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Found 13 results

  1. GM 11:30 PM February 12th, 2021 Jadetown, Emerald City The Night of the Chinese New Year Celebrations It was an evening of celebration in the streets of Jadetown, and on this evening, even the Takazumi-gumi seemed to be at ease, content to simply celebrate. It was the year of the metal ox. Some saw that as a sign, the year that the Steel Shogun would rise even further. Others simply enjoyed the festivities. Anyone and everyone in the city were welcome, at least for now. Perhaps the party, a smell of the supernatural at play, or somethin
  2. OOC for the IC. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/13063-fate-of-the-serpent/
  3. The Undercity, Emerald City, Washington Sunday, May 17, 2020 07:38:21PM @Kaede Kimura The Red Summer's resident magic specialist smokes a cigarette as he watches Mixnus and Nixnus lug the bars of gold from the deck of the PT boat down to its cabin. Blonde, sporting an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt, and eyes half-hidden by the rim of his glasses and the darkness there is no mistaking the naked greed and slightly slack-jawed awe as he intently follows the gargoyle twins carry their newly gained wealth. It had been nearly half an hour of continuous
  4. GM Outside a barn in Island View, Emerald City 9PM, May 8th 2020 Charles Charlemagne was not exactly a well known name around Emerald City magic community, but yet, Blackstaff had heard about him. A man that seemed to care for magical creatures, even if his own magic power seemed non-existant, Charlemagne lived in an always moving mansion. Its door would appear on the side of random buildings around the city. If he wanted to be found, he would be. If not? You should count on your luck. Blackstaff had found a note on the desk at his office. An invitation
  5. OOC for this. @Exaccus @Spacefurry
  6. GM Bridgepoint, Emerald City, Oregon Tuesday, May 12, 2020 05:31:06PM The letter sits opened at your desk, a torn-up page from some textbook. It is dirtied by grime and stained by liquid, but still the neat handwriting conveys its message clear enough. The bennu, an Egyptian phoenix with splendid red and gold feathers, sits at your windowsill, picking at its feathers. It does not care to notice you or what thoughts the letter has induced in you, if anything, but it is still a beautiful specimen to behold. Found tied to a leg, i
  7. OOC for this. @Spacefurry, please tell me how you'd like to prepare and roll me the relevant dice if you're using Ritualist. Then can you give me an IC that includes Blackstaff preparing, if ever he does want to. Of course, he can ignore the letter or investigate the murder himself.
  8. Christopher Daye / Blackstaff Blackstaff Investigations To Do List... HellQ 20Q Origin
  9. GM April 20th, 2020, 4.45PM Blackstaff Investigations, Emerald City(Oregon), USA Vang flew unceremoniously across the office, propelled by a contemptuous backhand from the towering spirit. Baring its claws, slaver dripping from the mouths in its palms and white eyes rolling up and down along its arms, the horror turned on Blackstaff! "You see!" Vang yelled, pain and triumph mingled in the old man's voice, "I told you they were after me! They don't want you finding Soap!" This was sufficiently obvious that only the stress of the situation kep
  10. OOC thread for this thread. Blackstaff dodges ghosts and ghouls tracking a missing person. @Spacefurry Initiative, please. The Yaoguai's using the Bruise Demon block from Book of Magic pg.85. Its initiative roll is: 13.
  11. Blackstaff Investigations Blackstaff Investigations is the Emerald City business office/home of private investigator Christopher Daye. The narrow, three-story building is an office on the ground floor, living space on the second, and the top floor holds a library/workshop. Location and Appearance The office front looks much like any other along the business crowded street in the south side of Emerald City’s Bridgepoint neighborhood, nestled between an old drycleaner’s shop and a recently opened vap-shop. A sign, hand painted on the inside the windowed front reading Bl
  12. Blackstaff Power Level: 10 (150/160PP) Unspent Power Points: 10PP Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Private/Paranatural Investigator Catchphrase: *** Theme: People are Strange - cover by Echo and the Bunnymen (originally by The Doors) Alternate Identity: Christopher Daye (Public); Christopher Blake Verus Daye (Secret) Birthplace: Just outside Richmond, Virginia Residence: Emerald City, Renovated townhouse/office Base of Operations: Blackstaff Investigation Occupation: P.I. Affiliations: none Family: Father (missing), Mother, 2 Sisters
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