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Found 13 results

  1. Zebulon System Along the reaches of the Scutum-Centarus Arm Oskar struggled with the controls of the Xeno as the ship spun out of control into the upper atmosphere of the system's second planet. It was impossible to tell when the ship's power would completely give out, but with a bit of luck it would not be before he was able to get it down onto the ground for at least a controlled crash. This was supposed to have been a simple survey expedition, with Oskar and the Xeno hired to survey a few planets far from the outer edge of the Lor Republic. Getting out this far had been no sma
  2. Susshek System, Former Asshui Worlds System It was one hell of a mission. There had been a few reports about what the Asshui had been fleeing from, some more detailed than others, some more trustworthy. And occasionally, there were news of things happening in their former systems. But so far, all of the were word-of-mouth, and without much evidence going for them. There was ample reason to change that fact, and thus a group of refugees, supporters and a few organizations had decided to send out multiple scouts, to enter the home systems of the fleeing peoples. They h
  3. DHR Station, Outer Asteroid Belt Alda System, Sharahazad Sector It hadn’t been a special request, and so far, it wasn’t that special of a mission. There was one thing that stood out about this one, compared to many others Starshot had been hired on. He’d been met on a station in a the neighbouring Tethron System, and had to leave his ship there. Him, and everything he’d felt was necessary were transported to the research station in a small shuttle. He’d heard that the system was under quarantine, so when the pilot explained it, it all made more sense. In or
  4. Ooc for http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9668-unsportsmanlike-conduct-ic/ Here we go! @Supercape
  5. GM Za'ak orbital station The Lodge The planet of Za'ak was a harsh place. The air borne spores could kill you. The bug swarms could tear you apart. Even the grazing beasts could crush you underfoot. From what the locals of the surrounding systems said, it wasn't that everything was trying to kill you but that compared to everything there? You were just fragile. At least if you were Lor or human. The station above the death world was filled with quite a few of both. The inside of the whole station was made to look like a log cabin. Mounted on the wall
  6. Starshot Power Level: 11/15 (250/250) [252] Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +3 Attack, -3 Damage; +1 Defense/-1 Toughness In Brief: Intergalactic Safari Hunter Theme Tune: Ride of the Valkyries Alternate Identity: Oskar Otto Birthplace: Berlin, Germany Residence: The Starship Xeno Occupation: Big Game Hunter (in Space) Affiliations: None Family: Distant Relatives Only Description: Age: 102 Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6’ Weight: 95 Kgs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Starshot usually wears a ba
  7. Aboard the Xeno Syl'n System, inbound to Syl'n V Oskar was in the Xeno's cockpit, having recently dropped the vessel out of lightspeed and began its approach toward Syl'n V. Oskar had been hired by Kazzack Biogenetics, a corporation within the Lor Republic that was heavily involved in biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry. While much of the corporation’s operations were on heavily populated Lor worlds, it did have one small, but important operation on Syl'n V, where it had teams that harvested rare plants which had incredible medicinal properties. Recently, some members of
  8. OOC for >this thread.
  9. GM A tropical rainforest Somewhere probably not Kansas anymore. 6:12 AM Friday September 5th, 2014 Oskar was visiting a small German town which had its annual circus. A throwback to his prewar youth, he wanted to get caught up in the nostalgia decades after the fact. If only the bear hadn't gotten lose. The raging grizzly attempted to attack the audience. But it was quickly wrestled by Oskar whom promptly sedated and captured the beast without harm. Aside from the unexplained scratch on his shoulder, shortly followed by a loss of vision. Until finally the interstellar safari hun
  10. Aboard the Solar Dawn The Parrin system, between the Lor Republic and Stellar Khanate Situated in an expanse of unclaimed space between the Lor Republic and the Stellar Khanate, the Parrin system was home to a native civilization that did all they could to retain a position of neutrality with both major space powers. The Parrin engaged in trade with both, had envoys with both powers and had treaties with both powers. Among the ways the Parrin worked to stay on good terms with both powers was by offering services to passing ships from both the Republic and the Khanate. One of those included t
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