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Time Travelling Team


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As I discussed in the chat, CW's excellent trailer for Legends of Tomorrow (Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, do so now. It's THAT good!) is a great source of inspiration for a Time Travelling Team comprised of a bunch of diverse heroes. Aside from the fact that the plots would practically write themselves, this, I think, is the very essence of what a Superhero Team is. Having said that, I don't have much more than a bare-bones idea for what the Team should be (Hell, I don't believe I have a name for it yet), so anyone willing to participate should feel free to toss ideas around! I'll try to keep this post updated.

6-10 PCs would be ideal. Time-Traveling abilities appreciated, but not mandatory, and personally, I feel the team should stay diverse in its skills & powers. Each player can suggest up to two PCs for possible use in the team.

  1. Hronos /
  2. Miras
  3. Tsunami
  4. Bloodline
  5. Triakosia
  6. Blue Stinger
  7. Queenie
  8. Grimalkin
  9. Equinox
  10. TBD

Discuss possible team names for our Time Travelling Company. I'll throw a few names myself to get things started, but by no means should that deter you from making your own suggestions!

  • Guardians of the Timestream
  • Knights of Time
  • Timekeepers
  • The Timewatch
  • Clockwatch
  • To Be Determined

Though some heroes have the means of time-travel and bringing others allong with them, having a way for all of the team to be able to intervene when said time-travelling members are otherwise occupied should be a plus. Or just have an NPC show up and take our heroes on a special assignment!

  • HQ situated under a Clocktower

Prevention: Stopping threats from irrevocably changing the timestream.
Setting right what once went wrong: Selfexplanatory, this is fixing the timestream after the fact, preferrably ensuring that it doesn't happen again.
Dark Legacy: Our heroes are on the path of becoming LEGENDS! But some legends can prove deadly...
The Greatest Heroes Never Known: Travelling through time is no easy business, and it tends to attract the wrong sort of attention. Our heroes may find that they have to struggle with flying under the radar, so as not to attract villains with the means and motivation to "abort" them.
Shadows that the Future casts: There are parties that are involved in their own temporal games, such as the Associates and the Futurekin. Regardless of their affiliations with our heroes, their methods are their own, and our heroes may find themselves butting heads with either of these folks.

Argonaut: AEGIS liason
Wail: Veteran Hero from the 70s (Still Active)
Set: Sinister Egyptian God, Reincarnated into a Heroic Internet Personality.

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Well in terms of team members, Miras has time magic and Blue Jay has Temporal Inertia so they both work out well. Blue Jay would probably operate better in pre-industrial eras than most PCs, while Miras would try to solve the social injustices of the time.

On the flip side, I'm going to say two things against the team. 10 PCs is an awful lot to manage all at once; ask Thevshi how she's handling a thread with every single Praetorian in it. Second, teams should come together naturally because the PCs are all friends and like each other. Trying to bring the team together artifically could result in the sort of soap opera drama that turns Avengers into a tedious read.

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Yes, trying to coordinate a large group is difficult, but the idea with the Praetorians is not exactly to have them all in a thread together most of the time.  I figure Vahn is probably working under the same idea here, have a larger group of associates making it easier for some to be in a thread together, with maybe an occasional story that brings them all together. 

Anyway, I would offer Tsunami for this, as she is not doing much right now, but also because Time falls under the Water phase of the Wu Xing, which is the basis of her powers (she currently has Time Stop as a alt power in her array).

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I suppose this COULD actually be a good reason to dust off Bloodline (a Blade, Cable and Kyle Reese mashup). My main problem was that he didn't really have much to do. However keep in mind he might need a slight rework to his sheet, a re-approval and a perhaps a mean to keep his infection in check.

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You know, I'm going to withdraw Blue Jay from consideration. Jay has a web of contacts and can always get a thread with Kit or Blod or CT if she needs to. Miras doesn't have that, and anyway the idea of her trying to burn smallpox blankets in 1600 is a lot more interesting than having Jay talk about how fun it is to be out of the city.

I vote the group is called Clockwatch, and the HQ is underneath a clocktower.

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Maybe it's the LoT hype talking, but this sounds really awesome to me. I don't know how well Stinger fits the idea, but this vaugely resembles the kind of team I was thinking he could work on. Considering his inspiration, flying under the radar and fighting in secret would make sense, and he does have ties to a historical villain, as well as being a young/not well known hero, which would contribute to the "Legends of Tomorrow" feel. I guess TL;DR: If you think Stinger could work, I'd be totally on board, as long as he's not taking away from anyone else.

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So I'm not putting Argonaut up for this.  Which would be pointless to mention if not for the fact that I'm offering her up as a sometime ally.  Having Temporal Inertia and AEGIS resources could make her someone to call on or request info from from time to time.

One thing to consider is using UNICORN (United Nations International Coalition Ordering the Reality Nexus) to keep captured villains in a secure facility.  Seeing as they're the UNISON branch in charge of extra-dimensional and temporal threats.

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Althought there is serious (read: almost everyone so far!) player overlap if this team is formed it need a Praetorian crossover. Why? Because team crossovers.

Well then we just have a bunch of scenes where Kharag walks out one door and Bloodline walks in a different door.

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Hey Vahn, if you want an easy overarching plot, I'd suggest tying everything back somehow to the Associates and Futurekin and their Temporal War. The PCs being involved with UNICORN, a group the Associates already like, could give them an easy "in" on the secret struggle between the two to maintain or twist events and persons throughout the timeline.

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Now, to help organize this thing... Let's see who has worked with whom, so far!


  1. Bloodline: None
  2. Blue Stinger: None
  3. Equinox: None
  4. Grimalkin: Miras (via Starlight), Queenie, Triakosia
  5. Hronos: None
  6. Miras: Grimalkin (via Starlight)
  7. Queenie: Grimalkin, Triakosia
  8. Tsunami: None
  9. Triakosia: Grimalkin, Queenie

If anything's missing(And I'm guessing it does), please let me know!

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It's fully detailed in Worlds of Freedom (pgs. 10-11), so I'll just paste it here:

"The mysterious Associates first came to the attention of the superhuman community during the Malfidian Invasion of 1965. The are apparently a pair of time-travelers from the distant future, able to project their minds back in time to possess human host-bodies. Initially, the Associates were thought to be a man and a woman, but have since shown no preference for the sex of their hosts, and it remains unclear what their true sex(if any) might be.

In fact, it's not entirely certain that the Associates are always the same individuals, although they seem to be. They use the names of their hosts and speak a wide range of human languages (perhaps some sort of "universal translator ability), but they offer no clues as to their real names or identities. All that is known is they appear to have humanity's best interests at heart and the preservation of the future as their primary goal. Of course, exactly which future that is (their own or another) remains unknown.

The Associates appear only rarely, typically to warn of impending disaster and to help avert it, although they prefer to work through intermediaries. They've had the most contact with the UNICORN division of UNISON and display a fondness for working with the international organization. Some speculate this is because they have a more "global" worldview in their future.

The Associates are essentially roving plot-devices for the GAMEMASTER OF GAMES to introduce temporal or dimensional adventures. Their powers, abilities and motives are left for the GM to define, keeping in mind that they are secretive and tend to plat things close to the vest.

The Futurekin, so named because the Associates refer to them as "our future-kin" are their opposite numbers, the other side of a sort of 'temporal cold war' involving the outcome of a number of historic events. Essentially, the Futurekin attempt to change history to suit their plans, while the Associates intervene to stop them and preserve history's 'proper' shape. Just to confuse matters, there are times when it seems the Associates are the ones interfering (as they first did with the Malfidian Invasion[Princess Selene trying to take over Earth through her elite Moon Warriors]), and it is the Futurekin trying to stop them.

Otherwise, the Futurekin are the same as the Associates in terms of their abilities: incorporeal beings from the future able to possess human host bodies. Those who have interacted with them say the Futurekin are "less human" than the Associates, cold, distant and disdainful of "primitives"."

Slight changes to how it was said, no essential datum altered.


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I'll follow Morrison's lead and suggest Wail as a possible associate and guest star. He's someone the team could run into from the 70s onward and he'd certainly understand the desire to change the past. I'd also be happy to run Set's elder, villainous self if it comes up!

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