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  1. I still gotta kick things up. Sorry about that. Last couple weeks'vd been weird. I'll try and get stuff back out shortly.
  2. Stinger/GM: Of Swashes & Buckles
  3. Aaaaand with that, it's time to take initiative. Stinger has a 26 And since they're minions, the pirates roll as a group, getting 15
  4. GM Post: The entire beach held its collective breath as a wave of water swept over the beach, hanging in the air between the beach and the incoming projectiles. The first missile hit the barrier, bouncing off slightly as it rolled harmlessly down the makeshift "waterfall" and back into the sea. Missile number two did much of the same, "sticking" into the side like a fork into a gob of Jell-O before again washing away. Then came the 3rd missile, landing just barely farther than Kimo could extend his barrier. As it made contact with the ground, those nearby dove for cover from the potential explosion... only, there was nothing. The bomb sat there for a moment, before startling the people on the beach with a hiss. One side of the projectile opened, and three men emerged, all bearing obvious cybernetics and looking every inch to be swarthy criminals. One of them began to speak. "Alright, ladies and 'gents! We'll make this nice and simple! Everyone... Eh?" The pirate stopped as he looked around, noticing his invasion force was 6 men short. He looked up to the barrier, and back down, noticing the young man who seemed to be holding it up. "Grrh... Alright, new plan! We knew we'd deal with Powers eventually. Grab yourselves some hostages, boys!"
  5. Alrighty, in that case we'll have the canoneers make a profession role to see if they can fire accurately enough to make it through/around the barrier. Fire 1 gets stopped. Fire 2 just barely makes it. And Fire 3 is stopped once more. ...which is actually perfect for my narrative desires...
  6. Great... Now it looked like they'd noticed him, and the one in the costume was making a face that caused Danny to have highschool flashbacks. "Yeesh, man. What am I doing, creeping on my fellow heroes? I have more class than this..." He stopped. There was a noise... It sounded like... a mortar? A missile? "Sweet merciful crap!" Danny could hear whatever it was closing in on a nearby couple, headphones blaring as they laid on the sand. With few options left, he grabbed them both and dove for safety. He used their dazed confusion to cover a quick transformation as he hit the ground, hoping his armor might help shield them from any potential shrapnel.
  7. Alright. Since everyone's made the roll, you can hear a sound building in the distance, similar to the sound a mortar makes as it approaches the ground. Everyone except Stinger notices that there are three of these things incoming. The notice roll gave everyone a chance to act before impact, so everyone's reactions will take place at generally the same time here.
  8. Alrighty. Let's everybody make a Notice roll, DC 15. Stinger passes with a 19. I'll wait 'till everyone's rolled to elaborate on the noticed thing.
  9. The action should kick up any time now, BTW. Just double checking my numbers before I start throwing bad guys out. ^^; Conversely, if anyone's enjoying interaction we can let that go for a post or two as well.
  10. Yeah, certainly not full cyberpunk, just a little more aesthetically technological, kinda like the city from BH6, actually. Lots of rain/neon/Asian influence, but still a decent place to live at the end of the day.
  11. While, like you said, it should be more than just "not Freedom City", I think emphasizing the "East coast vs West coast" aspect could Emerald city some personality. You've already pointed out the more Asian influence that a city like that would have, but I think being West Coast gives it room to be "flashier" overall. Your mention ion of the Yakuza/Mafiya/Triad made me think of Shadowrun, which makes me think that placing those elements against a more "high tech"/Seattle type city would be cool, and could give it a sort of darker yet more stylized personality whose rainy, neon facade could contrast nicely with Freedom's more upbeat "shiny/metropolis" feel.
  12. Across the beach from the two uniformed figures sat another hero, this one enjoying the weather much less. Danny Randall was not really an "outdoors" person, nor was he a "sports" person. But when the closest thing you have to a friend in the whole city has a volleyball meet, you go along and support him, whether you feel like it or not. That said, after the first couple of matches, he didn't really feel much obligation to watch the game. And so he turned to people watching. This would have probably turned boring, too, except for the lady wandering around in some kind of sailor geddup. He could have sworn he'd seen her before, but his mind was getting a WWII vibe, so he wasn't sure. He would have asked her, but she was A. Probably an experienced hero and B. A girl. The two combined were probably the most socially intimidating things possible for Danny. And so he just watched. But what was this? Was she talking to Khal-Drogo over there? No... He looked too mellow. "Also that joke was kinda racist..." He thought to himself. "Heck it..." Danny stood up. "Hey, Tuck! Im'a go get some more drink, you need any?" This was at least an excuse to get up and do something. He decided to ask for an autograph or something. Between an old-timey super and the lord of Dothrak, at least one of them pry had something more interesting than volleyball going on...
  13. GM Post: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean - 06:44 GMT The First Mate stood at attention as the Captain clanked into the submarine's bridge. Even among the general augmentations of the crew, the Captain's bulky, cyborg frame was difficult to mistake as he loomed over the small, cramped bridge space. "First Mate! Any sign of our government friends?" "Absolutely none, sir. The patrol vessels lost sight of us not long after submerging. Those agents almost gave us some trouble back there, but we haven't yet met a crew that can handle the Dragon." The First Mate smiled. The Captain laughed and put his arm around the First Mate's shoulder. "Aye, she's a fine vessel. And what's more a fine crew. But things have been getting a little too close for me as of late. The ships of the Atlantic know our name, and have started preparing when we come. I think it's time we returned home and picked up a litte upgrade..." As he said this, the captain dialed the ship's map towards the east coast of the United States. The First Mate gave him a puzzled look. "Freedom City, sir? The Dragon's a fearsome ship, but do you think we're ready to hit a city full of supers?" The captain smiled as he looked at the map. "If all goes as planned, my friend, I don't think we'll have to..." **************** Freedom City, NJ North Bay Beach - 15:01 GMT It was a lovely adn, more important to the citizens of Freedom City, uneventful summer day. The heat of the summer brought locals and tourists alike to the beachside for some time in the water. As the sun hit midday, the beach filled with families and friends spreading out towels for picnics, swimming, and general dilly-dallying on the beach, as restaurants accross the street filled up with those wanting to enjoy their afternoon indoors. And among this throng of people, we see our heroes...
  14. OOC for this thread In which Stinger, Kanunu, and Torpedo Lass take on a gang of crusty sea-dogs sporting some totally wizzer cyberware.
  15. Okay, I think I've got a couple thread ideas I can get going here. Only have Stinger up right now, but as he still needs to establish himself, that's not an entirely bad thing. For the first thread, I was thinking a team up between Stinger, Torpedo Lass, and Kanunu versus some cyborg pirates would be a good fighting thread if everyone were up for it. The second thread could go a couple different ways depending on the whims of those involved. I've been wanting to see Danny team up with Fast-Forward for a while, based on their mutual affinity for the 80's and wisecracking demeanors. Alternately, their mutual backstories involving forced cyborg-ification and tragic loss would make Harrier an interesting team up at some point, too. Either way, I was thinking one of those two could join Stinger and either Thoughtspeed or Nevermore to hunt down some shadowy assassins. Let me know if those setups work/don't work/you really don't care so Dalek just needs to make a friggin' decision/etc. Once everything's finalized, I should be able to get the Pirates thread going in the next day or so, with the Assassins thread coming soon after.
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