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Hero Prom (IC, open)

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April 2020 

The Doom Room 


The Doom Room has never looked like this before. The room looks like a big, bustling speakeasy from the 1920s, not a place that was but a place that should have been, where boys, girls, and other folks of all shapes and sizes can sit together at wooden tables, mugs of cold, frosty root beer in hand (more daring souls can sample the punch), fedoras and suits on the boys, skirts and pearls on the girls (or vice-versa, depending) and if they feel so inclined walk out onto the dance floor and move to electroswing 'played' by a simulated band (complete with pretty redheaded torch singer) that'll be happy to step aside for any brave souls eager to volunteer. You can peer out the window to see city streets full of roadsters and coupes, or step into the unisex bathrooms and see what sure looks like period fixtres! There are adult chaperones here and there, teachers and parents mostly, but for the most part this is the day for young people. 


"Ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinary people of all ages!" Zoe Robinson, aka Morgana, is downright resplendent on-stage by the band, standing next to the torchsinger who might have been her twin. "Welcome to the junior-senior prom of _2020!_" 


And the music kicked up, and a few brave souls started looking across the room at their dates - or maybe for a lucky few, across a table...

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The hard part had been finding a place for everything, but Eira had taken advantage of her internal anatomy. While Lulu and Mia finished getting dressed in the dorm bathroom, she checked what was hidden in her arms and her hands, nodding all the while. As there was nothing in the bathroom she needed for her own personal grooming, she dressed in front of the mirror she'd built over her desk. An observer, looking at her costume, would have decided she was dressed in silver. Her hair was dyed a silvery, sparkling color and her lips a distinct shade of pewter; matching a sparkling-silver dress seemingly infused with light that bared her shoulders and upper back, and went well with her long pewter gloves. It was a more typically feminine costume than she typically wore but even in a liberal-minded place like Claremont, the girls typically dressed up for formal occasions. And what an occasion this would be. She was smirking still when the bathroom door was opened. 

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It had been a while since Robin had set foot in the Doom Room. Not long enough, perhaps. For a moment, her shoulders tensed before she forced them to relax. It was a good thing that Kam had not mentioned the fact that they were holding the prom in this room. That might have been one step too far. 


"I still don't know if I should even be here," Robin muttered, although it didn't carry farther than the keen ear of the senior whose arm she was on. Still, the words held no heat and she let Kam draw her deeper into the party. She offered the occasional, slightly uncomfortable smile to the teachers that she'd had. The high necked silver dress dipped low in the back and Kam had a few inches on Robin since she'd never been one to wear heals. Riley had always felt a little awkward about the height... 


Robin shook her head a little, shaking those memories off. It was easier to compartmentalize her time in Claremont as something 'other' when she was in the Fens. Only Fred really had a place in both her school life and her 'real' life. Kam had claimed her arm so she couldn't rub her fingers nervously over the silver prosthetic. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this, Kam. You should be here enjoying the night with your friends. I don't belong here."


I never did.


Kam, however, seemed to have a deft touch at pushing her out of her comfort zone and Robin let out a soft sigh. She'd already agreed and she didn't want to ruin his evening. And Robin... Robin had never run from anything in her life. She might have had an easier time of it, if she had. "What did you want to do?"

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Kam had held back at the entrance.  Just a touch, to let Robin acclimate to the room, he had an inkling this would be difficult, from their discussions of the school as abstract as they had been.  When she relaxed he urged her forward her arm on his a small smile, "There is an exceedingly small category of potential guests that are not current students and you m dear are among that august number I assure you."  he answered her uncertainty with a teasing lilt to his tone.  The list of age appropriate but aware already of Claremonts unique student body was exceedingly small, almost universally former students.  


He led her a slow circuit of the room allowing both of them to mark the entrance position of students and staff.  Perhaps not exactly the usual course for attendees of a school dance but neither of them were exactly the usual attendees at such events, nor really was anyone else in the room.  He'd been sure to arrive promptly, no fashionably late for Kam, not only from personal predilection for timeliness but also to ease his sometimes skittish girlfriend into the environs.  He frowned at her continued recriminations and gave a miniscule shake of his head, "I want to enjoy the night with you."  he countered pointedly, they may have been over this in the limo on the way over.  "And you belong here, it's sad that wasn't more clear when you attended courses."  he hadn't pried but it didn't take much to have heard the reputation of Robin and the crew she'd run with when a student.  Many of the classmates of his year had after all been freshmen when she'd first arrived.


He smiled down to her question of what came next and tilted his head as the music started, "I was thinking showing off my date."  he grinned and led her to the dance floor.  Dancing also put off the awkward potential of introductions to his sister or his other classmates, at least Janus had less than no interest in attending, small blessings.

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With his hair frizzing out for close to a foot in every direction, the flatcap perched on top of Leroy's head looked deeply sad and lonely. Tipping it at an especially rakish angle, the boy hopped off the bench as the music started, snapping his fingers in time with the beat and throwing himself into an energetic dance, arms and legs swinging and skipping with abandon in his period getup.


For someone who was usually seen in a suit or gaudy/glorious robes, the cotton shirt, corduroy trousers held up by suspenders and short leather boots were as strange as they were worn very well on the elegant young man. 


"Ah! Good Kam! And a glorious person unknown to me! Welcome!" Robin and her incognito royal boyfriend were suddenly accosted by a tall, dark boy with golden eyes and six long scars on his cheeks, smiling so wide he looked likely to split them open then and there. "My name is Leroy, roommate to the good Kameron Kingdom, and I am so happy to see you have found someone like him! He is kind, honest and true!"


Dancing vigorously to the music, he bobbed his head in time with the underlying throbbing bass, eyes sparkling with unrestrained joy, "I do hope you have a wonderful time, warrior! See you later, good Kam!" Blowing him a kiss, Leroy spun laughing onto the main dance floor.

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Pan was pacing back and forth outside Lulu and Eira's room, leaving a steady stream of golden dust behind as he walked half a foot above the floor. It was pretty clear that he was not fond of waiting, but here he was, waiting. Every movie that he had watched showed him that you were supposed to pick up your date at their home (and this was as close as he got to that, at least), and then arrive together. And even if it was an ironic date, it was still a date, no.


He stopped pacing for a moment, reached into the pants pocket of his emerald green pinstripe suit and pulled out a phone to check the clock, then slipped it back in. He straightened his red tie, pushed back the green fedora to be at an angle, then resumed his pacing. He seemed to consider knocking on the door, but decided not to.


He had heard that you shouldn't rush a lady when they were getting ready, after all, and he was not quite ready to face eveyone inside that room if he rushed them.

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Robin blinked once at Leroy before a smile softened the tension in her features. 


"He is," she said simply in agreement with the animated boy. The arm that Kam had taken relaxed under his touch. "My name's Robin. It's nice to meet you, Leroy. Kam's mentioned you a few times."


Kam may not have said much of Robin to his school friend's but the reverse wasn't true. Robin had heard plenty of tales of his friends at school over the last several months. Considering how carefully Kam plotted and planned, that was likely to set her at ease as much as it was to share stories of his own life. She bobbed her head amicably to Leroy as he whirled off with the same sort of speed that he'd arrived. She offered Kam a bemused smile but was no longer stiff in his arms as he drew her to the dance floor. 


"I don't know any period dances. I can't promise that your toes are safe," Robin told him but this had a teasing tone, unlike her earlier protestations. They both knew that Robin had an almost inhuman grace that would serve her well no matter the unfamiliarity of the dance steps. Her hand settled lightly on Kam's shoulder as he linked their palms. 

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Mia rubbed the back of her neck as she stared into the mirror. Having skipped a grade back in elementary school, she was eligible for going to prom a year younger than she normally would have. Ugh, and this was a combined prom, too. She was gonna be a baby compared to some of these people. She looked at how her makeup covered her 'trademark' freckles, and realized it did make her look a little older. Which only made her feel like she was playing pretend even more.


She sighed to herself. Mia, you beat yourself up over a lotta stupid stuff, but this is the stupidest. Eira got a freakin' degeee at like... 12. You'll be fine doing a degree one year younger. Just looking for excuses to feel anxious at this point.


Fixing her hair one last time, Mia emerged. The pixie cut with red top contrasted against the blue eyeshadow and lipstick she was wearing. A pair of pearl earrings, loaned from her grandmother, hung from her ears. All completed with the golden dress that Eira had made for her. Stepping out, she looked at Eira, and sighed.


"Okay, I guess I am as ready as I will ever be."

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"Leroy glad you're enjoying yourself."  Kam replied eyes flicking around the room as Robin introduced herself.  By the time he'd confirmed Judy and her creepy sullen sister weren't lurking in the corner Leroy however was already gone.  He filed that away for the wiry youth's next orbit, Kam really hoped Leroy hadn't forgotten tradition dictate he pick Judy up for the dance, even if it was on the same campus they were boarding on.  Perhaps the overprotective sibling had finally won out for one event, in which case Leroy probably should not have attended solo.  This would be a problem for tomorrow's Kam he decided.


He glanced back to Robin with a smile pleased she'd not been off put by one of the odder balls in the hopper.  "Well a life well lived is not without risk after all."  He replied and led her for a circuit of the dance floor and when the song came to a close retreated to the punch bowl, toes intact.  Pouring a cup for Robin them himself he offered it up with a fond smile, "It may not be good but it's unlikely anyone has tried to add anything untoward yet."  He was at ease and even managed to shelve his worries about his date being revealed to his friends and sister should they actually show up, for the moment at least.

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Adam walked up to where Lulu was getting dressed. He was dressed to the nines in what was probably the largest suit of it's kind. Charcoal gray and pinstriped, with a dashing hat. Privately, he thought he looked the best he had in his life. He was also nervous, but he and Lulu had been together long enough to truly enjoy this evening.


"Just...chill, Adam. Chill. Your girlfriend is gorgeous and she adores you, so chill. It's prom. You've seen movies about it, tv shows, and...uh, well, none of those ended all that well, but..."

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"I can confirm that it's genuinely not very good," said Elizabeth from behind Kam & Robin, eyebrows raised over a grin as she wiggled an empty cup. She was wearing a flapper dress, to nobody's surprise - sleeveless and blue, with pleasing art deco designs down the full length of it in sparkling silver, and ending above the knees in a fringe that swished as she walked. (She liked the swish; she was figuring out how to make it swish more.) Her makeup was subtle but flattering, with silver eyeshadow to match the outfit.


She'd come stag, to some personal disappointment; her practice of fun dates and no long-term relationships apparently had its downsides, but she was determined to enjoy herself, and enjoying herself started with swishing and drinking punch. "I think I might have been disappointed if it had been too good," she mused thoughtfully, refilling her cup. "I feel like it should be part of the experience, you know? And you're Robin! Hello! You two are the cutest couple here," she added, in a conspiratorial stage whisper, "but don't tell the others I said so."

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Pan looked over to Adam and his nervous mutterings. He had been pacing, sure, but he was bored, not nervous, no. Of course he wasn't nervous at all. It was another adventure, it was another thing to do and experience, just an ironic date, after all! Not so for Adam, of course, no. For Adam, it was obviously life and death, despite the time that he and Lulu had spent together. 


"Those movies and shows were just stories, Adam. Of course they did not end well. Stories like that thrive on conflict." He moved closer, throwing an arm around Adam's shoulder, while he held his other hand up, open, holding it up above to draw Adam's attention to it, as he painted pictures. "Now, Imagine your story! You have had plenty of conflict, no? This is the part of the story where everything winds down, and the heroes (that would be you and Lulu, of course) get their well deserved reward of some peace and quiet!"


He, of course, didn't add anything about any plans or anything, no. Any mention of any plans would be preposterous, when no one had any plans. Obviously.

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"This is actually my first prom attending personally, but my cousin assures me they're typically not nearly as exciting as the movies and TV shows make them out to be. Just a fancy party. All the ones at my old schools were the same."


Micah shifted a bit, still trying to give off a "relaxed" vibe as he leaned against the wall. His current state of dress was not quite as stereotypical for the party's theme as the other young men there, but he'd repeatedly assured them his style was entirely in keeping with the time period. He took his hat off for a moment to run a hand through his hair, then replaced it.


"We could always do group breathing exercises."


He unconsciously shifted his outer coat a bit. The layered look of the mostly-white suit, coat, and so on was good, but standing still it was a bit warm. Once they were in the prom itself, he'd likely shed the longer coat at least. After pictures; while he and Astrid weren't treating this as "true love's dance" or the like, they'd gone through the trouble of making these plans. His mother would never let him hear the end of it if he didn't get some pictures.

He glanced at his roommate, and smirked just a bit.


"Might wanna take your own advice about winding down there, Pan. You're lookin' a mite nervous yourself."


He wondered what the others thought; he and Astrid had been trying to keep their not-quite-last-minute "date" a surprise. So far as Pan and Adam knew, Micah was going by himself. They'd discussed things and decided they'd meet at the prom itself, perhaps at the entrance or near it.


'Wait shoot Lulu can probably hear me! Lulu don't ruin the surprise please!'

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Eira looked Mia up and down, a serious expression on her face. She was less pierced than Mia had ever seen her, with only long silver earrings (tipped by cubic zirconia) in her ears as her only facial jewelry. Her hands were folded behind her back but she was visibly bouncing on her short heels, a nervous energy in her pale blue eyes as she evaluated Mia, putting her gloved hands on the other girl's arms with a firm grip. "Good. Everything fits." She smiled at Mia, pewter lips over white teeth. "You will do well." She grinned, then cocked her head briefly, seeming to look at nothing in particular. 


"Adam and Pan are here." She swallowed, then turned back to her desk. There she found a necklace, silver and long, with a simple hydrogen atom as its symbol. It hung low on her chest as she looked at herself in the mirror - then she headed straight for the door. She opened the door, looked at Pan, and her eyes widened. "Hello," she said in a throaty whisper, her accent distinctly thicker as she offered her hand to him. "I think we have a...'date'?" she asked, a smile on her face. 




"Hi Kam, Hi Liz," said a voice from nearby. Judy Smith's blue dress was daring by her lights, clinging to her curves like a silent film star even as it reached from her neck to the floor. "You must be Robin," she said with a cheerful smile for Kam's date. "Howdy, Ah'm Judy Smith." She frowned, looking around the room. "Isn't this great?...Have y'all seen Leroy? He said he was going to meet me here but Ah haven't seen hide nor hair of him. Ashley and I even went out to look on the fake street outside." Sure enough, he appeared to have disappeared from the spot on the floor where they'd spotted him earlier, disappearing into a small group of jitterbuggers. 


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Ms. Thursday


Astrid walked down to the third floor of the dorm towards Lulu's and Eira's room with a giddy swagger. It might not have been cool to admit it, but she was actually pretty excited to be going to this year's prom. Last year she had been so preoccupied doing the music that she barely had any time to really enjoy it as an actual participant. To say nothing of not having time to find a date. Micah actually accepting the offer was still something of a shock to her. Astrid had mentally labeled it a longshot given the boy's usual shyness and that weird incident that went down during at Valentine a few months back, but surprise surprise he turned out willing to go despite of or because of it. Better yet, between the two of them they were able to come up with a pretty fun idea for their attire. 


Though she was fairly confident that everything was in order when it came to her "prom dress," Astrid did take a second to fuss with beret and belt before she meet with the others. It was more of a Halloween costume than a prom dress really. She and Micah had figured that they might as well play with the expectations of a 1920s themed prom by going to it dressed as common archetypes from the decade. Micah had decided to go as a circa 1920s cow hustler while Astrid herself went with female aviator look. She tried her best to ape the garb worn by one of Norway's first female aviators at the time, Gidsken Jakobsen, but she knew that most of the Americans would assume she was cosplaying as Amelia Earhart. Regardless Astrid felt the attempt at honoring Gidsken was worth the effort even if only she, Micah and maybe Eira could appreciated it. 


When she arrived at Lulu's and Eira's door she immediately clapped Micah by the shoulder and gave the Oklahoman an appreciative whistle at the sight of his ten-gallon hat. "Well, well. Look whose large and in charge. You look fantastic, Micah," she said earnestly, hoping that her words would dispel any lingering jitters that he might be feeling.  Astrid ended up saying much the same to others once she took the time to look everyone else over. "Jævla, we really did go out our way for this, ja? Getting all fancied up like this." She chuckled. 



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"I am perfectly calm. Just bored!" Pan replied to Micah, while he continued to pace back and forth. Yes, he was obviously just bored, and not at all nervous. He had obviously done and tried many more things than everyone else here, after all, and this was not his first date, though it was his first prom, even if he wasn't one of the ones graduating and...


He paused, as he looked at Eira. He didn't even seem to notice that Astrid arrived. "Hello." The usual melody was gone from his voice, the distinct accent replaced with something that sounded more, but not quite, British. After a moment's hesitation, he held out his hand, offering his arm to Eira. "Yes. Yes, I think we're about to go on a date." He paused again. "An ironic date, of course."

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Micah blushed deeply and shrugged when Astrid complimented him. 


"You pull your look off better. Um. That is. You look great."


He cleared his throat and glanced at Pan being almost bamboozled by Eira, then back to Astrid. His face settled into a slightly more mischievous, and comfortable, grin. 


"Yes, well. If we're all dressed fancy, we might as well use it, yeah?"


He offered Astrid his arm, and waved toward the others.


"I think It's time for us to make an entrance?"

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"Hello," Robin replied amiably as Kam handed her a glass. She offered the young woman a friendly smile as she waited for Kam to make introductions. That smile softened slightly as she directed it towards Kam, "It's not too big a deal if something is in it. It would take a lot to effect me, anyways. Though, I've never really enjoyed the taste of alcohol, personally."


She wasn't twenty-one yet, but booze was one of the easiest vices to get your hands on in the Fens. Robin shifted her cup to her prosthetic, offering her good hand for a friendly handshake. "It's nice to meet Kam's friends. He, uhm... it took some convincing. Claremont and I have a complicated history."


Some of the best times of Robin's life had happened here and some of the worst. "Are you a senior like Kam or a junior? I love your dress."

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Astrid returned Micah's awkward but charming compliment with one of her own.


"Aww. You're gonna make me blush if you keep serenading me with your suave country ways." Though she said the words in her typical sarcastic way, Astrid was being sincere. Simply put, it felt good to get a compliment for the costume. Astrid had her punk look down, sure, but historically accurate aviator chic was understandably new territory for her.


Realizing that Micah might not see it that why Astrid changed her tone into something more earnest. "But seriously, thanks for the compliment, Micah. I worked real hard on this," she said smiling warmly before abruptly lightly punching the self-deprecating boy in the shoulder. "And so did you by the way. So don't be saying I pulled it off better when its obvious that we're both freaking awesome."


With that said, Astrid eagerly took up Micah's offered arm, locking it with her own as they and everyone seemed finally ready to finally head to the dance.  




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At the report from Liz confirming his suspicions Kam looked down at the cups with a shrug and ruefull half smile.   "authenticity it is then."  he murmured with a small laugh turning to welcome his classmate.  "Robin, Elizabeth."  he introduced politely, "With this school we'd be lucky if it was only alcohol."  he mused with a wry grin taking a sip as Robin and Elizabeth became acquainted.  Kam watched his date speak a little sadness touching his features as she mentioned her, fraught, relationship with the school.  "Only cure for bad memories is good memories."  


Looking up the secret prince's eyes slid over the room at Judy's question as he nodded, "Yes he's ..."  Kam trailed off as he couldn't make out where his roomate had gotten too.  "He was right out on the dance floor a moment ago ..."  he paused, "Ah, alone."  he added hurriedly less he spark the next event in their tumultuous relationship.  "Robin, Judy Smith."  he introduced adding the default surname given to most students of extradimensional origins and added a quiet aside to Robin, "I apparently was not as adept at avoiding the gossip mill as I had thought." 

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Robin offered Judy a friendly smile as well, bobbing her head a little in a slight nod. "Nice to meet you, Judy," Robin added. She turned her head slightly, those silver-grey eyes searching for Leroy as well although she didn't see the boy. "It's certainly very in-theme, isn't it? I don't see him either."


She tipped her head slightly, a smile softening her features. "He's not from around here, right? He's probably not exactly used to the whole prom customs. It's pretty weird, if you think about it abstractly. My roommate was time-lapsed and there was a lot of stuff that I took for granted that I didn't even realize until she had questions."


Riley, too, but Robin was deft at avoiding mentioning her ex, even in accident.

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"Hmm..." Judy looked around again, her frown deepening. "He gave his word to me, though, and Leroy is very good about keeping his word. Unless something came up." She sighed, something she seemed to be able to do without a deep inhalation, and gave her friends by the punch bowl a beauty-queen smile. Kam and Elizabeth had both seen that look before - it meant something was up. "Ah'll go see if he's outside waiting for us, or something. Nice to see you, Robin! Ah love your arm, that silver is gorgeous." Her compliment was sincere; whatever she knew about Robin, it wasn't how she'd gotten the arm. With that she turned and headed away, tracing a faint glow behind her as she went, followed by Ashley - who had dressed for the occasion too, in a pinstripe suit and fedora that looked straight off the set of Guys and Dolls. 



Eira didn't stop to say much to Micah or Astrid, though she did shoot the other girl a quick, tight-lipped smile as she slipped her arm inside Pan's. She was warm against him, her generators turned up, but didn't seem to mind. Once they were outside, she whispered throatily, "I have the projectors and the drones, as well as the - other agents."  As they joined the small line of students heading inside the building, she looked him up and down and commented, "Silver, red, and green. We are ready for Christmas." She giggled, then smiled quickly at him. "That looks good on you." 


Somebody hit them from behind - not a deliberate blow, but a bump firm enough to get their attention without actually getting the chaperones looking at them. "Well well well, if it isn't Peter Pan and  Robot Girl." Debonair in a blue suit that matched his dark complexion, Sebastian Shields might have been handsome, if not for the edge to his smile - and might have been likable, if he treated other people as being worth his time. Eira had found out about him from her observations of other girls - and by reading social media. "I'm surprised you would show your face around here, Katastroff.


"Well you know, if I need to use the toilet, I'll make sure to let you know," Eira sneered at him. That made Sebastian snarl, before his date put a hand on his arm. Charlene Hart wasn't in a period outfit, other than the hat perched on her protective suit's helmet. Neither Eira nor Pan knew Charlene very well. Toxin, who wore a full-body suit at all times to avoid poisoning people from her toxic aura, didn't socialize much. 


"They're not worth it," she told Sebastian, her voice slightly muffled by her costume. 




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Pan winked at Micah and Adam as their dates arrived and Eira took his arm, and mouthed a quick "good luck" to both of them as they left for the party.


"So, there'll be gifts to unwrap later?" Pan asked, the perfect picture of innocence, as always. "But thank you. Red and green are my colors, after all." He smirked at her, obviously admiring the view. "You look quite lovely yourself." His accent still sounded a bit off, compared to normal, but it was Pan, so who knew?


He paused briefly at the bump. He turned to look at the blue suit, and the young man in it, as well as the young woman in the suit. Unlike Eira's sneer, Pan simply smiled. "Ah, Charlene." His usual accent had returned. "How nice to see that you made it!" His tone sounded genuinely happy, as he smiled at Charlene, without even bothering to look at Sebastian. "Really, it is quite a shame. I thought you could have done much better than the one man blue man group." His smile seemed quite genuine, of course. He leaned in a bit closer. He just seemed to radiate trustworthiness, for some reason. "Do watch out. I have heard that his suit is not the only thing about him that tends to end up blue. I believe he can be quite frustrated." 


With that, he pulled away, starting to lead Eira away. His unusual accent returned. "I take it the two of you have met?"

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"Hmmm!" Elizabeth tracked Judy's exit with arched eyebrows, taking a sip of her punch. "That's going to be trouble," she said with the grin of someone who was looking forward to trouble. "Fun trouble? Bad trouble? Oooh, prom trouble...."


It took her a moment to return to the here and now. "Oh! I'm a junior," she answered, belatedly, flashing a mildly embarrassed smile. "I, um, had a lot of homeschooling before Claremont, for some...health reasons. You know how it is. My parents did their best but I was behind in a couple areas so I'm maybe a half a year back from where I should be? It's not too bad; I'm in no hurry to leave. I love your dress too! I cheated with mine," she admitted, conspiratorially, a transparent illusory thread spiraling through the air around her upturned finger, "but I always respect people who can find the real thing that looks so good on them."

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"I'm sure he's about then."  Kam replied as Judy stepped away.  He fixed Elizabeth with a flat stare and let out a small sigh, "So long as it's not the kind of trouble that results in he composing sonnets aloud whilst I' trying to study."  he flatly invoked before the conversation blessedly moved on from his roommates romantic entanglements to the much more pleasant topic of how amazing his date looked.


He couldn't suppress small smile of pride at the complements Robin earned from the other girls and dropped a hand to the small of her back in a reflexively possessive gesture.  "Hardly cheating we all work with what we have."  he pointed out as his attention was briefly drawn to the door where some sort of altercation seemed to be dissipating but it took only a fraction of his attention as he was on the whole at his ease safely ensconced in one of hte schools more secure environs.  Of course he hadn't his companions memories of the Doom Room to color that opinion.

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