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Found 17 results

  1. Almánzar’s Bar, Lincoln, Freedom City 2nd October 2020 It wasn’t much of a bar, it wasn’t even a particularly cool bar where the kind of people he modelled himself, it was just a blue collar bar where people just had a few drinks after a hard days work. It was just a place that he could be the big man and even if they didn’t like him, and she already knew that he wasn’t particularly popular no more than a bully of the block. Still he had an ego and that was something she could work with. He in this case was a low level hood with powers, calling himself Para LX, who lucked into some sort of light based powers obvious for the green glow that surrounded him lighting up the entire booth holding court for anyone who would pay attention. The perfect for her methods of subterfuge, so time to make an entrance.
  2. Summer 2021 Discovery Channel "So that was the secret of the Day of Wrath," said Fast-Forward into the camera, looking rather more serious than his usual mien, a cloud of black smoke rising from the still-smoldering building behind him. "Robot conspiracies, evil dopplegangers, and a plan for Earth that went much deeper than anybody expected it. When we picked this story for our finale, we never imagined we'd find anything like this - perhaps the most shocking moment in the history of...Supercrime!" - One month earlier....
  3. GM A warehouse by Kissinger, Southside, Freedom City August 24th, 2020 4:30 PM With the police arriving, Archer and Shooting Star had left the fight at the school behind, heading towards Southside. Before leaving, he had called Facsimile, told him where to meet them. Archer had not been amused being carried, and had insisted on a quick stop at one of his caches around town to stock up on arrows. Just in case. Now, they were ready. Standing by a rooftop on Kissinger, Archer just waited for Facsimile to arrive before they could get started.
  4. The Boardwalk Freedom City, New Jersey.Thursday, April, 2nd 202010:00 PM "I'm telling you. Frank has the best hot dog cart on the Boardwalk. Back when I had a penthouse here, It was my stakeout food of choice" Foreshadow told Raven before taking a bite. The prescient acrobat's cape fluttered in the wind as he stood on the sign of a run down hotel. The sign flickering in the night. The heirs to two heroic legacies in Freedom City had met up to discuss an auction that supposedly included powered individuals as items of sale going on in the Atlantis casino. "Oh! The kid's good. Solid nine out of ten for style." Down below the latest hero to don the mantle of Archer had been following an armored car that was transporting bags of cash from a casino. It had been stolen in the morning by a group of five ex special forces soldiers. The driver employed by the armored car company. They had almost gotten away with it until Archer tracked them down leading to a pursuit through the streets of the Boardwalk. Just now two thermite arrows that had been placed before the chase had started were set off from tire welds. Sending the vehicle careening in such a way so that the armored car was actually stuck in the one way entrance of an alleyway the opposite end blocked off by the back entrance to a meat market. The crash location gave both heroes perched above a clear view of the processions below. Two of the thieves came out into the alleyway with riot shields. Which provided them a degree of protection, but not to the degree that staying inside the armored car.
  5. GM The Fens, Freedom City August 24th, 2020 9:30 AM The day had started normal enough for Alice. Go to school, don't quite save the world just yet, but maybe learn a bit about how to do it eventually. Like much of the Fens, Alice's school was not a particularly nice place to spend your time. Apathetic teachers that had given up on trying to make a difference, students fighting. It was not the safe place that most of Freedom City had become. Few seemed to care about the Fens, after all. So few heroes stuck around. Alice was not one of those heroes. Since returning to the school after the summer, she had noticed something new. Drugs had always been a problem at the school, but these new drugs were different, and since those new dealers had appeared at the school, rumors of students getting into trouble had only grown, and they were suddenly showing signs of different super powers. Someone had to find out what was going on. By this point, Alice had found two dealers: Teddy Kaplan, a normally quiet and slightly twitchy type that tended to stay in the school yard, and Billy Altman, a nerd that was usually hanging out near what passed for a computer lab. She honestly didn't know either of them well, but she would have to make a choice on who to pursue.
  6. Southside Sentinels A series of at first seemingly unrelated stories of heroes and villains, all eventually revealed to be connected by a common thread, mainly dealing with heroes active in areas around Southside and the Fens. Narrative The storyline is still ongoing. The narrative will be updated as it progresses. Characters Players characters Archer II Facsimile Ms. Bright Octoman Spectre Shooting Star Notable NPCs Billy, aMaZo dealer at Shooting Star's school Contenders, the Bear-Knuckle Fly-Boy Heavyweight TKO Preacher's Flock Crimson Cross Jonathan Preacher, the Notable Concepts aMaZo: A new super drug with seemingly random effects, perfected over a matter of years. Timeline May 15th, 2019: Ms. Bright deals with multiple cases of missing homeless, eventually revealed to be the work of a mysterious Preacher and his allies Crimson Cross and Jonathan. With the source of their power revealed to be a mysterious drug, Jonathan turns on the Preacher and Crimson Cross escapes, leading to Ms. Bright ultimately defeating the man and bringing him into custody. August 30th, 2019: The Contenders return from retirement to challenge Facsimile to deadly combat. Stronger than ever and with a mysterious backer, they have taken a school hostage. With aid from Archer II, Facsimile eventually emerges victorious, though TKO manages to escape. The source of their increased power remains unrevealed. November 15th, 2019: Several people are abducted from the Millenium Mall by the Pinball Wizard! Archer II, Octoman and Spectre gives chase through the Pinball Wizard's death traps, ultimately rescuing the hostages. While the Pinball Wizard manages to escape, he is revealed to have ties to a mysterious new player, several of his henchmen having been enhanced by a new power granting drug. August 24th, 2020: Shooting Star's investigation into the power granting drug aMaZo that has spread through her school leads to a confrontation with a group of gunmen and an empowered dealer. With the aid of Archer II, Shooting Star emerges victorious. Together, they discover further leads into the supplier and resolve to stop them. August 24th, 2020: Following the earlier fight, Archer II, Shooting Star and Facsimile gather to investigate the source of aMaZo.
  7. Archer II Gather Information DC 5: The original Archer was active during the so-called Iron Age, disappearing after the Terminus Invasion, but never confirmed killed. DC 10: A new Archer has appeared, operating primarily in Southside. DC 15: Judging from comments made by other heroes and the new Archer himself, it seems that he has been trained by the previous Archer. Connor King Gather Information DC 10: Connor's parents were killed when he was 10 years old. DC 15: Connor disappeared between ages 10 and 13.
  8. GM Millennium Mall, Midtown, Freedom City 5:30 PM, November 15th, 2019 A rainy Friday afternoon, and Millennium Mall was packed as usual. There was a certain feeling in the air. Everyone was moving around in groups, even tighter than usual. Even through laughter and crying children, everyone hurried between the shops and stuck together, casting nervous glances about. During the last month, five people had gone missing, all disappearing within the vicinity of the mall during the evening. Everyone was hurrying to get home before it was too late. No one wanted to stick around, deals or not deals. That kidnappers had made no demands, and had not been seen. All that was found on the scene after a disappearance was a single silver ball, small enough to fit in a hand. And on this particular evening, several visitors to the mall would be finding similar balls all over the mall.
  9. GM August 20, 2019 A barrier island off the coast of Freedom City 6:00 AM This was it, the fateful hour. The morning fog rolled over the barrier island, the waves calm. Rising up from the island’s rocky surface was the vessel that would take the fateful group up to the Moon: The Peregrine. Standing tall as a building, it looked like a rocket ship out of Buck Rogers, tall and thin and cast in chrome. An extendable stairway lead into its interior, inviting the people on the surface to step inside. In front, a crowd of heroes had gathered, dressed in space-suits. Rachel stood out front of the Peregrine, dressed in a labcoat and holding a datapad that she was going over intently. She paced, occasionally looking at the heroes, then at the rocketship. She sighed sharply through her nose, then nodded to herself. Stowing the datapad, she clapped her hands together. “Alright! So, I’ve quintuple checked everything, and it looks like we’re cleared to go. Just some things to cover. Flight up to orbit is going to take 3 hours, then making it to the Moon will take another hour You won’t have to do anything for the first bit, I’ve installed a guidance system. One reinforced against psychic interference, this time. However, our pilot,” she said, looking over to Black Mamba, “will have to guide it down to the surface. I’ve deliberately made the controls easy and familiar, so you shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re attacked, I’ve installed Photon Cannons. However, I would be careful, if you fire them in our atmosphere you could cause a fireball. The firing mechanism is very clearly labeled.” She gestured at their space-suits, red ones that were similarly retro. “Your space-suits are state-of-the-art and tailored to what I know about your powers so you can use them. For example, Fast-Forward’s suit has been implanted with a reactive graviton array that will allow him to use his speed powers as though he was in normal gravity. Similarly, I’ve developed a field generator that should allow Archer to use his bow and arrows effectively. The same goes for the rest of you. I’ve tried to account for everything. More than that, your suits have a nano-array that should allow them to quickly seal if you’re hit, so no worries about suffocation. There are limits, though. Take too much damage and the nano-array won’t have enough material to repair. Life support is good for 72 hours, so if for some reason you get blown away into space, we have time to retrieve you,” she said. “I will not be joining you up there, sadly. But I have an FTL-communication device set up that should mean I will be able to communicate with you instantaneously with you wherever you are, as long as you don’t all decide to like… visit Mars or something. Please don’t do that.” She paused, and then tilted her head. “Alright. Any questions?”
  10. GM Brussels, Belgium July 27th, 4:00 PM The trip over water had been mostly fine. When going at the speeds that Fast-Forward was capable of, there was little in the way of hazards that could slow you down. Going overland was more of an issue, being more bumpy, breaking off from the Scheldt river near Antwerp to hit the capital of Belgium. Brussels was, in many ways, one of the most powerful cities in the world. De facto capital city of the European Union, it was a meeting place of every sort of power you could imagine. Which made it the perfect sort of place for a super-hunter-for-hire to set up. Much as they wanted to keep it quiet, the governments of the world knew that there were plenty of powerful individuals who could take on entire nations, and sometimes things had to be done a little more black hat than the average superhero could manage. Amongst the mixture of modern and antique buildings rose a white complex, cast in the art moderne style, looking more than a little out of place next to its neighbours. It rose for 6 storeys, lacking much in the way of detail beyond glass, white plaster and steel. This was the home and office of Adrian Pike, once known as Kombat, former ally of Corona and now a potential threat. @Avenger Assembled @RocketLord @Tarrakhash
  11. Freedom City Friday, July 26 5:58 PM Donahue’s Dockside Bar was not exactly the most glamorous of establishments. The outer walls were coated in flaking black paint, the sign that announced the bar’s name was a harsh neon red, and the windows were tinted in such a way that peering inside was at the very least difficult. On the steel front door was a sign which declared in hastily scrawled letters “closed for a private party”. The interior was not much better.The tables were made of old, battered wood, and the chairs had clearly seen better days. The lights were dim, as if to enhance the melancholic mood of anyone who happened to drink there regularly. The only thing really livening things up was a cloth-covered pair of tables, with a bright sign saying “free food - take what you like”. A few pieces sat under cloches, and the smell of hot sauce was strong in the air. Serena paced back and forth in front of the bar, rubbing at her temples. She was dressed in her Corona costume, a grey set of tights with black trunks and a leather jacket over top, along with a pair of welding goggles resting on her forehead. She sighed to herself. “Do you think anyone’s gonna show up?” she asked. Lester Donahue looked up from the glass he was polishing behind the bar. The muscle he had possessed in his teenage years had long ago turned to fat, and now an enormous belly hung in front of him, but he still possessed the orange fur and wet black nose that had come with the transformation that had given him inhuman levels of strength. He frowned at her, his yellow eyes following the superheroine as she moved back and forth. “It’s still two minutes to six, give’em time,” he said. “Besides, at least some of them are gonna show up for the free food alone, always do.” Serena looked over at him. “Well, that’s great but I kinda need superheroes.” Lester shrugged. “Superheroes like free food too. I mean, you’re mooching off of me right now,” he said with a slight smirk as he looked back down at his glass. Serena huffed. “Not mooching, I will pay you back.” Lester waved his hand at her dismissively. “Myaaaah, it’s fine. This is sticking it to Wu, it’s on me since I can’t uh… Well with my back injury and the heart condition…” Serena smiled sympathetically at him. “Thanks, Les.” Lester shrugged again. “Eh, it’s fine. EY! I think that’s the first person now!” he said, gaze drifting towards the window.
  12. Archer II Connor King is the second Archer, trained and instructed by original Iron Age hero himself. After having spent 6 years training to take up the mantle, Connor has entered the super hero scene, making his home in Freedom City's Southside, where he fights to restore the reputation that he believes the Archer name deserves. Confrontational and out to prove himself, the new Archer might not be the easiest person to work with, but his heart is in the right place, and no one can question his dedication. History Connor King grew up in Southside, Freedom City. Living with loving, but ultimately flawed parents, he had little, but he was a happy, if somewhat intense, boy, owing in part to having to help his parents from a young age. When Connor was only three, Rachel was in an accident that left her addicted to pain killers. Struggling to keep up with medical bills, Fabian fell into the same addicted. Over time, the addiction spread to harder drugs. For all their faults, Rachel and Fabian tried to shield Connor from their addiction as well as they could. When Connor was six years old, his parents were killed for their stash, leaving Connor to find their bodies. Traumatized, but given little care in Southside, Connor was sent into the foster system. Though readily moved into foster homes willing to take care of him, Connor's trauma and resulting issues caused him to lash out, sometimes violently, and he would soon be sent back, and others would be chosen to try to help him. They tried to give him stable homes, but Connor only had one thing on mind: Revenge. It wasn't bad homes. He spent time with good, loving foster parents, but he rejected all their help. They knew nothing about him, didn't understand what he had gone through. Why should he care what they thought? At the age of eleven, Connor ran away to Southside, disappearing into the streets in his search for revenge. He thought it would be easy to find whoever had killed his parents, despite their murder going unsolved. He was wrong, of course, and he found that it wasn't easy to survive on the street alone. Out of both necessity and a need for companionship, Connor fell in with a gang. He was young, so he acted mostly as a lookout, but a natural aptitude for mechanics saw him slowly rise through the ranks, often being sent to steal from cars, or set cars up to be stolen by others. When Connor was twelve, his world was turned upside down again. A security consultant had been hired to protect a place that the gang had been looking out for, so Connor was sent to steal his car to distract him. A simple job, right? At least until Connor was caught. For the security consultant, history repeated itself. Once upon a time, Ethan Keller had lived on the street. Trying to steal the third Bowman's car, he had been taken in and trained as the next Arrow, eventually leaving to forge his own path as the Archer. He had been a hero for years, one of the few to remain active in Freedom City during the Iron Age, at least until the Terminus Invasion of '92 that claimed the Centurion's life. He had lost his lust for the life of a hero, but as he saw Connor struggle and fight to evade him, a spark ignited in him once more. After a chase, Keller revealed his previous identity, and gave Connor the offer to train with him, become his protege and successor, to channel all his rage into something good. Connor was reluctant, but accepted. The gang had started to become increasingly violent and dangerous, and if anything, this could help him get his revenge. He spent the next six years training under Keller. The old hero was tough, but fair. He would push Connor to his breaking point, then nurse him back to health. He would teach Connor how to use the bow and arrow, endless drills and training, discovering that Connor possessed a raw talent, not unlike what the third Bowman had seen in him. He would do his best to teach Connor what he had missed from the public school system, and about the world of heroes. Connor would become his successor, but he would become a better man, a better Archer, than Keller had ever been. Connor's own world view changed, and he began to see the first Archer as the underdog, his legacy tainted by the era he operated in, despite his good deeds. Aiming part of his anger at the heroes that had abandoned his mentor, Connor decided to become the best, to prove that the Archer's methods worked, even as Keller reigned in some of his once more extreme ideas. The new Archer made his debut in June 2019, first seen in Southside. Using his contacts, Keller had managed to find the man that had killed Connor's parents. Connor tracked him down, finding an old man, an addict wracked with guilt of what he had done more than twelve years prior. Despite his initial plans to kill the man, Connor left him behind. He would become a hero. But not for revenge. Costume and Appearance A somewhat good looking atheletic young man, Connor prefers to dress in jeans, sneakers and various t-shirts. He is not particularly picky about the style or colors. He stands at 6 feet and 190 lbs., with brown hair in a buzzcut and blue eyes. As Archer II, Connor wears a red and white costume. Starting from his feet, he wears red boot with white toes and soles, and a white T-shape where the boots end a bit below his knees. He wears red pants, and a black utility belt with red pouches. On his upper body he wears a red t-shirt under a primarily white jacket, which has a red arrowhead design, with the tip of the arrowhead at his solar plexus, lines to just where his shoulders start, which then stretches around to his back. While the jacket can zip up around his neck, he usually leaves it slightly unzipped, letting the collar hang loose around his neck. He wears red braces around his wrists, and white gloves. A full red cowl with white lenses leaves only his mouth visible, in an effort to hide his face. He wears a metallic grey square quiver on his back, and uses a metallic grey bow. Powers & Skills Connor posses no superhuman powers, instead relying on skills honed through years of training, and raw talent. He is a master marksman with most weapons, though he prefers the bow and a variety of specialized trick arrows. Though he lacks actual experience outside of extensive training, he is a nimble opponent, able to evade most attacks with practiced ease. Well aware of his relative fragility in super human conflicts, he fights tactically, putting his range to good use, prefering ambushes and staying at a distance that puts his range to good use. Allies Ethan Keller: The original Archer might be retired, but he has spent more than 6 years training Connor as his successor. While he is not active in the field, he provides training, knowledge and tactical suggestions to Connor when in the field. Arthur, Alexander and Ajax: Connor's trio of American Bobtail cats. Trick Arrows Connor uses a number of specially designed trick arrows, either designs used by the first Archer, or designed by Connor and his mentor. Connor is able to make the arrows himself, if necessary. The list of trick arrows include, but are not limited to: Standard Arrow: Standard arrows with a variety of heads, including blunt heads. Connor is able to fire multiple at once. Piercing Arrow: Arrows designed especially for piercing heavy armor. Smoke Arrow: On contact with a surface, or when a set time has passed, the arrowhead will release a heavy smoke, obscuring all vision. Net Arrow: The arrowhead releases a net that wraps around the target, hindering their movements. Grappling Line Arrow: The arrow is designed to attach to any surface, with a line attached to the arrow. Connor can use the line to swing between buildings or rapidly change his position while in combat. Flashbang Arrow: A flashbang grenade attached to an arrow, used to blind foes. Stun Arrow: Essentially a powerful one-shot taser attached to an arrow. Bolas Arrow: After travelling a set time through the air, the arrowhead explodes, releasing a bolas to capture its target. Thermite Arrow: An explosive arrow, useful for taking out a number of foes at once. Hypodermic Arrow: A needle at the tip of the arrow delivers a pharmaceutical substance designed to weaken its target. Timeline 2019 Summer July 26th: Kingmaker: Opening Move: At his mentor's urging, Connor joins Corona's ragtag band of heroes in an attempt to aid the former Delinquents. Concept & Design Notes Successor to the Archer from the Iron Age Freedom City setting. Taught by Archer I with the lessons he learned from his time, in an effort to be a better Archer than he ever was, including no-killing rules and always saving civillians first. A slightly typical confrontational archer-archetype, always out to prove himself.
  13. Second Shot: Origin Vignette 20 Questions HellQ Guidebook Page Reputation Theme Music
  14. Archer II Power Level: 12 (built as PL 10; 203/211PP) Unspent Power Points: 8PP Trade-Offs: (Ranged Attacks) +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +4 Defense / -4 Toughness  In Brief: Rebellious hero trained by the original Archer, out to prove himself and his mentor as heroes to the world. Theme: Bleed - Divide Music Alternate Identity: Connor King (Secret) Birthplace: Southside, Freedom City Residence: Southside, Freedom City Base of Operations: Southside, Freedom City Occupation: Adventurer, Crime Fighter Affiliations: Ethan Keller (Archer I) Family: Rachel King (Mother, deceased), Fabian King (Father, deceased) Description: Age: 18 (DoB: 2001, May 4th) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6' Weight: 190 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Connor is a young man with an athletic build and great shape, owing to his regular and intense training schedule. He has short brown hair, shaved in a buzzcut, and blue eyes. He will usually dress in jeans and t-shirts or tank tops, with little preference in color. As Archer II, Connor wears a form fitting dark red and white uniform, loosely based on the original Archer's. On his upper body he wears a primarily white jacket, with small red bracers on his wrists. The jacket's shoulder and a loose triangular pattern on his chest is dark red, ending just below his solar plexues. A light grey zipper runs from the neck and across the left side of his chest. He wears red pants, and a black utility belt with grey pockets. He wears red boots with white soles and front, and a thick white trim at the top, in a sort of T pattern. He completes the uniform with a dark red bandana with long clothes pieces hanging from the back of his head. Connor will usually wear a dark red quiver on his back, and uses a metallic bow. History: Connor King were born and raised in Southside, Freedom City, to Rachel and Fabian King. They were young parents, high school drop outs that tried to make their way on the street, often with little success. All their dreams of leaving Southside behind for a better life were continually thwarted: Not by others. Though they did their best to shield young Connor, and were, by all accounts, as good parents as they could be, it could not last. What started as addiction to prescription pain killers due to an accident spiraled into harder drugs, until, finally, the pair were killed for their stash. Connor, only 6 years old at the time, were sent into the foster care system. What followed was years spent going in and out of orphanages, moving from home to home, never staying long. Connor's own issues caused him to lash out, losing him many seemingly stable homes in the process. Finally, at age 11, he ran away, escaping back to Southside in Freedom City. He wanted revenge. Everyone he knew had failed him, so he would make it on his own. Falling in with a gang, more for survival and everything else, Connor had turned 12 by the time he was sent to steal a car. It was some security consultant that had been hired to protect a place they were trying to hit, and Connor was the distraction. Easy to do, easy to handle. Of course, Ethan Keller was no ordinary security consultant. Until he hang up his costume and bow after the Terminus Invasion of 1992, he had been known as Archer. For Ethan, history repeated itself, as he met Connor the very same way Bowman III had first met Ethan. As Connor struggled to escape, Ethan saw a kindred spirit, and a fire that had long been doused awakened in him. To Connor's initial protests, Ethan took him as a protege. All protests eventually stopped, as Ethan revealed his past and his goals for Connor. For the next six years, Connor King trained under Ethan Keller. Provided and cared for, the angry teenager slowly grew into a confident, if still angry, young man. It was hard work, but Connor grew quickly, as Ethan tutored him in not just the skills, but also the knowledge and ethics needed to become a true hero, learned from his own hard life. Based more on his own research and interpretation than anything Ethan taught him, Connor began to see the Archer as the underdog, as the hero that had stayed even when everyone had left, and yet had been left with a tarnished reputation. Aiming part of his anger at the heroes he felt had abandoned his mentor, Connor resolved to become the best, to prove that the Archer's methods worked, even as Ethan worked to reign back some of the more extreme ideas. In June 2019, the Archer appeared once again, prowling the streets of Freedom City. Personality & Motivation: Connor is a serious, stand offish young man. He is greatly distrustful of most authority, or those that he perceive to be authorities in some way. Supremely confident in his own abilities and methods, Connor will almost always believe that he knows best in any given situation, and even if he doesn't, he will try to act as if he does. His desire not to kill is fueled by the same feeling of superiority: Killing someone would be easier than the lengths he go to simply disabling them. If he's that good, then why would he need to kill? Connor has some anger issues, perhaps owing to the deaths of his parents and his time in the foster system, though he is far from a hothead, and will rarely fly off the handle. Connor displays a particular hate for drug and weapon dealers, which he has confirmed is due to the way his parents died. While simply taking revenge for his parents' murder was his initial reason for taking up the Archer mantle, Connor's mission has since evolved to protecting those in need and proving to the world that the Archer, both the original and himself, is a hero worth respect. Connor absolutely loves cats, owning three American Bobtails: Arthur, Alexander and Ajax. Powers & Tactics: When in a fight, Connor prefers to start off with an ambush, if at all possible, taking the necessary time to set up and stay hidden, before taking down as many targets at once before being discovered, usually focusing on disabling smaller, weaker targets first, before focusing on the more serious threats. Once discovered, he will fight openly, doing his best to stay at a distance from his foes, maintaining his advantage at a range. Power Descriptions: Everything Connor can do is the results of years of training and use of specialized equipment. He posses no super powers or anything of the like, though he is a master marksman with any weapon, even if he specializes in using a bow and assorted trick arrows, created either by Ethan Keller, the original Archer, or himself. He is constantly updating and upgrading his arsenal, giving him a varied number of responses to any given situation. Working together with his mentor, Connor has developed a style of movement in combat that makes it difficult to make out his exact position, based around near constant movement and attempting to predict enemy positions and actions. While not always succesful, Connor's training helps him evade many attacks, though it does little against those targeting him with senses other than sight. Complications: Secret Identity: So far, only the original Archer knows that Connor has taken up the mantle. Secret identities are, of course, known to be a source of trouble. Out Of Arrows: You can only bring so many arrows at once. Connor might run out of a particular type of arrow, making the related power unusable until he can restock, or maybe a lucky shot hits his quiver, forcing him to abandon it. Perhaps a strong enough knockback can cause the arrows to scatter even from the secured quiver, forcing Connor to pick them up again if he want to continue fighting Legacy of the Iron Age: The first Archer was a hero during the Iron Age, and in some ways, he became a symbol of what it represents. Some might remember him as a hero, others as someone barely better than the villains he fought. In any case, the legacy and memory of the first Archer can easily affect people's opinion of the new one. And who knows? Maybe the original Archer still has enemies out there. Rage Against the Machine: Connor has a problem with authority, whether it be policemen, teachers or established super heroes, like the Freedom League. Though he will work with established heroes if needed, Connor is likely to create a tense situation, be it ignoring orders due to a perceived slight or just by complaining about any problems he might have with the particular hero. Rule Number One: Despite the original Archer's brutal methods, the first rule he taught Connor was simple: Always save the civilians. If any civilians are in danger, Connor will always focus on saving them first, whether by getting them out of danger or disabling those targeting them. Outlaw Hero: Connor has taken his mentor's words to heart, and even if the police and other law enforcement agencies are not as corrupt as they were during the Iron Age. While Connor will not go out of his way to antagonize law enforcement, he also won't let them get in his way. Abilities: 6 + 10 + 12 + 2 + 6 + 4 = 40PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 22 (+6) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 20 + 18 = 38PP Initiative: +13 (+5 Dex, +8 Improved Initiative) Attack: +10 Base, +10 Melee (+10 Base), +14 Ranged (+10 Base, +4 Attack Focus [Ranged]) Defense: +14 (+9 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed Grapple: +13 (+10 Attack, +3 Strength) Knockback: -3 (Toughness/2) Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 7 = 17PP Toughness: +6 (+6 Con) Fortitude: +10 (+6 Con, +4) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +6) Will: +10 (+3 Wis, +7) Skills: 148 R = 37PP Acrobatics 15 (+20) Bluff 8 (+10) Concentration 7 (+10) Craft [Mechanical] 9 (+10) Drive 5 (+10) Gather Information 8 (+10) Intimidate 13 (+15) Investigate 5 (+6) Knowledge [Streetwise] 14 (+15) Knowledge [Tactics] 9 (+10) Medicine 2 (+5) Notice 12 (+15) Pilot 5 (+10) Search 14 (+15) Sense Motive 12 (+15) Stealth 10 (+15) Feats: 42PP Accurate Attack Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus 4 [Ranged] Challenge 3 [Fast Acrobatic Bluff, Fast Taunt, Notice-Lip Reading] Benefit 1 [Mentor - Archer I - Can provide knowledge and tactics suggestions, potential knowledge, per GM's discretion] Defensive Attack Dodge Focus 5 Eagle Eyes [Visual Notice checks have range increment of 100 feet, instead of 10 feet. Equal to 1 rank of Super-Senses [Extended Vision]] Equipment 3 Evasion 2 Improved Aim Improved Critical 2 [Bow] Improved Initiative 2 Improved Ranged Disarm Luck 3 Move-By Action Power Attack Precise Shot 2 Quick Draw 2 Ranged Pin Takedown Attack Taunt Ultimate Effort [Ultimate Aim] Uncanny Dodge [Visual] Equipment: 3PP = 15EP Commlink [1EP] Flash Goggles [1EP] Mini-Tracer [1EP] Night Vision Goggles [1EP] Signal Flare [1EP] Sky-Bike (Vehicle; Flying Bike) [10EP] Powers: 4 + 21 + 4 = 29 PP Concealment 4 (Options: All Visual Senses; Flaws: Limited [Miss Chance Only]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Combat Training, Training) Device 7 (35DP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [21PP] (Descriptors: Bow and Arrows, Technology) Arrows 7 (14DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 12) [26DP] (Descriptors: All Arrow and Technology unless otherwise noted, with additional descriptors) BP: Blast 3 (Feats: Improved Range 2, Mighty 3, Split Attack, Variable Descriptor 1 [Bludgeoning, Piercing and Slashing damage type]) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Standard Arrow, Bludgeoning/Piercing/Slashing Damage Type) AP: Blast 6 (Extras: Targeted Area [Cone]; Feats: Improved Range 2; Flaws: Range [Touch]) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Hail of Arrows, Piercing Damage Type, Multiple Arrows) AP: Blast 6 (Feats: Improved Range 2; Extras: Area [General Burst]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Thermite Arrow, Ballistic Damage Type, Explosive, Thermite) AP: Damage 7 (Feats: Extended Reach (5 ft.), Improved Critical 2, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Mighty, Stunning Attack) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Bowsmack, Bow, Bludgeoning Damage Type, No Arrow descriptor) AP: Dazzle 6 (Visual Dazzle; Feats: Improved Range 2) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Flashbang Arrow, Light) AP: Drain 6 (Drain Any One Save; Feats: Improved Range 2; Extras: Range [Ranged]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Hypodermic Arrow, Pharmaceuticals, Needle) AP: Nauseate 6 (Feats: Improved Range 2; Extras: Range [Ranged]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Vertigo Arrow, Sonic, Vertigo) AP: Obscure 5 (Options: Visual; Extras: Independent (+0); Feats: Improved Range 2, Slow Fade) (250 ft. range, 100-foot radius, Fades 1PP/minute) {13/14DP} (Descriptors: Smoke Arrow, Smoke) AP: Paralyze 6 (Feats: Improved Range 2; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Range [Ranged]; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [Visual]) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Strobe Light Arrow, Light, Hypnotic Pattern) AP: Snare 6 (Feats: Improved Range 2) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Riot Foam Arrow, Rapidly hardening foam) AP: Stun 6 (Feats: Improved Range 2; Extras: Range [Ranged]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Stun Arrow, Electricity, Taser) AP: Super-Movement 2 (Options: Slow Fall, Swinging) [4DP] + Speed 2 (Flaws: Limited [Only Swinging]) [1DP] + Leaping 2 (Flaws: Limited [Only when started with a swing]) [1DP] {6/14DP} (Descriptors: Grappling Line Arrow, Grappling Hook, Swing Line) AP: Trip 6 (Feats: Improved Range, Improved Trip; Extras: Knockback) {14/14DP} (Descriptors: Bolas Arrow, Bolas) Arrow Add-Ons 3 (6DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [9DP] (Stacks with Arrows array, for powers with Arrow descriptor) (Descriptors: All Technology with additional descriptors) BP: Autofire Arrows 6 Adds (Extras: Autofire 1) to Arrows array {6/6DP} (Descriptors: Rapid Fire Arrows, Multiple Arrows) AP: Triggered Arrows 6 Adds (Feats: Triggered 2, Ricochet 2, Subtle 2) to Arrows array {6/6DP} (Descriptors: Setup Add-Ons, Timer, Proximity sensor, Remote trigger) AP: Penetrating Arrows 6 Adds (Extras: Penetrating) to Arrows array {6/6DP} (Descriptors: Shredder Arrowhead) AP: Area Arrows 6 Adds (Extras: Area [General Burst]) to Arrows array {6/6DP} (Descriptors: Increased Payload) Healing 4 (Extras: Action [Standard], Total; Flaws: Distracting, Personal, Temporary) [4PP] (Descriptors: Walk it Off, Training, Will Power) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block Note that all arrows can have one of the extras Autofire, Penetrating, Area [General Burst] or the power feats Triggered 2, Ricochet 2 and Subtle 2 added, as long as it doesn't conflict with the power Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus/Other Unarmed Touch DC18 TOU (staged) Damage +10 Standard Arrow 300 ft. DC21 TOU (staged) Damage +14, Crit 18-20 Vertigo Arrow 300 ft. DC16 FORT (staged) Fail: Sickened >5: Nauseated >10: Helpless +14, Crit 18-20 Hail of Arrows 60-300 ft. cone DC21 TOU (staged) Damage +14, Crit 18-20 Bowsmack 5 ft. DC25 TOU (staged) Damage +10, Crit 18-20 Riot Foam Arrow 300 ft. DC16 REF (staged) Fail: Entangled >5: Bound/Helpless +14, Crit 18-20 Flashbang Arrow 300 ft. DC16 REF to avoid / DC16 FORT to remove Blinded +14, Crit 18-20 Stun Arrow 300 ft. DC16 FORT (staged) Fail: Dazed >5: Stunned >10: Unconscious +14, Crit 18-20 Bolas Arrow 150 ft. DC16 worse of STR or DEX Tripped, Knockback +14, Crit 18-20 Strobe Light Arrow 300 ft. DC16 WILL (staged) Fail: Slowed >5: Paralyzed +14, Crit 18-20 Thermite Arrow 300 ft., 30 ft. radius area DC16 REF Reduce damage effect to DC18 Area DC21 TOU (staged) Damage Hypodermic Arrow 300 ft. DC16 FORT (staged) Drain one save (TOU/REF/FORT/WILL) +14, Crit 18-20 Totals: Abilities (40) + Combat (38) + Saving Throws (17) + Skills (37) + Feats (42) + Powers (29) - Drawbacks (0) = 203/211 Power Points
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