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  1. Oracle rubs her temples, allowing her force field to go down. "Ugh. I will pass on what happened her to my instructors at Clairmont - no doubt they'll want to hear about it too. Lives lost, hopes ruined, dinner late and probably extra homework writing up an essay about tonight's activities." The teen will use her phone - hopefully, she knows who she's supposed to report these sorts of things to. What little she knows of the Terminus is enough - she really doesn't want to go into greater detail. "I am starting to develop a discernible dislike for this Terminus thing." Sarcasm, seems to be the teen's last mental defense though. She offers the two heros her contact information, in case they need to reach her. "I'm going to teleport home. Sorry, but I'm not strong enough at gating to teleport more than myself right now. Contact me, if you need me."
  2. Oracle looked puzzled as the telekinesis lost its grip, doing a mental equivalent of a stumble. She began immediately casting about with her senses, making sure it hadn't somehow escaped, seeing if she sensed anything nearby. "I no longer have it contained - was it destroyed? Or did it turn itself back into a signal and escape? What was that thing, anyways?" The teenager finally allowed herself to shudder, taking in a few deep breaths. It was not a fun night at all. She looked over the room for possible clues, seeing if she can learn anything - but touched nothing since she didn't want to interfere with the authorities when they arrived. Gradually, her shimmering yellow aura faded, but didn't disappear completely. She closed her eyes, and when they opened they violet again instead of solid gold. "And what's the procedure for reporting... this?"
  3. I went one step beyond what happened to Heritage, so I have a sudden increase in available time. Unfortunately, i am using it to handle a vastly deferred spring cleaning. I am still interested in adapting the Inque-based character idea, and should have something workable in a couple weeks.
  4. Oracle's telekinetic aura surged, continuing to crush the Wrackhand with visible bands of force, Even if it's not the most efficient technique, she can hold it immobile until the two more experienced heroes flatten it. "Whatever this thing is made of, it's like trying to crush coal into diamond. I may not be hurting it, but I can certainly hold it for you guys. Do be dears, the both of you, and 'smite it verily' again. Thanks!" Now, if she could just find a way to shut it up...
  5. Oracle's going to try to crush the thing, squeezing it with her TK for damage. and to maintain her hold on it to prevent escape. http://orokos.com/roll/357360 There it is. 36 is a start. STR 50 telekinesis.
  6. Alrighty - Good to know. Heres the TK roll: TK Crush: 1d20+20 40 And it's a beast...
  7. The young psychic let loose with an almost feral growl, as everything in the room around her rattled and shifted slightly save the body of the deceased and the heavier pieces of furniture. Chairs rolled away from her, and light objects were swept off the desk. Her saffron aura pulsed with a surge of psychokinetic energy. "You would enter MY mind? That was a Bad idea...'" She extended one hand as she spoke, pointing her palm at the stunned Wrackhand. It found itself silhouetted in yellow light and buffeted by nigh-irresistible strength in an telekinetic attempt to seize it. Oracle then made a crushing motion with her outstretched hand, the same sort of gesture she used to casually redirect an entire bank of satellite dishes. The saffron glow around the creature attempted to mirror her gesture and crush the offending thing with a force usually reserved for dead-lifting locomotives.
  8. Ok, this time I am grabbing it telekinetically, to crush it and allow Caradoc and Cannonade a round of judicious pumelling. Again, it's Perception-based, like all my other powers. Wrackhand will get a Str check with a DC of 25? to break free, I think. I don't roll against it, I don't think. Str 50 TK should Grapple it. She measures her TK force in tons, so if there's anything to Grapple, and it doesn't break free, she can probably crush it like tinfoil.
  9. My first roll was this: http://orokos.com/roll/354304 a 9 I will HP the roll. Which gets me: http://orokos.com/roll/354305 18 (and I think I ad 10 for the HP for a 28? Not sure)
  10. When her witty remarks go unheeded by the approaching swarms, she feels it prudent to hurry up and head for her destination, hoping the guided pace of the trip will still allow her to 'outrun' the oncoming swarm. Something tells her that she either needs to go all the way on this journey, or break the mental link completely. She will hold the idea of breaking the link to the last minute, however.
  11. I've been terrible at keeping up on things, eh? Definately heading up the path, since I still want to help out my friend, and don't want to be stung.
  12. Oracle's gaze hardened as she stared down the masked apparition. "Blah blah blah.... I'd say something profound, but youo aren't going to be standing to hear it all." If looks could kill - well, hers probably can, as her eyes once again deliver that brutal saffron gaze attack, seeking to overwhelm the creature from the onset.
  13. Oracle's going to use her mental Blast on the Wrackhand, so DC 25 Will save, rank 10. She'll hope she can stop the thing before it flees again.
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