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  2. Chitin Move Action: Switch to Kabuto Beetle Instar! Move Action: Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+20 29 Crab Melod-Oni Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+20 29 Going to spend an HP for Chitin to break the tie. 22 - Forever Boy - Uninjured, Pending Fatigue, 5HP 21 - Angelic - Uninjured, Deafened, 1HP 17 - Nocturne - Bruised x1, -5 Defense, Pending Fatigue, 2HP 16 - Chitin - Uninjured, 1HP 10 - Apocalypsette - Bruised x1, Bound, Disarmed - Crab - Uninjured - Centipede - -3 Toughness, Staggered - Bat - Uninjured
  3. Fox

    Heavy Mettle

    Nocturne was very still, looking down at a torn jacket and the little bit of blood that was running down her arm. She should have gone after the summoner, that was always the best play with these things; she should have gone for the guitar, even, which had to be more than a cheap prop. She should have done a lot of things. "Excuse you," she said in a voice that threatened to frost the venue over. She was very controlled and not especially calm and she brought her gaze back to the...thing. The impudent thing. Black and gold boiled off of her, less dust and more an overlapping field of circles, and she put one hand - gently - on the centipede's surface. "Excuse you. Die." Waves of gravity, a staccato of sheering forces, ran down the thing's length as every bit of it vehemently disagreed with every other bit on which direction was 'down'.
  4. That does hit! Centipede Rat King Thing is bad at dodging but lots of toughness on account of redundant body parts. Science? Centipede Melod-Oni Fortitude Save vs DC 23: 1d20+8 20 Toughness Save vs DC 29: 1d20+12 18 Tossing an HP to Nocturne to clear the Daze on the Centipede but it is Staggered! 22 - Forever Boy - Uninjured, Pending Fatigue, 5HP 21 - Angelic - Uninjured, Deafened, 1HP 17 - Nocturne - Bruised x1, -5 Defense, Pending Fatigue, 2HP 16 - Chitin - Uninjured, Bound, 2HP 10 - Apocalypsette - Bruised x1, Bound, Disarmed - Crab - Uninjured - Centipede - -3 Toughness, Staggered - Bat - Uninjured
  5. The Patriot wasn't so much begruding to speak about this but reluctant, her embarassment and anger coming through as she related the story of how a terrorist attack on an AEGIS base during a visit by the Vice-President had allowed Revere to make his attempt, and then successfully escape, back on the first of July. "I doubt very much that he's working with the group that staged the initial attack. While there are rumors of a red-brown alliance forming among American radicals, he's too much of a nationalist to follow someone like the Red Death, and I doubt she'd see him as anything more than a capitalist thug." She sneered just a little at the mention of the radical left-wing terrorist who had most recently been in the news for a failed attack on Freedom's Pride Parade. "It's unlikely that he'll directly target anyone in the metahuman community, at least not for their identities. After all, now he's part of the 'family' - while he has some rather retrograde social views that may become an issue with some metahumans, particularly high-profile superheroes, his most likely targets are going to be those associated with the United States government and its symbols. We'll certainly call on the League if it becomes necessary, but we feel we'll be able to handle him with in-house resources." Ashley had access to rather more than in-house resources when it came down to it, but that wasn't something she was going to get into in front of the League. She kept talking, meeting questions with responses, and though people's coffee was getting cold by the time she was done, she answered everything to the best of her ability. By the time she was done, she added, "On a personal note - Fleur de Joie, I am sure you didn't want a briefing about a metahuman terrorist in the midst of your big announcement. I apologize. Just one more reason to get this son of a bitch." She reached up and rubbed her forehead, where her still-healing eyebrow itched.
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  7. Synapse Dee took another brief moment to assess the current situation. So far Klara was keeping the larger threat busy, even if she was not making much headway on subduing it. The rest of them were engaging the "little pigs" but again had not removed any from the combat yet. <Unless anyone has a better idea to consider, let’s continue trying to drop their numbers and then concentrate on the wolf.> She mentally communicated to her teammates. The Englishwoman then sent another mental blast at the little pig that had earlier healed the wolf. This time the pig reeled more from the psychic assault.
  8. PL: 8 (120) Abilities: 0 + 8 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 8 = 28PP STR 10 (+0) DEX 18 (+4) CON 18 (+4) INT 10 (+0) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 18 (+4) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP Init: +8 ATK: +4 (+8 Illusory Weapon) DEF: +12 (+8 Dodge Focus, +2 flat-footed) Grapple: +5 Saves: 3 + 2 + 4 = 9PP TOU +4 (+4 Con) FORT +6 (+4 Con, +2) REF +7 (+4 Dex, +3) WILL +6 (+2 Wis, +4) Skills: 52R=13PP Acrobatics 1 (+5) Bluff 8 (+12) Climb 2 (+2) Gather Info 1 (+5) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 5 (+5) Intimidate 8 (+12) Handle Animal 1 (+5) Languages 1 (English, Base: Japanese) Ride 1 (+5) Notice 6 (+8) Search 4 (+4) Sense Motive 6 (+8) Sleight of Hand 1 (+5) Stealth 6 (+10) Survival 1 (+3) Feats: 17PP Challenge (Fast Taunt) Dodge Focus 8 Fascinate 2 (Bluff, Intimidate) Elusive Target Evasion Improved Initiative, Move-By Action Second Chance (Concentration checks) Taunt Powers: 2 + 27 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 37PP Comprehend 2 (animals, Flaw: Limited [felines]) [2PP] Yokai Array 12 (24PP, PFs: Alternate Powers 3) [27PP] BE: Illusion 8 (visual and auditory) (Extra: Selective, Flaw: Phantasm) {24/24} AP: ESP 4 (cats; Auditory + Visual Senses, 1 mile, DC 24 Notice; Extras: Duration [Sustained], No Conduit; Feats: Fast Task 4 [Full Action to search 1-mile-diameter area]) {24/24} AP: Damage 8 (illusory weapon, Extras: Alternate Save [Will], PFs: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Crit 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [any energy]) {24/24} AP: Obscure 6 (storm of illusions; auditory and visual; 250 ft, Extra: Selective) {24/24} Leaping 1 (x2) [1PP] Speed 1 (10MPH/100FPM) [1PP] Super-Movement 1 (Slow Fall) [2PP] Super-Senses 4 (Acute Scent, Danger Sense [Mental], Low-Light Vision, Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) [4PP] costs abilities 28 + combat 16 + saves 9 + skills 13/52 + feats 15 + powers 37 = 120 pts
  9. "Nothing. I'm perfect just the way I am." Luke grinned, although it was mostly bravado used to conceal the horror he really felt for the scene unfolding in front of him. Now perhaps he wasn't exactly a saint himself, but this? How many people had the 'master' twisted? Like he had done with the big guy over there (One that ironically perhaps was named exactly like one of Luke's best friends, himself, turned into a cyborg against his will). "Mat." He turned toward the brute, as if to console him. "You haven't failed. You don't need his approval. You are a good guy. He is a freaking monster. Help us out ok?" Hopefully the big guy was still affected by enough of his magic that he would at least listen to Luke. Himself, he clenched his fists and braced for a fight. He did not however, let the illusion go. Maybe there was still something to be gained out of it.
  10. Back off before I make you. That wasn't Muirne wasn't it? Cas. He was really doing it. Now, perhaps he should have thought about how to actually beat the Young Freedom, or that they were infiltrating a museum with priceless relics all around perhaps, but truth was, he couldn't. All he wanted was smack Sebastian hard enough. He could barely register Chaz presence nearby, but he definitely ignored him. He darted out of his hiding place. The plan was simple, he was gonna plant his fist into Cas' mouth until he relinquished his control. "Let! Her! Go!" He half shouted, half growled. His eyes burning bright into the darkness. Before he could get to his prey however, a massive figure stopped him in his tracks. Come on Chump. Now, truth was, Luke didn't really hate the guy, in fact, as far as things went, he knew that Sebastian had mislead him and anyway, he was only protecting a friend, in another situation he would have felt sympathy for him. At the time though. Muirne was his girl. Cas was hurting her. That was all that mattered. "Get the hell out of the way!" He aimed his claws at the big guy and he almost had a sense of satisfaction when he felt them strike true.
  11. Veronica Danger Veronica frowned slightly as a few stray bullets stuck the back of her motorbike, the shots coming far too close for comfort. Hoping to avoid any other such close calls, the teenager began making more erratic maneuvers to make herself a more difficult target. Unfortunately, focusing more on that meant she was not as focused on trying to continue to outrun her pursuit. Hoping to par down the odds a bit, Veronica again turned back as her left hand glowed with magical energy. Another golden bust of mystical energy streaked out at one of the pursuing jeeps. However, once again the blast went wide of the mark and passed harmlessly overhead of the pursing vehicle.
  12. Naomi jumped about a foot in the air. "Eep!" And disappeared. Wilona just turned around, annoyance lighting her features. "Depends." Her voice was a brash, bold, charismatic dynamo. It demanded your attention. She raised her right hand, and fire danced around her gloved fingers. "Are they gonna be there when I show up? Or do I gotta find them?" An intimidating grin spread across her face and some of the fire coalesced into her upraised palm. More danced up to her wrist. "But personally? I prefer making them come to me." Between the fire, the grin, and the look in her eyes...she was presenting herself like some kind of psychopath...and then there was a tug at her left sleeve. She sighed, and the fire and apparent psychosis vanished. Naomi reappeared as the sleeve-tugger. It was, however, Wilona who continued speaking. "Look, you were late, I hate waiting, and I told Summers I don't need a minder anyway. So shoo. I got this." This was when Naomi spoke at last. "But we don't know how to get back, Wil." Her voice was quiet and timid. A small thing, but strong nonetheless. Wilona turned to look at her. "No, YOU don't know how to get back. I was paying attention to where we were going. Besides, we can fly it's fine." She waved her hand dismissively. Naomi caved immediately. "Okay." But she looked vaguely sad when she said it. Wilona did not miss this. "Tch. All right." She turned back to Leon. "Lead away, paperboy."
  13. Leon had grumbled as he left Luke to begin orientation of Angela and James to hunt for the missing students. Despite many debates to the contrary, everyone still insisted ‘scissors beats paper’. “Stupid game.” He thought with a huff as he walked quickly across the school grounds. He and his roommate had argued with each other over why the head mistress had picked them to give the tour. Leon’s guess was that she was still a little miffed over the nightclub incident not too long ago. A few minutes earlier ========= Luke and Leon stood before the new students. Luke looked at them curiously as Leon referred to the clipboard they had been given. “Welcome to Claremont Academy.” Leon said without looking up. “Ah, Leon?” Luke started but Leon held up a finger and continued. “My name is Leon and this is Luke. We’ll be showing you around the campus today.” He flipped through the pages. “Ah, dude?” Luke tried again and Leon looked over at his roommate. “What?” Leon asked. “Aren’t there suppose to be four new students.” “Ya, that’s what the clipboard says.” “Then… where are the other two?” Leon looked at Luke with a confuse ‘what?’ look, then turned his attention to the actual group of kids before them. “Aw, crap.” Back to now ========= The campus was empty so there wasn’t anyone to ask if they’d seen the duo, but that also meant there wasn’t anyone around to know they had already lost two new students. Luck was on Leon’s side and he spotted two girls not far from the library. Two sheets of paper appeared in his hand and he regarded the pictures on them, then looked back at the girls and nodded to himself. He had left Luke the clipboard with the other two profile sheets. As he approached the pair, the papers talked to him. Naomi and Wilona where their names. Street kids like he had been. One had invisibility and telekinesis, cool. The other was all magical fire, cool also, but he’d keep an eye on her. The girls seemed to be looking at an art display some students had set up recently. “So, should we be worried about you two wandering off after shiny objects and things that rattle too?”
  14. Can I get Initiative from @Kaede Kimura and @Lone_Star?
  15. Gabriel blew out a breath through clenched teeth. He was getting a headache trying to figure out how to deal with the press over this. "So not only do we have a rogue powerhouse who's likely experiencing escalating delusions of nationalistic, pseudo-fascist grandeur, but this self-same new villain has apparently gone shopping for team-mates among the bevvy of malcontents confined by AEGIS?" His tone is conversational. His posture is almost slumped, his head propped up by an arm resting on the table. But his eyes are sharp and alert, focused entirely on the Patriot. "When did this happen? How long have they been loose? And do we have a list of other potential targets besides the Vice-President, and presumably President, of the United States of America, and the new Patriot? Any names he's dropped either during your confrontation, or in some sort of internet-based spiel about The Real America and Being Free, which I am perhaps hastily assuming he has posted at least once since running off?"
  16. Veronica's bike gets a 18, so a bit damaged. Continuing to try to get some distance, Veronica only gets a 32 this time. Will make another attack roll against a jeep, continuing to roll poor, getting an 11, if that does hit the car, the save DC is DC27. Making another evasion roll: getting a 35 on the evasion check this time.
  17. Veronica Danger (2) Veronica Danger and the Man from Outer Space (2) Synapse [MAXED] (1) Mirror Mirror (1)
  18. +1HP to Nightscale for being distracted by Shadowborne. While not directly in the way, Chump is close enough to Interpose. Which he does. That's a hit vs. Chump, rolling TOU: 16 Poor showing from Chump, a bruise and dazed. Give me an IC @Nerdzul, then I'll follow up with Toxin. 27 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed 23 - Outrider - 3HP - Unharmed 23 - Chump - Bruise (x1), Dazed 22 - Casanova - Unharmed 21 - Nevermore II - 5HP - Unharmed 16 - Stinger - Unharmed - In another room 15 - Nightscale - 4HP - Unharmed (-2 defense) 5 - Toxin - Unharmed
  19. GM "You cannot be serious!? Look at her! She's just some brat, shooooot her!" The leader yelled out as he pointed towards Veronica again, then cursed loudly as the magic blast shot out into the sand. "Magic? That was magic!?" His lips curled into a sinister smile, while his jeep leapt over the dune, the driver struggling to keep up with Veronica as she put more and more distance between them. Shots from rifle and machine guns kicked up sand around her, but few getting close enough to hit, followed by the sound of a few bullets hitting the back of her bike.
  20. That's a miss, yep, but Veronica's putting distance between them! Some attack rolls: 8 22 23 19 I'll rule that the evasion and driving roll makes one of the hits miss, so give me a DC21 TOU save from your bike at TOU+8.
  21. Fox

    Heavy Mettle (OOC)

    Well, the optimal choice would be to go for the summoner or the guitar but the centipede managed to hurt Nat so clearly optimal choices aren't the order of the day. Nocturne's going to take the safeties off and extra effort to stunt a deeply obnoxious damage power: Drain Toughness 8 (Extras: Autofire 1, Secondary Effect; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Linked [Damage]) + Damage 8 (Extras: Autofire 1, Secondary Effect; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Linked [Drain], All-Out Attack, Power Attack) [16+18 = 34pp] If it hits, dramatic! If it doesn't, at least she'll pay the price for her temper and not pure random chance. Melee Attack Roll on the Centipede: 16! I don't know if that hits or not; if it does miss, she'll re-roll it, because why make one bad decision when you can make two: Reroll, only if needed: 25 If that hits, then it's a DC23 Fort save vs. Toughness Drain, and then a DC(28+autofire) save vs. Damage. Same thing next round. Nocturne is possibly down an HP, pending fatigue next turn, and at at -5 defense penalty.
  22. Okay, give me some Knowledge or Gather Info checks here to identify who that robot was. And a DC 20 Reflex save to avoid a DC 25 Tou area damage while you're at it!
  23. It was instantly obvious that their captive wasn't human; the absent face and the metalllic parts where it should have been clarified exactly what the robot was. This had perhaps been built at one time or another to look like a humanoid, but with its missing face plate and several missing patches of skin, no one would mistake it for anything but a mechanism. And like a mechanism, it acted. "Let him alone," it declared in mechanical tones before suddenly exploding in a blinding rush of searing white plasma that utterly obliterated it and set the room around them ablaze! The building was burning and they were both in danger, but what had they actually learned?
  24. Last week
  25. Veronica Danger The mid-day sun beating down on the Egyptian desert did not bother Veronica at all as she reeved the engine of the motorbike she was riding and zipped down the backside of a large sand dune. After a quick glance back over her shoulder to confirm that her pursuers were still following she focused back on the barren landscape ahead of her. The teenage Danger briefly reflected on how she had ended up in this particular predicament. She had graduated from Claremont Academy at the end of spring along with the other members of the Class of 2021. Set to start at The Sorbonne (her mother's alma mater) at the start of the fall, Veronica had set off to spend as much of the summer traveling to various Danger International projects around the world as she could. The first year or two at university would have her mainly tied to the campus in Paris for classes, so the young woman wanted to spend as much time traveling as she could before once again being somewhat tied down for a while. When the information had reached Veronica about an ancient stone tablet possibly tied to her amulet, she had immediately set off to investigate the lead. It had been a bit of a trek to track the tablet down to its resting place in the desert, and there had been a few challenges in that ancient tomb, but the teenage Danger had navigated those challenges and gotten ahold of the tablet (which was now safely stowed away in her pocket dimension). But then this unknown group had shown up, apparently in pursuit of the tablet as well. While this little chase brought back fond memories of participating the Dakar Rally earlier in the year, Veronica knew she needed to ditch whomever this was and get somewhere where she could take some time to teleport away. Maneuvering across a rocky flat, she accelerated and began weaving to make herself a harder target. As she did so, Veronica reached back with her left hand, which had begun glowing with golden mystical energy and glanced back at one of the jeeps pursuing her. A bolt of golden mystical energy shot from her hand toward the jeep, but passed well in front of it, blasting up chunks of rock as it hit the ground a good distance away from her target. Veronica scowled slightly at her poorly timed shot as her left hand gripped the handlebar again and she continued to swerve as she speed across the desert….
  26. One problem was that Luke and Leon didn't want to do this. Another, more pressing issue was that Wilona and Naomi had not stayed in the rendezvous location. Wilona wasn't very good at uh, waiting. And taking someone else's version of the grand tour did not appeal. So she'd wandered away to, well, do it herself. As always, Naomi trailed behind, virtually invisible and artistic thoughts dancing in her head. The school was rather empty at this time of year, but there was plenty to look at. Wilona found it all quite interesting. So this was what a school looked like. She'd read about them in libraries, of course, but this was the real deal. Had some things in common with prisons, to be honest. Honestly, she didn't know what she was thinking when she agreed to this. Then she saw Naomi, looking over an art project display, and remembered. Her clothes were clean and new, she'd lost that worrying thinness, and to Wilona's eyes she glowed softly in the afternoon light. Well. Wilona could put up with it for a while longer.
  27. Okay, some VP housekeeping Veronica will have Gem 1 set for the following: Drive + 7 ranks (up to 15 ranks) (2 of the active points (AP) using 7 of the 10 skill points); Attack Focus: Ranged (up to 2 ranks) (1 AP); Challenge Feat: (Simultaneous Task (Vehicle Combat)) 2 (to eliminate penalty for making an attack and performing evasive maneuvers in the same standard action) (2 AP); Acrobatics +8 ranks (up to 15 ranks) (2 AP (using 3 extra skill points from Drive and then another 5 (leaving 3 left over); Notice +7 ranks (up to 15) (1 AP (using 3 extra from above plus 4 more) Gem 2 will be set to DEX (+10 DEX up to 30) Her Cantrip VP will be set to Immunity 1: Heat. Making a drive check for Veronica as part of the chase, she gets a 41! Making an attack roll at one of the cars chasing her with her mystical blast, she gets a horrible 9 with a natural one, so a miss (even if the 9 might otherwise hit a car) In case I need a separate drive check for the evasion, she gets a 29, making the DC to hit her a 29.
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