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Found 16 results

  1. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland September 4, 2015 10:24 AM local time It had been several months since the members of Vanguard had been at the headquarters for UNISON, when they had joined several other heroes, and even villains, in protecting the base from the Communion until the Uni-Storm space fighters had been able to launch as part of a counteroffensive against the Incursion. The damage the buildings and surrounding town had suffered in that battle had all been repaired, one would not even have known that the battle had taken place now looking about. While the headquarters building was bustling with activity, it was not as hectic and desperate as it had been during that last visit. UNISON personnel were busy going about the daily routine of helping run and coordinate the international agency. Although the members of Vanguard had received a few stares as they had been led through the building toward an upper level conference room, they had been mostly brief. After all, the agency had a great deal of contact with superheroes, including having a number as agents. Today the four members of Vanguard had been led into a conference room with a long rectangular table capable of sitting over a dozen people. The UNISON staff member that had guided them to the room had provided water or other refreshments, then left them alone, stating that Colonel Ellis would be with them shortly.
  2. Player Name: Exaccus Character Name:Ulysses Power Level: 11 160/164PP Trade Offs: -1 attack/+1 damage And -2 Defense/+2 toughness Unspent Power Points: 4 In Brief A Jovial man whom draws power from the spirit of Industrial progress manifesting in the theme of locomotives; seeks the middle ground between mans progress and natures preservation Alternate Identity Alexander Cross Identity:Secret Birth Place: London England Occupation: Museum of Science and industry Night Guard Affiliations: N/A yet Family: Description Age:83 Apparent Age: 50 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'3 Weight: 180lbs Eyes:Dark Brown Hair:Graying Black A tall man of a trim Formerly-Athletic build, Alexander has aged gracefully and some would say "well" with only the slight graying of his hair and wrinkling of his forehead and the corners of his mouth to show his true age, though the latter is mostly covered by his prominent mustache. He prefers a snug but comfortable suit, reflected in his choice of costume; a slightly doctored old-style conductors uniform and cap with a engineers neckerchief remade into a cowl to protect his identity Power Description Ulysses will begin billow thin whisps of steam after prolonged Activity. he will produce much more profuse steam when using his obscure effect History Born to a Middle class family in the 1930's Alexander Cross spent his earlier years fascinated with trains and the impressive feats the titanic machines accomplished hauling materials and connecting distant places bringing the Light and hope of civilization to the most distant and wildest Corners of the earth, taking a apprenticeship to a engineer as soon as he was old enough. In retrospect it should have been apparent to him even then for when he first stepped into the engines cab he was Intoxicated, the scalding heat of the furnace, the visceral smell of Blazing carbon and boiling Oils was for all its intensity comfortable, the lurching thunder of the pistons as it pulled away from the station felt more like the confident stride of a giant than the clumsy Juddering and rattling of a mere contraption coming to life. He Spent 30 years of his life; quiet and content in that cab and others like it as he travelled across Europe and when his Railway was closed down he made the move to America, ever eager to ride boldly into the wilderness; to tame the wild places and connect the world, all in the name of progress; following (quite literally) in the tracks of the pioneers who first lay the path till finally at age 60 he was forced to retire; simply not as quick or as sharp minded as he had been he found himself often narrowly avoiding what could've been catastrophic accidents and for all his love of locomotives Alexander cross was not so selfish as to risk the lives of others for his own Happiness. It was in this crucible of frustration and Obsession that awakened His long dormant powers as a totem of Industrial progress and through a subconscious use of his aspect that hurled him nearly 20 years into the future to see what lay ahead for his beloved machines. After a brief period as a night guard for freedom cities museum of science and industry Ulysses found himself shunted into the dimension known as Earth-Victoria along with Synapse a member of the united kingdoms premier super-team, the vanguard; finding himself drawn into the schemes of and eventually, temporarily under the direct thrall of the spirit that empowers him, upon fulfilling the spirits demands in a happy compromise he was returned to earth prime. After sometime had passed he received a formal invitation to return to his home country and join the vanguard which he promptly accepted. Personality & Motivation Alexander; Is a calm friendly presence; slow to anger and quick to forgive; it takes someone truly cruel or wicked to rouse his Ire and fighting spirit; Though he tries not too he often underestimates those who are younger than himself and interferes when he should perhaps not. Due to the nature of his abilities Alexander is now convinced that the way forward is through the advancement of technology and industry and that it is his job as an incarnation of these ideals to strike the correct balance with those whom are nature made manifest to prevent the devastation of the Environment and the stagnation or recession of human culture and industry. Powers & Tactics Alexander is a somewhat two-fisted character and will happily charge in and trade blows and attempt to grapple foes,Though when clearly at a disadvantage he will use his obscure effect and Attempt to regroup Complications Industrial Revolution: Ulysses plays semi-willing host to the spirit of industry, the spirit is amoral and alien and has the power to usurp Ulysses control of himself from simply imposing an imperative (which case i will play the character as taking the fastest and easiest route to its completion.) or assuming direct control (in which case i invite the gm to dictate my actions or if they're uncomfortable with such, picking my targets and destinations for my own actions.) The spirit is not immune to reason but has very different values from a human and is generally uninterested in things outside of its portfolio. Man out of time: Alex was Born and Raised in a By-gone era and whilst he possess a Optimistic and open mind he sometimes finds himself at odds with the modern world in opinion and is slow to adapt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities: 12 + 0 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 4= 28PP Strength:34[22] (+12/+6) Dexterity:10 (+0) Constitution 30[18] (+10/+4) Intelligence:10 (+0) Wisdom:14 (+2) Charisma:14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24pp Initiative:+0 Attack: +6 Base / +10 Melee Grapple: +16(base)/+29(w/Locomotive Might power) Defense: +10 (+6 Base +4 dodge focus) +3 flat footed Knockback: -15/-11 without Express line Saving Throws:0 + 5 + 6 = 11PP Toughness:+12 (+10 con +2 protection; Impervious 10) Fortitude:+10 (+10 con) Reflex:+5 (+0 dex +5) Will:+8 (+2 Wis +6) Skills: 40R = 10PP Drive 4: +4 Intimidate 8: +10 Investigation 4: +4 Knowledge (civics) 6:+6 Knowledge (history) 6: +6 Languages 2: +2 (English Native, German and Spanish) Notice 4:+6 Sense Motive 6:+8 Feats:15PP Attack Focus: Melee 4 Dodge Focus 4 Improved Grapple Improved Grab Improved Pin Interpose Move-by-action Startle Takedown Attack Powers: 28+12+18+1+11+2 = 72PP Array 14 ("Pneumatic Might") {28PP} Enhanced STR 12 Linked with Super strength 7 (PF: Super Breath, Countering Punch. Effective STR 64; Heavy Load: 90 tons) (Descriptors: Fire, Water, Ideas) {28P} Enhanced Constitution 12 ("Endurance of an Iron horse" Descriptors: Ideas, Fire, Water, Metal.) {12PP} Express Line (Descriptors: Fire, Water, Ideas) {18PP}'] Immovable 4 ( Resist movement +16, Resist Knockback +4 Extras: Unstoppable) [8PP] Speed 4 (100 MPH, 880ft a round) [4PP] Super movement 3 (wall crawling 2 [Full speed] Sure Footed 1 (25% penalty Reduction) [6pp] Immunity 1 ("A Timeless classic",Descriptor:Ideas, Fire, Water: Immunity to ageing) {1PP} Impervious Toughness 11 ("Immense Durability" Descriptors: Ideas, Metal) {11PP} Protection 2 ("Ironsides" Descriptors: Metal, Ideas) [2PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC27 Damage (Physical) Obscure 100ft DC20 Obscure (visual Senses) Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (10) + Feats (15) + Powers (72) - Drawbacks (0) = 160/164 Power Points
  3. HGM

    Flight of the Osprey

    GM Medical Examiner's Office London Borough of Hackney, Greater London, England Wednesday, April, 1st, 2015 4:15 PM There was an old expression. "Why does the Regents Canal run through Hackney? To avoid getting shot." Known as one of the most crime-ridden areas of London, Hackney's reputation was not entirely ill earned. Drug dens and shootings weren't entirely uncommon. Arsons were for their part far rarer outside of riots. After the fifth in a recurring series of fires resulted in the death of four people in the borough, the London Fire Brigade reached out to the Ministry of Powers for assistance. Sending Foreshadow and Ulysses as representatives of Vanguard to the local medical examiner's office. The building was clearly understaffed with dated technology. The ME in charge of the case, Dr Benjamin Martins, a balding man in his mid forties. His face showing signs of aging in a rough stress filled career. His assistants were actually a set of twin women in their mid twenties. Red haired with Scottish accents they were hard at work sterilizing the equipment. "This body is a most curious affair." Medina Family Manor Bristol, England Wednesday, April, 1st, 2015 6:00 PM About three hours away (four taking into account London traffic) in reputable bristol were Dee Farrington and Agnus Stone. The Ministry of Powers had received word that the Medina Family, a prominent Spanish family who earned their fortune through cattle ranching, had smuggled computronium through the black market. As they couldn't just outright accuse a reputable family of explicit dealings. A matter of tact was needed. Using Dee's familial connections the pair was able to swing invitations to a big bash the Medinas were throwing in their Bristol manor. Currently sitting in the back of a limo making its way to the steps of the estate. Dee an Agnus were moments from making their grand entrance. Their driver was the only backup that the ministry could afford to provide the ladies. Not that they needed any. Adrian Jobert, a former UNISON agent. He was a muscular black man of French descent. Possibly from Guadaloupe, they weren't sure. in fact Dee and Agnus had seen him around the Ministry once or twice, but their familiarity with the man was limited at best. However, with the ongoing restructuring it meant that the dame afforded him a level of trust. "Mademoiselle Farrington et Mademoiselle Stone. The Ministry has seen fit to outfit the vehicle with all the amenities. The ear bud communicators are of limited range, but if you need my assistance simply ring."
  4. Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan 29th March 2015, Hanami With the Cherry blossom in full bloom it seemed that the whole of Tokyo was in the park enjoying good food and good company. The corner of the park you find yourself is a huge public part put on by Sanshain KinpÅge. Sunshine Buttercup was an idoru an sophisticated AI, that maybe fully aware, that wrote record and sung her own rather bouncy J-Pop. Right now she was chatting to and signing "autographs" with a bunch of excited fans, soon she was due to perform to the delight of many gathered in the area. The sun was shining people was happy and the food and entertain were flowing frely, what could possibly go wrong?
  5. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland December 25, 2014 10:50 PM local time Just a few hours ago, UNISON headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland had been practically deserted, only a minimal security detail and a few technicians had been on duty, the rest home with their families for Christmas. That was until Colonel Ellis had been contacted by the Freedom League about an approaching threat from space. In the intervening time, scores of UNISON personnel had been called in, the headquarters now abuzz with activity as UNISON personnel were reaching out to contacts in governments and militaries around the world, as well as preparing itself for the possible arrival of a hostile alien force. Over a decade ago, UNISON had shocked many world leaders, when it had fielded a small fleet of space capable heavy fighters, the Uni-Storm, during the Grue invasion of 2003. Since that time, Colonel Ellis had managed to hold off efforts to decommission the Uni-Storm, which mean that UNISON had under its control a majority of Earth's space capable combat aircraft. The pilots for the fighters were still being brought it, and gearing up and receiving briefings for possible sorties. The mechanics that had been brought in were working as fast as they could to get all the fighters ready should they be needed, with more arriving all the time. Things were much further along than if there had been no warning, but they still needed a bit more time before they could get all the Uni-Storm into the air. During the past few hours, a number of even more unusual individuals had arrived at UNISON’s headquarters, as a group of superheroes from across Europe and the United States had arrived to offer what assistance they could. With Colonel Ellis' former connections with the Ministry of Powers in the UK, it was only natural that the current members of the Vanguard were present. Also present were two national heroes from countries in southern Europe, Professor Chiron from Greece, and Stella d'Argento (the Silver Star) from Italy. A pair of heroes had also transported to Geneva from the United States, sent by the Freedom League to assist as well. Currently the gathered heroes were with Colonel Ellis in a large command center in the center of the headquarters, where UNISON technicians were tracking activity all over the world as various militaries began the process of preparing themselves for the possibility of an attack, and keeping an eye on the telemetry coming in from numerous satellites and radio tracking stations on Earth that were scanning the heavens for signs of approaching ships. "So as of right now, we need about another half an hour to have all the planes ready to go into combat if needed." Ellis stated to the gathered heroes. "We can probably have half of them up in about twelve minutes, perhaps a bit sooner. As for the military units around the rest of the world…well, they are trying to mobilize as quick as they can, but this is probably about one of the worst times for such an attack in terms of the number of personnel away from base with friends and family."
  6. Ulysses Alexander cross, Train engineer and Host to the spirit of industry; Rolling thunder on the road to tomorrow. History Born in 1950 in a small house in London, Alexander cross, son of Julia and Gordon Cross, Lived a fairly uneventful childhood, It was not until he was a young man that he first discovered the great love of his life, the Mighty Iron horses of the rails and applied for work as a driver and engineer; a task he happily dedicated most of his adult life too, even moving to america and the famed freedom city to pursue america's famed routes and follow a rapidly dwindling career to its last bastion; It was here that he would become engineer upon a pacific bigboy affectionately nicknamed "Ulysses" for its long route was rather less affectionately referred to as "the odyssey." It was on the eve of his eventual (and forced) retirement that his powers manifested, sending him hurtling forwards in time, disorientated and confused by the world beyond the now ruined rail yard he was initially reluctant to leave the confines of his place of work until he was driven by a powerful urge (that he would later learn was his mysterious benefactor, the spirit of industry.) to press on with his life, securing himself a job as a night guard in the museum of science and industry, modest accommodations and in general began to take back his life. as fate would have it however it was not to last, finding himself consumed with great wanderlust and enormous amounts of time on his hands he did what came naturally and travelled. at first within the state, then to nearby states and eventually other countries, occasionally managing to prevent some disaster or defeat some villain in the process, it was quite a suprise for him then when he made his first involuntary hop across the dimensions and found himself (and others) stranded in what he would later learn as Earth-Victoria and became involved with the ministry of powers back in his homeland once more making the journey across the Atlantic to chase his destiny. Powers Ulysses powers are based upon industry, mostly manifesting as enhanced strength, speed and toughness, though he has been known to issue forth scalding steam from his mouth and travel through time and dimensions (albeit involuntarily so far.) the spirit of industry itself has far vaster options and readily uses more exotic (and less humane) options. Allies Ulysses is a member of the United kingdom superhero team "The Vanguard." and is affiliated with its other members, the ministry of powers itself and by extension the United kingdoms national government.
  7. Tiffany Korta

    Dining Out

    Braddock’s Restaurant, London, United Kingdom Braddock’s was one of the most exclusive restaurant in London there was a two year waiting list and still then you could be turned down for not being of the right caliber. So an invite to attend a diner on the fly was a surprise in the very least. As they arrived they were show to a table where there sat an old woman she only appeared in her 60 but she was actually much older. Dame Pennington, Britannia during the war, was not a woman to be trifled with despite her advancing years.
  8. Robert Moses State Park Massena, Upstate New York Friday, November 22, 2013 10:24 AM Cold winds whipped across the waters of the St. Lawrence river, the major waterway that formed part of the international boundary between Ontario, Canada and New York State in the United States, before traversing through Ontario and Quebec before opening into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Massena was one of the many towns that lay along the New York side of the river, just before the point where the river continued northeast into Quebec. Located along the St. Lawrence Seaway, a pair of locks were located near the town, Massena was a logical location for a number of manufacturing and industrial sites in the Twentieth Century. But like many such towns in the past couple of decades, many of those business had closed up and moved away, though there were still a few such plants in the town. Located to the north of the town were a number of larger islands out in the river, much of which were covered by Robert Moses State Park, which contained thick wooded areas and wetlands, as well as beaches, boating areas, as well as a wide variety of other recreational areas. Given the current cold temperatures that were hovering only a little above freezing, the park was understandably less than crowded. Out on the eastern end of the inner island on which the park sat, a group of white vans pulled into the nearly empty Hawkins Point visitor's center parking lot. After the vans came to a halt, the driver’s side door of the lead van opened and out stepped a man in his early fifties with dark grey hair, who stretched slightly before looking over at the other occupants of the van who were also exiting. The man was Professor Walter Morris from Freedom City University, who was part of the environmental sciences department. Inside the two vans were just over twenty students from FCU, Freedom College, as well as a couple of community colleges and even a couple of high schools in Freedom City that were involved in environmental studies courses at their schools, all of whom had signed up for this little trip to study the ecosystems in the wetlands and forested areas of the park. "Okay everyone." He called out to the students exiting the two vans as he pulled on a pair of warm gloves. "I know it has been a long drive, but we have about an hour and a half until lunch time, so we don't want to waste it." Alexander Cross made his way along one of the trails through the woodland areas that dotted Hawkins Point in Robert Moses State Park. Having recently found himself in a time rather removed from the one in which he had retired from several decades service as a locomotive engineer. He had been able to resettle himself somewhat, finding work as a night guard at the Museum of Science and Industry in Freedom City. When a chance to take a bit of vacation time had come up, Alexander had decided to revisit the area along the St. Lawrence river, recalling how more than three decades ago he taken trains along the river, delivering and picking up loads from the various industries that had sprung up, before carrying them further into the American heartland. Things had certainly changed in the intervening years. Many of the industries were gone, the towns clearly suffering from the loss of jobs. Most of the railways in the area were all but completely abandoned, over grown with weeds and other plants and generally not being utilized any longer.
  9. OOC for thread for when it is needed.
  10. OOC for Ulysses and Jason Stackhouse get embroiled in some chemical dumping shenanigans. Ulysses will be a bit delayed here - but will come in soon. As always, please use this thread for ideas and comments / suggestions on narrative as well as rolls etc!
  11. GM January 2nd 2015, Late Evening... Lantern Hill Police Station... Not a big Police Station, not a popular shift. A spooky shift, even, being so close to the graveyard. The police got by on strong coffee and grim humour. And gave the hobos, the lunatics, the goths practicing black magic, and the vandals pretty short shrift. If their police station was a little crumbly and a little drafty, then so were the cells. This latest arrest was a new one, even to them. They didn't know whether to call a psychiatrist, a doctor, a lawyer, or doctor metropolis. So they called the weirdo. Yeah, you know, the weirdo new Lawyer in Freedom City. And in Freedom City, calling a lawyer a weirdo was pretty stiff competition. Why, they already had "the Revenant" down in the Fens. But this guy was seven foot and blue and green and looked like a freak. Well, they said, lets try him out. And so they made the call... "We got some nut jo...I mean, we made some arrest, Some young woman, looks like some hippy environmentalist, you know what I mean...I mean, yeah, some decent protesting woman, sure...*ahem*...well, she is just gibbering, saying that they dumped something in the graveyard. Said the dead rising. Well we get that a lot on lantern hill, especially on April Fools day, if you know what I'm saying. Thing is, her eyes have gone totally green....we don't know what to do with her, so, we thought given you are...err...a bit...well...err....well....anyway, could you come and help?" asked the poor duty officer over the phone.
  12. OOC for thread. Synapse is asked by the Ministry of Powers to investigate Ulysses strange affinity to the power of steam, and gets pulled into Earth Victoriana, India! Right, to start off: We have Synapse travelling to Dover. Exaccus, Feel free to narrate whatever you want about how you might be in Dover / The Channel Tunnel, either by chance or by some mysterious conscious or unconscious drive from your patron. Also note: I have left date of this out, but will edit it in. This is complicated due to Synapses involvement with other threads. I am open to suggestion on this front.
  13. GM It was the ever enigmatic Mr. Smith, dressed in his black suit and carrying his extremely large suitcase, powered by his tall, muscular frame, that sent Synapse off. "Dover" The channel tunnel had been shut. On the English side. There was a cover story, of course. Engineering works to ensure safety. All very reassuring. All completely false. Nobody really knew what was going on, but it happened fast. An explosion and then...nothing. No trace of explosives. A flash for one second popped into existence, and then popped straight out again. "From the little information we have, the origin of this may not be from our dimension" explained Smith as he introduced Doctor Rhona Rost. Dr Rost was working for the government, an expert in theoretical physics apparently, and well briefed. She was a nervous, thin, woman with nicotine stained fingers and bad glasses. For all that, she was also a tall, blonde, woman with sculpted Russian cheekbones. She looked like a Supermodel who had stayed up three nights on too much coffee and had thrown all her make up and fancy clothes down the toilet. "Y-Y-Yes yes" she said, adding a nervous stammer to her plethora of qualities. Her voice didn't indicate either a lack of confidence or an abundance of arrogance. "We best get going. Don't want another frazzin' explosion in a tunnel under the sea, do we?" she asked, hopping from one foot to another in perpetual restlessness. Smith's face was, as ever, like unnatural stone. No muscles moved at all. He merely handed Synapse a sealed document. "Only open if you are...displaced..." he said, stoically, before marching off.
  14. Extra Curriculars >20Q Threads >Earth Victoria: On track. >Reclaiming the Land. >Dirty Rotten Scoundrel >Incursion: Spirit of the blitz
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