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Southside Sentinels

A series of at first seemingly unrelated stories of heroes and villains, all eventually revealed to be connected by a common thread, mainly dealing with heroes active in areas around Southside and the Fens.


The storyline is still ongoing. The narrative will be updated as it progresses.


Players characters

Notable NPCs

  • Billy, aMaZo dealer at Shooting Star's school
  • Contenders, the
    • Bear-Knuckle
    • Fly-Boy
    • Heavyweight
    • TKO
  • Preacher's Flock
    • Crimson Cross
    • Jonathan
    • Preacher, the

Notable Concepts

  • aMaZo: A new super drug with seemingly random effects, perfected over a matter of years.



  • May 15th, 2019: Ms. Bright deals with multiple cases of missing homeless, eventually revealed to be the work of a mysterious Preacher and his allies Crimson Cross and Jonathan. With the source of their power revealed to be a mysterious drug, Jonathan turns on the Preacher and Crimson Cross escapes, leading to Ms. Bright ultimately defeating the man and bringing him into custody.
  • August 30th, 2019: The Contenders return from retirement to challenge Facsimile to deadly combat. Stronger than ever and with a mysterious backer, they have taken a school hostage. With aid from Archer II, Facsimile eventually emerges victorious, though TKO manages to escape. The source of their increased power remains unrevealed.
  • November 15th, 2019: Several people are abducted from the Millenium Mall by the Pinball Wizard! Archer II, Octoman and Spectre gives chase through the Pinball Wizard's death traps, ultimately rescuing the hostages. While the Pinball Wizard manages to escape, he is revealed to have ties to a mysterious new player, several of his henchmen having been enhanced by a new power granting drug.
  • August 24th, 2020: Shooting Star's investigation into the power granting drug aMaZo that has spread through her school leads to a confrontation with a group of gunmen and an empowered dealer. With the aid of Archer II, Shooting Star emerges victorious. Together, they discover further leads into the supplier and resolve to stop them.
  • August 24th, 2020: Following the earlier fight, Archer II, Shooting Star and Facsimile gather to investigate the source of aMaZo.

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