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Found 9 results

  1. GM Outside a barn in Island View, Emerald City 9PM, May 8th 2020 Charles Charlemagne was not exactly a well known name around Emerald City magic community, but yet, Blackstaff had heard about him. A man that seemed to care for magical creatures, even if his own magic power seemed non-existant, Charlemagne lived in an always moving mansion. Its door would appear on the side of random buildings around the city. If he wanted to be found, he would be. If not? You should count on your luck. Blackstaff had found a note on the desk at his office. An invitation, to the Charlemagne Mansion, and a location. An offer for a job. By now, Blackstaff had found his way to the side of a barn in Island View. I held a simple wooden door, yet one that was entirely out of place in this location. And he was not alone. Oz had received word that Charles Charlemagne wanted to see him. Last time they had met, he had aided Charlemagne in stopping would-be monster poaches. It seemed that Charlemagne had been suitably impressed to reach out to him again.
  2. OOC for this. @Exaccus @Spacefurry
  3. GM Bridgepoint, Emerald City, Oregon Tuesday, May 12, 2020 05:31:06PM The letter sits opened at your desk, a torn-up page from some textbook. It is dirtied by grime and stained by liquid, but still the neat handwriting conveys its message clear enough. The bennu, an Egyptian phoenix with splendid red and gold feathers, sits at your windowsill, picking at its feathers. It does not care to notice you or what thoughts the letter has induced in you, if anything, but it is still a beautiful specimen to behold. Found tied to a leg, is the Lemurian key. It is a cylindrical object made of brass and glass, as small as a pocketwatch, with dials all around. You are sure you could make some use of this once you figure out how to use it. But for now, Advay's letter is the most pressing matter. You have heard the news going around the rumour mill of a Naga's death a month ago. It was a gruesome sight, hear tell. Blood splattered everywhere, his magical laboratory defiled in every manner. Priceless equipment and potions broken and spilled, his notes conspicuously missing. The psychopomps tell of Advay's hand to be the cause of murder and for sure there was struggle in Yatin's home. Curiously, enough you do not know of anyone to have actually seen the scene in question, to keep the magical away from the humans some had said. Yatin's work had required proximity to humanity and so he had, with great secrecy, found a place in the middle of the Hindu diaspora of Northern Shore, Emerald City, Washington. Yet that proximity has called the murder to the attention of the Emerald City Police Department, humans the very secretive Cryptid Clans would prefer not to get involved in. Now a manhunt from all kinds, even some of the new Ultio Suits from Marstech, has been going on for three weeks andnot all those who seek him have truly benevolent intentions in mind if Advay is to be believed. If you are to find Advay before the Clans do, then you must prepare. You have five days to gather equipment or perform the relevant rituals. And after, you venture into the blackness of Sub-Terra, where only the blind are comfortable and where only stone grow. No doubt the Clans would know the same thing you do, and perhaps you may find some of their number roaming the depths as well, most likely unfriendly to outsiders.
  4. OOC for this. @Spacefurry, please tell me how you'd like to prepare and roll me the relevant dice if you're using Ritualist. Then can you give me an IC that includes Blackstaff preparing, if ever he does want to. Of course, he can ignore the letter or investigate the murder himself.
  5. Christopher Daye / Blackstaff Blackstaff Investigations To Do List... HellQ 20Q Origin
  6. GM April 20th, 2020, 4.45PM Blackstaff Investigations, Emerald City(Oregon), USA Vang flew unceremoniously across the office, propelled by a contemptuous backhand from the towering spirit. Baring its claws, slaver dripping from the mouths in its palms and white eyes rolling up and down along its arms, the horror turned on Blackstaff! "You see!" Vang yelled, pain and triumph mingled in the old man's voice, "I told you they were after me! They don't want you finding Soap!" This was sufficiently obvious that only the stress of the situation kept it from being comical. The wall behind Christopher's desk was shattered inward now, the warm afternoon air rushing pleasantly into the office with that Pacific Ocean salt tang. What had seemed like a simple enough case, finding a young shopkeeper in the Eastern District who had recently vanished into the twisted warrens of the District interior, had certainly taken a turn for the vicious. A saving grace was that the wards had peeled off most of the shells of shining gold armor that had bolstered the thing. Underneath, it looked thin and malnourished, the featureless head lolling and twitching as it got a bead on the occult investigator.
  7. OOC thread for this thread. Blackstaff dodges ghosts and ghouls tracking a missing person. @Spacefurry Initiative, please. The Yaoguai's using the Bruise Demon block from Book of Magic pg.85. Its initiative roll is: 13.
  8. Blackstaff Investigations Blackstaff Investigations is the Emerald City business office/home of private investigator Christopher Daye. The narrow, three-story building is an office on the ground floor, living space on the second, and the top floor holds a library/workshop. Location and Appearance The office front looks much like any other along the business crowded street in the south side of Emerald City’s Bridgepoint neighborhood, nestled between an old drycleaner’s shop and a recently opened vap-shop. A sign, hand painted on the inside the windowed front reading Blackstaff Investigations , stands out against the drawn black-out drapes used to keep out curious stares. The multiple locks on the door serve as a mundane deterrent, while unseen runes along the frames of the door and windows alike provide a more substantial protection against unwanted intrusions of various types. Inside the office, the first thing one sees is a worn wooden desk with an old computer monitor, business phone and chair, which depending on the time and day, a young college girl with an open book and pad sitting behind it. Looking around, the office it a lot cleaner than one would think with a few newspaper clippings and photos dot the walls alongside a mandatory fire escape plan. A few chairs sit around the front with a coat rack and coffee machine nearby, a coffee table with a short stack of old magazines sits in the middle of them. Behind the front desk are several filing cabinets, and a small sink and fridge can be seen across from a door with a frosted glass window. Next to the door, a small hall leads to a set of wooden stairs lead up to the next floor and a securely locked back door. Inside this door is a smaller inner office with its own worn wooden desk and chair, almost mirroring the desk out front. Another filing cabinet sits in the corner and coat rack sit on opposite corners. Several more photos and a few certificates hang on three of the walls, while a large corkboard cover the last. Significance This building multitasks as Christopher’s office, home, and magical workspace. Clients, or those seeking help can stop in when the office is open, calling ahead if needed. Personal acquaintances can call on Christopher here after-hours as well. People Cleaning is done by small fey creatures (usually brownies and fairies), but only while no one is around due to the stipulations of their contract. In return these creatures are allowed to reside within the building premises, they are also provided milk and honey which the enjoy as a treat. In the library on the third floor, a phantom takes pride in maintaining the order of the shelves. In the middle of the shelves sits a real skull, covered in small intricately carved runes and glyphs. This skull is the resting place of Morrowind, the spirit of the skull’s original ‘owner’. Christopher recovered her from a necromancer’s lab before it was destroyed. Sometimes the front desk is manned by part-time college student, part-time secretary, part-time werewolf, Lark Williams. Lark is a student at ECU, studying for a business major. Christopher helped her after becoming a werewolf, though unable to completely undo the curse he was able to help her bring it under some control. On nights when she wouldn’t be able to control herself, Christopher has a containment circle set up in his workshop. History Christopher took over ownership of the building only a few years ago, just after leaving his employment with his previous investigation firm.
  9. Blackstaff Power Level: 10 (150/153PP) Unspent Power Points: 3PP Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Private/Paranatural Investigator Catchphrase: *** Theme: People are Strange - cover by Echo and the Bunnymen (originally by The Doors) Alternate Identity: Christopher Daye (Public); Christopher Blake Verus Daye (Secret) Birthplace: Just outside Richmond, Virginia Residence: Emerald City, Renovated townhouse/office Base of Operations: Blackstaff Investigation Occupation: P.I. Affiliations: none Family: Father (missing), Mother, 2 Sisters Description: Age: 36 (DoB: May 30, 1984) Apparent Age: 26 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 178 Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown Description: A night owl, more by necessity then nature, Christopher isn’t nearly as pale as one would expect. Preferring darker than neutral colors he’s usually dressed in slacks and button up shirt; and usually looking like he may have just rolled out of bed in them, he often completes his attire with a trench coat. His hair is cut short causing it to stand up a little spiky. Christopher can be found sporting a trimmed mustache and goatee that never quite connects. But long hours on the job can leave him with stubble and needing a shave and trim. History: Born 2 weeks early, to James and Agatha Daye in their home during a total solar eclipse his parents believe he was born under a sign. His mother was a sorceress and knew right away Christopher possessed magic potential. His father, a scholar of arcane lore but no wizard himself, at first wanted her to wait to teach him but eventually conceded to his wife’s wishes. Christopher showed great promise and his mother was proud. Then, one winter’s morning when he was 13, he had to be pulled from his burning bedroom by his father. Once his mother had magically suppressed what her realized to be hell flames, she discovered half charged runes that she hadn’t taught her son chalked onto his bedroom floor. When confronted young Christopher told his parents a shadowy figure was teaching them to him in his dreams. Fearing the implications his parents quickly set about to flee their current home and hide. During the rush to escape James Daye disappeared. Now panicked even more, Agatha Daye gathered Christopher and his two younger sisters (Bethany and Cassandra) and took them to Freedom in an attempt to hide them. As he continued to grow, his mother became more serious about her teachings and drilled him in the importance of the Light over the Shadow and not to listen to the shadowy figure that came to him in his dreams. Through practice and discipline the figure showed itself less and less. After high school he moved to Emerald City with a friend decided to go for his private investigator license. After a few years apprenticing with an established investigator he left on good terms to open his own office. Now, many years later, Christopher Blake Verus Daye operates under the business name of Blackstaff Investigations. He doesn’t advertise, but somehow people who need him find his card or number, or sometimes even find their way into his office. Often with problems that normal avenues can’t handle. Personality & Motivation: Though he may seem rough and snarky when you first meet him, Christopher is very kind and loyal. But if you make him mad he isn’t one to be underestimated. And one of the easiest ways to get on his bad side, is to blatantly break the rules of magic he tries to live by. He relies on his quick wit and magic to get himself out of the trouble his sharp tongue and protective nature can get him in to. There’s been a time or two he’s fallen for a sob story and cursed himself for it. Behind the face of Blackstaff Investigations, Christopher strives to bring light to the darkness that he sees is covering the city. Even if it’s only one case at a time. Power Descriptions: Christopher’s mother taught him a form of ever evolving hermetic magic that she learned and added to from her own parents. He learned how to channel elemental forces, and how to use magic to affect the world around him, locate lost thing, and even call on other worldly beings. He was taught to use words to shape the desired effects, and to protect his mind from the raw forces he channeled. Creating a personalized language so as to keep the dangerous forces from burning through him and causing harm. He learned how to use hand motions to further focus his power. His mother taught him how to create rituals to perform a wider repertoire of spells and how to create personal foci to aid him in streamlining his magic use. Knowing he still has more to learn, Christopher relies on several foci he made himself to create some specific effects. Hopefully, with time and practice he’ll learn to create the same effects without the needed aids. Complications: Shadowed soul: A yet unidentified shadowy person or entity has taken an interest in Christopher since he was a child and on occasion has attempted to ‘nudge’ him into actions. Because of its early interest in him, this entity already has some influence it is able to call upon. Sometimes, when it could be detrimental or prove to be a long-term problem for Christopher, the entity can mentally influence his senses. Its plans are unknown to Christopher, but he doesn’t believe it’s trying to kill him. But he does believe it is trying to turn him towards a path of darkness. (This usually manifest as mental illusions that only Christopher is subject to.) Sweating Magic: Magic is raw, untamed power that more and more intricate technology just can’t stand up to. Sometimes, under stressful conditions Christopher radiates enough magic to disrupt or out right shut down nearby technology. The Rules of Magic: Drilled into his head from the very start by his mother, Christopher follows 7 rules of magic. Unfortunately, he has found himself unable to avoid breaking them himself. These times often leave his confidence shaken and on severe occasion have led to him unable to call on his magic for a time. (Yes, it is possible to trick him into thinking he has broken one of the rules) 1 – Thou Shalt Not Kill (This forbids the killing of non-primal planar, sentient beings with magic) 2 – Thou Shalt Not Transform Others (This forbids the shapeshifting of unwilling non-primal planar, sentient beings with magic) 3 – Thou Shalt Not Invade the Mind of Another (This forbids the metal invasion of unwilling non-primal planar, sentient beings with magic) 4 – Thou Shalt Not Enthrall Another (This forbids the binding or domination of non-primal planar, sentient beings with magic) 5 – Thou Shalt Not Reach Beyond the Borders of Life (This forbids the summoning, binding, and exploitation of the unwilling dead) 6 – Thou Shalt Not Swim Against the Currents of Time (This forbids the use of time travel to alter the timeline) 7 – Thou Shalt Not Open the Outer Gates (This forbids the summoning or contacting of creatures or entities from beyond the Cosmic Coil) ABILITIES [0 + 4 + 2 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 30PP] Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 18 (+4) COMBAT [8 + 8 = 16PP] Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex) Attack: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Device) Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +4 (+4 Melee Attack, +0 Strength) Knockback Resistance: 0/-7 SAVING THROWS [7 + 6 + 6 = 19PP] Toughness: +10 (+1 Con, +9 Force Field [5 Impervious]) Fortitude: +8 (+1 Con, +7PP) Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6PP) Will: +10 (+4 Wis, +6PP) SKILLS [88R = 22PP] Bluff 6 (+10) Concentration 6 (+10) Craft, Artistic 6 (+10) Disable Device 6 (+10) Gather Information 6 (+10) Investigate 6 (+10) Knowledge (arcane lore) 6 (+10) Knowledge (streetwise) 6 (+10) Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 6 (+10) Language 8 (English [native], Latin, Spanish, Sumerian, Mandarin, Hebrew, Atlantean, Enochain, Infernal) Notice 6 (+10) Search 6 (+10) Sense Motive 6 (+10) Stealth 8 (+10) FEATS [15PP] Artificer Connected Dodge Focus 6 Equipment 2 (Apartment/Office) Luck 3 Ritualist Well Informed Equipment 2 (10EP) Blackstaff Investigations (Headquarters) [10EP] Size: Small [0EP] Toughness: +10 [1EP] Features: [9EP] Fire Prevention System Laboratory Library Living Space Personnel (fey cleaning, phantom librarian, part-time werewolf secretary) Security System 3 (DC 30) Workshop POWERS [6 + 12 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 21 = 48PP] Super-Sense 3 (Magic Awareness [All Magic Effects]; Mental, Acute, Radius, Ranged) [6PP] (Descriptors: Mental, Sense Dependent, Magic) Device 3 (Shield Bracelet; Hard to Lose) [12PP] (Descriptors: Jewelry, Foci, Magic) Force Field 9 (Feat: Subtle; Extra: Impervious 5) [15DP] Device 1 (Skeleton Key; Easy to Lose) [3PP] (Descriptors: Key, Foci, Magic) Transform 1 (Locked locks into unlocked locks; Extras: Duration [Continuous, Lasting]; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Subtle) [5DP] Device 1 (Blasting Rod; Easy to Lose) [3PP] (Descriptors: Channel, Foci, Magic) Enhanced Feats 5 [Attack Specialization (blast) 3, Improved Critical (Blast), Precise Shot]) [5DP] Device 1 (Heirloom Silver Pentacle; Easy to Lose) [3PP] (Descriptors: Heirloom, Jewelry, Foci, Magic) Environmental Control 5 ([Light: Bright]; Range: Touch, 100’ radius; Flaw: Range) [5DP] Magic 10 (20PP Magic Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3; Drawback: Power Loss 2 [When unable to speak and gesture; Frequency: Common]) [21PP] (Descriptors: Magic) Base Power: Blast 8 (Range: 80ft Increments, 800ft Max; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2 [Full effect], Variable Descriptor 2 [Any "Magic" descriptor]) [20/20PP] Alternate Power: Jinx Technology 10 (Nullify [All Technology Effects]; Range: Touch; Area: Burst [50’]) [20/20PP] Alternate Power: Dispel Magic 10 (Nullify [All Magic Effects]; Range: Touch; Area: Burst [50’]) [20/20PP] Alternate Power: Move Object 8 (Range: 80ft Increments, 800ft Max; Feat: Indirect, Subtle) [19/20PP] (Additional Descriptor: Wind) ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC0 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Blast Ranged. DC23 Toughness. Damage (Physical) Abilities (30) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (22) + Feats (15) + Powers (48) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/153 Power Points
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