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Found 3 results

  1. Lor Star Navy 3rd Strike Group [AKA the Spear of the Republic] .3 AUs from the remains of Lor Van Lor time mark 1972.3 [April 7th (Terran Calendar)] Chiliarch Valerius Detinson , was a high-ranking member of the Lor Star Navy. In command of an unconventional warfare focused strike group, the Chilliarch was always ready for war. The carriers in his fleet were armed enough with enough firepower to bombard any Khanate property for days on end. A fact that his men were quick to brag about. Those of whom weren't bragging about which generation clone of Valerius they were.
  2. Fennic Town, Temuera II, Lor Exlcusion Zone, The planet Temuera sat on the edge of the Lor Republic, a blasted rock that was barely able to support life. It would probably have been of no interest to anyone but the Science core if it wasn’t for the deposits of Tepeyoite a glassy mineral with numerous uses in high tech equipment. Hence places like Fennic Town had popped up around the more generous veins of the mineral. Beneath the blasted surface of the planet however there was secrets long buried bought to light but the miners that didn’t know what they had d
  3. Infinity Power Level: 10 (200/210PP) Unspent Power Points: 10PP Trade-Offs: none In Brief: Hotshot Lor pilot and explorer and partial host to the extra dimensional being Empyrean Catchphrase: Punch It! Theme: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk Alternate Identity: Fa'Rua Zal Na'ar (Public) Empyrean (Secret) Birthplace: Relsys V Mining colony Residence: Transient Base of Operations: Lor Republic Colonial Scout Corps STR-40P3R 'Star Hopper' Occupation: Colonial Expansion Service Scout Affiliations: Lor Republic Family: Jolan Zal Na'ar, Parents st
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