminal, and now the mark was secure in one of the Voidrunner's holding cells and everything seemed to be going according to plan. That was until the group had lifted off to depart Rath, and almost immediately come under fire from four starfighters of unknown design. Thus far, Ruby's attempts to outrun them had been unsuccessful. The Voidrunner shook as it took another glancing hit from one of the fighters, and several more misses streaked past...
  10. Early December 2015 Wolf 359 Aquaria didn't know much about space - but she could tell the space-house (or space station, as Ruby called it) orbiting the tiny young star was old and busted. The metal plates that made up the walls and the ceiling were obviously corroded, turning green like copper instead of orange like steel around their dark grey edges and the air had the smell of something alien and old burnt away in the ducts, long ago. The humanoids in the station were exotic and strange, even stranger and more exotic than the Surfacers of Freedom City, their hair, clothes, and skin all strange colors and textures - but at least they ate good food, including a delicious flying insect as big as her fist that both she and Bliss had developed a taste for. She spent most of her time in the station's small garden, taking advantage of the high humidity (and even small pond!) to bask in the comforting wetness without her suit. She earned her keep by tending the plants, a skill she'd learned at the home of Jessie's sister and her mate, and did her best to get Jessie to come by and help her. It was less stressful than being on the ship. There had been some sort of dispute over repairs to the Voidrunner (she hadn't really followed the conversation) - and it was a high-stress time on-board for everyone. We just have to make it home, Aquaria assured herself as she ducked down to the bottom of the pond (which was just deep enough for her to completely immerse herself in), the ever-present hum of machinery reminding her that this was no ordinary body of water. And they will have all the gold the ship can carry! Reaching down, she cut a few fronds of pondweed with a knife - the stuff was vile to her, but some of the local people on the station loved it in their stews. In just a day, or less, she'd been assured, the repairs would be done and they'd all go home - but now, everybody pulled their weight, Luckily, she and Jessie were both very strong indeed. - It had been a tough few weeks for the Horizon crew and their Star Knight companion. They'd tracked the fugitives to a remote swampy world, and even found the ion trail of the vessel that had picked them up there, but they'd found no clues about the identity of the vessel they were chasing. Whoever they were, they were fast and good, sticking to high-traffic lanes to blend in (but not the ones still regularly patrolled by the Lor), running their engines so fast they must be risking needing to scrub out their coils, and not staying in any one place long enough to be positively identified by eyewitnesses. If not for the unique energy emitted by Aquaria Innsmouth's suit, which noticeably warped extradimensional space while in hyperdrive, and if not for the further n-dimensional changes caused by the fact that the other passenger was from some other dimension entirely, they'd have lost the scent long ago. But now they'd caught the scent. Station K-7 was old and tired, a collection of habitat domes welded together centuries earlier, with a mostly transient population in the hundreds. It was widely known to be a den of smugglers making the potentially profitable run to Terra now that Lor border patrols weren't what they used to be - or even there at all, most of the time. As the ship approached the station, their sensors jangled with news - their two fugitives were _on that very station_.
  11. Amazri IV, formally Lor Space March 1, 2015 (Terran Calendar) Amazri IV had long sat well inside the boarders of Lor space, many light years from the contested area with Khanate space. The planet had long been a colony for the Lor, established in the early years of their expansion from Lor-Van. It had developed into one of the Republic's primary centers of industry and manufacturing, with vast automated facilities that covered the northern and southern landscapes of several of its vast continents. Most of the large cities on Amazri IV had been located around its equator, where lush green forests spread out around the cities before giving way to high mountainous zones. Now more than half its surface had become silver colored metal, and even from space it appeared as if veins of the silver metal were continuing to spread towards the rest of the planet. Amazri IV was one of the most recent Lor planets to fall to the Communion, the cyberforming of the planet still underway. A group of the Coalition's top scientists had determined that the cyberforming process provided the most direct access to the Communion's central data centers, with the least protections in place to prevent unauthorized access. In short, if the Coalition was going to learn the whereabouts of the Communion's mothership, it would be by gaining access to one of the central relays on a world being cyberformed. So a small group of Coalition forces were aboard a Grue stealth ship, making their final approach to Amazri IV. "We will be at our target location within ten microcycles." Stated Gur'ul, the Grue Metamorph in command of the stealth ship, turning back to look at the odd collection of beings that he had been ordered to transport to Amarzi IV.
  12. HGM

    Jailhouse Rock

    GM The Rock Outer Reaches of Contested Space Tuesday, May, 5th, 2015 When the Stellar Khanate initally rose to power, Star Khan needed a prison facility for all criminals too value to simply kill off. Known informally as "The Rock",. the Khanate's best architects created a hidden prison on an asteroid field within the oribt of a resource fueled planet known as Veritas. The prisoners were periodically brought down to a mining colony on the Veritas to participate in forced labor.The prison was designed almost entirely with "re-purposed" technology. Namely Lor technology. Every guard an emotionless Lor Enforcer robot. Only the Wardern and the on site doctor were flesh and blood Zultasians. The various defense measures made the prison impenetrable. With not a single documented escape or break in. The Rock was basically a fortress in of itself. After Star Khan was bested in the Lor-Khan war Veritas broke away from the Khanate. And with it the prison planet. Most Government bodies were led to believe the prison fell out of use. In reality, The Rock became a private enterprise. Storing prisoners for those willing to pay the right price. The Enforcers also acted as bounty hunters collecting prisoners and faking their deaths before transferring them to the Rock for the credit reward. Providing the Warden with a never ending stream of prisoners to act as miners even in the present day. Every criminal worth his salt knew to avoid the Lor's Enforcers. Never knowing if they were the genuine deal or hired goons for someone with enough pull. Unfotunately, Star Shot's crew of intergalactic environmentalists were not criminals proper. When Lor Enforcers boarded their ship they assumed they were being questioned on a routine stop. They were wrong and promptly arrested. In reality, a Lor Diplomat faked footage claiming them to have been poaching rare interplanetary wildlife. All to prevent them from bringing to light evidence of his own illegal gaming. Deep Freeze thought ahead. Sending out a request to an underground crimenet for a cash reward. Anyone who could rescue the captured crew would be generously compensated. Only one crew was reckless enough to actually willingly get captured by the Enforcers. In the middle of being processed for their own suspect criminal history, such as attacking a certain law enforcement officer made of sand, the Voidrunners grumbled as all their equipment was taken by the Enforcers. Bliss and Ruby instantly regretting going along with what could only be described as another plan Roulette purposely designed to tick off his comrades. Elsewhere, in the prison cafeteria, Seika had just accidentally bumped into a bloated round shaped purple skinned extraterrestrial creature with eight arms. The creature's tray fell on the ground and it snarled. Almost instantly the purple creature was joined by three other large creatures. "Stinky two arms!"
  13. OOC for this thread.
  14. Outer Reaches of Contested Space 38 Hours After Destruction of Lor-Van It was a truism that any seasoned spacer could have sworn upon: the heart of galactic civilization could be on fire, the proverbial wolf could be at the door and everything anyone knew could be turned upside down but there would still be someone willing to pay hard coin to make sure somebody else got what was coming to them. Since energy cells and starship parts hadn't suddenly become free, the crew of the Voidrunner had made their way out to the raggedy edge of known space, far enough out that nobody bothered to argue if it was technically Republic or Khanate territory, looking for a scumbag with a price on his head. Only this time the heart of galactic civilization really was on fire and the rush of reentry outside the airlock was starting to sound an awful lot like that proverbial wolf growling. Orbital traffic was ten times over denser than it should have been, packed with the ships of refugees who'd either thought they could avoid what was coming by running far enough away or who just didn't have anywhere more attractive to go than the dustball known as Ke'Pinree. Many of the vessels looked barely space-worthy; it was doubtful their passengers would be able to make it to the next closest habitable world if they were turned away. Once properly assured that they were there on business, a harried sounding woman with a thick provincial accent had cleared the bounty hunters for landing, directing them to was passed for a spaceport on her world.
  15. The OOC! Let's see some Sense Motive rolls.
  16. Bliss Power Level: 10/11 (153/169 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 16 In Brief: Cyber whip Wielding Space Gladiator turned outlaw. Alternate Identity: Identity: Public, more or less. Birthplace: Xu'ul Occupation: Rogue, Gladiator, Fugitive Affiliations: Roulette Family: No longer acknowledged Description: Age: Equivalent to 25 Sol years. Apparent Age: Approximately mid 20s Gender: Female Ethnicity: Xuli'pa Height: 5'11 Weight: Roughly 179 Eyes: Orange/red sclera with hourglass shaped pupils Hair: None, has ridge and semi-tendril like strunctures similar to hair. Bliss a skin color similar to a dark violet or indigo color. Matching her inhuman eyes, which indicates her species having a potential cephlopod-list ancestry. Though it is hard to say. She is long limbed, with an overall short torso. As in line with the females of her species, she is more androgynous than more humanoid races, and in a suit her gender might be difficult to determine. Though she looks more human-like than the rest of her species In part due to the augmentation and alteration she went through during her flight from her homeworld. Her hands and feet are noticable differt, each possessing four digits, with her hands having two fingers with a thumb structure on either side of her hands. What she has for hair, resembles a mohawk, in that it is a crest at the top, and is generally pulled back with a band. Her nose is flat, and a non-prominent feature. Her mouth is filled with teeth that were adapted from the cephlopod-like beak, in a land animal base. Despite the clear ancestry, she is warm blooded, though not mammalian. She is marked, extensively in red 'tattoos' that are also intertwined with what looks like circuitry under her skin that is visible. She favors heavy and obscuring clothing. Oftentime wearing her enviro-suit off ship. As she is largely uncomfortable around others. Power Descriptions: Her powers come from cybernetic and genetic augmentation. Some from her service to her people as a soldier, others in her flight from her homeworld with her 'savior.' There is noticeable subcutaneous circuitry in her form. As well as having enhanced muscle mass and structural reinforcement in her body, primarily with synthetic material woven into her muscles, connective tissues, and reinforcing bone. Her eye's structure in an evolutionary trait, allowing her to see deeper into the infrared. And while her nose is flatter than a humans, she has a complicated internal sinus cavity affording her greater sensitivity. Her tendrils are the primary modification and most visible ability, and while are techno-organic, then seem to use a strange material n them to be able to expand retain their strength. Which is substantial stronger than even her augmented strength. She is able to move them at trans-sonic speed to product loud, concussive sounds and shockwaves from impact. Additionally she has micro-forcefield generators that respond without her awareness, able to intercept attacks with a spray of orange light. She is often in her enviro-suit when off ship, due to ease, and utility. History: Bliss is not her name. She has given up her name. And her people. Not that is was entirely her choice, though it is, in part a consequence of her choices. The Xuli'pa (ZULL-ee-PAH) are a largely isolationist species in Khanate space. They are also a highly patriarchal society due to birthrates favoring a disproporionate amount of females. And while the females of the species are physically far more capable, the males possess a higher degree of abstract thinking, normally. And use pheromones to induce certain control methods in the females of the species. Not all females possess the same level of sensitivity, and Bliss possessed that resistance. A footsoldier in one of the armies of one of the various intercine states in the fractious people she killed several high ranking males in one of the leading religious castes. The reprisals were extensive, and led to her fleeing to one of the few spaceports. Unfortunately, the person willing to accept her on passage out was a scientist of possibly unscrupulous means, who's price was to be able to alter and augment her further. Given she faced a public execution for her crimes, she had little option but the accept such. Sometime afterwards she was left on another planet, Un-Sabnur. It was the best hub that could be found, and while she adjusted to her new state, she did so readily to the gladiatorial pits that exist there. There she had the benefit of her bred ferocity, cybernetic enhancements, and the appeal of a Xuli'pa fighting for pay outside of her homeworld. It was that or be some kept doxy, and such was not a choice in her eyes. The name came there, Bliss, from the tendrils she shot out of her forearms and was able to coil around her opponents, and strike at with force enough to break stone. Her climb was hardly impressive, as she had to struggle her way up, but then she was driven to leave this place as well, and go somewhere else. Somewhere farther away from anywhere a scout or bounty hunter who trafficked with her people would go. After two years, she had climbed enough to go for the champion. Spending all of her earnings on a gamble bet on herself. And along came Stanhze. That gambling, lying, little Zultasian ingrate ruined her bet, and her efforts to get out of the cesspool that was Un-Sabnur. He attempted to rig the championship fight in her favor, and she caught him, while not terribly honorable, this was not something she could accept as it could have stopped her efforts. So she attacked him, and gave chase. While the accusations, and her standing on the planet, and among the gladiators. The pursuit carried through into space itself, as she compounded her crimes with hijacking a smaller corvette to chase after him. Unfortunately a third party intervended, Ruby Voxx. And this resulted in their shared crash onto Slogth. Where hostilities promptly resumed between them all. Fittingly, it was a more hostile external force that merged them together. Well that an a misunderstanding, and Bliss' implied and overt threats, the three banded together under the guise of the Voidrunners, to defend the people of Slogth. Though Bliss would concede that their victory was as much luck as anything else. Though a victory was a victory, and since she was still walking afterwards and not limping, then she could still get farther from her people. Even if she doesn't trust Roulette with her money. Personality & Motivation: She is blunt, direct. And honestly nothing at all like her name (it was likely ironic). She is, however, driven to get further from her people, having no familial ties, certainly not in the way that others would understand. It is fear, but also, just not a desire to go back. Despite what she experienced at the hands of her savior, she still considers him/it's efforts fondly, though... she believes he did more than what he said. Unfortunately she is driven by a lot of fear and uncertainty. Though she is moving forward. And with how she feels after helping others, she might stop running away from her past, and towards her future. Powers & Tactics: She is a brute. Preferring hitting and run tactics. Where possible. Given she can keep distance, she will in the case of prudence, and then close, and try to weaken, distract, in other ways try to erode the standing of her opponents before ducking away, and then re-engaging. Complications: No Place Like Home: Her crimes are great on her home world. Enough to be considered one of the greatest criminals. While she underplays it, it doesn't mean that someone, or something may try to collect that bounty. And that's not counting all of those gladiators. Temper, Temper: Bliss has a short temper, and tents to try not to convince people, but yell at them until they agree with her or stop talking. Sidled Up Ne'er-Do-Wells: She and the rest of the Voidrunners follow morality, not legality. And they will sometimes choose expediency over following all the laws. As such she can't rely on. Senses are a little off: Her sense of smell is hyper acute, compared to other species. So she can be extra susceptible to olfactory base effects. Though she possess no extra sensitivity to Pheromonal control efforts. Additionally her range of vision tends more towards the red. As such she cannot distinguish colors other races can. As such when she conveys sensory information to other people it can be hard for others to grasp. Abilities: 10 + 6 + 10 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 36 PP Strength 20/30 (+5/10) Dexterity 16 (+3) Constitution 20 (+5) Intelligence 12 (+1) Wisdom 14 (+2) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24 PP Attack: +6/+10 Melee Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus; +3 Flatfooted) Initiative: +3 Grapple: +20 (Base) /+28 (w/Tendrils) Knockback: -2/-5 Saving Throws: 2 + 4 + 5 = 11 PP Toughness: +10 (+5 Con, +5 Protection) Fortitude: +7 (+5 Con, +2 PP) Reflex: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 PP) Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5 PP) Skills: 68r = 17 PP Acrobatics 5 (+8) Bluff 10 (+12) Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+5) Escape Artist 0 (+7/w Enhanced Skill) Intimidate 15 (+17) Knowledge (Galactic) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Technology) 4 (+5) Notice 6 (+8) Pilot 4 (+7) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Survival 4 (+6) Languages 4 ( Galstandard, Grue, Lor, Xuli'pa [Native], Zultasian) Feats: 24 PP Attack Focus: Melee 4 Ambidexterity Challenge 2 (Fast Feint, Fast Startle) Dodge Focus 4 Environmental Adaptation 2 (Low Gravity, Zero Gravity) Equipment 2 Grapple Finesse Luck 2 Move-By Action Power Attack Startle Stunning Attack Takedown Attack 2 Equipment 2 PP = 10 EP Skintight Space Suit (Life Support [Masterwork]) [10 EP] Powers: 20 + 3 + 10 + 1 + 5 + 2 = 41 PP Caress of Bliss 4 ( 20 PP Container, Cybernetics, Genetic Augmentation) [20 PP] Additional Limbs 2 ( Extendable biomechanical tendrils from arms; Extras: Sustained [+0]; Power Feats: Linked [+0]) [2 PP] + Elongation 4 ( 50'; Flaws: Limited to Additional Limbs [-1]; Power Feats: Linked [+0]) [2 PP] + Super Strength 2 ( Effective Str 30, 40 w/Enhanced Strength; Drawbacks: Limited to Additional Limbs [-1]; Power Feats: Shockwave. Thunderclap) [5 PP] [Total 9 PP] Enhanced Feats 5 ( Improved Critical 2 (Tendrils), Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip) [5 PP] Super Movement 3 (Swinging, Wall Climbing 2) [6 PP] Enhanced Movement 1 (All powers Cybernetic/Biomechanical Augmentation Array, PF: Alternate Power 1) [3PP] Base: Speed 2 (25 MPH, 250' per action) [2PP]AP: Leaping 2 (Running Long 75'/100', Standing Long 37'/50', High Jump 15'/25') [2/2 PP] Enhanced Skills 1 (Escape Artist 4; Alien Biology) [1 PP] Enhanced Strength 10 [10 PP] 'cybernetic augmentation' [10 PP] Protection 5 ( Cybernetics, forcefield)[5 PP] Supersenses 2 (Infravision, Scent; Alien Biology) [2 PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch (+40') DC25/DC20 TOU (Staged) Damage (Physical) Shockwave Cone (100') DC20 Reflex/DC25 TOU (Staged) Damage (Physical) Thunderclap Touch Burst (50') DC20 Reflex Audiotory Dazzle Totals: 36 + 24 + 11 + 17 + 24 + 41 = 153/169 PP
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