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Found 14 results

  1. Kestevan 79 GM A pair of Lor officers made their way into the new headquarters of the ancient alien group known as the Praetorians. The space was still very much under construction and being refurbished, with a number of Lor technicians assisting in the process. But these two Lor officers were not there to oversee assisting the Praetorians in establishing their new facility. Instead they were there on behalf of the Republic to request the assistance of the Praetorians. With the Communion stopped, some semblance of normalcy had returned to this sector of the universe, and that had allowed the Republic to return its attentions to several matters that had been unattended when stopping the Communion had been of utmost importance. But even now the Republic did not have sufficient resources to deal with all the problems at hand. As the pair moved down the corridor, a larger hulking reptilian humanoid moved over toward them. The figure towered just over eight feet tall, covered in green and brown scales, with a long tail that ended in a spiked ball. "Greetings officers," the reptilian humanoid stated in accented GalStandard, "I am Seresk, may I be of assistance?" "Greetings Praetorian Seresk, I am Commander E'tten of the Lor Star Navy, and this is Aya K'zan from the Allied Liaison/Intelligence Extra-National Service." The male Lor stated in response. "We are here to speak with Praetorian Val-Ren about a matter in which the Republic wishes to request the assistance of the Praetorians." The large reptilian alien gave a small nod. "Please, follow me." It replied before turning and leading the pair off down the corridor. A short while later, the trio arrived at the central command center of the headquarters, a larger circular dome shaped room with a number of other exits. Like most of the rest of the facility, it was still undergoing significant renovations and work, a number of Praetorians and technicians working on installing various systems along the room's walls. In the center of the room was a larger holographic system capable of displaying and tracking information for multiple units and locations. Gathered around the holo display were four individuals, currently in conversation about the progress of renovations for the facility. One was a humanoid female, slightly over average height for a Lor or Terran, with long black and purple hair and dark orange skin. She was dressed in a full length white bodysuit, with black diamond shapes surrounded by golden yellow trim on the shoulders, upper chest and back. Her black boots and gloves also has the golden yellow trim, and a long black cape trailed behind her. It was not hard to match her appearance to the reports about Paradigm that had circulated among the Coalition forces during the Communion incursion. Two of the other three were also female, one, dressed in a red jumpsuit, appeared to be Terran, with long black hair and a deep tan complexion. The other woman, who also resembled a Terran, had long dark blonde hair and was dressed in a blue and white military style uniform. The crisp and perfect uniform, as well as the woman's stern, commanding presence, left little doubt that she had at least once been in the military. She had a jagged scar along one eye, and her left arm was a sleek, mechanical replacement. The fourth figure was dressed in familiar armor of a Star Knight, his armor bright green in its coloring. The Star Knight's helmet was currently not deployed, reveling a Terran who was easily recognizable as Star Knight Kyle Steward, also known as Cavalier. "Excuse me Imperatrix," Seresk stated as he lead the two Lor forward into the room and towards the four gathered in the center, "may I introduce Commander E'tten of the Lor Star Navy, and Aya K'zan from the Allied Liaison/Intelligence Extra-National Service, here on behalf of the Lor Republic."
  2. GM Arh-Zhak Arh-Zhak wasn’t really on the way when it came to space travel. Still, trade happened, and with it the exchange of messages. One of said messages had made its way to Kharag, the one known by many names, former Emperor of the Za’akis and current Praetorian. It was that last status that explained this message. It came from CoVic itself. Kharag was needed, and he was to meet with a fellow Praetorian, who would explain further. The meeting spot would be on Arh-Zhak itself, an establishment close to the planet’s main spaceport. Further mentioned in the message was to come prepared, and to be ready for the undertaking to take some time. Some time later… The Shady Hole was a pretty average establishment. It offered all the joys and pleasures of Arh-Zhak, plus whatever it could get from being quite close to a spaceport. People from all over the galaxy were here, their affiliations not a matter of concern so long as they remained peaceful. These places were great meeting spots, nobody looked out of place, and nobody cared what people were saying. And so, on the mentioned time, Kharag set foot into the building. The light was low, with some coloured lights lighting up various areas of the rooms, the first visible thing being the large round bar in the middle of the main room.
  3. Amazri IV, formally Lor Space March 1, 2015 (Terran Calendar) Amazri IV had long sat well inside the boarders of Lor space, many light years from the contested area with Khanate space. The planet had long been a colony for the Lor, established in the early years of their expansion from Lor-Van. It had developed into one of the Republic's primary centers of industry and manufacturing, with vast automated facilities that covered the northern and southern landscapes of several of its vast continents. Most of the large cities on Amazri IV had been located around its equator, where lush green forests spread out around the cities before giving way to high mountainous zones. Now more than half its surface had become silver colored metal, and even from space it appeared as if veins of the silver metal were continuing to spread towards the rest of the planet. Amazri IV was one of the most recent Lor planets to fall to the Communion, the cyberforming of the planet still underway. A group of the Coalition's top scientists had determined that the cyberforming process provided the most direct access to the Communion's central data centers, with the least protections in place to prevent unauthorized access. In short, if the Coalition was going to learn the whereabouts of the Communion's mothership, it would be by gaining access to one of the central relays on a world being cyberformed. So a small group of Coalition forces were aboard a Grue stealth ship, making their final approach to Amazri IV. "We will be at our target location within ten microcycles." Stated Gur'ul, the Grue Metamorph in command of the stealth ship, turning back to look at the odd collection of beings that he had been ordered to transport to Amarzi IV.
  4. Player Name: RobRXCharacter Name: KharagPower Level: 10 (167/167 PP)Unspent PP: 0Progress To Bronze Status: 17/30 In Brief: Immortal alien god, barbarian, one-time conqueror and member of the Praetorians. Alternate Identity: Many alternate names as well as titles, including: Veskren, K'ralg, 'Son of the Gods', 'The Golden King', 'The Deific Emperor', 'The Scourge of Za'ak', 'Conqueror Of A Thousands, 'The Immortal, 'The Destroyer' etc. Identity: PublicBirthplace: Za’akOccupation: Praetorian, King (Formerly), DeityAffiliations: Ancient Delaztri EmpireFamily: UnknownDescription:Age: UnknownApparent Age: UnknownGender: MaleEthnicity: AlienHeight: 6'0"Weight: 188lbEyes: YellowHair: None Travel clothesAs Emperor of Za'akKharag’s appearance is typical of a Za’akis; humanoid with hardened, callous hairless greenish-blue skin, with little to no body fat, only muscles and bony ridges. His face is human-like, with sharp, pointed features and bony ridges on the brow and forehead that go down his neck and spine. Eyes are sunken and yellow. He has no ears, only slits on the side of his head.Kharag’s clothes are nearly entirely of made of natural material; leather, bone, chitin and animal fur. The brightly colored and patterned scales of Kl’kran beasts (a creature of his planet) adorn his clothes. Power Descriptions:Kharag has been created by the gods of the Za'akis and such is immortal and gifted with psychic powers beyond what is usually seen in his species. Beside such gifts, he is also trained to use his own body as a deadly weapon. History:According to Za’akis legends, written on the walls of the cyclopean Cave of Nakazah, the gods made Za’ak to be a monument to savagery. For untold eons, the Za’ak lived on their world, a world they never named, hence why it was named after it’s inhabitants. That planet could easily be classified a ‘death world’, a world so dangerous just about every life form on it would attempt to kill anything it came across. This all changed when Kharag appeared. No one knows for certain where Kharag come from; legends says he was born from the hands the gods, in a distant land. Kharag had many adventures all across Za’ak, slaying beasts, saving villages, toppling entire kingdoms and so forth. He spoke of the realms beyond the stars and was eager to advance his people beyond their limited technology. However, he never managed to find anything that would allow him and others to leave his planet or at least in any way that would be feasible to manufacture in mass. He obtained his wish when the Delaztri Empire found Za’ak. Thus, they became part of the Empire and served as shock troopers. Personality & Motivation:Glory dominate Kharag’s mind. In his mind, he is the one and only rightful ruler to his people, the Za’akis (a claim without much validity to the modern Za’akis, however). Once he ruled a single small kingdom on his planet but soon he conquered the entirety of his planet. Contact with the Delzatri have somewhat softened him, however. Nevertheless, while he is not the bloodthirsty conqueror he used to be, he has remained arrogant on the simple basis that for all intent and purposes he IS a god to the Za’akis. As expected from someone born on a planet where your breakfast can kill you, Kharag often act in very simple terms. Life is to be enjoyed. Enemies are meant to be crushed and driven before you. After losing a battle, Kharag has sworn to serve the Delaztri empire and has since remained a loyal member of the Praetorians despise a bruise to his ego. Since his species joined the empire, he has no reason to part with them. While Kharag is certainly not fitting the typical superhero mindset, that isn't to say he would sit idle at innocents being endangered. Working for the Delaztri Empire has certainly instilled in him the idea of protecting what you own and while he may no longer own anything, the remnants of the Delaztri empire and his scattered people are things he will protect. And if those aren't involved, he is likely to oppose any threat on the simple basis of looking for something to overcome and defeat. Powers & Tactics:Kharag’s divine body, in addition to the usual physiology of his species, is ageless and immortal. Even when slain, it will repair itself and return him to life in perfect condition. No scars mar his skin. Trained in a nameless martial art of his people, he can utilize this immortal body as a weapon as good as any vibro sword or powered mace. In addition to his physical enhancements, Kharag is gifted with psychic powers, something generally unseen amongst his people.Complications: Honor: Kharag cannot allow his honor to be sullied.Egocentric: While he was and still is a visionary for his people, it is clear that Kharag can sometimes be lacking in maturity and humility.Underestimation: Kharag often underestimate ennemies, especially in one on one battles.Keeper of the Za'akis: Kharag was born (or created?) for the purpose of leading his people toward the stars and the future. As such, the safety, well-being and sucess of his people remain a primary imperative to him. This imperative can and will clash with his own personality, however.Never A True Leader: Kharag was never truly a wise leader. He ruled at first by inspiration and feats of power alone. When that did not work, he applied force. When the Za'akis joined the Delzatri, his influenced waned as lacked the knowledge to manage a socially and technologically advanced society. As such Kharag is prone to make terrible misjudgments should he ever lead a group.The Betrayer: Some Za’akis and people aware of the Delaztri remember Kharag as a cruel warlord who pushed his people to spread into space where they became decadent and lost their way. As such anyone who knows who he is could see him in a rather negative light.Tragic Fate: Kharag's life is a story much like a larger-than-life epic. For all his accomplishments and skill, he is often subject to truly cruel and tragic twists of fate.Abilities: 8 + 4 + 8 + 4 + 6 + 4 = 34 PP Strength 18 (+4) Dexterity 14 (+2) Constitution 18 (+4) Intelligence 14 (+2) Wisdom 16 (+3) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24 PP Attack: +6 (+10 Melee) Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Initiative: +2 Grapple: +23/+14 Knockback: -10/-5/-2 Saving Throws: 3 + 5 + 7 = 13 PP Toughness: +10/+4 (+4 CON, +6) Fortitude: +7 (+4 CON, +3) Reflex: +7 (+2 DEX, +5) Will: +8 (+3 WIS, +5) Skills: 56r = 14 PP Acrobatics 4 (+6) Craft - Structural 8 (+10) Handle Animal 6 (+8) Intimidate 8 (+10) Knowledge - Tactics 4 (+6) Language 4 (Za'Ak (native), Delaz, English, Galstandard, Khanate) Notice 4 (+7) Sense Motive 4 (+7) Stealth 8 (+10) Survival 6 (+9) Feats: 22 PP Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Animal Empathy Dodge Focus 4 Equipment 1 (EP to Praetorian spaceship and HQ) Elusive Target Evasion 2 Fearless Jack Of All Trades Luck 1 Move-By Action Power Attack Startle Takedown Attack Trance Uncanny Dodge (mental) Powers: 21 + 6 + 15 + 8 + 4 + 3 + 3 = 60 PP Alien Martial Arts, 18 PP Array (Power Feats: Alternate Power 3) [21 PP] Base: Strike 6 (Extras: Penetrating 3, Power Feats: Dazzling Attack, Improved Critical 2, Improved Disarm, Incurable, Mighty, Split Attack, Stunning Attack, Weapon Break) [18 PP] Alternate Power: Impervious Toughness 10 [10 PP] + Strike 6 (Power Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty) [18 PP] Alternate Power: Strike 6 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will, 10], Power Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty) [18 PP] Alternate Power: Enhanced Grapple 10 (Power Feats: Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Throw) [13 PP] + Immunity 5(entrapment, Extras: Duration [sustained]) [5 PP] Protection 6 [6 PP] Psionic Abilities, 10 PP Array (Power Feats: Alternate Power 4) [15 PP] Base: Mind Reading 10 [10 PP] Alternate Power: Communication 6 (20 miles, Power Feats: Rapid 2 [x100], Selective, Subtle) [10 PP] Alternate Power: Immunity 10 (mental effects, Extras: Duration [sustained]) [10 PP] Alternate Power: Mind Control 10 (Flaws: Action [Full-Round]) [10 PP] Alternate Power: Mental Transform 10 (memories; Flaws: Action [Full-Round]) [10 PP] Alternate Power: Super Strength 10 (Flaws; Limited:Lifting capacity only) [10 PP] Super-Senses 8 (Infravision, Tracking, Mental Sense Accurate Acute Radius Ranged) [8 PP] Immunity 4 (Cold, Disease, Heat, Poison) [4PP] Power Movement 1 (2PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [3PP] Base Power: Speed 2 (25mph/250ft per Move Action) [2PP] Alternate Power: Leaping 2 (x5 per Move Action, 200ft Running Long Jump, 100ft Standing Long Jump, 50ft High Jump) [2PP] Divine Existence (3 PP Container) [3PP] Immunity 1 (Aging) [1PP] Regeneration 1 (Resurrection/1 Week, Regrowth) [2PP] Abilities (34) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (14) + Feats (22) + Powers (60) - Disadvantages (0) = 167 PP
  5. The heart of the Delaztri Empire Over two thousand years ago Amara Val-Ren knelt on the smooth polished white floor of a large great hall of the headquarters of the Praetorians as she repeated the oath of allegiance to the Delzatri Empire. Her voice joined those of over a dozen other beings kneeling nearby, as they all swore their loyalty and life to protecting the Empire and its citizens. Amara was dressed in a full length white bodysuit, with black diamond shapes, surrounded by golden yellow trim, on the shoulders, upper chest and back. Her long black cape rested over her and was spread out slightly on the floor around her. For the young Naram, this was a moment she had long dreamed of, ever since her older brother had joined the ranks of the Empire's greatest protectors. Following in his path had been a difficult one, yet despite the hardships and sacrifice required, Amara had not wavered in her devotion or focus. "And I shall not falter in my duty, even unto death." Amara recited as she completed the oath along with the others around her. As she finished, Amara raised her head, looking up at the room around her once more. Gathered along the wings of the hall were more than sixty members of the Praetorians, gathered to watch the newest members recite their oaths. Gathered at the front of the hall were the six senior most Praetorians, with Amara's own brother, Daar Val-Ren in the center, similarly watching on. Darr Val-Ren was well over six feet tall, with a powerfully built physique. He had dark orange skin which was characteristic of Naram, with short dark blue/black hair. He was dressed in a uniform similar to Amara's, only his was primarily black, with red diamond patters and a long red cape. "Your oath is complete, welcome brothers and sisters, to the Praetorians!" Daar Val-Ren announced in a strong voice that carried easily through the large hall, followed quickly by a booming cheer from the gathered members. Amara stood back upright, an feeling of elation sweeping over her as she looked to her brother with a small smile, before turning to begin congratulating her fellow new Praetorians...
  6. The heart of the Delaztri Empire, Za'akis Habitations Over two thousand years ago… The Delaztri empire certainly prized itself as civilized. Or at least it would be a reasonable assumption from outsiders but this was no ordinary habitation block. It has been carefully cut off from outside contacts, barring from authorized personnel and dignitaries. While the people lodge there were part of the Empire, for now, it had been deemed wise to keep them off to the side whenever possible, until they had been properly educated in the ways of the empire. They weren't prisoners, of course...in fact keeping them prisoners would be foolish, as it would only end in a senseless massacre. Guttural screams and chanting could be heard from outside, creating quite the racket. Outside the buildings, banners had been planted, displaying all manners of symbols and colors. Most prominent amongst them was a symbol in gold; the symbol of their God-King. "I hope you will recognise the great honor I am giving you in allowing us to join us tonight." declared Kharag to Dragonid, his guest. "As my people's leader and their supreme representative in the empire, as it rightfully should be of course, I, Kharag, am required to fill in many diplomatic tasks. Many of which are below me." His contempt was palpable, no doubt all these bureaucratic things bored him beyond belief. Too much talking, too much measuring words, not enough action. "The other Praetorians would not have the fortitude for such an evening, as they are soft in their ways. You however are not."
  7. OOC for the thread of the same name. Dragonid, make a fortitude save.
  8. San El-H, Djanei VI GM Post In the height of the Delaztri Empire Djanei was the height of learning bringing scientists and academics from throughout the empire and beyond. Now it was a forgotten world on the edge of Lor space, it one great universities lost to the deciduous forest that covered much of the world. Sam El-H was a small frontier town sat on the edge of a mine reclaiming exotic metals from the soil. Most of the miners were still working their claims so the cantina was mostly deserted when a half dozen armoured figures entered the bar. A mass of almost clashing colours and with an elaborate helmets it would be easy to underestimate them as purely ceremonial, except for the deadly blaster stapped to there waist. They began to harass the barkeep, one of the original Delazti settlers, about expected supplies that they had no intention to pay a single credit. There order didn’t say they weren’t meant to interfere, though technically it wasn’t there territory, but Sitara had alway been fuzzy about order in cases like this. “I do believe that he doesn't want to help you with your problems, I suggest you leave now before trouble breaks out.†she was seemed relaxed, though she kept her hand near her power pike just in case. “This doesn’t involve you stranger don’t get involved.†his spoke the local tongue with a heavy accent. “Besides...†he looked around a little over dramatically “I count six of us, who have you got on your side?â€
  9. The planet Za’ak Over two thousand three hundred years ago, in Kharag's memories... Kharag remembered. There is no such thing as delicate grass on Za'ak. Even in the lush jungles, there was no such thing as delicate grass that moved in the wind. From these jungles to the scrublands, the ground was only covered in sharp, hard and durable plants which grew from the soil with little to no need for water. There were countless varieties of these plants, but most of them were tall and thin with jagged spikes. In these fields, life was teeming with all manners of small life, which scuttled around the ground, either avoiding the spikes or simply being immune to them. There is no such thing as delicate grass on Za'ak. A small six-legged reptilian creature, covered in quills, was digging the ground for roots and small insects. Unfortunately for it, it would be a bad day. It's last day, in fact, as it found itself swallowed up by a much larger reptillian beast, which didn't even bother to chew. It simply gobbled it up, hungry from these long days of travel. "Hold! Hennek, hold!" It's rider said, pulling the reins. The creature shrieked and barked loudly. His mount hungry, Kharag took out a chunk of his rations and handed it over to the long-necked beast, which voraciously ate it. "There there..." Kharag turned, looking at the horizon, waiting for his army to arrive. It was typical of him to ride ahead with the scouts, as he had means to keep in touch with his troops across great distances. The field of thorny plants was shaking at the aproach of his army. Kharag had left with an army eight hundred men strong and arrived at the location with only roughly more than six hundred. Mobilizing a large army across Za'ak was no easy feat, as the environment had a certain habit of eating them. Sometimes literally. At the front, footsoldiers, armed with newly-forged spears and shields of steel, in the back archers and fire-throwers. Cavalry moving around the formations to ward off predators. "They've set up fortifications." One of his scout said, observing their target from above a hill. "Then we will ready the fire-throwers." Kharag said. Some brews were so potent that could allow one to 'breathe' fire, but Kharag's army had learned to refine the mixture and make bombs out of them. To their opponents, it was as if the army could summon fire at will. Kharag didn't need to address his army in person. He didn't need to speak to organize his troops. He would mentally relay his messages to the relevant commander, who would issue his orders. With everyone given proper instruction, they would wait for the signal. "TO BATTLE WE RIDE! FORWARD! HIYAAAAA!" Kharag yelled, riding ahead of his cavalry, right into the enemy fortifications. The rest would follow, as planned.
  10. Outer Edge of the Lor-Van System 17 Hours After Destruction of Lor-Van The previous solar cycle's worth of hours had been among the worst in the lives of either Seikahi’ino or Ana Plonsky. On shore leave from the Xeno, the human woman had chosen to spend it on the shining crown jewel of the Lor Republic with the more worldly Kahi'iru agreeing to tag along as a favour to their mutual acquaintance to make sure she didn't get herself into any trouble. There was no way either of them could have been prepared for the Communion's sudden, merciless attack on Lor-Van. There was no way anyone could have been prepared. They'd been among the lucky ones, making it to a spaceport and squeezing their way onto a mid-sized cruiser just as the bay doors closed and it made for orbit. They'd sat on makeshift benches formed from empty cargo containers while a panicked young man had asked over and over if anyone had seen his sister among the crowd and a frail grandmother had been unable to stop an infants plaintive wailing for even a moment. They'd been in the windowless hold when word had filtered down that the Star Knights had arrived in force, a moment of sudden hope and relief before learning that the armor clad champions had sacrificed themselves to give them and the other fleeing vessels time to break orbit. They'd been there when the air had begun to taste just slightly stale and those familiar with starships had begun muttering that the engines didn't sound quite right. There when a crewman had let slip that they'd fallen behind the rest of the extant fleet and wouldn't be able to jump to FTL until repairs had been effected. There when the panicked young man from before had to be restrained before he could hurt himself or anyone else. There when someone asked aloud what was stopping those terrible silver sliver ships from coming to finish them off. On the ship's bridge, Samran-86 ran a hand through her tightly shorn red hair and reminded herself to keep her breathing calm and steady. The Lor officer had assumed command of the vessel from it grateful owner, a cargo hauler with no experience with emergency situations. The clone mentat known to her fellows as Eject was beginning to think he'd had the right idea. "Any friendly vessels, this is the freighter Either Ore. We are venting plasma and require immediate assistance. Repeat: we require immediate assistance. Is anyone out there listening?"
  11. Continuing from >here. Amara Val-Ren had followed after Vince as the hologram led her from the room in which she had been awoken and into the vast chamber beyond, where seemingly endless rows upon rows of cryogenic tubes were stored in the cold air of the room. The cold no longer was bothering the Naram, as she moved over towards the nearest row of tubes, around which lights had just activated and the faint forms of her friends and comrades could be seen behind the frost on the tubes. She carefully counted the tubes as Vince moved over to a nearby control panel and began the awaking process for the other Praetorians. Just about two dozen tubes, the number of survivors she remembered from after their final battle with the Communion. And yet now they were being awoken to face the Communion once again. Amara stepped back from the tubes as she waited for the others to begin to wake. "We will want to see all information you and the Curator have regarding the Communion's advances. As well as that on any power groups that are there to oppose it."
  12. The planet Za'ak Over two thousand years agob Several hundred members of a gathered Za'akis tribe were all stunned in silence, collectively unsure whether to truly believe their eyes. Their king, their very living god, who had existed for countless generations, had been defeated in single combat by one of the strange off worlders that had come to Za'ak from the sky. Even as some of the gathered Za'akis began whispering to one another, Darr Val-Ren walked over towards the prone form of the Za'akis' god-king. Standing over six feet tall with a powerfully built physique, the dark orange skinned Naram was dressed in a black uniform with red with golden yellow trim diamond patters on the shoulders and upper torso. A long red cape floated slightly in the breeze behind him, a few tears evident from the battle that had just taken place, but otherwise the Praetorian of the Delaztri Empire showed little sign of the conflict. Standing to one side of the gathering was the rest of the small group of representatives from the Empire. Most of the group was made up of four Delaztri dignitaries and military officers, green skinned humanoids with two sets of eyes, one right above the other, and a series of ridges that began at their foreheads and went up to the top of their heads. The last member of this group was at thing humanoid female with pale, almost white skin and soft features. She had long purple hair, and similarly colored eyes which had watched the battle intently. Darr extended a hand to assist the prone figure in returning to his feet, even as the Praetorian spoke in a language that neither the figure nor any of the gathered Za'akis could understand. But even as he spoke, the figure, and those gathered, 'heard' in their minds a translation of his words, courtesy of the purple haired female. <You fought honorably, but now you must fulfill the promises you made in our agreement.>
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