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Found 5 results

  1. Okay, Supercape, make whatever skill rolls you think would be appropriate at this juncture as we start helping rescue victims and figure out the cause of the disaster!
  2. Summer 2019 London Sea Devil had invited Singularity along on her trip to London, but Jessie had been decidedly uninterested. Aquaria had tried to assure her that her social plans for the trip were only a small part of her agenda, but Jessie had started covering her ears and singing, which is what she did when she really did not want to hear things. So Aquaria had flown out to London in a Freedom League jet, safely ensconced in her armor, so she could tell what she knew about life Below to the heroes who lived on the tiny island where Sgt. Shark made his home. The members of Vanguard hadn't betrayed Shark's trust by telling her where she could find him, of course, but they had been willing to tell her how to contact him. She didn't like the way Surfacers talked on telephones much, but she'd been introduced a few years earlier to something that conveyed messages but didn't make her feel like she was talking to a ghost. And so it was, as Aquaria perched by the Thames, safely wrapped in her armor, that Sgt. Shark's phone buzzed with a message. IT IS I. THE SEA DEVIL.
  3. GM December 12 2018, 11 PM Local Time Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean The A.E.G.I.S. vessel that had carried the heroes so far was finally beginning its descent. They hadn't had long to prepare, but now they were almost at the destination. Asad, Sgt. Shark and Sea Devil. An unlikely group, perhaps, but they had been the ones available that would actually be able to participate in this mission. The A.E.G.I.S. commander was a frail little man, with thinning grey hair. He was reading from a tablet, looking over his bottle cap glasses, explaining the situation to the three heroes. "Err... yeah, so... A company that I'm not legally allowed to name was drilling for oil here. And, err, they kinda hit something." He fidgeted a bit with his glasses, adjusting them, before scrolling further down on his tablet. "Turns out that some, errr, aliens had crashed under there. We don't know how long they, err, have been there. But, they're rather annoyed at being woken up, so, errr... They threatened to basically flood the Pacifim rim and the rest of the world?" He looked up, a little smile on his lips. "So, please go stop them, and save the world?"
  4. Player Name: MisterShoebox Character Name: Sgt. Shark Power Level: 10 Trade-Offs: +/-0 Attack / +/-0 Damage, +/-0 Defense / +/-0 Toughness (or "None") Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Military Shark-Man! Residence: A modest apartment in Midtown, Freedom City Base of Operations: (Optional)Under the docks of Freedom City Catchphrase: "SGT SHARK IS READY FOR ACTION, YA YAHOOS!" Alternate Identity: Simon Macota Identity: Secret Birthplace: Seattle, Washington Occupation: Cage-fighter for the "Meta-Mayhem Entertainment Company." Former Master Sargent for the US army. Affiliations: "Anyone who loves freedom, beating yahoos who need to be beat, and themselves!" Family: His husband (Frank, been married for 12 years) and his daughter (Alexa - she's 9.) both of whom he loves very much. Description: Age: 36 (DoB: 5/8/1980) Apparent Age: late 20's early 30's in human form, hard to tell in Meta form. Gender: Male. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 5'11 in human form, 7'6 in meta form. Weight: 215 lbs in human form, 970 lbs in Meta form Eyes: Green in human form - though solid green in Meta form. Hair: Brown. In his human form, he resembles any average Former Army Guy (as his daughter puts it) that you might see on the street. He's muscled, but not unreasonably so - he keeps himself in shape. He usually dresses casually - jeans, old button-up shirts, ETC. His hair is usually kept short, but manageable, except for the ever-present thin mustache and goatee. "They didn't allow beards back in basic. This is my little way of rebelling." In Meta-Form, he's...big. Almost eight feet tall, with biceps like barrels, arms like tree-trunks, and grey, rough, sandpaper-like skin. No more "Kind of short but reasonable hair" now; now he's got a full-on buzzcut. The mustache? No longer thin. Takes up a good portion of his face and links with his beard to create what the Sarge calls "The beard of awesomeness, ya yahoos!" Ears? Gone, to be replaced by a pair of tiny ear holes on either sides of his head. Nose? Flattened, but not gone entirely...it's not a snout like one would see on a shark, but it is shark-like, if that makes sense. A mouthful of serrated, triangular, massive teeth and a set of gills going up and down his neck further complete his facial package. Basically, his head is still human, but...sharkish. Like 50-50. Other interesting characteristics are a big ol' dorsal fin poking out of his back (usually further shredding whatever shirt he had on at the time - this used to be a problem for him, let me tell YOU.) His "Superhero outfit" isn't minimalist, but it's not quite elaborate, either. His agent put it together using experimental "Stretch-Tech" so it can fit under his Civilian Clothes. A white undershirt with a hole in the back for the fin, a pair of cameo fatigues for his pants, and a big ol' armband on his left arm decorated with a cartoon shark wearing an army helmet are what he wears to go into action. Power Descriptions: When he transforms, he...morphs, would be a good term. Stretches. It's a pretty quick change, but it's not an attractive one, if you know what I mean. He transforms whenever his adrenaline spikes, so he usually carries around a set of experimental adreno-suppresants and provided to him by the military. If he needs to change "On the quick", though..."That's why God made epi-pens." History: Ever since he was a little kid, Simon Macota wanted to be a fighter. A wrestler. Someone who wore the tights and walked the walk. His mother and father were...not happy with this idea, especially since Simon was both asthmatic and a hemophiliac. Whoof. Life just did NOT want this kid to fulfill his dreams. Not that he gave up on them...he was a determined little guy. Did he sleep his way through high school? Well, no - he got decent enough grades, and pursued a degree in engineering at Arnold Wilson Community College. He graduated, he...had no job. Which sucked. And he got his chance one day...though not in the way he would have liked. Personality & Motivation: (Describe why they do what they do here) Powers & Tactics: (In-character descriptions of how they do what they do) Complications: Name: Description Example: Identity: Secret Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 0 + 0 = 0PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +0 Melee, +0 Ranged Grapple: +0 Defense: +0 (+0 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Toughness: +0 (+0 Con, +0 [Other]) Fortitude: +0 (+0 Con, +0) Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0) Will: +0 (+0 Wis, +0) Skills: 0R = 0PP [skill] [# of Ranks] (+[Total Bonus]) [skill] [# of Ranks] (+[Total Bonus]) [skill] [# of Ranks] (+[Total Bonus]) Examples: Craft (Structural) 5 (+5)Skill Mastery -- would be used for someone with 5 ranks in the skill and a +0 Int modifier, and the Skill Mastery feat for that skill. Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+10)Second Chance -- would be used for someone with 8 ranks in the skill and a +2 Int modifier, and had the Second Chance feat for that skill. Languages 2 (English, French [Native], German) -- would be used for someone who speaks those three languages, but learned French first. Notice 5 (+4) -- would be used for someone with 5 ranks in the skill and a -1 Wis modifier. Feats: 0PP [Feat Name] [Feat Name] [Feat Name] Examples: Accurate Attack Dodge Focus 2 Equipment 2 (10EP) Luck 2 Equipment: XPP = 5*XEP Name (power breakdown, if applicable) [XEP] Examples: Gas Mask [1EP] Sword (Damage 3 [Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty]) [5EP] Undercover Vest (Protection 3 [Feats: Subtle]) [4EP] Note: The Equipment block is only applicable if your character has the Equipment feat! Powers: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Array Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Base Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???; Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Alternate Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???; Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Device Rank (Descriptive Name; 5*RankPP Container; Extras: ???; Flaws: Easy/Hard-To-Lose, ???; Feats: ???; Drawbacks: ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Examples: Electrical Control 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [22PP] (electricity, genetic) Base Power: Blast 10 (Chain Lighting; Extras: Autofire; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Accurate; Drawbacks: Full Power) {20/20} Alternate Power: Blast 10 (Ball Lightning; Extras: Area [50-ft. Burst, General]; Flaws: Distracting) {20/20} Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Taser Blast; Extras: Range [Ranged]) {18/20} Device 2 (Mighty Shield; 10PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Indestructible) [9PP] Damage 3 (Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty, Thrown) [6PP] Force Field 2 [2PP] Shield 2 [2PP] Note: If all Powers have the same Descriptor (all Mutant, all Tech, etc.), you can just write that directly under the Powers header. Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP Drawback (Description; Frequency: [Uncommon, Common, or Very Common]; Intensity: [Minor, Moderate, or Major]) [-XPP] Example: Vulnerability (Fire; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Major [x2]) [-4PP] Note: You can only have a number of Drawbacks equal to your PL, not including Power drawbacks. Also, Power Drawbacks, such as Full Power or Power Loss, should be listed on the Power, not here. DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage (Physical) Chain Lightning Ranged DC 25 Toughness (Autofire) Damage (Energy) Taser Blast Ranged DC 16 Fortitude Stun (Staged) Totals: Abilities (0) + Combat (0) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (0) + Feats (0) + Powers (0) - Drawbacks (0) = 105/105 (or 150/150) Power Points
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