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Claremont Yearbook 2015-2016

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So another year and another group of young heroes are unleashed on the world! I though it would be useful to workout the what students will be returning and what students are newly arrived.

Characters By Class Year
Seniors (graduating in 2016)
Juniors (graduating in 2017)

  • Blankenship, Casey - Miracle Girl (Heritage)
  • Brooks, Zephyr - Oracle (Shojikitsune)
  • Hino, Sakurako - Endeavor (The Osprey)
  • Labatt, Eileen - Cerulean (Mad Scientist)
  • Steiner, Ralf - Amorph (GranspearZX)

Sophomores (graduating in 2018)

  • Chevalier, Robin - Nighthawk (Alderwitch)
  • Clouston, Cathy - Frostbyte (Tiffany Korta)
  • Cooper, Hannah - Prism (Thunder King)
  • Faretti Jr, Jack Huang - Ouroboros (Angrydurf)
  • Rivera, Matthew - Grim (Fox)
  • Sanderson, Raina - Sparkler (Electra) 
  • Smith, Riley - Woodman (AvengerAssembled)
  • Wei, Winifred - Reagent/Alkahest (Gizmo)



  • Casey & Sakurako
  • Robin & Winifred
  • Cathy & Raina
  • Matthew & Riley

Feel free to inform me of the many, many things I've missed

Edited by Tiffany Korta
All up to date, for now.
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Eileen/Cerulean is also a Junior, Senior for the 2015-2016 year, and while she had a Sophmore roommate, the player went and vanished on us, so she's up for room reassignment once the summer is out.

Brigandine is a junior, with no stated roommate yet.

We get one more girl, and we can set up bunk beds!ea6832e8450cd38644c461ec45e25aa414073634

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