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Young Freedom


Young Freedom

Young Freedom is the second super team to be started at the Claremont Academy. It first came to public notice in the spring of 2009, when its members defused a hostage situation at Freedom City's baseball stadium. Though it has never attained the public profile of the initial teen team at Claremont, Next Gen, Young Freedom has proven its worth many times over in the hero community of Freedom City. After three eventful years, perhaps the only reason YF hasn't eclipsed Next Gen is that many of its adventures have involved extradimensional travel, including trips to the Terminus.

As a teen team, the turnover on Young Freedom is quite high, though former members tend to stay in touch and may occasionally participate in missions. Although based at Claremont Academy, the team often has a headquarters off-campus, typically belonging to one of the members or their families. Young Freedom does not have a team uniform, but all of its members share an insignia, a silver emblem with the letters “YF” printed on it, which most of them wear as a belt ornament.


Iterations of Young Freedom

Turnover on Young Freedom is fairly high, since the longest a member can be part of the team is two years (typically age 16-18). The iterations of the team have been divided into generations, with a new x.0 designation marking a complete team turnover from the last x.0 team.


Young Freedom 1.0

The founding members of Young Freedom came together in Spring of 2009. Team 1.0 ran approximately from Spring 2009 to Spring 2010, with the expulsion of Breakdown, the graduation of Geckoman and Hellion, and the addition of Midnight II.



Young Freedom 1.25

An interstitial period for Young Freedom, marked by fewer full-team missions and more duo or trio work for team members. Team 1.25 ran approximately from Spring 2010 through the end of 2010, when Psyche and Phalanx left the team to focus on preparing for post-school careers and Cobalt Templar and Sage were added to the roster.



Young Freedom 1.5

Arguably the best-known iteration of Young Freedom to date, Team 1.5 was responsible for a successful defense against the forces of Omega and the Terminus, though details of their efforts have largely been suppressed. This iteration of the team ran through the first half of 2011, when the final founding members Edge and Wander graduated, along with Midnight II, leaving Cobalt Templar and Sage to lead the new generation of Young Freedom.



Young Freedom 2.0

With all the founding members gone, new team leaders Cobalt Templar and Sage recruited new rookie heroes to fill out the team roster and carry on the YF tradition. Team 2.0 ran from Summer 2011 to the end of Spring 2012, when Cobalt Templar and Sage graduated.



Young Freedom 2.5

After the graduation of Cobalt Templar and Sage, Young Freedom continued as a loose confederation of student heroes until the graduation of Citizen and Papercut in Spring 2013.