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Found 25 results

  1. 2019 May 17th (Friday). Evening. Cloudy, temps in high 60s/low 70s. [Continued from Upgrading the Supply Chain.] At the doorway to a small private hangar on Jameson Airport, a hole in space appeared. It was a very brief thing, and tightly controlled -- the creator knew a wormhole's varying gravimetric fluctuations could play havoc with the delicate sensors used by the aircraft in the area, so he kept things tight and focused to minimize that. Out of the portal stepped two figured, with a motorcylce between them. One was a young man, who appeared to be the vehicle's owner as he was dressed not unlike a biker. The other appeared to be an older man, middle aged, with long brown hair, in blue overalls and an orange long-sleeved shirt, with a large leather tool belt. As soon as they were through, the portal snapped shut with a soft 'boof' of displaced air. "Here we are, hangar 4P," the older man said as he walked towards the single side door, "home sweet home. Well, for now, at least." He opened the door and entered the darkened structure, beckoning for the younger man to follow.
  2. Deep Space, Lor Border Zone 14th Jyeshtha 2075 "I did not know that Terrans still had a nudity taboo!" A bemused Sitara walked back into the cabin of the Kavaca zipping up her freshly donned jumpsuit, the ships proximity alarm providing a well-timed distraction. The voice of Akazavani spoke as soon as Sitara entered the cabin, she could speak where she wanted in the ship and even had a holographic image for just such occasions. But she was being well behaved today, obviously, she understood Terran behaviour better than Sitara did. "We're picking up a distress call from a Lor Navy ship, the Glorious Exploration of the Unknown."
  3. 2019 May 17th (Friday). Evening. Cloudy, temps in high 60s/low 70s. On Shelley Road, in one of many squat gray buildings that dotted the neighborhood, was the Southside Family Medical Center. It was several blocks from the middle-class safety centered on Freedom College campus or the Jordan International Airport, and primarily served the far too numerous amount of uninsured people of Southside. They received some funding government grants and local charities, but it was not nearly enough to give adequate care to all who came through their doors. And many did come through their doors: college kids who partied too hard and didn't want any records, victims of gang shootings, and perfectly law-abiding citizens stuck in hazardous low-income jobs, whose poverty charged interest on their bodies. There was always some shortage or other of supplies, though most days they managed to make things stretch. Equipment too worn out even for West End's Trinity Hospital often wound up here, juuust functional enough to not be complete scrap. For the past few days, a "freelance technician" had been coming by to see about keeping their gear in functional order. He'd simply appeared on day a few weeks ago, in dingy overalls and a large tool belt, working at several such clinics throughout the area. The first few clinics were initially skeptical of this "Patch Menderson," but a lack of references or papers (and obviously fake name) were far from unusual in these parts, and his skills and oddly charming nature spoke for themselves. And so it was that on a May evening, as he left the struggling medical center, the path of "Patch Menderson" -- in reality Herr Doktor Viktor Archeville, working incognito and trying a new method of helping others -- crossed with one of Southside's more unusual defenders...
  4. OOC thread for this thread. Get your space on! @Thevshi @Supercape @Exaccus @RocketLord
  5. GM December 10th, 2018, 5.25 AM, five minutes to destination Mars Orbit, Solar System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe, inside of a Pegasus-class spaceplane Light-speed travel was great. With the coordinates set, all systems nominal and nothing especially likely to be between the Pegasus and Starshell Castle, there was little to do but wait and consider what the little band was up against. The pilot and three passengers had a lot of skillsets between them; young adventurer, amateur mystic and philanthropist Veronica Danger, anxious AEGIS Eyespy agent Echohead, otherworldly wanderer Forever Boy and materials-mimic Facsimile, all of them brought something unique to the mission. The mission itself was simple enough: get into Starshell Castle, don't get caught, find out and do as much damage as they can before escaping. Of particular interest were the Nightstone, supposed power source of Blackstar and his followers, and anything to suggest how they could move between Starshell and Earth without the Lighthouse satellite detecting them. That last was of especial importance, since the refitting of the satellite and its augmentation with alien technology included some of the best sensory systems the Coalition could provide. If there was a flaw being exploited, some basic incompatibility, or even some wholly-unknown power at work, it was vital information. Outside there was nothing to see, but on the inside of the windows was a projected simulation of the solar system blurring by. If you looked too long, you started to see patterns in the stars.
  6. 16th Feb, 2019 Freedom City Coast GM Summer was not here, but the cool chill of winter was waning. The skies were less sombre, the trees less spartan. And, best of all, 'twas the weekend. A weekend to go driving one's motorcycle along the seafront. However cautiously or legally one was driving (or not) there was always one idiot on the roads. That was urban life for you. But Fascimile, driving his motorcycle most cautiously and legally (or not) was witness, this very day, this very afternoon to a most unusual type of idiot on the roads. Even by the extraordinarily high standards of Freedom City. Whipping past him, at a speed well beyong that which was legal, safe, or even sane, was another motorbike. And sat upon this motorbike was a lunatic dressed in chainmail armour, sword by his side, and holding a lance. "AN-AR-CHY! AN-AR-CHY!" he yelled as he terrorised pedestrians and motorists by the beach and by the buildings on the other side.
  7. For this. Obviously, I won't be killing Dominic. But whether justice is served? Well that's up to you all. We'll see how it goes.
  8. In the past year, three racing champions had been murdered by, of all things, an archer. The shots were, in a word, impossible. The female sailor racer had been killed at sea, with nothing around for miles. The male dogsled racer was found when his dogs dragged him and his sled back into town. There’d been a killing blizzard that had shut down travel to the miles wide region for over a week, and the locals swore up and down nobody else had set out on the trail. The third had been a female marathoner, struck down in the American Southwest while training. In the desert. With several witnesses who swore nobody else was around for miles. September 28, 2018. Freedom City. Just outside Ashton and Grenville. Horizon Festival Main Stage. 9 AM. There would be over a hundred different races held, in varying skill rankings. Anyone with a driver’s license and an automobile that could pass an inspection could enter at the lowest level. The highest, however, was reserved for those who had proven their superiority over the competition. At stake? Honor, pride, and a trainload of cash. The Horizon Festival had come to Freedom City, and it was a madhouse. It was a street rally racing event primarily, but you wouldn’t know it from the stages set up what seemed like all over town. There was going to be three dozen bands playing at one time or another the entire weekend. Vendors had set up in sight of what seemed like every stage. Mechanics Alley was also open to onlookers, even if only the pro cars had slots booked in it. Because oh, yes indeed. The world’s finest street rally racers had followed the Festival to Freedom. Dominic Cortez was the grudgingly acknowledged best street rally racer in the world. He wasn’t worried about anything today. He’d drive in the kickoff race, but only for a lap. Any real racing, for him, wouldn’t be until tomorrow afternoon. As the world’s #1, he was automatically entered into the S class, highest at the Festival. The people who were worried were his agent and mechanic, Darius Greer and sister Sofia. He only trusted blood to work on his wheels. After the last murder, racing champions had gone into seclusion across almost all of racing. They only poked their heads out for events, and even then under astonishingly heavy security. Dominic Cortez was the sole exception. Leaning against the door of his car, he watched the MC blather on. The man was charismatic and effective, Dom would give him that, but honestly? Dom just wanted to get on the track already.
  9. GM December 10th, 2018, 4.54 AM Star Island Space Control Center, Atlantic Ocean, USA All around the heroes, the Space Control Center buzzed with activity. People rushing by in uniforms of every shade, shouts, the rattle and roar of machinery, the feel of the floor and air vibrating with the sheer noise passing through them. Above was a clear, chill Atlantic sky, a few stars twinkling despite the blazing lights of the offshore aerospace facility. Over the base's cacophony, a voice cut through. "...And that's where we're at. Thanks to the cooperation of these two, we have a lock on Blackstar's most likely location by tracking the signature of his Shadow Bands. Faster-than-light approach in a Pegasus should let you get close to the base without raising the alarm, and if our readings and the information from his followers is accurate, his castle should be minimally-staffed." To his credit, USAF Col. Randall Austin didn't look enviously at the sleek navy blue spaceplane taxiing into the launch sling. The flickering decade and change had thickened the man a shade around the waistline, and the grey in his hair fair outnumbered the thickets of coarse black, but the last hour and a half of explaining a lot of information clearly and concisely proved his mind was as sharp as ever. "If you can apprehend Blackstar, that would be great. But if you learn how he and his followers are transporting to Earth without the Lighthouse detecting them, that's far more important. Now, are there any questions before takeoff?" Behind his glasses, Randall beamed hopefully.
  10. OOC thread for this thread. Our heroes from No Better Time to Start take the fight to Blackstar. @Thevshi @Supercape @Exaccus @RocketLord
  11. GM September 1st, 2018, 4.28PM A.S.T.R.O. Labs The day was winding down, the light was starting to wane, and the people working at one of the premier technological application centers on Earth were starting to think fondly of home. By now the horrors of the Terminus Invasion had already begun to fade from all but the hardest-hit. But the fact remained: while there was a sense that the Terminus might not make such a move again, there were other dangers in the omniverse. So far the day had gone famously. The dimensional conduit prototype, code-named DR(pronounced, naturally, 'door') was in full working order, the odd-looking man from AEGIS hadn't gotten in the way while 'checking for mental leaks', and the representative for the prestigious Danger Foundation had been nothing but helpful with the finer details of avoiding dangerous interaction with the forces she unaccountably referred to as 'magic'. The support staff had been on top of their game today, especially thanks to a newcomer with an ease around the strange materials they worked with that confounded even veterans of the Labs. Regardless, there was only a little clearing up to do and everyone would be off the clock. So it was with a certain regret that one of the walls exploded inward from a shower of dark energy, followed by two odd-looking men in Atom Family Adventure-like uniforms of black, silver and purple with armbands that radiated power. "Hello!" the finned one said merrily "Please leave this to us, Terresi!" "I'm Electrum Eagle. No prey escapes me." The winged one snarled, knocking the room off its feet with a wave of his gauntleted hand, emitting a punishing shockwave that made the nerves scream. "And I'm Platinum Porpoise! Take a seat!" A snap of his webbed fingers and a boyish smile heralded a great seething wave of bluish-purple energy that started flashing across the room, pinning everyone in its path with coils of otherworldly darkness! However, even as they headed for the great arch of the DR, they were unaware that someone had followed them ever since they first materialized in Freedom City...
  12. OOC for this thread. @RocketLord Forever Boy debuts, alongside @Supercape's Echohead, @Exaccus's Facsimile and @Thevshi's Veronica Danger. For the stats of your opponents from Blackstar's Blackguard, consider them to be PL12 versions of this sheet by Troll, with the amendment the powers come from a Hard-To-Lose Device: Electrum Eagle can fly under his own power, and Platinum Porpoise is Immune to Suffocation by all descriptors.
  13. Eh'Qui 9 Time and Date unknown There were many signs that Facsimile wasn't on Earth anymore, the grass he was lying in was to green, the sky was a little too blue and looking down at him was several small horse-faced aliens. They looked down at him with a mix of concern and curiosity, after all as far as he knew he'd just fallen from the sky in front of them. The chatted excitedly to each other, apparently trying to work out if he was a danger, in cute little voices that sounded a little like horse whinnies.
  14. GM It had been quite an adventure and had ended with Penny Coin (also known as the Puzzle Pixie) finding a peice for her puzzle box. This peice being an enchanted bone. When inserted into the mysterious box of infinite puzzles... Well, lots of strange stuff with dimensions and magic and this and that happened. In a blaze of light. And then... Well, Facsimile woke up in a lovely silk bed with a start. His dreams had been most peculiar and best left for the man himself to describe. But peculiar they had been. As lovely as the silk bed was, the most peculiar thing is that he woke up in a graveyard. The air was cool and dry, and the smell of rain and earth lingered faintly. Up above was a moon. A very big moon, twice the size of anything he had ever seen. To his left, he heard loud snoring. Penny Coin was asleep, snoring loudly, clutching her pillow and mumbling about the Elf King and whistling pipes.
  15. There is nothing quite like a good book. A good story, with well developed characters and an enticing premise. You learn to love and relate to the protagonist and learn to hate and despise the villain. Yes, there isn't anything quite like a good book and many people can easily find themselves lost in the world of the pages. Sometimes though a good book is too hard to put down... Calling @Zeitgeist Blue and @Exaccus
  16. Hey guys! Finally have things ready to go for this adventure and hoping you guys are ready as well. Do forgive me for making error here and there. I mainly play 3E and this is the 1st 2E I've run so bare with me. The 1st bit of story is going to be just Facsimile until you get into the thick of it. Shouldn't take too long to get there so don't worry about having to wait to play Blue. I look forward to running this for you guys. @Zeitgeist Blue and @Exaccus
  17. GM January 26, 2018 Everything was going to hell. By all rights, Tandem Robotics was just a research and development company that no one really knew much about or paid any real attention to. They were a well-funded business nonetheless, and in the last five years had been making forays into the realm of energy production. For a while, it was all theoretical research, nothing truly noteworthy. Somewhere in the last two weeks, however, everything changed. The blackout stretched for blocks. By the time police were on the scene, the overcast skies lent an ominous aura to the entire situation. And it was very much a situation. The seven story structure where Tandem Robotics was housed seemed to be in some sort of lockdown. Witnesses were being interviewed, but police had surrounded the building, trying to keep people out and witnesses/victims secure. The violet beam sending pulsing waves of light into the night sky didn'tseem to be helping matters at all, either. Right up until it wasn't.
  18. GM Saturday, March 24th Later Afternoon... The sun hung low in the sky, and the shadows were long, but it was a surprisingly warm day, and people were in fair spirits. Jackson street was a smaller road in the Theatre district, full of more avante garde art and artists. As was the case when art was less than a blinding success, money was thin in wallets and pockets. And this close to the Fens, the paucity of wealth started to blend with the abundance of crime that goes with it. Perhaps the highlight of Jackson Street was The Square Moon, a Sort of Jazz club. It was "sort of" because it played all sorts of esoteric and crazy music of limited popularity that proclaimed itself to be both artistic and cool. And usually had some maddening time signature. In addition, the Square Moon attracted all sorts of new age and wiccan types and had a barely believed reputation for being seeped in sorcery. Outside the Square Moon, a tall man of Asian heritage in a cool turtleneck was pacing up and down and smoking heavily, quite worried. He was stopping passers by and those coming in and out of the Square Moon showing them pictures of two kids, but with limited success. Maybe the young man known as Facsimile might help as he passed by? And meanwhile... Victoria Gold has received a hand written, hand delevired note of brief nature. Trouble at the Square Moon with Katarnachists. I need your help. Meet me outside at 5pm. Wear a circle. Followed by the sigil of the Guardians of the Wheel. Which, as far as Victorian Gold knew, only the Guardians of the Wheel knew.....
  19. And here we are. Not quite initiative time yet. As the recruitment thread mentioned, I'm playing fast and loose with plot type things. The building's on fire, you're on the second floor but unaware until you glance out a window of the room you're in, and there's some other folks in there somewhere. How'd you get here? Who knows? Well, I do, but that's for wrapping up. The other person in the room is, well, the PC who isn't yours. If that's unclear. Involuntary training simulation, away... Should probably hold onto these... Burning Swordmaster Archer Paragon
  20. The building was on fire, and it wasn’t Facsimile’s fault. It wasn’t Woodsman’s fault, either. Just to set the record straight. The two weren’t sure of a lot of things. Like how they’d gotten inside a burning office building. What floor they were on (spoiler: the second of three). And, oh right, exactly who was the other one in the room (that was just a little on fire). What the two young heroes were sure of is that the building wasn’t empty besides them, there weren’t any sirens to be heard, and above all, there was something slightly…off, about everything. It was like the idea of a burning building from someone who’d never actually been in one.
  21. Friday, August 26th, 2016 The Athletic Field, Claremont Academy, Bayview 8:14 PM The sun was beginning to set, the Academy’s main building, located to the south catching a last few glimpses of sunlight. Most of the school’s students had returned or arrived already, in preparation of the new school year starting in just three days. Some had also stayed through the break, or arrived earlier, earlier in their summer break. Among the latter group were Jann Fa-Re, Selena Kwon and Alexander Lloydd, all of whom had been at the school for at least a few weeks now. They all got along, so they had been spending time together, and were doing so right now. While many of the students attended the Kick-Off Dance held in the gym, or were out in the streets of Freedom City doing their own thing, these three had decided to take the relative silence this day would offer, with most people doing the best with their last few days of break-time, to work on something. They had planned it, they had acquired the supplies they needed through various ways, and as the sun was now setting, it was time to put the plan into motion. Meanwhile, a few dozen feet to the south, Naomi Suleiman was spending her time inside her room. A dance did not interest her much, so she just was inside her room for now. Suddenly, something caught her attention. Through her window, she saw a group of people, three or so, flying above the athletic field. It was something unusual for a variety of reasons, including the fact almost everybody was currently at the dance.
  22. GM May 7th, 2016, 2.04 AM Somewhere beyond Freedom City, one mile beneath the surface To Alex, the white room stretched into forever, his body floating in a silent void. Only the sensation of the forcefields holding him in place and the faint echoes over the hidden intercom kept things from seeming wholly unreal. The stream of regular visitors kept things lively, too. "As you can see, colonel, the assimian specimen is as unharmed as their sibling." A figure materialized out of the white glare, in the same tan uniform with the same mechanically-styled "G", ventilator mask and narrow glowing eyeslits as the rest. Even the voice, muffled by the uniform, sounded as androgynous and indistinctive as the rest. This one, however, was followed by a whirring drone projecting a silhouette of a face, its features obscured by static. Regardi Alex with its implacable mechanical stare, a voice eventually crackled "Good work. You're sure he can't copy energy forms?" "Positive." Some kind of control panel slid down from the ceiling, and the figure idly checked it over, seeing nothing they did not expect to see "Only solids and possibly certain liquids can be mimicked by the subject. We'll bring them into contact with the piece of the Shard, then proceed with the other tests." "Hm. Keep them in good condition, doctor, and bring back results I can use or nothing at all. That sibling, by the way...can they be enhanced using the subject, like you told them?" The figure laughed, and the control panel vanished like a ghost into the white mist "Nothing's impossible, colonel! But some things are very, very improbable. I'll keep you informed, breaking commlink." The projected face winked out, and the buglike robot droned back into the world outside the void. The figure remained for a moment, regarding Alex as a slender piece of red crystal imprisoned in a clear pillar rose from the floor in front of the teenager. As it began moving closer to him, the figure walked out, saying aloud "Do a good job, subject 13505, and I'll open a channel to your brother's room. "Results I can use", please, like we're ASTRO Labs or something..." The crystal was uncovered, and tilted as it gently came to rest against Alex's forehead. Sakurako's cell The ceiling had four cameras, or at least four visible ones, in each corner. The door was an arrangement of thick metal held in place by a thoroughly old-fashioned forcefield. Perfectly-placed lights kept things illuminated, but allowed for sleep. Outside were thirteen other cells, all empty by the way they were ignored by the guards, who stood facing Endeavor's from the wall opposite. There were various accomodations for living beings, and a privacy screen, but nothing was hidden from the unmoving electronic eyes. "What's with the hair, mutant?" By some quirk, anything inside the cell could be heard in the corridor directly outside (they'd already teased her for snoring while sleeping off the knockout pulse) and the same inside. "Nah, I looked over Loretta's shoulder when she was doing the scan, just chemical dye." "That's no fun. So, what're they going to do with her?" "Still figuring that out. Didn't count on a third person being there when they grabbed the other two." "Long as we don't have to go back to regular duty, hope that takes 'em forever." There was a long pause, and the second guard said "Do you hate being on these memory-loss drugs as much as me?" "So very, very much. Pretty sure you asked me that exact question ten minutes ago." It was actually twenty-eight seconds ago.
  23. Ooc for this thread. Evil science vs. good science and also superpowers go.
  24. Facsimile Power Level: 10/11 (194/202PP) Trade-Offs: Varies Unspent Power Points: 8 In Brief:A young man with the power to mimic the properties of substances he touches, trying to balance his hero work with his home life and schooling Residence:Freedom city; southside Base of Operations: Freedom city Catchphrase: "Lets see what you're made of.", Various material based puns. Alternate Identity: Alexander Lloydd Identity: Secret Birthplace:Freedom city Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Family: Father; Eric Lloydd (48) Mother; Tabitha Lloydd (40) Younger brother; RIchard Lloydd (16) Older Sister Caitlynn Lloydd (24) Description: Age: 16 (DoB: 14th July 1999) Apparent Age: 18 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 5'11 (base) Weight: 150lbs (base) Eyes: Grey Hair: Black, Alex has a broad and stocky frame much like his construction worker father though he is by no means muscular, keeping his hair short and styled with a side parting. Power Descriptions: the transformations begin at the point of contact and quickly spread up his form from there in a ripple of light and heat released from the atomic changes as his body assumes the properties of the material touched, All powers have the mutation Descriptor History: Alexander hadn't planned on being a hero, he'd planned on following in his fathers footsteps and entering the construction business, maybe if he worked hard becoming a foreman, but at no point in time had it entered his mind that he might instead find himself shoulder to shoulder with the spandex phalanx as his father called the various heroes of freedom city, had never even crossed his mind but as someone once said, plans are insulted destinies. It was not untill a few weeks after his 16th birthday that his latent mutation first manifested, he'd been on site doing work experience at a construction yard when a chain snapped and a girder began a 6 story drop towards him, the world seemed to slow down around him as he watched what he was certain was going to be his very painful death rush towards him, arms raised in what he had passed off as futile defiance of the inevitable even as a strange surge of warmth raced up his legs and over his back, till he saw a white ripple of energy emerge from his sleeves, turning the flesh it passed over grey and numb, he barely had time to acknowledge it before the girder impacted his palms and nearly knocked him to the ground, before simply rolling off a landing on the concrete before him with a thud. leaving as quickly as it had come Alex found himself returned to his normal appearance in another wave of light and heat and beat a quick retreat home before the construction workers could come and investigate the site. It was a few days later he received a letter from a Mister Duncan Summers inviting him to Claremont High school on a scholarship, something his middle-class and money concious parents accepted with glee and the rest is as they say, history. Personality & Motivation: Alex is a well adjusted young man, having been instilled by a strong working ethic by his father and a love of mischief and terrible puns by his mother and older sister, he truely wants to try and make life better for the people around him, though he mainly plans to do this by pushing for the rennovation of the cities poorest and most delapidated areas he can't deny that punching bad guys is a lot more enjoyable Powers & Tactics: Alex will attempt to mimic a sturdy substance as soon as possible in combat, usually his steel belt buckle or his motorcycle if he happens to be riding it at the time and attempt to pummel his opponents into submission, though he is not above being cunning or sneaky when times call for such he is in his heart of hearts a showman who treats his battles with villainy like wresting matches Complications: Feet of clay: Alex assimilates most features of the materials he mimics, especially any flaws or drawbacks that might entail such as increased vulnerability to some descriptors or even weakness to substances it might react with. My brothers keeper:Richard is the only member of Alex's family to be aware of his powers and has since began to put himself into harms way on occasion in the hopes of awakening his own powers in some regard, he also feels jealousy towards his elder brother that occasionally turns to resentment Secret identity: though only Richard is aware that Alex is also Fascimile his sister Caitlynn has suspicions that he is "up to something!" this is particularly troublesome as she is a intern at the local newspaper and has limited access to the resources it can provide and won't hesisitate to do so if she believes Alex to be in danger or doing something stupid. Abilities: 8 + 4 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 28PP Strength: 18 (+4) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP Initiative: +2 Attack: +6 -Melee: +10 (6 Base + 4 Attack Focus (Melee)) -Ranged: +6 Grapple: +14 Defense: +10 (6 Base + 4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: -2 Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 6 = 16PP Toughness: +4 (+4 Con) Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4) Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Skills: 96R = 24PP Bluff 12 (+14) Diplomacy 8 (+10) Drive 8 (+10) Concentration 12 (+14) Intimidate 8 (+10) Knowledge: Physical sciences 4 (+4) Language 4 (Base: English, German, Romanian, Korean, Spanish) Medicine 4 (+6) Notice 12 (+14) Sense Motive 12 (+14) Stealth 12 (+14) Feats: 22PP All-Out Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Connected Dodge Focus 4 Equipment 2 (Bought with Silver Reward) Hide in plain Sight Fast task - Feint Luck 2 Move-by Action Power Attack Second Chance (Concentration Checks to sustain powers) Skill mastery (Medicine, Notice, Sense Notice, Stealth) Taunt Takedown Attack Teamwork 2 Equipment: 2pp = 10ep Motorcycle (9ep) Defense bonus: +0 Toughness: +8 -Speed 5 (250 mph, 2500 ft per round.) -STR: 15 (+2) Smart phone (1ep) Powers: 7 + 66 + 1 = 74PP Immunity 7 (Resilient Physiology, Mutation, Immune to Environmental Conditions (All). suffocation (All)) [7pp] Object Mimicry 12 (Mutation; Mimic 60pp Pool of traits as a move action) [72pp]. Dense Material Mimicry Ductile Material Mimicry Liquid Mimicry Energy Mimicry Motorcycle Mimicry Large Object Mimicry Smart Phone Mimicry Supersenses 1 (Analytic Touch) [1PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC19 TOU Damage Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (24) + Feats (22) + Powers (79) = 194/202PP
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