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Claremont Academy


Claremont Academy

The Claremont Academy, its staff, existing students and teams are all recognized as Product Identity of Green Ronin Publishing, in accordance with Section 1(e) of the Open Game License, Version 1.0a.

The Claremont Academy is a private semi-residential high school in the Bayview neighborhood of Freedom City. Originally a traditional four-year high school, it has recently been acquired by retired superhero Duncan Summers and converted into a school strictly for teenagers with metahuman abilities. Most of the school's students live in dormitories on its campus, but some local students choose to live at home and attend day school there. The school's large endowment, some of which is speculated to come from hero alumni or those interested in cultivating a new generation of heroes, is instrumental in its work to gather and train metahuman teenagers from all parts of the country. Claremont Academy's sister school and feeder is the private Nicholson School, which provides education and boarding for metahuman children from kindergarten through eighth grade.


Claremont Staff

  • Summers, Duncan: Headmaster. Unknown to the students (though suspected by a few), Summers was the first Raven, the dark-clad crimefighter of the 1960s, and father of the current Raven.  Due to recent health concerns he has stepped down.
  • Dugan, Martha: Vice Principal.  She has stepped in as principle during Mr. Summers absence.
  • Faulks, Basil: the very weird chief janitor.
  • Harcourt, Stephanie: gifted inventors whose actions during the Terminus Invasion brought her to Summers' attention. Teaches advanced science courses.
  • Hawke, Leeroy (Turbo-Boost): teaches ethics and responsibility, lessons he's learned the hard way as a reformed criminal.
  • Joy, Aretha: Humble yet outgoing nurse.
  • Kuzkin, Demetrius: strange head of the theater department.
  • Marquez, Gabriel: Counselor at the Claremont Academy, confined to a wheelchair since the Terminus Invasion, which also awakened his power to temporarily nullify the powers of others.
  • Perry, Jesse (Ghostman): Former crimefigher in the 1980s who used his powers to strike fear into the hearts of organized crime. Retired to write a series of pulp novels, using his experiences as fuel; now Claremont's creative writing teacher.
  • Skyler, Darian: Righteously self-important calculus teacher.
  • Armstrong, Travis: Gym teacher, tries to get everyone to call him Coach, usually fails. Not a big believer in second chances.

Claremont Uniforms

The school colors of Claremont are blue and gold. All students participating in active hero training are eligible to wear the school uniform, which is made of super-durable material and can be replaced at no charge. Students may also elect to design their own uniforms, but are then responsible for acquiring and replacing them as well.


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